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Carbon Monoxide Detector - Brandson | CO Alarm Detector | Detector | instant alarm

  • memory function
  • Long-term measurement
  • Detection range up to 60m²


Carbon Monoxide Detector Fire Angel - CO 9 D - DET - German Model

  • no battery change required
  • changing display for
  • Temperature and CO value
  • early warning system
  • bar graph
  • Maximum value storage

Price-performance winner


Carbon Monoxide Detector Flamingo FA370 - Sensor with 7 years of service life

  • changing display for
  • Temperature and CO value
  • Supplied with batteries


Carbon Monoxide Detector Tegollus CO Detector Carbon Monoxide CO Detector Battery Operated

  • Self-testing
  • low stand-by consumption
  • memory function


Carbon monoxide detector mumbi CM100 carbon monoxide CO detector gas detector

  • Sensor chamber with insect net
  • Anti-dust coating

Name Carbon Monoxide Detector - Brandson | CO Alarm Detector | Detector | instant alarm Carbon Monoxide Detector Fire Angel - CO 9 D - DET - German Model Carbon Monoxide Detector Flamingo FA370 - Sensor with 7 years of service life Carbon Monoxide Detector Tegollus CO Detector Carbon Monoxide CO Detector Battery Operated Carbon monoxide detector mumbi CM100 carbon monoxide CO detector gas detector
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentCarbon monoxide detectors

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodCarbon monoxide detectors

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,8goodCarbon monoxide detectors

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodCarbon monoxide detectors

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodCarbon monoxide detectors

Manufacturer/Model Brandson Fire Angel Flamingo Tegollus Mumbi
power supply 3 x AAA Battery firmly installed 3 x AAA incl. 3 x AA 3 x AAA
Dimensions 12,5 x 7,5 x 3,4 cm 14,8 x 9,6 x 4,8 cm 17 x 11,9 x 5 cm Ø 11,5 x 3,5 cm 11,4 x 11,4 x 5,3 cm
Temperature range - 10 ° to 40 ° C - 10 ° to 40 ° C kA - 5 ° to 40 ° C N/A
Colour white white white white white
alarm level 85 dB 85 dB kA 85 dB 85 dB
Weight 259 g of 200 g of 240 g of 159 g of 186 g of
Self-test button
LED screen
LED detectors
Certified according to DIN EN 50291
Sensor life 7 ?? 10 years 7 years 7 years kA 7 years
Features 1,1 inch display German production clear display made with SMT technology for rooms of 20 ?? 40 m²
  • memory function
  • Long-term measurement
  • Detection range up to 60m²
  • no battery change required
  • changing display for
  • Temperature and CO value
  • early warning system
  • bar graph
  • Maximum value storage
  • changing display for
  • Temperature and CO value
  • Supplied with batteries
  • Self-testing
  • low stand-by consumption
  • memory function
  • Sensor chamber with insect net
  • Anti-dust coating
Summary Carbon monoxide detector with long-term measurement and storage function Carbon monoxide alarm with self-control and mute function Simple and effective carbon monoxide detector Carbon monoxide alarm with good price, performance ratio Carbon monoxide alarm for a small price
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Our comparison chart for Carbon monoxide detector comparison does not replace one Carbon monoxide detector testin which a special Carbon monoxide detector test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external carbon monoxide detector test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Carbon monoxide detector test winner is.

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  • The Carbon monoxide detectors is vital for the early detection of an elevated and hazardous concentration of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an insidious poison that is difficult to recognize for our senses. Excessive concentrations can cause dizziness, headaches and ultimately death.
  • The CO detectors works on the electrochemical principle and is sensitive to excessive values. A sensor checks the concentration of CO gases in the air every few seconds. If the concentration is too high, a pervasive alarm will be triggered with a volume of 85 decibels.
  • The carbon monoxide alarm can prevent serious health damage, because even inhaled small amounts, prevent the transport of oxygen in the blood. On Carbon monoxide detectors uncomplicated and inexpensive and can decide on life and death in an emergency.

Carbon monoxide is invisible, colorless and odorless and tasteless. It can arise from incomplete combustion of carbonaceous fuels such as briquettes, gas, oil, and pellet heating, open fireplaces, gas stoves or gas boilers. On Charcoal grill Carelessly operated in a closed garage can produce as deadly a mixture as a gas heater in an unventilated room. Unfortunately we hear again and again of accidents that are due to the careless handling of combustible materials. Accidents that would not have happened due to the presence of a carbon monoxide alarm. While smoke detectors have become mandatory in most federal states, up to now 2017 carbon monoxide alarm or gas detector not standard equipment in the new building. It would be welcome at least until the end 2018 carbon monoxide alarm would be a legal requirement in buildings that are heated with fossil fuels.

