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Aromatherapy uses the power of natural fragrances to increase well-being and possibly to relieve certain complaints. A bouquet of a selected fragrance, for example lavender, can reach the senses very deeply and trigger positive feelings or memories. in the Aroma oil comparison of we explain interesting facts about aromas and their mode of action.

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Aroma Oil O'linear Essential Oils Set (8x10ml)

  • Aromatherapy set with 100% pure essential oils
  • long-lasting, natural fragrance
  • numerous areas of application


Aroma oil ESSLUX therapy essential oils gift set

  • carefully selected ingredients from around the world
  • extensive set for use on body and mind
  • attractive design
  • 100% pure

Price-performance winner


Aroma oil Janolia essential oils as a gift set

  • Set with ready-mixed fragrance oils for numerous areas of application
  • perfect mix for every need
  • Multifunctional application


Aroma oil PRIMAVERA essential oils set - citrus happiness

  • popular fragrance selection
  • Good mood mix
  • with freshness guarantee thanks to 100% UV-protected packaging
  • suitable for pure use on the skin
  • highest possible quality through careful selection


Aroma oil ISUDA essential oils set fragrance oil diffuser

  • Super cheap
  • 20 oils included
  • large selection
  • 100% natural oils
  • ideal for dilution with other carrier oils for use in massage etc.
  • robust packaging

Name Aroma Oil O'linear Essential Oils Set (8x10ml) Aroma oil ESSLUX therapy essential oils gift set Aroma oil Janolia essential oils as a gift set Aroma oil PRIMAVERA essential oils set - citrus happiness Aroma oil ISUDA essential oils set fragrance oil diffuser
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentAroma oil

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodAroma oil

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,7goodAroma oil

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodAroma oil

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodAroma oil

Manufacturer/Model O'linear Esslux Janolia Spring Isuda
What's in the box 8 x 10ml 6 x 10ml 6 x 10ml 3 x 5ml 20 x 5ml
Fragrance range Lavender | Lemon | Tea tree | Peppermint | Orange | Rosemary | Eucalyptus | Anxiety-relief blend White tea Cherry blossom | Ylang-Ylang | Rose | Gardenia | jasmine REFRESH: eucalyptus, camphor, mint | IMMUNITY: Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Wormwood | BREATH: tea tree, eucalyptus, bergamot, mint | HAPPY: sweet orange, jasmine | RELIEF: sweet orange, lavender. Mint, rose | SLEEP: lavender, sweet orange Lemon oil | Orange Oil Grapefruit oil Lavender oil | Eucalyptus oil | Tea Tree Oil | Peppermint Oil | Sweet orange oil | Lemongrass oil | Cedar Oil | Clary Sage Oil | Citrus Aurantiifolia Oil Cypress oil | Bergamot Oil | Cinnamon oil | Frankincense oil | Lemon oil | Grapefruit | Clove oil | Jasmine | Chamomile oil | Rosemary oil | Ylang-ylang oil
Diffuser oils Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Suitable for direct body applications Ja Ja No (only diluted) Ja Ja
Areas of application Muscle pain | Coping with stress | Mood regulation | Nausea | fresh scent of textiles (diluted) Depression | Stress | for relaxation | Air Refreshment Immune Boost for a clearer complexion as a DIY mixture in soaps, candles and shampoos | Relaxation in the office or at home Air freshener | for a fresh smell of textiles and clothing Room fragrance | Aromatherapy | Bath additive | Massage oil | coping with stress Massage oil for tension, muscle pain or problems falling asleep as a DYI mixture in soaps, candles, shampoos | Mood regulation
Vegan Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Gift Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
without additives Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Features The O'linear fragrance oil set comes in four different packaging designs. Suitable for further processing in candles, shampoos and massage oils. A comprehensive set with different areas of application at a fair price. Suitable for selective application on the skin. Contains four fragrance series: Glacier, Orchard, Fjord and Hillside | Impresses with a large variety of fragrances with detailed application areas in the box
  • Aromatherapy set with 100% pure essential oils
  • long-lasting, natural fragrance
  • numerous areas of application
  • carefully selected ingredients from around the world
  • extensive set for use on body and mind
  • attractive design
  • 100% pure
  • Set with ready-mixed fragrance oils for numerous areas of application
  • perfect mix for every need
  • Multifunctional application
  • popular fragrance selection
  • Good mood mix
  • with freshness guarantee thanks to 100% UV-protected packaging
  • suitable for pure use on the skin
  • highest possible quality through careful selection
  • Super cheap
  • 20 oils included
  • large selection
  • 100% natural oils
  • ideal for dilution with other carrier oils for use in massage etc.
  • robust packaging
Summary Satisfied customers liked the intense smell with low dosage. The mixture of Anxiety Relief performed best in the customer rating. The mixture of light (cherry blossom, gardenia, white tea) and heavy scents (jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang) is very popular with customers. There is something for every taste. The finished mixed fragrance oils satisfied the customers with their pleasant components. The attractive packaging and fast delivery are also particularly emphasized. The delicate, pleasant smells that are effective even in low doses are emphasized. The stylish envelope box is ideal as a gift set. The large selection impresses with its fair price. Customers also liked the flyer with the various areas of application of the oils.
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Our comparison chart for Aroma oil comparison does not replace one Aroma oil testin which a special Aroma oil test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external aroma oil test from trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Aroma oil test winner is.

