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What is the right blanket for the beach?

People used to go to the beach with a rolled-up household blanket under one arm. Not only was it bulky and heavy, you also brought a lot of sand home with you. Today there are special cheap beach blanketsthat are not only light and have a small pack size, but also have many other positive properties.

Before we give you the characteristics of the diverse Beach blanket offer we would like to bring closer to the five Bestseller beach blanket refer to our overview, which we selected for you for comparison based on the good sales figures.

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Kahuna beach blanket made of parachute silk

  • thin
  • ultra-light
  • extremely quick drying
  • small pack size
  • to attach very well


Beach blanket EKKONG waterproof 213 × 275 cm

  • very large
  • ultra-light
  • compact


Homfa beach blanket with handle 200x200cm

  • 3 layers with heat insulating bottom and padding
  • soft
  • breathable


Beach blanket Ponsey picnic blanket 200 x 200 cm

  • small
  • slightly
  • handy


Beach blanket OUSPT waterproof blanket

  • fast drying
  • tearproof
  • wear-resistant / light

Name Kahuna beach blanket made of parachute silk Beach blanket EKKONG waterproof 213 × 275 cm Homfa beach blanket with handle 200x200cm Beach blanket Ponsey picnic blanket 200 x 200 cm Beach blanket OUSPT waterproof blanket
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentBeach blanket

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodBeach blanket

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodBeach blanket

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodBeach blanket

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodBeach blanket

Manufacturer/Model Kahuna Ekkong Homfa Ponsey Ouspt
Material Parachute nylon Parachute material made of nylon Polyacrylonitride, aluminum coated Ripstop parachute material made of nylon Polyester
Size loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) 250 x 200 mm
Farben 4 2 1 2 3
enough for 4 people 6 to 8 persons 4 to 6 persons 4 to 6 persons 4 to 6 persons
Attachment 12 tabs, 12 sand pockets, pegs 4 tabs, 6 sand pockets, pegs without 4 tabs, 4 sand pockets, pegs 4 tabs, 4 sand pockets, pegs
closable storage bag ja ja no no no
pack size 15 x ø 20 cm 15 x ø 20 cm 38 x 25 x 12 cm 18 x ø 15 cm 15 x ø 10 cm
moisture protection waterproof waterproof waterproof waterproof waterproof
sand free ja ja ja ja ja
carrying pouch ja ja no ja ja
Washable machine wash machine wash only wipeable Handwash kA
Features very easy to attach to the floor bright colors with thermal insulation 2 years warranty also available in 210 x 200 mm
  • thin
  • ultra-light
  • extremely quick drying
  • small pack size
  • to attach very well
  • very large
  • ultra-light
  • compact
  • 3 layers with heat insulating bottom and padding
  • soft
  • breathable
  • small
  • slightly
  • handy
  • fast drying
  • tearproof
  • wear-resistant / light
Summary Parachute silk beach blanket, extremely tear-resistant and resilient Large beach blanket for the whole family Beach and picnic blanket with insulating properties Beach mat with 30 days money back guarantee Sand-free blanket in two different sizes
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Beach blanket

Beach blanket at a glance

  • Good beach covers are specially designed for beach visits. The fabric used for this, mostly polyester, does not accept sand, so you only have to shake off the blanket when you repack it.
  • The best beach blankets have a number of small pockets filled with sand that protect the ceiling from being blown away by wind gusts. In addition, most of the very light beach mats have sewn-on loops that can be secured with pegs, similar to a tent.
  • Beach blankets are available in a very light version that weighs little and can be folded into a small pack size, as well as with upholstery and aluminum foil isolated beach blanketwhich is a bit thicker and can be folded into a handy package.

Beach mats - not just for the beach

A good beach mat can also be used for other occasions. On it you can picnic, enjoy the concert outdoors, sit on it while fishing or as Blanket Camping and use it for any other outdoor activity. Due to the small pack size, it can be easily attached to the backpack attach or in Bicycle basket accommodate. Beach blankets are very light, so that they hardly play a role in terms of weight. However, since it is not easy to choose the right one with the large selection of beach blankets on the market, we would like to offer you ours Beach blanket comparison by give a few pointers to the most important purchase criteria.

