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Daily shaving is part of the daily routine for men. To calm the stressed skin afterwards, there is an aftershave, which ensures extensive care.

The Aftershave bestseller are now available in different versions so that every skin type can benefit from it. It is important that the product is tailored to the skin type in order to avoid unnecessary skin irritation or irritation.

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Aftershave Calvin Klein Eternity Men 1 x 100 ml

  • long-lasting, particularly pleasant smell - provides a lot of moisture


Aftershave Dior Christian Fahrenheit Lotion 50 ml Men

  • soothes the skin
  • weak pleasant smell
  • weakly tolerated


Aftershave Dr. Severin Men Balsam (200ml) Against shaving picks

  • cools the skin particularly well
  • suitable for the whole body
  • suitable for sensitive skin


Aftershave Proraso Green Lotion, 1-pack (1 x 100 ml)

  • especially nourishing ingredients
  • fluid with a particularly pleasant smell
  • cools the skin particularly well


Aftershave Davidof homme / man, 1-pack (1 x 125 ml)

  • particularly pleasant fragrance? eliminates the itching


Aftershave pjur med - unisex - aloe vera skin care - razor burn

  • dermatologically tested
  • suitable for intimate areas
  • suitable for sensitive skin

Name Aftershave Calvin Klein Eternity Men 1 x 100 ml Aftershave Dior Christian Fahrenheit Lotion 50 ml Men Aftershave Dr. Severin Men Balsam (200ml) Against shaving picks Aftershave Proraso Green Lotion, 1-pack (1 x 100 ml) Aftershave Davidof homme / man, 1-pack (1 x 125 ml) Aftershave pjur med - unisex - aloe vera skin care - razor burn
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentAftershave

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodAftershave

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodAftershave

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodAftershave

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodAftershave

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodAftershave

Manufacturer/Model Calvin Klein Eternity Aftershave Dior Fahrenheit After Shave Lotion Dr. Severin aftershave balm Proraso Green After Shave Davidoff COOL WATER homme pjur med After Shave Spray
astringent gut very well satisfying gut gut satisfying
Amount 100 ml 20,50 ?? per 100 ml 50 ml 83, 20 ?? per 100ml 200 ml 16,55 ?? per 200 ml 100 ml 4,89 ?? per 100 ml 125 ml 17,54 ?? per 100 ml 150 ml 4,49 ?? per 100 ml
Works antibacterial gut very well gut gut satisfying gut
skin type normal skin normal skin sensible skin normal skin normal skin sensible skin
Aftershave type Splash Splash Balsam Splash Splash spray
Moisturizes very well gut gut satisfying satisfying satisfying
Anti-razor burn gut very well very well very well very well gut
Nourishing ingredients Avobenzon (UV protection) not available Castor oil witch hazel panthenol Eucalyptus oil menthol glycerin castor oil glycerin Aloe Vera Panthenol
fragrance duration Lavender, sandalwood, rose Tangerine, violet, leather Witch hazel, menthol, rosemary Eucalyptus, menthol Peppermint, lavender neutral
Matching men's perfume Eternity - Eau de Toilette Dior Fahrenheit - Eau de Toilette unavailable unavailable Davidoff Cool Water- Eau de Toilette unavailable
Paraben Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Contains alcohol Ja Ja No Ja Ja No
fragrance-free No No No No No Ja
Silicone free Ja Ja No Ja Ja Ja
No animal tests No No Ja Ja No Ja
  • long-lasting, particularly pleasant smell - provides a lot of moisture
  • soothes the skin
  • weak pleasant smell
  • weakly tolerated
  • cools the skin particularly well
  • suitable for the whole body
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • especially nourishing ingredients
  • fluid with a particularly pleasant smell
  • cools the skin particularly well
  • particularly pleasant fragrance? eliminates the itching
  • dermatologically tested
  • suitable for intimate areas
  • suitable for sensitive skin
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Aftershave at a glance

  • An aftershave not only impresses with its different fragrances, from sporty fresh to tart to oriental, it is especially the care effect that is in the foreground. The aftershave nourishes and disinfects the skin so that inflammation is prevented.
  • Regardless of whether the shave is carried out with a razor or a classic wet shave is used, it is important that the skin is cared for afterwards. An aftershave is the perfect solution for this because it is not only refreshing, but also has a cooling effect.
  • The Buy aftershave care should be taken that the ingredients are adapted to the respective skin. Many aftershaves also contain alcohol, which mostly dries out sensitive skin.

If you don't want to grow a full beard, you can't avoid everyday shaving. Although it is annoying, it is a necessary evil and therefore cannot be prevented. After shaving, it is important that the stressed facial skin is cared for so that it can regenerate and recover. The aftershave is the perfect solution because it is now available in many designs and different fragrances so that it can be optimally adapted to the respective skin type. In our Aftershave comparison we present various products that are welcome companions in men's everyday life. Other products you can use to care for your facial skin include:

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What is an aftershave?

