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The best accident insurance in comparison

Accident insurance

Whether at home, at work or in traffic. accidents happen at any time and usually come unexpectedly. What can not be planned, but you can certainly assure. With the Accident insurance comparison of You will receive the most important information about statutory accident insurance and accident insurance as an additional option. Those who do not immediately check the facts of a contract, make the unplanned in the event of damage Accident insurance test, Here then decides first whether your tariff offers sufficient protection or not.

Accident insurance

For accident insurance comparison:

At a glance

  • As a branch of social security, there is the statutory accident insurance. Thus, the statutory accident insurance is mandatory for employees, trainees and students, similar to the care insurance, All available resources are designed to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases. Already injured should be restored to health and any survivors will be compensated.
  • In addition to legal care, many people want to use additional accident insurance coverage in order to be optimally protected in the event of an insurance claim. Private accident insurers offer many suitable solutions that do not even put a heavy burden on a wallet.
  • Private benefits of accident insurance could not be more different, since each institute knits its own concepts and resulting contracts.

Table of Contents

  1. Take out accident insurance and arrange for it
  2. Accident insurance benefits - for singles, families and children
  3. Accident insurance with premium refund
  4. Compare accident insurance and save
  5. How can I change the accident insurance?

Take out accident insurance and arrange for it

With the private accident insurance Increase your retirement significantly and close the gap in terms of statutory accident insurance, If you take out the private accident insurance, you protect yourself against unpredictable financial burdens, which you could not handle with the basic protection of laws.

In fact, there is a group of people who are not even eligible for the statutory accident insurance coverage. Non-working people in the sense of "housewife" and "houseman", retirees, freelancers and other entrepreneurs have to look for a suitable accident insurance. In addition, most happen Accidents at leisure, Speaking of playing tennis, motorcrossing or diving you are not legally protected anyway. This could be a policy of private providers resort, as we researched accident insurance insurance comparison.

Again and again experts deal with the topic of optimal protection in all areas of life. Already in the year 2017, the Stiftung Warentest once again dealt with the topic: Are you sufficiently insured? You can over-and under-insure, hire professionals again and again. In addition to the usual Personal Liability has Stiftung Warentest Unfallversicherung and Co put to the test and was able to compare in the accident insurance test 2015 proud 124 policies of accident insurance. The result was mostly positive, after all, most of them rated "good". There was not one worse than "satisfactory".

What is the best accident insurance?

While employees are protected by the statutory accident insurance during work and on the roads, this looks different in their free time. An accident insurance protects you from serious accidents during your free time, which caused permanent damage to your health. This is especially interesting if you practice an extreme sports hobby in your free time. This includes, for example, motorcycling, climbing or mountain biking.

Conveniently conclude accident insurance: is that sensible?

Concluding an accident insurance is possible, but not always useful. Our tip: First of all, check which of the benefits can be covered by a disability insurance. As a rule, this makes more sense for employees than completing a pure accident insurance. If you already have occupational disability insurance, accident insurance can provide additional protection.

Also the policy of Comprehensive health insurance or the health insurance It may be worthwhile to consider. So you are not insured twice for an event!

However, pay more attention to the so-called basic disability sum and the progression, than to the monthly rate. The best accident insurance is of little use to you if you can not cover all the costs with the sum paid out.

A severe disability can result in a remodeling of the house, loss of salary and various new purchases.

Accident insurance

Find your accident insurance test winner in comparison

Which features should your personal accident insurance have?

In most policies, an accident is defined as an "external impact on the body". Make sure that your tariff also includes the involvement of diseases (eg osteoporosis in case of bone fractures), heart attacks, strokes and accidents under the influence of alcohol or medication.

Good accident insurance also includes infections and insect bites.

Make an insurance test with our accident insurance comparison and find your insurance test winner among the providers.