Top product: beach blanket at Amazon

EKKONG Picnic Blanket, Waterproof Beach Blanket 213x275 cm Ultralight & Compact Beach Mat Sand Free Ground Sheet Tarp with 4 Posts and Bag for the Beach, ...
  • 【215 x 275 cm oversize】 A beach / picnic blanket with a size of 215 x 275 cm can comfortably accommodate 6 to 8 ...
  • 【4 tent pegs & 6 corner pockets】 With integrated zip pocket for storing your valuables, cell phone and much more. 4 ...
  • 【Waterproof & Sandproof】 The fabric is made of tearproof 210T polyester fabric. The with puncture resistance, ...
  • 【Foldable and pockets compact】 The beach blanket can be folded into a compact size and can be sewn into a sewn ...
  • 【VERSATILITY】 The beach blanket is ideal for parks, beaches, picnics, camping trips and sports. It can also be in your car ...

What do you need to bring with you a good beach blanket?

Beach blankets have nothing to do with conventional bed or household blankets, because they are in no way suitable for the beach. Due to their properties and some features, they differ enormously from normal ceilings. The manufacturers of the beach mats often advertise with unique selling points, but what makes sense and what doesn't, is not always so easy to see. For this reason, our Beach blanket guide help which of the Beach corner recommendations are the better.

Beach blanket

A beach blanket should have these properties

You can tell what makes a good beach blanket from the following properties. We rely on it Beach covers testimonials from the customer reviews.

  • Size

There are Baby beach blankets to the XXL beach blankets, square, rectangular and round beach blankets. When choosing, you should pay attention to how many people it should offer space. If children are your own small beach blanket get that in addition to that Kinderrucksack fits, the kits are particularly proud.

  • Material

Most beach blankets are made of nylon, which sometimes leads manufacturers to call them parachute silk. They insulate well down and hot sand doesn't bother them. Nylon is extremely tear-resistant and has a long service life. But there are also multi-layer fleece beach blankets that are somewhat padded and have an insulation layer on the underside. It protects against hot sand and also against the cold in the ground.

  • Weight and pack size

The difference to conventional blankets is that it is lighter in weight. Hardly a beach blanket weighs more than 500 grams. Thin nylon beach blankets can be folded up to the smallest dimensions and put in a storage bag. The multi-layer blankets can only be folded into a handy package, which of course requires more space.

  • Protection against moisture

Beach covers must be water-repellent or waterproof so that you don't sit or lie on a wet surface. So you can dry quickly and even a wet meadow doesn't mind the beach blanket.

  • The extras

Sewn-on pockets in which the cell phone or key can be kept are very practical. Small open pockets can be filled with sand, what the Beach cover experiencesuitably makes it heavier and stays in the wind better. Our Beach blanket buy recommendation is, however, necessarily one Beach blanket with loops to acquire. Pegs are inserted into them and so the blanket not only remains firmly anchored to the floor, but is always taut.

Beach blanket Note:

: Beach blankets are particularly suitable for outdoor use. Beach blankets are sand-free because the materials can be easily removed from the sand. It does not stick to the fabric and even the slightest wind can blow it away. Just as little dirt remains. It can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth or brushed off. Most beach blankets are also washable.

Homfa beach blanket

Beach blanket

Our beach blanket buying advice

Before you get one Buy a beach blanket, for the vacation or for the next picnic, you should answer the following questions.

  • What do I need a beach blanket for?

Beach covers can be bought for many events, events or for vacation. Anyone who travels through the country as a backpacker needs a light and minimally packable beach blanket that he simply attaches to his Wander or Trekking backpack appends. The same applies to the one with the Bicycle Cruiser is on the way to the beach. However, if you only want to take a seat at the open-air festival on the river bank or take part in other events, you can confidently buy a beach blanket that is not so small and maybe even isolated.