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Aroma oil

Aromatic oil at a glance

  • The basics of aromatherapy have been known for thousands of years and have been used by the ancient Egyptians. Back then, especially for embalming the dead, for example with myrrh, clove or cinnamon. They also used fragrance oils during their lifetime, for spiritual, cosmetic and medical purposes. Men as well as women.
  • There are well over 300 different fragrance oils. An essential oil is formed in the oil glands of a plant and stored in the body of the plant. It can be found in flowers, leaves, bark, wood, roots, fruit peel or even in the seed, depending on the situation.
  • Essential oils are mainly extracted using steam distillation. Cold pressing is used for citrus oils. Bowls are pressed out and the valuable oil is separated by centrifugation.

Comparison of fragrance oil - how do I find the perfect fragrance?

Skin contact or inhalation through the nose and mouth bring smells into our body and trigger a reaction if necessary. A scent influences our feelings, our vegetative nervous system, our hormone secretion and ultimately our immune system.

For this reason, so-called aromatherapy is an effective remedy for signs of illness or malaise. We associate certain experiences, conditions or effects with many fragrance notes. If you perceive menthol, for example, you may be thinking directly about breathing relief, colds, or the like. With lavender oil rather to your bed, your grandmother or maybe to the past vacation in French Provence.

In herbal medicine, phytotherapy, are Fragrance oils indispensable. Since they are considered to be very irritating to the skin, they must be diluted. Massage oils therefore consist of a carrier vegetable oil, as well as the desired one Fragrance oil is added. There are many ways in which you can use such essences, as we will show below.

Top product: aromatic oil at Amazon

Essential oils set (8x10ml) - essential oil for aromatherapy - fragrance oil for diffusers - 100% pure oils - lavender, peppermint, rosemary, orange, tea tree, ...
  • NATURALLY PURE AROMA - While some other essential oils for diffusers have a horribly strong chemical scent ...
  • 100% PURE AND ORGANIC - Our high quality essential fragrance oils are a pure natural formula that has been blended to ...
  • HIGH QUALITY GIFT SET - Breathe your way to rest with pure essential fragrance oil set - The package contains 7 high quality ...
  • 100% SATISFACTION - We take care of your satisfaction - If you don't like O'linear pure essential oils we will refund ...
  • ESSENTIAL OILS - Our set of aromatic essential oils is specially made for you

Fragrance oil in the test - which fragrance suits you?

  • Base note

As the last of all fragrance notes, the base note passes in the wind. As a rule, it is particularly intense and the cornerstone of the fragrance. Cedarwood, myrrh and vanilla are among them.

  • heart notes

The heart note of a fragrance is called a bouquet. This is the part of the smell that lasts for a very long time. However, this only unfolds later, after the top note, remains there for many hours. Heart notes aroma oils include cinnamon, geranium and linden flowers.

  • top note

It decides whether we like a fragrance or not. The top note immediately rises in the nose and is considered long-lasting. Spearmint, lavender and grapefruit are well-known top note oils.

Aroma oil Note:

If you put together an essential oil set, you will benefit from it throughout the household. With a few drops of lavender oil in the cleaning water, spiders and moths are guaranteed to stay away. Lemongrass, clove and also basil drive unwanted wasps off the table. Or simply put the best aromatic oil, e.g. peppermint, on a cloth (about 5 to 7 drops) and put in the washing machine. You can save yourself the money for laundry perfume. By the way, you can also pour two of the valuable drops, for example lemon, into the iron. Then your underwear smells particularly good.