An aftershave is basically nothing more than a care product that regenerates the stressed skin layer after a dry or wet shave. As a rule, it is a cooling and, above all, nourishing product that can be applied to the stressed facial skin in just a few steps. The moisturizing ingredients not only soothe the skin, but also prevent skin irritation.

Shaving creates small cuts on the skin, which can often be very uncomfortable. Depending on the skin type, there may also be severe redness, an uncomfortable itching sensation or an unpleasant burning sensation after shaving. In different Aftershave tests can be read that the care products both close the skin pores and heal the small cuts.

Another advantage of aftershave is that it has a pleasant fragrance. It is often a male fragrance, which is either fresh and sporty or is characterized by a slightly woody and warm fragrance. An aftershave is also a wonderful alternative to a classic perfume.


What is the difference between aftershave and balm and Co.?

There is now an extensive one Aftershave offer, so the selection is not that easy. As a rule, the consistency also plays an important role in the selection, because while many men prefer a cooling gel, others use more milky lotions or thin aftershave. We would like to explain to you what the exact differences between these care products are:

  • Balsam

This is a care product that has a creamy consistency and is often used on sensitive skin. A balm not only provides moisture, it also gently soothes stressed skin. As a rule, there are natural ingredients in a balm, such as chamomile or aloe vera.

  • Gel

The gel is often used when the skin tends to become red or itchy. This is not least due to the fact that a gel has a cooling and, above all, calming effect on the skin. It is completely free of grease and is ideal for use on oily skin, where pimples or with an eater are common.

  • lotion

A lotion is often used when the skin needs to be moisturized without causing unpleasant irritation. As a rule, it is a milky consistency, but it can be distributed very well on the skin. It is important that the lotion contains no alcohol so that the skin does not dry out.

  • aftershave

If we look at the Aftershave experiences a look from customers shows that the aftershave is clearly one of the most common care products. The aftershave is usually clear and liquid, is easy to apply and is ideal for problem-free skin. Due to the high alcohol content, the skin is also disinfected, but this can also lead to unsightly skin irritation even with sensitive skin.

Which aftershave is suitable for which skin type?

As in different Aftershave tests can be read, there are not only different skin types, but also various skin reactions to an aftershave. A normal complexion can usually be recognized by the fact that neither skin irritation nor reddening of the skin occurs. What it is about Buy aftershave ultimately arrives and for which skin type which care product is suitable, we would like to introduce you below:

  • Normal skin

Normal skin usually has an even complexion. It is not absolutely necessary to use an aftershave with many care substances. Usually a simple lotion or an aftershave with only a low alcohol content is sufficient.

  • Oily skin

With oily skin, it usually looks a little different. Often there are enlarged pores and blemishes that make the face shine. An aftershave is best suited here, which not only provides moisture, but also disinfects the skin. Thus, the skin does not dry out and the fat production of the sebaceous glands does not continue to increase.

  • Dry skin

Dry skin is usually shown by the fact that fine skin tears occur during daily shaving. Ultimately, this means that too little sebum is produced by the glands. According to various Aftershave tests We recommend a lotion or gel that contains moisturizing ingredients. An alcoholic aftershave should not be used in this case, since both mixed and oily skin areas can be found in combination skin.

  • Sensitive skin

Men who have sensitive skin often suffer from skin irritation and irritation. In order to avoid this, a skin care product is suitable for this skin type, which has a low alcohol content and does not contain any artificial additives. Ingredients such as allantoin or aloe vera, which protect the skin and care for it at the same time, are recommended.

Aftershave bestseller on Amazon:

saleBestseller no. 1
Davidoff COOL WATER homme / man, Aftershave, 1er Pack (1 x 125 ml)
  • 125 ml After Shave Lotion (ASL)
  • Aromas: Aromatic, Fresh
  • An interesting and attractive fragrance by Davidoff
saleBestseller no. 2
NIVEA MEN Sensitive Cool After Shave Balm in a pack of 1 (1 x 100 ml), soothing after shave, skin care after shaving with chamomile and algae extracts
  • Soothes & refreshes - With the gentle formula without alcohol * (* ethyl alcohol) the after shave balm soothes the skin and nourishes with ...
  • Reduces skin irritation - The 5 signs of skin irritation are alleviated by the aftershave: burning, redness, dryness, ...
  • Moisturizes - The soothing and cooling after-shave lotion provides long-lasting moisture and thus ensures ...
  • For facial care - the aftershave nourishes and regenerates the skin and the tolerance is good for men with sensitive ...
  • Practical package - NIVEA MEN Sensitive Cool After Shave Balm in 1er Pack, 1 x 100 ml bottle, article number 88544
saleBestseller no. 3
Proraso Professional After Shave Lotion Refresh, 400 ml
  • The liquid after shave lotion refresh from Proraso perfects every shave and refreshes the skin of the man with the typical fragrance ...
  • Contains other nourishing ingredients - such as witch hazel and camphor, which provide the men's skin with moisture after shaving
  • At the same time they have a tonifying, anti-inflammatory and irritating effect
  • This can easily prevent skin redness and irritation
  • The Proraso product is offered in PROFESSIONAL size as a 400 ml bottle, atomizers sold separately

What should be considered when buying aftershave?