  • Thick or thin, which is better?

The thicker, the more comfortable the beach blanket feels, but the heavier it is. If you need it for a pure beach vacation with a perfect sandy beach, you will sit softly in the sand anyway and can create your own comfortable seat. You don't need a thick beach blanket for this. However, it looks a little different on natural beaches. There are also many stones in the sand or the sand consists only of porous volcanic lava, as in Tenerife. There, a slightly thicker fleece blanket is the better choice. Fleece blankets also have an insulating layer that shields the heated temperature of the black sand.

  • Which is the right size?

The size of course depends on the people who want to spread out on it. As a guideline, 1/2 square meters is sufficient for sedentary people; if people want to sunbathe, you should calculate at least one square meter per person. Therefore, note how many people the beach blanket is suitable for. However, it is not so bad if the legs protrude from the ceiling.

  • Protection against moisture

Beach covers must be water-repellent or waterproof so that you don't sit or lie on a wet surface. So you can dry quickly and even a wet meadow doesn't mind the beach blanket.

  • Which is better, waterproof or water-repellent?

Again, it depends on where you want to use the beach blanket. When picnicking on a damp meadow in the mountains, it is certainly uncomfortable when the moisture works its way through the ceiling. On the beach, however, it is enough if the beach cover is water-repellent.

Beach blanket Note:

A waterproof beach cover can also be used as rain protection if there is a sudden downpour.

  • What else can you need on the beach?

For the kids are next arm floats or Life jackets, One snorkel mask or a snorkel and a Children swimming goggles appropriate. The parents can in the meantime in the beach shelter relax or relax with Playing cards employ. Some provisions and one Bottle should also always be on board.

Beach blanket bestseller on Amazon:

ProgrammsBestseller no. 1
ISOPHO picnic blanket 200 x 210 cm beach blanket waterproof, beach mat 4 fastening corners beach blanket sand free / picnic for the beach, camping, hiking and ...
156 Reviews
ISOPHO picnic blanket 200 x 210 cm beach blanket waterproof, beach mat 4 fastening corners beach blanket sand free / picnic for the beach, camping, hiking and ...
  • ★ 【Oversize and easy to attach】 Picnic blanket / beach mat measures 200 * 210 cm and is suitable for the whole family ....
  • ★ 【Waterproof and Sandproof】 The 210T High Quality Polyester Beach Blanket is wear-resistant and insulation from moisture and ...
  • ★ 【Foldable and portable】 The picnic mat is folded 12 * 8 * 16 cm small, smaller than a smartphone when it is folded ...
  • ★ 【Multifunctional】 ISOPHO beach blanket can be used as rain protection (waterproof performance more than the general umbrella) and dies ...
  • ★ 【Durable & skin-friendly material】 The beach blanket is made of wrinkle-free 210T polyester, harmless, tasteless, ...
Bestseller no. 2
OUSPT picnic blanket 210 x 200 cm, beach blanket waterproof, sand-repellent camping blanket 4 fastening corners, ultralight compact waterproof and sand-repellent (gray)
  • Bags compact: Picnic blanket Small and light, Strong portability, can easily be in bags, in mountaineering bags, in ...
  • Has good water resistance & sand resistance : Picnic blanket size 210 x 200 cm, 210T polyester, the material is wear-resistant and ...
  • 4 fastening corners: The beach mat design has 4 sandbags in the corner. In the wilderness or on the beach, it is convenient to sand or ...
  • Multipurpose: It can be used as a beach mat, picnic blanket, tent floor pad. Whether as an outdoor picnic blanket in the park, beach mat ...
  • Easy to clean: it can be used as a blanket, mat or sun, rain protection. Ideal for beaches, picnics, parks, ...
ProgrammsBestseller no. 3
WolfWise 210 x 270 cm XXL beach blanket, sand-free picnic blanket, camping blanket, beach towel, made of soft nylon with pocket and 4 posts, waterproof, quick-drying, ...
  • ★ NO MORE SAND - Say goodbye to all the annoying sand that sticks to the ordinary beach blanket! Our...
  • ★ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - It's perfect for family vacations and trips. The beach mat is 270 x 210 cm in size and offers space for ...
  • ★ MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Our beach blanket is waterproof and durable. It can be used for acute rain protection, as an indoor ...
  • ★ KEEP STABLE - We give you four piles for free, you can attach them through the ring in every corner on the beach and with ...
  • ★ RISK-FREE SHOPPING - The satisfaction of every customer is our main goal, and the WolfWise beach blanket is durable. The...