In our Carbon monoxide detector comparison of would like to explain to you the importance of such an investment. We have incorporated carbon monoxide detector experiences from affected individuals and provide you with five models from the 2018 carbon monoxide alarms offer in a concise table opposite.

Top product Carbon Monoxide Detector:

Ei Electronics Ei208D CO carbon monoxide alarm (with display and 10 year battery)
1.278 Reviews
Ei Electronics Ei208D CO carbon monoxide alarm (with display and 10 year battery)
  • Early alerting - detects low carbon monoxide levels
  • Battery replacement unnecessary - built-in 10 year battery (Panasonic)
  • User friendly - display shows instructions (ventilation / room left)
  • RELIABLE SAFE - every detector tested and calibrated in real carbon monoxide
  • 5 years manufacturing guarantee

Why carbon monoxide detector?

While smoke detectors are now required in all federal states for new construction and renovation, the carbon monoxide alarms are unfortunately not yet, although many households operate a fireplace or provides gas heating for heat. According to statistics, about 375 deaths from CO poisoning have occurred in the last decade. However, the number of unreported cases is much higher, as carbon monoxide poisoning is often not detected or misdiagnosed. Carbon monoxide poisoning is particularly treacherous when it occurs during sleep. Those affected become unconscious without realizing it and suffocating.

Notice: Carbon monoxide is formed when there is insufficient oxygen during combustion of carbonaceous material. This is why we also speak of incomplete combustion.

First signs are usually not perceived as poisoning symptoms, which are:

  • nausea
  • headache
  • palpitations
  • dizziness
  • hallucinations
  • apathy
  • seizures
  • difficulty in breathing

There may be only a few seconds between the onset of symptoms and the loss of consciousness. Already when getting up, the bodily functions can already fail and make it impossible to leave the room.

All incinerators must be properly drained. Modern heating systems are inspected once a year by the district chimney sweep. However, if a heating system is poorly maintained or defective, it may lead to the escape of CO gas. With fireplace heaters, old stove heaters or too well insulated apartment, which is not supplied enough with fresh air, it can also lead to a dangerous concentration of carbon monoxide.

Therefore: Carbon monoxide alarms save lives!

Carbon Monoxide Detector Advantages / Disadvantages



often with early warning system




Gas sensor ages

Mostly after 7 years new purchase necessary

What differentiates carbon monoxide detectors and gas detectors?

A carbon monoxide detector is in principle also a gas detector, the carbon monoxide occurs only in a gaseous state. Natural gas or LPG has a different density than carbon monoxide. While the carbon monoxide alarm is only reported with carbon monoxide via a carbon monoxide alarm, a gas detector warns only when higher density gases such as natural gas from gas heaters or gas stoves escape, which could explode. He can also be in Caravan be used to warn against the escape of liquefied gas such as butane or propane.

Notice: A gas detector protects against gas explosions A carbon monoxide alarm warns of the occurrence of carbon monoxide and the risk of poisoning.

How does a carbon monoxide detector work?

A carbon monoxide alarm is usually a small, handy and compact device that can be fixed to the wall and ceiling or placed on a piece of furniture. Special sensors inside measure the carbon monoxide concentration in the air. The carbon monoxide alarm is a sensor cell with tin oxide. The carbon monoxide passing there oxidizes to the safer carbon dioxide. This conversion affects the conductivity of the sensor cell, evaluates this change in resistance and causes a carbon monoxide alarm.

Notice: Which value is considered critical is regulated by the DIN EN 50291 standard. The whole on the German market Carbon monoxide alarm offer must comply with these standard values.

Which gas density is dangerous?

If the hazard potential is low at a gas density, the carbon monoxide detector works with a time delay, at higher gas density, a carbon monoxide alarm immediately triggers the carbon monoxide alarm. The duration of the time delay is precisely defined. The gas density is measured in ppm. Ppm stands for "parts per million", ie shares per million. If 100ppm is used, the carbon monoxide alarm will be activated immediately, with 33ppm it will only be announced after 120 minutes. If the 50ppm concentration is low, the carbon monoxide alarm will alert after 60 to 90 minutes.

Due to the sensitive gas sensors carbon monoxide alarms usually have no long life. Most manufacturers give for her Carbon monoxide alarm offer a lifetime of 7 years. Thereafter, the CO alarm must be replaced with a new device.

Another safety aspect that needs to be considered is the power supply. Since most carbon monoxide detectors are equipped with batteries, a check of the function is recommended. The battery voltage lasts about one year. At our Carbon monoxide alarm rating from different manufacturers, however, we found that both the best carbon monoxide alarms as well as almost all other devices are equipped with a battery indicator, which signals the replacement in good time.

