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The best private health insurance in comparison

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The best private health insurance in comparison

The health insurance is equally important for singles, couples and families and should therefore be complete. The statutory health insurance and private health insurance differ in many ways, as explained below. In private Health insurance comparison of you can find your best rate, save a lot and be fully informed.

To the private health insurance comparison:

Health insurance

At a glance

  • Those who are not compulsorily insured under the statutory health insurance can take out private health insurance. The contributions are based on individual parameters such as age, gender and constitution.
  • Who the 55. Can only return to the protective coat of the statutory health insurance in exceptional cases. Therefore, the careful private health insurance comparison is recommended, for which you can use our practical insurance calculator.
  • Depending on the tariff, many comfort services are available, which you can transport to private patients in a class of their own. Nevertheless, you can save thanks to comparison benefits by private health insurance and enjoy the necessary comfort in case of insurance.

Who has to take out private health insurance?

Everyone has to take out health insurance, but many are asking themselves: the private one Health insurance from when Do I have to or can I choose these? If you are eligible, see the following list:

  • Employees above the mandatory insurance limit
  • Officials and candidates
  • Freelancers & self-employed
  • students
  • Kids

Both systems of statutory and private health insurance are firmly anchored in Germany. All private providers must have one simple base rate offer, which allows a kind of minimum coverage. This tariff is subject to a so-called obligation to contract, which allows potential policyholders to meet other criteria not dismissed can be. The basic tariff scope of service is comparable to the service catalog of the statutory health insurance and offers the basic security for your health.

Enjoy private health insurance benefits

Since one suffers from insurance in one way or another, one can hardly speak of positive aspects, you mean? You can! Especially in case of illnessWhether anchored physically or emotionally, a very good care and therapy is important. Even the framework conditions are relevant to getting back to come to rest or to get well. Concerned ask right:

  • Can I use a double room and co. Thanks to private health insurance?
  • Are private health insurance companies more than legal?
  • Can I really save a check with a private health insurance and at the same time look good?
  • Does the private health insurance for children automatically apply?
  • Is private health insurance still affordable for the self-employed?
  • Do I survive as a sick person private health insurance health examination?
  • Do I get a private health insurance refund in case of health?

As far as the benefits are concerned, the rates of insurance institutions can be discerned, but they must be examined individually. Basically, no offer is the same as the other, especially since not everyone needs the same supply. You can choose between choose numerous services and thereby personalize your contract. Here are the most important additional services in one go:

1. Daily benefits

Well-known and valued private health insurance supplement is the so-called Daily benefits, whereby you can optionally secure your existence. Professionals consider this performance to be highly recommended if, for example, you are a self-employed person who turns down from one day to the next. Depending on your wishes and budget, you can secure an amount per day, either after the 1. Day or maybe only after the 43. Day is paid daily.

Case study: They are independent tilers and get a herniated disc. And now? From today to tomorrow, no more revenue, but the expenditure remains the same. They were smart and used the option. Now you get according to contract content your 50 Euro from the 21. Day paid, per month 1500 Euro. Your home loan and other charges can still be paid.

2. Bonuses & Refund

An ergonomically shaped handle is advantageous in terms of handling. Since the stainless steel pressure cookers bring a certain weight, a smaller counter-grip is also suitable. If the main handle is removable, cleaning is very quick.

3. Treatment in the inpatient area

For every need, there is a suitable tariff, for example, you can choose to stay in a single or double room, which is important to many. Otherwise you have to go in case of damage just in the shared room. Also known is the choice for care by the chief physician. Those who value it should secure this option in the private health insurance tariff.

Case study: They already get a new hip with 60 and are therefore very stressed, after all, surgery and the subsequent physical therapy are not without. Thanks to provision, you have a quiet and chic single room for the entire stay. So you can better recover and sleep more peacefully!

4. Outpatient treatment

Depending on the tariff, you can secure yourself very well in outpatient care by taking out the appropriate private health insurance. Here everything revolves around details for the medical treatment of medicines up to possible non-medical practitioner achievements. The latter becomes more and more relevant, which is why you can choose this additional service, for example.

case study: You have heard from a friend that she has been able to improve her skin condition with her own blood treatment and symptoms have been alleviated. You also want to experience this quality of life and visit a therapist. Thanks to private health insurance homeopathy additional benefit, you only need to take 20 percent of the total therapy costs. Great!

5. Rehabilitation and Co.

For a spa or sanatorium treatment, you can make provision accordingly by receiving grants for this. In the favorable base tariffs this private health insurance performance is seldom given, why one should worry about this option. For example, for psychological reasons, it may be necessary for you to come to rest and receive care in such a facility.

case study: They experience a death of a loved one and get a depression in addition to the normal grief. They have barely any strength, they can hardly work anymore. You need help! Thanks to preventive care, you can enjoy a stay in a private mental health clinic and do not have to pay the costs of, for example, 3500 Euro. Now you can switch off for three weeks and get psychological support.

5 reasons for private health insurance

  • Powerful partners with many possibilities
  • Benefit from the advancement of medicine thanks to freedom of choice
  • Individual design possibilities of the contracts
  • Solid insurance partners with a reliable future
  • Full transparency of services

Compare private health insurance and save

In addition to the already mentioned base rate, institutions offer many more options, which each provide an individual supply after the personal needs can vote. You pay a little more for services that are really important to you and exclude others. The result is a tailor-made insurance contract, which nevertheless has to be compared. If you want to use the full comfort of a private patient, you pay a little more than others who are covered by basic insurance. Who at the save private health insurance would like to have many options for that. Here are some private health insurance saving tips:

  1. Complete deductible and thereby reduce the monthly contribution
  2. Extras such as daily sickness allowance only from the 43. Claim day (put upholstery for this time)
  3. Omit expensive special services such as single room (how often do you have to go to the hospital?)
  4. Entering at a young age, not just with 45 years
  5. Switch private health insurance providers and use cheaper offer with equal or better benefits

The private health insurance in the test

In the private health insurance test of Stiftung Warentest 2017 issue 09 the experts compared 22 companies regarding tariff selection and conditions. A close look was at the private Health insurance discharge rates set. Many people finally ask themselves whether private health insurance will be affordable for retirees. How does it look from 60 up? Thanks to the special relief rate, you do not suddenly stand on the wall in old age and have to pay about 2000 Euro contribution. One ensures that the institute submits a grant from the very beginning. The money is gone, but not gone. The insurer holds it back and the contributions remain affordable in old age. in the private health insurance test The Stiftung Warentest is also advised to compare carefully, especially with regard to the interest on relief contracts.

Can I cancel and change private health insurance?

No matter what contract you have entered here, of course, customers can private Cancel health insurance and change. For example, they can also go back to the statutory health insurance and then have to cancel the private supply. This is done in a few words, that is, a letter. If you terminate the special private health insurance discharge rate, you have to look at how it behaves in your case with the already paid subsidies. You do not necessarily get it back, which is something that needs to be checked on an individual basis. A change of private health insurance is thanks to the diversity seductive, but should not be rushed. You can not do this conversion with the Car insurance change compare, because this is about more. It is recommended to select the best tariff from the beginning, so that you do not have to compare further later. Therefore, you should now immediately use our private health insurance calculator to make you the most personal complete private health insurance online, Provision is just always cheaper than aftercare!

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