Beach blanket advantages / disadvantages


Waterproof or moisture-repellent

tearproof and stable fabric

very easy

small pack size

often with the possibility of complaining

often to be fastened with pegs

often with a zippered pocket for cell phones and the like


Not for stony ground

partially non-insulating

Where can you buy beach mats?

Beach covers are not that easy to find. Unless you have an outdoor gear and camping equipment store on your doorstep. We recommend everyone else the one you want Buy beach blanket online. Not only is the selection here the largest, you can also get involved here Beach blanket price comparison between almost identical models to find the best value for money. By the way, you can find the Indian ones Boho beach blankets almost only on the Internet. Another advantage of online trading is the customer reviews the good or negative Beach blanket reviews have deposited on the Internet.

Answers (FAQ) to the beach blanket comparison

Of course, the price of a beach blanket depends on its size and special features. But there are still quite cheap to buy. You can get good beach blankets for between 25 and 35 euros.

You don't have to wash a beach blanket, although some manufacturers even suggest washing machines. The material of a beach blanket usually consists of nylon / polyester, which simply has to be wiped with a damp cloth.

In addition to test reports on beach chairs, beach holidays or beach fees, we have unfortunately not found a beach cover test report and therefore no beach cover test winner for you.

The term sand-free beach cover means nothing other than that the sand on it cannot get stuck in the fabric and only needs to be shaken off.

Beach blankets are actually not padded, since they are used in the sand on a soft surface. They are therefore not suitable for a stony beach. If you still want it to be a bit softer, you should get a fleece blanket. It has a thin cushion and has an insulating bottom.

Waterproof or water-repellent actually only means for use that it does not absorb moisture when wearing wet swimwear and thus cannot lead to hypothermia. In addition, it does not let moisture from wet sand through or from a wet meadow.

This is mostly a trend from India. They are not only offered as a round blanket but also mostly in a mandala pattern.

If there were a cotton beach blanket, you could lay on the bath towel right away. The only disadvantage is that it gets wet and the sand is very difficult to shake off. That is why beach blankets are mostly made of a sand-repellent and water-repellent material.

Conclusion on the beach cover

If you want to experience a nice summer day on the beach, you certainly don't want to lie on a wet towel. With the wetness, tons of sand are also sacked when packing, which is then in the Gym bag finds again. The only remedy is to purchase a beach blanket that is sand-resistant and water-repellent. At the same time, it insulates well against the hot sand and Beach blanket price is really moderate.

Other recommended beach blankets selected for you

4.8/ 5 off 43 Reviews]

Beach blanket test & comparison buying advice

Good suggestions for you to help you find the right one Beach blanket Select product from our test or comparison offer

My name is Lisa and my children are already out of the woods. I am a balanced person and I attach great importance to a beautiful apartment, a well-kept garden and of course I like to travel. I like to cook, live well, go jogging and do a lot of cycling.

That's why it was very important to me as an author to give you this Beach blanket comparison imagine. I have five of them Bestseller beach blanket chosen and I hope you like it as much as I do.

I have not made it easy for me and made a lot of research for you, collected surveys and opinions from customer reviews and at the Stiftung Warentest after a possible Beach blanket test Watched.

To give you your purchase decision and the Beach blanket selection To facilitate this, I have also written this informative guide text and listed the most important purchase criteria for you. Of course, you will also learn a lot about the pros and cons and some tips and tricks on the subject.

I would be very pleased about your response to my article. Write me your own experiences. A line is always open for you.

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