Aroma oil

Essential oils set - smells and their effects

  • orange oil

Orange fruits are particularly fragrant. As with all citrus fruits, the scent is mainly in the skin. As soon as the smell gets into the nose, a certain amount of relaxation begins and the corners of the mouth lift. The positive effect of Aromatic oil of orange especially helps in the cold winter months when we long for the sun. This Fragrance oil is cheapbecause it is available in large quantities. An inexpensive way to relax. Orange oil from bitter oranges is a little more expensive. One liter of sweet orange fragrance oil takes 300 kg of peels. It mostly imported from sunny regions like Florida or Spain. Pure orange oil is yellow-reddish in color, has a mood-enhancing effect and may also solve fears.

  • lavender

The breathtaking scent of lavender is considered a remedy for people with sleep disorders. It is one of the best known essential oils, has already been found in the tomb of King Tutenchamun and should really not be missing in any household. Oil made from the flowers of the plant is one of the highest quality varieties of lavender oil. The harvest time of the lavender flowers is also a quality feature. Shortly before noon, before the flowers bloom, the amount of aroma in the oil is highest. Lavender is said to contain up to 2000 different active ingredients. Hundreds of them are of interest to our health. Including linalool, colorless with a floral fragrance bouquet, responsible for the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. Applied externally, the oil is said to help against impure skin, calm the mind or relieve cramps.

  • Ylang ylang

The aphrodisiac effect of Buy ylang ylang aroma oil You, because the flowering of the Cananga Odorata tree is famous for it. In the perfume industry, the fragrance is one of the celebrities. Known for the perfume Chanel No 5. Obtained with the help of steam distillation, you get the pure fragrance oil in different qualities. The so-called best - ES quality - you get when your Ylang Ylang aroma oil distilled in the first 15 minutes. The oriental fragrance is not only valued in erotic. The Ylang ylang oil has an overall balancing, hypotensive and spasmolytic effect.

  • Jasmine

This is one of the most valuable aromas with a seductive fragrance bouquet for the nose. Jasmine oil has always been associated with eroticism, but also spreads good mood and confidence. Obtaining the pure jasmine oil is very complex, which may justify the price. The delicate flowers are picked by hand, ideally before sunrise. The special, sought-after fragrance is extracted chemically, not using the usual steam method. For a liter of pure essential oil you need 1000 kg of flowers. The expensive oil is said to work against skin aging, strengthen hair and even prevent impotence. Don't fall for cheap Yasmin fragrance oil pure, often it's very diluted fakes.

Aroma oils from ISUDA

Aroma oil

Buying essential oils as a set - what should I watch out for?

  • Application:

Fragrance oils can be used internally and externally. You can basically massage, smell or inhale such oils. Some, such as tea tree oil, are also ideal for use in the mouth and throat, of course somewhat diluted. You should always be careful with the Aromatic oils deal as they can be very irritating when undiluted.

  • Natural purity

There are different names such as natural, natural, nature-identical and artificial, in connection with aromatic oils. If you are a natural Order aromatic oil, you get a product without chemical additives. Nevertheless, the aroma oil can consist of several "pure" components. Nature-identical oils are mixtures. They are synthetically modeled on the model of natural aromatic oils and therefore smell similar to the original. Artificial oils, as the name suggests, do not originate from nature and have nothing to do with it. They are designed by designers. On the other hand, shop "Natural" aromatic oil, you will receive an oil that comes directly from the plant. The purest form in Fragrance oil price comparison.

  • Quantity & Price

Since the purest form of an aromatic oil is usually very expensive, even very small bottles with only 10 ml are sold. Sandalwood aroma oil For example, it costs 700 euros per 100 ml. If you have one Order fragrance oil you also receive small containers. For aromatherapy, for example massages, 4 drops of sandalwood on 50 ml of almond oil are sufficient. Use it sparingly, not much helps.

What does Stiftung Warentest say about aromatic oil?

In 2013, the experts sent a message to fragrance oils and scented candles because they are extremely popular with consumers. However, there are many aromatic oils unsafe for allergy sufferers and should only be used in moderation. As soon as paraffin-containing candles or oils burn, pollutants are created by soot particles and the like. In particular, asthmatics have to beware of fragrance clouds and be careful when using them. Less is more, says Stiftung Warentest on fragrance oil!

Aroma oil advantages / disadvantages


There is a suitable fragrance for every nose

Different flavors with individual effects

Well-being through favorite fragrances

Link memories to me

Use by scented lamp, sauna infusion, massage oil (...)

In the aroma oil set ideal for getting to know each other


Some oils like sandalwood and jasmine are expensive

High allergy potential of some flavors (lime ...)