In our Aftershave comparison you’ve already received a lot of information about this best aftershave to find for yourself. In addition, we would like to give you some purchase criteria below, Buy aftershave should make easier:

  • The right care product

There are numerous post-shave care products that provide the skin with natural ingredients. However, it is important that the care product is tailored to your own skin type in order to avoid unnecessary skin irritation and irritation. A distinction is made between a classic aftershave, a lotion or a gel.

  • The skin type

Since an aftershave is usually provided with alcohol, the should Buy aftershave attention is paid to the skin type for which the care product is to be used. While dry skin needs an aftershave that moisturizes, dry skin needs an aftershave that completely dispenses with artificial fragrances and a high alcohol content.

  • The smell

The scent of an aftershave is certainly an important purchase criterion, because after all, the care product should not only care for the skin, but it should also smell pleasant. This fragrance should in any case fit your own personality, because afterwards it is decided whether it should be a heavy and bitter fragrance or a sporty fresh fragrance.

Aftershave advantages / disadvantages


different fragrances

different dosage forms

suitable for every skin type

easy to apply

cools and refreshes the skin


Match the product to the respective skin type.

The current aftershave comparison of

As soon as the first stubble of beard appears on a teenager's face, the time for daily shaving begins. What is still exciting and interesting at the beginning will often prove to be a very annoying but necessary matter in the future. After shaving, the skin is heavily stressed, so a care product is necessary to soothe it and provide it with nourishing ingredients. In our Aftershave comparison let's put it ours Aftershave bestseller that provide the skin with everything it needs.

The Davidoff Cool Water Aftershave is not only characterized by an elegant bottle, but also by a fresh and aromatic fragrance. It is a very attractive fragrance that stays on the skin all day and leaves a pleasant feeling. While lavender and peppermint meet in the top note, sandalwood, geranium and oak moss harmonize perfectly in the middle note. The base note concludes with sensual musk and amber tones.

This is in contrast Pjur aftershave care spray, which is suitable for both women and men. The nourishing aloe vera ensures that no pimples or razor burns occur after a shave in the genital area. The skin is soothed and at the same time sufficiently moisturized.

Is there an aftershave test from Stiftung Warentest?

An aftershave is an important part of men's cosmetics. Nevertheless, Stiftung Warentest does not yet have one Aftershave test carried out. However, on September 27.09.2001th, XNUMX a message was issued, which concerns a Aftershave price comparison goes and products have been compared in price.


Aftershave purchase: specialist trade vs. Internet

Daily shaving is a ritual that has existed for many 100 years. If the men would skip this ritual, they would wear beards, but this does not suit everyone. For this reason, there are also numerous after-shave care products to soothe and reconcile the skin with moisture. As a rule, these care products can be found in every drugstore as well as in large supermarkets and discounters. However, there is often only a small one here Aftershave offer available so that the selection is somewhat limited. The advantage, however, is that the product can be taken away and used immediately.

Who is a big one Aftershave offer wishes to use the various online shops on the Internet today. Not only can the individual ingredients be compared here, but it can also be an interesting one Aftershave price comparison be done to a cheap aftershave to find for yourself. Many manufacturers also make attractive offers online, so that a comparison can be worthwhile in any case. The following manufacturers are represented online with their products:

Questions and answers (FAQ) about the aftershave

Basically, it is important that an aftershave is applied after every shave. The heavily stressed skin needs a suitable care product in any case so that it can recover.

Nothing really special, except your own taste. In any case, the scent should match your own style so that there is a certain harmony.

Indeed, alcohol is present in most aftershaves. Alcohol helps disinfect the skin. However, if you have very sensitive skin, you should buy a product that contains little or no alcohol, if possible.

That is very different and depends a bit on the respective product and of course on the ingredients. As a rule, the scent remains throughout the day. At the beginning it is somewhat stronger and it weakens a bit during the day.

No, not at all, it is only important that the ingredients are perfectly matched to your skin type. It does not matter whether it is a no name product or a product from a well-known manufacturer.

No, they are not. However, some manufacturers make sure that animal testing is completely avoided, for example the manufacturer L ?? Oreal.

Depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers often offer different products to match the aftershave. An orientation on the manufacturer side often helps here.

An aftershave, of course, but by no means all. It basically depends on the manufacturer and his ideas.

Conclusion on the aftershave

The aftershave is an important tool for a man who shaves every day. Most products have natural ingredients to moisturize the skin and protect it from skin irritation and redness. What is important is Buy aftershave however, always that the respective product is tailored to the skin type so that the skin is supplied with everything it needs to be able to recover.

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As author of this Aftershave comparison I have put together five of the most popular products for you. I have not selected these by accident, but paid particular attention to positive reviews in the customer reviews.

To you that Buy aftershave To facilitate, I summarized you all relevant purchase criteria. You will also find a lot of information in my guide text. He should inspire you to think about that Aftershave offer to make and choose the right product for you.

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