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Shin Guards - Perfect protection during sports

Who thinks about sports, usually thinks directly of football. Without a doubt football is one of the most popular sports for young and old. It is a team sport that is not only fun, but at the same time invites to a fair togetherness. In order for the football sport can be carried out reasonably, appropriate equipment is necessary. In addition to the matching football boots include Shin guards also to the basic equipment of every footballer. The wrestling between the players can often bring a high risk of injury to the leg area. The shinguards provide sufficient protection against serious injury. What exactly are the differences between the individual models and what benefits they really have, you will learn in our following Shin Guards Comparison 2018.

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Best recommendation


Shin guards Nike Men Mercurial Lite

  • preformed protective cap
  • ultra-light
  • Dri-Fit technology
  • Size in connection with the height
  • more freedom of movement


Shin Guards uhlsport Men Carbon Flex

  • ultra-light
  • improved flexibility
  • optimal wearing comfort
  • antibacterial AEGIS treatment
  • high impact absorption
  • highly elastic compression stocking


Shin Guards adidas Ghost Club Black / Copper Gold

  • optimal wearing comfort
  • adjustable straps
  • flexible skin shell
  • durable upholstery
  • resistant
  • perfect fit

Price-performance winner


Shin Guards Derbystar Football Flash APS

  • flexible all-round velcro closure
  • elastic bandage
  • Ergonomic Fit System
  • very good impact absorption
  • comfortable to wear


Shin guards adidas Everclub

  • integrated ankle protection
  • adjustable width
  • Hard Shell Shield
  • high durability
  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • soft EVA padding

Name Shin guards Nike Men Mercurial Lite Shin Guards uhlsport Men Carbon Flex Shin Guards adidas Ghost Club Black / Copper Gold Shin Guards Derbystar Football Flash APS Shin guards adidas Everclub
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentShin guards

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodShin guards

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodShin guards

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,8goodShin guards

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodShin guards

Manufacturer/Model Nike uhlsport adidas Derbystar adidas
material composition Saver: 69% K-Resin, 31% EVA, Inner Cover: Dri-Fit, 65% Polyester, 19% Rubber, 16% Elastane PU 50%, EVA 5%, TPU 25%, Rubber 5%, Polyester 15% Polypropylene 95%, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate 5%, Shell: 100% Cotton Rib Adhesive foam: 3-mm-Adhesion, back of the hand: 3-mm-Soft Latex Polypropylene 100%
type synthetic Carbon Flex Polypropylene not specified Polypropylene
Colour black yellow griffin gray / LITE fluo yellow Black / Copper Gold and others yellow / black / gray Black / Copper Gold and others
suitable for Football Football Football Football Football
Lock cuff molding cuff molding velcro fastener All-around Velcro Cuff molding / Velcro
Features The shin guards can be worn like a kind of cuff. The Dri-Fit technology provides a very good moisture regulation. The highly elastic compression stocking also has a TPU pressure. As a result, the blood circulation is significantly improved. The flexible yet hard shield is equipped with practical straps. These can be individually adjusted and thus ensure a perfect fit. The bandage is very elastic and can be worn very well. Thanks to the flexible all-round velcro closure, it can be individually adjusted. The well-protective hard shell shield also has an integrated ankle protection. By the front closing belt the width is individually adjustable.
  • preformed protective cap
  • ultra-light
  • Dri-Fit technology
  • Size in connection with the height
  • more freedom of movement
  • ultra-light
  • improved flexibility
  • optimal wearing comfort
  • antibacterial AEGIS treatment
  • high impact absorption
  • highly elastic compression stocking
  • optimal wearing comfort
  • adjustable straps
  • flexible skin shell
  • durable upholstery
  • resistant
  • perfect fit
  • flexible all-round velcro closure
  • elastic bandage
  • Ergonomic Fit System
  • very good impact absorption
  • comfortable to wear
  • integrated ankle protection
  • adjustable width
  • Hard Shell Shield
  • high durability
  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • soft EVA padding
Summary Compared to other models, the shin guards are a bit shorter. This gives significantly more freedom of movement. The textilaminiering on the inside ensures optimum comfort. A low weight and a high impact absorption contribute effectively. The durable material ensures adequate protection and comfort. The EVA foam provides additional shock absorption. The Ergonomic Fit System and the padding provide a comfortable fit. At the same time there is an optimal impact absorption. Thanks to the soft EVA padding on the inside, a high wearing comfort is possible. At the same time there is a very good durability.
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Our comparison chart for Shin guards comparison does not replace one Shinguards testin which a special Shin guards test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external shin guard test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Shin guards test winner is.