Aroma oil bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
Essential oils set, Aiemok 6 x 10ml aromatherapy fragrance oil set, 100% organic natural aroma oil for, 6 different aromas - lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, ...
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Essential oils set, Aiemok 6 x 10ml aromatherapy fragrance oil set, 100% organic natural aroma oil for, 6 different aromas - lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, ...
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Air Wick Aroma Oil Bottle - Fragrance Oil Refill for the Air Wick Diffuser - Fragrance: Summer Pleasure - 1 x 20 ml essential oil
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  • Life Scents - the trinity of scents: fresh white flowers, fruity melon and sweet vanilla scent bring memories ...
  • Screw on the aroma diffuser fragrance oil, simply insert it into the diffuser and achieve the ideal intensity in time intervals and ...
  • A bottle lasts up to 45 days - the fragrance is emitted 8 hours in the diffuser, then the stand-by mode is activated for 16 hours until ...
  • Scope of delivery: 1x Air Wick aroma oil bottle for the Air Wick diffuser / 20ml fragrance mixture essential oils / fragrance: summer fun
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Aromatherapy essential oils gift set, ESSLUX essential oils for diffusers, 100% pure fragrance oils of the highest quality, massage oils gift set, perfume oil ...
  • PURE & SAFE: ESSLUX essential oils are made from natural ingredients. We work with companies all over the world ...
  • NATURAL HEALING AGENTS: This aromatic oil set consists of 6 popular essential oils. These versatile natural remedies ...
  • MULTIPLE USE: We recommend using these oils with ESSLUX diffuser for aromatherapy and room fragrance. You can also ...
  • IDEAL GIFT: When you give this essential oil to a family or friend for a birthday or Christmas, press ...
  • SERVICE: Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have problems with essential oils, contact us and ...

Aroma oil FAQs

In fact, the valuable pure yasmine oil is analgesic by relieving pain. It can relieve abdominal cramps and was already used in the middle ages to treat women.

Aroma oils do not replace the doctor, but yasmin, orange oil can also be used as a supplement.

An oil without its own smell should be used, almond oil at best.

Fatty oils, such as linseed oil, can lose their shelf life. They become rancid and inedible. Aroma oil cannot go away!

The fragrance oil market is enjoying stable demand, with most products coming from China (??). Only domestic plants such as lemon balm or chamomile are processed in this country.

There are many fragrance notes, e.g. Ylang Ylang, which are used specifically for stress and tension. We recommend an individual solution. Which fragrance do you enjoy? Do the corners of your mouth lift with the scent of an orange? Then you should opt for it intuitively.

You usually treat yourself to a burning scented lamp when you want to relax. Then we recommend a mixture of lavender, orange and basil. Two drops are sufficient.

In any case, fragrance oil is also suitable in the tub by adding it shortly before the start of the bath. The water should be hot! Mix some almond milk (or cream) a few drops of oil and add it. Cinnamon oil has a stimulating and blood circulation boost!

Conclusion on aroma oil

Aromatic oils are indispensable in naturopathy. Aromatherapy is a useful tool in everyday life, but also in elderly and nursing care, to alleviate problems. The oils can be used inside and outside. However, pay attention to purity, the associated quality and application instructions from the manufacturer. If you are for one Essential oil in a set have decided, you can choose between different stimulants every day and have a helper at home for every situation. We recommend the personal one Aroma oil test on site to do that best fragrance oil to find.

Other recommended aromatic oils selected for you

4.9/ 5 off 42 Reviews]


Aroma oil test & comparison guide

Our tips and advice from our Test & Comparison help you the best Aroma oil to buy

I am Konstanze. As a mother of two small children, I look after a balanced diet, buy often in organic store and use only natural care products. I consistently separate my garbage and pay attention to their sustainability when buying things.

As author of this Aromatic oil comparison I have put together five of the most popular products for you. I have not selected these by accident, but paid particular attention to positive reviews in the customer reviews.

To you that Buy aromatic oil To facilitate, I summarized you all relevant purchase criteria. You will also find a lot of information in my guide text. He should inspire you to think about that Aroma oil offer to make and choose the right product for you.

I also consulted the contributions of Stiftung Warentest. Does it have one there Aroma oil test winner given, you will find a reference in my article. It's rewarding to read, because only then you can be sure that you find your personal favorite.

Have you already? Aroma oil experience collected, it would be nice if you tell me. This portal is always open to you for suggestions. I appreciate your feedback!

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