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What is the benefit of a supplementary health insurance?

In principle, German employees are covered by the statutory health insurance. It guarantees treatment and sick pay continuance with longer illness.

However, the state has cut the guaranteed benefits enormously in recent years, so that only the basic protection is available. On the other hand either one helps Comprehensive health insurance or a supplementary health insurance.

Since the supply is unmanageably large, especially in the field of supplementary health insurance, our additional health insurance comparison helps to select the best policy.

For additional sickness insurance comparison:

All-round feel well with the best supplementary health insurance

A supplementary health insurance should be as individual as you are. Therefore, these are the points that you should definitely clarify:

  • Dental treatments
  • Glasses
  • drug co-payments
  • alternative treatments
  • Hospital stays

The best supplementary health insurance is therefore a combination of one or more of these components. Almost all private health insurance companies offer packages that are individually tailored.

You should pay attention to these components of your supplementary health insurance

Not only our parents are in our ears with it, also insurance brokers advise again and again to the conclusion: The dental supplement insurance is one of the most important components of a supplementary health insurance. It is not only useful for dentures, but also takes care of fillings, root canal treatments and professional teeth cleaning.

If you are rather critical of conventional medicine, you should also think about supplementary insurance for alternative medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture often have to be paid out of pocket.

The supplementary health insurance is just one of the policies that are still cheap at a young age. Also one care insurance makes sense if you close it early. So one is additionally supported by the state.

Try our supplementary health insurance comparison and find your health insurance additional insurance test winner among the providers.

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Supplement for sickness Insurance / Finance & Insurance Guide

Here is the overview of the best sickness insurance calculator that is currently available on the market.

My name is Wolfgang and it annoys me if my insurance does not provide the services that I would like. In our tariff calculator, you will not only find the cheapest Sickness insurance but also a comprehensive overview in ours Additional patient insurance rate calculator about the individual services.

Our Sickness insurance comparison should save you from wrong decisions and help you with your personal Sickness insurance To find test winner. Our tips and advice from our test & comparison will help you the best Sickness insurance to find.

If you've already had experience or a sickness insurance test, Dur may be happy to send me a response. My portal is always available for active communication. I am pleased about a response from you.

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