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  • The schooners are available in different designs, sizes, and equipment. As in different Shin guards tests can be read, some models also have an ankle protection.
  • Not only in football, but also in various martial arts shin guards are important parts of the basic equipment. However, these models look a little different, since they must not adversely affect the respective movements and may only have a low weight.
  • The attachment is mainly by a Velcro fastener. This allows the schooner of the lower leg width to be adjusted perfectly without restricting the wearing comfort. Some models are available as a cuff form, which are put on like a stocking.

Whether football or a martial art, sometimes it is a bit rougher among the athletes. This often results in serious injuries that will make the player fail for a long time. The tibia is very often affected when there is insufficient protection. According to different Shinguards Reviews The schooner offers optimum help from customers.

What is a shin guard?

Who has not seen a football game where a player has not tried to kick the ball off his opponent with a sting? Dumb only when the ball is already gone and instead the tibia is hit. Without adequate protection, ie a shin guard, the game would be over for the player at the latest now.

To prevent this, there are shinguards that can be perfectly adapted to the lower leg. Basically, the schooners are tightly attached to the lower leg and then covered with a gauntlet and a sock. The shin guards are usually attached with a Velcro fastener so that they can not slip. Thanks to the anatomical shape, the schooner's structure adjusts perfectly to the tibia, without it being distracting and impairing mobility.

Buy Shin Guards Tips:

  • A shin guards can be made of different materials. This allows him to be perfectly matched to the respective sport. It can be chosen when buying shin guards between sturdy plastic, foam or other materials.
  • For a reasonable fit, it is important to pay attention to the right size. This ensures that the shin guards do not slip during a game or during training.
  • Basically, the schooners are always worn under the socks. In this way, they are not immediately visible, yet effectively protect the leg.

What materials are shin guards made of?

As already in ours Shin guards comparison mentioned, there are the schooners made of different materials. Since a use for various sports is provided, should accordingly be paid to the choice of material. The following materials can be manufactured:

1. foam

This is a relatively light material, which can also be molded. The level of protection is given, but it is not nearly as high as comparable to polyurethane or plastic.

2. glass fiber

Fiberglass is a fairly tough and stiff material, but lightweight at the same time. Shin guards made of fiberglass provide excellent protection.

3. PU (polyurethane)

PU is a material which has excellent damping properties. Although the material is not very light, it is one of the most popular.

4. plastic

Shin guards are also made of plastic, but they have only weak protective properties.

5. EVA foam

Many shin guards have inside a lining. This is usually made of EVA foam, as this provides excellent padding.

Here's how it works: Wear shin guards

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RockTape Adult RockGuards Shin Guards, Manifesto, S / M
486 Reviews
RockTape Adult RockGuards Shin Guards, Manifesto, S / M
  • Easy to put on and take off with 5 cm zipper

What are the special features of the shin guards?

Whether a Adidas shin guards or a Nike shin guardsIt is important for all models that they provide adequate protection against kicks and contact with the studs. Some manufacturers have begun to incorporate an additional ankle protector to protect it as well.

This ankle brace is a direct connection between the tibial and ankle protectors. It usually consists of a rubberized material, which ensures that the interior and exterior of the ankle is optimally protected. The material is also stretchy, so that it adapts to the width of the respective ankle and fits tightly. In order for the ankle protector to sit perfectly, it also has a rubber that is attached to the sides and sits under the foot. Depending on the model, the ankle bandage can also be removed.

What do I have to look for when buying shin guards?

Since the calf strength in children, women and men is different, should Buy shin guards Care should be taken to choose the right size. The information provided by the manufacturer plays an important role, as it usually contains exact dimensions. But in addition to the size, other important details play a decisive role:

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Shinguards purchase criteria

  • material


As you already know in ours Shin guards comparison could read different materials are used for the production. Which material is suitable for you, depends on the particular use and therefore also on the sport.

  • High

The best Puma shin guards or Adidas shin guards can only sufficiently fulfill its purpose if the correct size is chosen. In any case, the manufacturer's information should be taken into account.

  • Shutter

Greaves for football are often equipped with a Velcro or a belt closure. As a result, the savers can be individually adjusted to the respective calf width and thus ensure a high wearing comfort. In martial arts, however, is usually dispensed with these closures, as this is the risk of injury is simply too large.

  • ankle brace

In addition to protection for the tibia, many models also have ankle protection. This protects the inner and outer area of ​​the ankle against kicking injuries. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the ankle protection is individually removable.

  • Damping

The damping layer is usually made of foam, since it is a fairly light material. It snugly adapts to the calf form and thus effectively protects against external impact.

