Pensions - The perfect protection in old age

Age is something that can not be deferred. It comes by itself and can not be influenced. In order to be reasonably secure, especially in old age, good retirement provision plays an important role. On retirement check für eine private retirement is the perfect help for this.

Certainly, everyone is entitled to a pension from the statutory pension insurance, but often this pension is not enough to lead a carefree life. In order to ensure a carefree life and no money worries, a corresponding pension plan should be taken at a young age.

Overview of the most important aspects of old-age provision

  • Age can not be postponed. Therefore, it should be ensured at a young age that a relaxed life is possible at retirement age. An additional Private pension insurance, One Riester pension, One Rürup pension or much more, is the optimal solution.
  • The additional old-age provision is made up of different pillars. Each pillar provides a way to provide additional pension provision. Find out in our Retirement provision comparison about the individual possibilities, thus one Pensions payout is guaranteed in old age!
  • Many employers support their employees in saving for old age. This means that a certain part of your own money through a salary conversion in one occupational pension has been saved.

Table of Contents

  1. General information on old-age provision
  2. The inventory
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of old-age provision
  4. Conclusion on pensions

General information on old-age provision

The amount of the statutory pension depends basically on the amount of the deposits made retirement expenses that have been made in the course of life. Unfortunately, normal basic care is often not enough to cover the costs of old age. A private pension is the solution, because it ensures that the retirement age can be fully enjoyed to the fullest. In principle, a distinction is made between four pillars for retirement provision, which make relaxed retirement possible.

Basic pension (statutory old-age provision)
subsidized pension (private pension)
unsubsidised provision (private pension)
other (flexible) investment

The basic old-age provision

In the basic old-age provision are all people, who pursue a normal, socially insured work and every month in the statutory pension insurance numbers. This applies not only to employees, but also to freelancers who pay their own pension insurance in order to be covered in old age. Also tax consultants, lawyers, doctors, architects and many other professional pension funds belong in this area.
The basic pension or Rürup pension is also part of the first pillar. These are, for the most part, well-paid self-employed persons who are between a higher Retirement provision shares Share or a traditional Rürup pension insurance.

The subsidized pension

The subsidized old-age provision includes all contracts such as unit-linked pension insurance, Riester pensions and fund savings plans. In these models, the state pays a certain allowance, whereby the contributions paid by the own payment are tax deductible. The funded retirement plans are considered as private provisions and must be completed in addition to the statutory pension insurance.

The unsubsidized pension

The unsubsidized retirement provisions get no funding from the state. This pillar includes pension insurance, unit-linked private life insurance and classic life insurance. As a pension, only the amount paid in and, in some cases, a certain interest amount will be paid from the retirement age. The unsubsidized pension is a private pension, which must be completed separately.

Other (flexible) investment

This is an alternative to the first three pillars. In this variant, for example, through stock exchange-traded equity index funds, an old-age savings fund can be set up. Already installments in the amount of 50 or 100 Euro monthly are sufficient to get a suitable protection at retirement age. Anyone who faces a negative monthly payment can easily invest a higher amount in equity funds and thus a fixed amount for the future private pension deposit. The decisive factor is a certain long-term investment and the choice of many different stocks, for example from different countries or different currencies. Fluctuations are compensated and the annual return increased positively.

real estate investments

Like equity funds, real estate is also a popular investment source, for example in the form of a Retirement condominium, Although it is rarely mentioned in terms of pensions, it is still profitable, especially as housing is always needed. However, prices in the real estate sector, especially in conurbations and cities, have risen quite a bit in recent years, so that even low financing costs can not always compensate. Those who use the purchased property themselves not only derive tax advantages in the form of a saved rent, but above all they save by a tax-free increase in value.


The inventory

So that the amount of the monthly pension becomes clear, an inventory should be made. The inventory is actually quite simple. Once a year, every citizen receives a letter from the pension insurance, indicating the expected pension amount. Take a close look at this pension information and think about whether an increase or an additional private retirement necessary is.

The statutory pension insurance

In the statutory pension insurance usually pay all people who are in an employee relationship. You are thus compulsorily insured, because a certain part of your salary or salary is automatically paid to the state pension fund. Here, the money is saved in order to pay it off monthly at retirement age. Professions such as driving instructors, fitness trainers, craftsmen, midwives and physiotherapists also pay into the statutory pension insurance and are thus subject to the same conditions.

Vocational pension plans

Freelancers who do not have a permanent employer pay into the occupational pension plans. You are compulsorily insured there. Freelancers include doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, authors and many other professions. At the occupational pension scheme, every freelancer and self-employed person ensures that he pays for his or her own pension in order to obtain sufficient old-age pension security.

Advantages and disadvantages of old-age provision


ideal protection at retirement age

various possibilities

small contributions possible

One-time payments allowed

high tax benefits possible

monthly pension until the end of life


if applicable, no free contribution exemption

Conclusion on pensions

Basically, most people work their entire lives and are looking forward to enjoying the peace and quiet of retirement. But not always sufficient financial security from the statutory pension insurance, so that even in early years, a corresponding protection should be taken.

With the help of private pensions, even in old age, all wishes can be fulfilled and, above all, enjoy a carefree life. Use retirement allowances of companies and run one Retirement provision comparison to find the right retirement plan for you.

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