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Sunshade test

Branch saw test

Lopper test

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Bandsaws test

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artificial turf

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DIY store - a wide assortment for do-it-yourselfers and dealers

At the hardware store you will find a wide selection of different categories. All products are closely related to the construction, renovation and renovation of houses, apartments and commercial buildings. In addition, articles for the design of gardens and facilities are offered. Electric and hand tools are just as much a part of the delivery program as standard parts such as screws, nuts, nails, washers and many other small parts.

You should plan your purchase carefully before you decide to buy individual items in the hardware store. If you want to buy small parts, you not only need specific ideas, but also dimensions and lists. Your imagination and creativity have no limits when shopping in hardware stores. You can buy accessories to assemble your own furniture or renovate your bathroom. You receive a comprehensive assortment for the design and care of your garden. In these articles, the knowledge of the relationships is as important as the dimensions of the surfaces to be designed. So go to the hardware store with good planning to immediately buy the right parts.

For which target groups is the hardware store suitable?

Articles offered in the DIY category are suitable for home improvement and craftsmen. But also farmers and industrial consumers buy many of their products in the hardware store.

Due to the broad target group, the supply in the construction market is very diverse. You get tools, small parts and devices, but also plants and household appliances. You can also buy sanitary ware, lighting, indoor and outdoor wood, and garden installation accessories. Do-it-yourself stores are a home improvement pool where they can implement their creative ideas. If the house is to be built or the apartment completely renovated, the construction sites not only offer tools, but also wallpaper, doors, tiles or carpets. Bathroom and kitchen furniture can even be bought.

Women attach great importance to the design of living spaces with beautiful accessories. This was also taken into account in the field of construction business. You can buy photos, native plants, vases and many other decorative items. The DIY offer is aimed at a large number of target groups, which are attractive for private and commercial buyers.

How do I select items from the hardware store?

- What do I have to consider when buying tools? The tools are available in many different sizes. Small parts for the basic equipment can be purchased as a practical toolbox. When purchasing electronic tools, efficiency and ease of management should be among the purchasing criteria.

- Can windows and doors be bought at the hardware store? Yes. However, these are standard sizes that do not fit in all buildings.

- How are hygiene products developed? Buy sanitary ware and connection accessories to match the conditions of your bathroom or living room. It helps to draw a full scale bathtub to determine the location and size of the connections.

- What criteria apply to the purchase of garden accessories? When designing gardens, it is important to note that all the elements used are suitable for outdoor use or that they are prepared for painting or glazing prior to installation. Please familiarize yourself with the connection types before purchasing hoses and accessories.

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