The current shin guard comparison test

In football, a shinguard is an important part of the basic equipment. There is the practical protection in different designs and different sizes, so that it can be perfectly aligned to the respective calf width. Most schooners offer a perfect fit thanks to the Velcro fastener, which can be adjusted to suit. In our guide we have the five best shin guards compared to each other. The Nike Shinguards Mercurial Lite for men is the winner of the comparison and therefore in first place. It impresses with its relatively low weight and the pleasant Dri-Fit technology. As a winner we have the Derbystar shin guards Flash APS selected. While the very good impact absorption ensures a high level of protection, the Ergonomic Fit System and the flexible all-round velcro fastener contribute to a high level of comfort.

Soccer shin guards test

Shinguards: The main advantages and disadvantages

Benefits shin guards

optimal protection for the tibia

dampens kicks

depending on the model with ankle protection

high wearing comfort

individually usable

Adapt to the size

usually equipped with Velcro

Cons shin guards

needs a certain adjustment period

The current shin guards best sellers are:

Bestseller no. 1
Malker shin pads football set for adults and youth children with socks Shin Guard and leggings plastic bag football equipment avoidance of ...
350 Reviews
Malker shin pads football set for adults and youth children with socks Shin Guard and leggings plastic bag football equipment avoidance of ...
  • Safety protection: Our football shin guards can effectively withstand external influences and offer the calf bones ...
  • Comfortable material: The knee-length football socks are made of breathable mesh polyester fabric, which provides a ...
  • Sizes: We offer 3 sizes, each for children, teenagers and adults. Available in two colors, black socks + ...
  • Protective effect: very suitable for football matches, running, tennis, squash, fitness, hiking, lifting and other sports, for ...
  • Guarantee: If you have problems with the product, please contact us and we will give you a refund.
OfferBestseller no. 2
JAKO shin guards Competition Classic, anthracite / black, L
  • Lightweight hard shell with fixed ankle protection and Velcro closure for further fixation
  • Sizes: Height 120 cm = XS, height 140 cm = S
  • Height 160 cm = M, height 180 cm = L
OfferBestseller no. 3
Hudora Shinguard with ankle protection, Gr. S (71611)
  • HUDORA shin guards with ankle protection convince with optimized impact protection through a pleasant, foam-coated ...
  • Due to the adjustable elastic band, the shin guards adapt to different anatomies
  • Shin guards with ankle protection, Gr. S

What else do you need to know about the shin guards?

In football or in various martial arts, shin guards ensure that the tibia is adequately protected from injury. In our Shin guards comparison We have already shared many important points to help you find the right model for you. However, there are always questions that need an answer. We would like to give this to you:

1. What do shin guards cost?

The cost of a pair of savers can be very different. Many cheap shin guards are already available from an amount of 7 Euro, with no limits are set to the top.

2. Where can you buy shin guards?

Wherever there are sporting goods to buy, there are usually also matching shinguards, for example, at Decathlon. Here they can be tried on to see if the right seating comfort is given. Alternatively, of course, there is the possibility to order the sporting goods conveniently via the Internet. Here you can directly compare several articles with each other, in order to finally order the right article for yourself.

3. Did Stiftung Warentest carry out a shin-protector test?

A Shinguards test Stiftung Warentest has not yet performed.

Conclusion about the shin guards

In conclusion, the best protection for the tibia and ankle is a shin guards. It is not only available from various leading manufacturers such as Puma, Nike or Adidas, but also in different sizes. Often, the schooner has a practical Velcro closure, through which the adjustment of the calf width can be easily regulated. An elastic cuff is pulled over the schooner and then covered with a sock. In this way creates an invisible, but very effective protection against unpleasant kicks. In various Shinguards Reviews You can read how important this protection is in order to avoid injury.

Other recommended shin guards selected for you

4.7/ 5 off 285 Reviews]


Shin Guards Test & Comparison Guide

Our tips and advice from our Test & Comparison help you the best Shin guards to buy

I am Konstanze. As a mother of two small children, I look after a balanced diet, buy often in organic store and use only natural care products. I consistently separate my garbage and pay attention to their sustainability when buying things.

As author of this Shin Guards comparison I have put together five of the most popular products for you. I have not selected these by accident, but paid particular attention to positive reviews in the customer reviews.

To you that Buy shin guards To facilitate, I summarized you all relevant purchase criteria. You will also find a lot of information in my guide text. He should inspire you to think about that Shinguards offer to make and choose the right product for you.

I also consulted the contributions of Stiftung Warentest. Does it have one there Shin guards test winner given, you will find a reference in my article. It's rewarding to read, because only then you can be sure that you find your personal favorite.

Have you already? Shinguards experience collected, it would be nice if you tell me. This portal is always open to you for suggestions. I appreciate your feedback!

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