Accident insurance benefits - for singles, families and children

It is up to you alone which accident insurance benefits you choose for yourself. in the Accident insurance comparison It makes sense to look at three times more than once too little. You have to separate the sproi from the wheat by using the important parameters aligns the policies with each other. These include, for example:

Monthly accident pension for a lifetime

In the personal accident insurance test, you should pay attention to the amount of the possible accident pension per month, which can optionally be added on request. By this move you get in case of damage in addition to the basic sum the monthly hedge. If you take the accident insurance online, you can simply set the desired amount yourself. Of course, such options make the contract more expensive, but are priceless in the event of an accident.

basic sum

This is the most important sum when you take out accident insurance online. This is a one-off payment from your insurer, which should be correspondingly high. Of course, a very high sum insured can turn the price screw upwards, of course. However, if you really get into disability, we do not hope you will need it many hundreds of thousands of euros to life and to recovery / therapy, etc. Thus, you would not come far with a low basic sum, which you can not change in practice accident insurance test in case of damage. With 200.000 Euro you should at least lay the foundation, experts from this area also advise.

Factor progression

For accident insurance base sum you calculate the factor of progression in case of damage. hereby multiplies the simple insurance amount according to your chosen progression of 225, 350 or 500 percent. For example, if you choose 200.000 percent and reach full disability, 450.000 Euro will become a hefty 225 Euro. Experts give an accident insurance principal recommendation from a minimum progression of 225 percent.

Sum in death

You can also make a comparison in accident insurance for the possible death by paying attention to the option. Is the Accident insurance death benefit makes sensesome ask. It always makes sense if you have not already provided otherwise in this regard. The minimum amount is usually 5000 Euro, which would cover at least the funeral expenses. Pay close attention to the accident insurance death benefit before you conclude the new accident insurance.


In addition, some additional benefits come into question, if they are relevant to you. The most popular option is accident insurance with sick pay, which you can choose as you wish. Usually it is the accident insurance with daily sickness allowance, which provides you with daily care. For example, you only get 20 Euro or even 60 Euro per day, which makes the month not so bad. With the money you can do and leave what you want or just cover your usual costs. The higher you set the amount per day, the much more expensive the monthly accident insurance costs will be in the end. In addition to this attractive option, you can also set individual amounts for cosmetic surgery, dental treatment or salvage. An accident insurance test winner quality, for example, has already included budget for treatments of cosmetic surgery to some extent, because this can simply be important after a bad accident. Think of a fire accident or car accident that may require such a recovery. This is not about a simple nose correction!

Accident insurance with premium refund

This is a special one Accident insurance with guaranteed premium refund, This type of non-reimbursement accident insurance is popular with many and is offered by most institutions.

The accident insurance with premium refund is a combination of savings and accident insurance, making the contract at first glance makes more sense. Optimally secured and also save money? Why not, we think im Accident insurance comparison, However, it is worth taking a closer look at the fine print, though it is difficult. The interest is the measure of all things, similar to the Endowment policy XY. Bad contracts give you almost nothing and are therefore not recommended. An accident insurance premium refund test winner quality offers you a fair interest rate, even under today's conditions.

Often experts advise against the combination product, whereby each policy should be considered individually. If your existing Cancel accident insurance with premium refund We advise you to check the components of the contract. Ideally, you are entitled to a "saved" share, which you will receive early (at a loss). This model makes sense if the conditions of the insurer agree and you would like to save a few euros.

Change accident insurance and save

Hundreds and more accident insurance offers the market currently and the accident insurance offer does not become smaller. You benefit from this. The customer! The more choice, the more price war. The institutes outbid themselves with tariffs for accident insurance. Whether accident insurance for students, accident insurance for freelancers or accident insurance for family with children. The insurance market has a tailor-made policy for every personal situation.

How can I change the accident insurance?

It makes no difference whether you are insured with the accident insurance Ergo Direkt or with the Allianz accident insurance. Of course you can cancel within the specified period. For this purpose, a three-line is sufficient, so you can cancel the existing accident insurance. Often, the new provider takes over this process on request and of course free of charge. So:

  • Choose a new provider!
  • Form termination notice (meet deadlines)!
  • Include cheap accident insurance!
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