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Pet owners liability

For a responsible animal keeper, the appropriate protection is a must and more than recommended. In everyday life with dogs, cats, horses and co something can happen at any time, for example, when walking with the dog. In the animal owners liability comparison of We inform you about the topic and give our readers important tips before you take out animal liability insurance online.

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The best Pet owners liability compared

Pet owners liability

To the animal owners liability comparison:

At a glance

  • With the special protection livestock owners receive very good protection in case of an insured event, whereby the monthly contributions of animal liability are favorable. Already for under 5 Euro per month you can optimally secure your assets and you do not have to be private.
  • As for the personal Liability insurance The contracts differ in terms of the sum insured, as well as a possible deductible and additional benefits. With a livestock liability comparison you will soon find a suitable offer.
  • Basically, this voluntary hedge is recommended to all pet owners, as theoretically any animal can cause harm.

Table of Contents

  1. Livestock liability experience in the event of damage
  2. Is there a reliable pet owner liability test?
  3. Cheap pet owner liability for dogs and cats
  4. Worth knowing in the animal owners liability comparison

Livestock liability experience in the event of damage

When does the pet owner liability pay, many ask themselves. Passing can be a lot, no matter if you own a dog, a horse or other animals. When riding with the actually quiet horse it is frightened and comes out. It is a car demolished or even a passer-by injured. And now? Ideally, you should have a pet liability insurance, so you do not come with your private assets in liability.

A powerful animal liability is to help you in case of a claim, so that an unfortunate incident does not cost you its existence. According to the Civil Code, BGB for short, people have to be in charge if they inflict harm on others. In the worst case, you have to compensate for a lifetime a misfortune and, for example, for treatment costs, etc. pay. Typical case studies are:

  • They go for a walk with their dog. A cyclist drives by and for whatever reason your pet responds by starting the biker. This one crashes and hurts sustainably on the leg, perhaps even retains damage for eternity. According to the contract, your animal liability covers a maximum of 20 million euros. That should be enough for this case.
  • They ride with the beloved horse. A curious child comes by and strokes the horse without asking. Your horse may be frightened and snap. The child is injured by hand and needs appropriate care. Maybe a scar will stay behind, who knows. Thanks to your animal liability, of course, the treatment costs are taken and also for a possible compensation money comes up.

No matter what animal you own. If you take animal owner liability, you can live relaxed with the animal and move between other people. Of course, one hopes that the insurance never has to occur. For example, we know that from the Accident insurance, which is relevant only in case of damage.

Is there a reliable pet owner liability test?

The experts of the Stiftung Warentest have recently made 2016 an animal owner liability test in the issue 03, which offers a very good orientation.

Whole 116 tariffs were put through their paces and compared. Fortunately, the investigation of animal stock liability Stiftung Warentest revealed that there are already good policies under 60 Euro per year. The experts advise every pet owner, necessarily, to take out such a pension insurance, even if there is still no legal compulsion in personal cases. The private liability or accident insurance does not cover damage due to animal danger, unless it is an incident caused by a hamster. Such small animals are usually considered in private liability.

Incidentally, there are special horse liability obligations for horse owners, because there is a very different risk here. Here, too, 90 deals were considered in more detail, and also cheap deals could convince.

Cheap pet owner liability for dogs and cats

How cheap the contributions for this preventive protection turn out, decide the actual livestock liability services according to your contract. Accordingly, a pet owner liability performance comparison is indispensable, which is why we are happy to help you with the insurance calculator.

As with all insurance contracts, in addition to the price you must pay particular attention to the contents, for example the maximum sum insured in the event of damage.

  • What is the liability for financial losses?
  • What is the liability for damage to property?
  • What is the liability for personal injury?

First and foremost, the contracts differ in terms of maximum coverage in the above areas. A very cheap pet owner liability probably covers a few million less than a slightly more expensive one. At least 3 millions cover most, up to 20 millions and more. At first glance, these are unreal sums of money that can hardly be used. A really bad damage to a person, however, can be very expensive in the long run. Here, 3 millions might be used up quickly.

practical example

Her dog pushes an 25-year-old cyclist off the bike and the disaster takes its terrible course. The injury is so difficult that a permanent incapacity for work arises. Now incredible amounts of money add up:

damages600000 euros
Outpatient and inpatient treatments1,5 million euros
Compensation of loss of earnings1 million euros

Here can come together a lot more, which is why you should carefully watch the animal owners liability coverage sum. What if your horse causes a mass crash on the highway? Then the whole thing is calculated for maybe 8 participants and more!

If you want to save on the contributions of animal husbandry liability, it is advisable to agree on a deductible. In case of damage, you then pay the agreed amount, for example 500 Euro itself. This could be more than sufficient for a small damage such as a torn pants, so the insurance does not even have to occur. You are particularly low in the contributions.

Worth knowing in the animal owners liability comparison

If you are looking for such an insurance for the first time, there are still many questions to be asked about the protection, the contribution calculation and what you have to take into account in the case of animal husbandry liability.

Is a pet ownership liability tax deductible?

Is animal husbandry liability required by law?

Can I cancel the pet owner liability at the death of my pet?

Can I change existing animal husbandry liability or is there problems?

Can I insure 2 dogs with pet owner liability?

Does my animal husbandry liability help with rented damages?

So far, the conclusion of liability insurance for animals is still voluntary, with some countries having already created a liability. Thus, for example, must holders from Hamburg mandatory to conclude a pet owner liability and show in case of a case. Of course you can cancel the animal husbandry liability insurance as soon as the animal dies.

Many people do not own just one dog, but several. You can get an offer for all animals at your favorite insurance and may even get a special offer. Basically, all animals are picked up individually and entered in the insurance policy. Of course you can not only pay 2,55 Euro contribution per month for a dog and think that all 4 are secured. Unfortunately that's not the case. Be sure to include any animals that could cause harm. Whether you use the Mecklenburg animal husbandry liability or the animal husbandry liability Arag, Allianz and Co remains your decision.

As with all insurance contracts, you are completely free to cancel or change an existing owner liability. You will communicate this in writing to your current insurance company and, if necessary, hold notice periods. Then you can switch directly to the new institute and benefit there from a more favorable contractual relationship. By the way, liability insurance companies can generally reduce tax duties, taking into account your individual scenario.

Especially cats and dogs are known to cause property damage in the wild years. Scratched doors, windows or damaged carpets are not rare, but very annoying. If you live in rent, you have to secure yourself here. A new door with Zage or new windows are very expensive and are taken over thanks to animal liability. So, ideally, you do not have to pay anything because you've made a few monthly payments with you. Although the animal liability insurance in your state is not yet an obligation, we recommend this inexpensive and useful protection. This puts you on the safe side and can possibly also cope with damage.

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