Notice: Particular sources of CO poisoning are:

  • Gasoline engines and heated mushrooms in closed rooms
  • defective stoves
  • gas heaters
  • heater
  • Fireplaces and chimney systems
  • lack of air supply for heaters
  • sealed windows, taped or covered wallpaper air supply or exhaust grille
  • stored pellets. When pressed, carbon monoxide is produced, which could be released into the room air even months later
  • simultaneous use of fireplace and extractor

Where to install carbon monoxide alarm?

It does not do much good if your carbon monoxide alarm is installed in the boiler room and you sleep upstairs. The beep is very loud, but is hardly noticed over several floors or closed doors during sleep. That's why it's important Carbon monoxide alarm low so that it triggers where it is noticed. As a guideline, you can select the rooms in which yours is yours Smoke Detectors would accommodate.

boiler room

This is where a carbon monoxide alarm is heard when heating with gas, coal or pellets

Corridors or floors

If possible, a carbon monoxide alarm should be present in corridors or on each floor.

Living space

If a fireplace is installed here you will need a carbon monoxide alarm. A particular danger comes from the simultaneous use of fireplace and extractor fan. It could create a negative pressure that pushes harmful CO gas from the fireplace into the room.

Carbon monoxide alarm in the bedroom

In the bedroom is a Carbon monoxide alarm low Installed. There he is at night within reach and earshot. Dust and dirt do not contaminate it.


In a kitchen, neither a smoke detector nor a CO detector should be installed. Smoldering oil or high humidity could cause false alarms.


In the bathroom, however, there is also the moisture problem. But if a gas boiler is installed here, it is also a Gas detector low.

Workshop, garage or other Nebengelasse

If the rooms are heated with gas, coal and CO, it is also important to protect against harmful CO gases.

Are there also crosslinkable carbon monoxide detectors?

For the sake of completeness we want you still the Radio carbon monoxide alarm introduce, which report a high CO concentration via WLAN and corresponding app. But since it is not always guaranteed that you carry your smartphone with you, this can lead to deceptive security, as a support of a stationary gas detector but highly recommended. Radio-networked carbon monoxide alarms are quite useful in larger houses or businesses. If a detector responds to a carbon monoxide alarm, all other detectors are activated.

Carbon monoxide alarms what to do?

The installation of a carbon monoxide alarm should always be done at eye level. Ideal would be a height between 1,50 and 2,0 meters. So he is out of the reach of children and still can be operated. In addition, you should always have your detector in the field of vision. Even obstacles such as furniture or curtains can reduce the functionality. Also, a carbon monoxide alarm should not be near a booth or ceiling fan be attached and not next to ventilation equipment, such as window or bath ventilator. Also avoid areas without air circulation such as gable roofs or niches. Some models from the Carbon monoxide alarm offer but can also be set up on a table or sideboard. Some detectors already show a low concentration in the room with a bar chart before any carbon monoxide alarm is triggered. So you can ventilate in time, before a concentration increases dangerously high.

Notice: If you are heating with coal, gas or wood, you should always ventilate intensively. To avoid a high carbon monoxide concentration in the room. The more airtight the rooms, the more often and extensively should that happen.

What makes a carbon monoxide detector bestseller?

The Carbon monoxide alarm rating of the different models has resulted in a different picture. The carbon monoxide alarm models are manufactured with different functionality. This concerns the type of power supply, the life and also the Carbon monoxide alarm price, Some are equipped with an optical display in addition to the audible alarm, while others have a meaningful display. But it does not have to be a carbon monoxide alarm device, even the most expensive models do their job. Most models have three colored LEDs. A green LED indicates the operating status, a red alarm. The yellow LED indicates a fault, indicating, for example, a low battery.

In addition to the alarm feature the best carbon monoxide alarms Models a so-called pre-alarm. If the measured values ​​lie below 50ppm, a flashing LED alerts you to the increased value. Some models also show this with a red bar, which appears larger or smaller depending on the saturation of the breathing air. In addition, the display shows the current measured value.

Comfortable carbon monoxide alarms also offer the possibility to save the values. Others do a self-test. If something is wrong, a flashing LED in the display indicates the malady. In order for a triggered alarm is not annoying by its shrill sound, some detectors have a key to mute. In the meantime, one can try to lower the carbon monoxide content in the air by airing.

Most carbon monoxide alarms are powered by one or more batteries. As is standard with smoke detectors, some are available Carbon monoxide alarms Bestseller also has a permanently installed long-life battery, which usually has a lifetime up to 10 years and makes a battery change unnecessary. Since the sensor is worn out after a maximum of 7 to 10 years, the complete carbon monoxide alarm is replaced with a new one. Also can one Carbon monoxide alarm low via a 230 V mains connection or is equipped with a radio module. Several carbon monoxide alarm detectors can be networked with each other in a building via radio. The alarm is then passed from one detector to another.

Notice: If a carbon monoxide alarm has triggered, you should definitely search for the cause and also take technical assistance.

Small carbon monoxide alarms Kaufberatung overview

buying criteria

  • power supply


Choose between battery operation, long-life battery without change over the entire period of use, network operation or radio networking

  • Ad

The most comfortable are carbon monoxide alarm devices with a display for reading the measured values, but it is also enough devices that are equipped with three colored LEDs to indicate function, error or alarm.

  • test function

All CO detectors have a function test button, and the carbon monoxide detectors that perform a self-test are very convenient.

  • Pre-alarm

A very convenient feature that displays slow saturation of harmful CO gases.

  • mute switch

if an alarm is triggered, action must be taken quickly to improve the breathing air. If the loud alarm sounds disturbing, it can be switched off via a mute switch.

  • memory function

Saving measured values ​​can be useful if a certain recurring enrichment can be measured. Should this be the case, the expert has to get to the source of high CO values.

  • Design

As always, this is a matter of taste, as with all other devices.

Where to buy carbon monoxide alarms?

Carbon monoxide alarm Detectors are available in all well-stocked construction or media stores. However, the overview of the large number of manufacturers remains on the track and a more detailed Carbon Monoxide Alarm Price Comparison equal to. The Carbon monoxide alarm offer The different versions are the largest on the Internet. It does not matter if you Carbon monoxide alarms opinions If you want to read other portals, if you are interested in the carbon monoxide alarms reviews from customer reviews or want to buy a carbon monoxide alarm reduced, here you will find it.

Who are the most important Carbon monoxide detectors Manufacturer?

The bestsellers for carbon monoxide are:

OfferBestseller no. 1
Smartwares RM370 carbon monoxide CO detector with display and temperature display, test button, 1 piece
  • Warns you early against carbon monoxide poisoning, is caused by incomplete combustion (fireplace / gas boiler)
  • Incl. Battery, dowels and screws = Easy wireless fast assembly
  • Long life electro-chemical sensor (7 years). Operating temperature min / max: 0 ° C / 40 ° C
  • Changing display between carbon monoxide value in ppm and temperature
  • Test button for function test, digital display ensures easy reading
OfferBestseller no. 2
Ei Electronics Ei208D CO carbon monoxide alarm (with display and 10 year battery)
1.278 Reviews
Ei Electronics Ei208D CO carbon monoxide alarm (with display and 10 year battery)
  • Early alerting - detects low carbon monoxide levels
  • Battery replacement unnecessary - built-in 10 year battery (Panasonic)
  • User friendly - display shows instructions (ventilation / room left)
  • RELIABLE SAFE - every detector tested and calibrated in real carbon monoxide
  • 5 years manufacturing guarantee
OfferBestseller no. 3
ABUS carbon monoxide alarm COWM300 CO detector | LCD display incl. CO concentration | 7 years sensor | Test button | up to 60 m² | white | 37241
  • LCD display with CO concentration display
  • Acoustic and visual warning | 85db loud alarm sound
  • 7 years sensor life
  • Wall and floor mounting | Test button for functional test on the front
  • Scope of delivery: COWM detector, mounting material, 9V block battery, manual

Is there a Stiftung Warentest carbon monoxide detector test report?

Unfortunately, there is no such an important device yet Carbon monoxide detector test, only a message to measure the carbon monoxide content by the chimney sweep in pellet heating or fireplaces. On Carbon monoxide detector test winner is for you in any case the device, which warns you in time of a deadly concentration of CO gases.

At the end...

The Carbon monoxide detector experience states that she can save lives just like a smoke detector. Unfortunately, there is only one smoke detector requirement in Germany, although a carbon monoxide alarm would be just as important. It does not cost the world, but this price should be worth your life.

Other recommended carbon monoxide detectors selected for you

4.8/ 5 off 874 Reviews]


Carbon Monoxide Detector Test & Comparison Guide

So you can choose from our suggestions in our Test or comparison Their own Carbon monoxide detectors Choose a bestseller

Hello, I'm David and I love Do-it-yourself. Before a craftsman comes to my house with me, I try it myself and for the most part I succeed. Does not work, does not exist. It's scratching my image if I did not at least try it. Although sometimes there are setbacks, I learn from every mistake.

You can too. Show what is in you. That's why I have this for you Carbon monoxide detector comparison compiled. From the big one Carbon monoxide alarm offer I have five the best carbon monoxide detector and best-selling models selected and compared in a table.

My research from customer reviews, surveys or opinions as well Carbon monoxide alarm Test's independent guidebook portals were reflected in my extensive guide. This always includes the advantages and disadvantages of a product group as well as the selection criteria that are important for the purchase.

Maybe you already have your personal one Carbon monoxide detector test winner found, then let me know. Here you can communicate with me and give your personal opinion. I'm happy about your posting!

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