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There are many reasons for a possible disability. Chronic diseases mental or physical nature can be responsible for the fact that one can no longer practice his learned profession. Whether a wheat allergy at the bakery or the herniated disc in the nurse. In addition to the burden of the real suffering, comes too existential angst to. When you take out occupational disability insurance, you are optimally cared for. in the Disability insurance comparison of test-vergleiche.com We inform our readers about this important topic and give you interesting tips.

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The best disability insurance test in comparison

Disability Insurance

For Berunfsunfähigkeitsversicherung comparison calculator

At a glance

  • Diseases of the nerves and the psyche are among the most common reasons that cause disability. Burn-out is no longer a foreign word and for many a daily reality. Thanks to occupational disability insurance, those affected can continue to pay their fixed costs and, if necessary, heal in peace.
  • Whether you receive 700 Euro or 1500 Euro per month thanks to occupational disability insurance, you decide on the basis of the selected tariff. Of course you can insure 2000 Euro with the disability insurance if you can pay the monthly contribution.
  • It is a type of risk insurance that benefits you only in the event of an insurance claim. Similar to a normal one Accident insurance, which just attacks and helps in the event of an accident.

Table of Contents

  1. Which is the best disability insurance for me?
  2. Change disability insurance and save
  3. Take out occupational disability insurance - Define contribution
  4. Occupational disability insurance Stiftung Warentest - what do the experts think?
  5. Disability insurance does not pay and now?

Which is the best disability insurance for me?

The best disability insurance in comparison is the one that covers your personal need in case of a fall. Whether you choose the Allianz Disability Insurance or Cosmos Direkt Disability Insurance is secondary. Important is the content of a contract, which should give you sufficient security in case of damage.

The BU, as it is shortened, is one of the most important safeguards against possible disability and should be taken out as a supplement to other insurances. You can voluntarily decide on your own whether you want to take out occupational disability insurance and protect yourself against fate. The concept of occupational disability is generally defined as follows:

"Complete occupational disability exists when the insured is likely to be unable to perform his or her profession as a result of illness, injury or loss of energy that is medically proven for a period of at least three years (forecast period), such as before the illness, injury or loss of power was designed to exercise. "

Source https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berufsunf%C3%A4higkeitsversicherung

A well-chosen contract covers in the event of damage your running costs, such as rent, removal to the bank, contributions for insurance, food and Co. If you do not have such additional insurance, it looks bleak in the case of disability. Although there is a disability pension under the statutory pension insurance. However, this amount is rarely enough to continue to live well. As a rule, you secure a personal amount in the private BU, which is guaranteed to you monthly in the event of an insurance claim. So you can choose as desired whether you insure with your disability insurance 1000 Euro or 1700 Euro. Whether the monthly contribution of occupational disability insurance becomes cheap or horrendously expensive is determined by your retirement age, gender and possible previous illnesses.

Change disability insurance and save

If you have been keeping your existing contract for a long time, you should stick to your decision at that time. If you retire the disability insurance with 40 years and older, that probably costs you more than in the old contract. Here would not save, but drauflegen.

If you still want to change your occupational disability insurance, we recommend a very careful disability insurance comparison. There are extremely many offers and even more price differences. Thanks to occupational disability insurance price comparison, you can actually succeed in saving a few Euros.

Take out occupational disability insurance - Define contribution

If you have the new one Complete occupational disability insurance online would like to ask some questions. You want the protection, but how do you commit to a number? So they rightly ask: "Disability insurance how high set a link from your homepage to Fewo-von-Privat.de are they at least? "

Experts advise to stick to their own net income. For example, you currently earn 1300 Euro net and need this good money to cover all costs? Then should that amount, but at least 75 percent make sure of that. You yourself have to calculate whether 1000 Euro will be enough for you in an emergency, or whether you should definitely insure more.

Furthermore, questions like:

Occupational disability despite depression or other pre-existing conditions?

Does the occupational disability insurance apply to smokers?

Can I leave the occupational disability insurance?

The general occupational disability insurance health issues are considered almost notorious, although of course the demand for well-being is justified. The risk for the insurance company is not small, so it protects itself with the investigation of the actual state of the person. Of course, the findings can also serve to find a contribution, for example, an 20 year-old will certainly pay a lot less than an 40 year-old. The latter brings with it a higher risk for the sole reason of having a chronic illness in the near future. Do you actually get an occupational disability insurance despite pre-existing illness? A blanket answer can hardly be given here, but there are too many variables. If emotional or physical ailments occur after graduation, it is certainly a safe case. But before? Interested parties will often bite on granite if you indicate a disease of any kind in the insurer's questionnaire. Depending on the extent, it may be accepted as the contribution is higher in the end. If there are already worse, chronic illnesses, the chance of a contract seems small. But it is true: try makes smart and questions cost nothing! Incidentally, the monthly burden is most likely to increase if you are a smoker or fall outside the standard BMI. Nevertheless, it is advisable to build on honesty so that in case of a problem your life is secure. If you are no longer financially well and you have problems, you can also rest, suspend or reduce the contribution. As a rule, institutions are open to inquiries and seek an individual solution to the problem.

Occupational disability insurance Stiftung Warentest - what do the experts think?

In the occupational disability insurance test 2017, the experts found that 74 tested offers convincing 31 with the top score 1. Although insurance customers would first have to muddle through a variety of offers, but could apparently access calmed. Of course you have to check every contract for suitability, of course.

Stiftung Warentest recommends that contracts allow for a degree of flexibility. Ideally, such a deal will last for decades, which is why you should be able to change the monthly contribution if necessary. Maybe you would like to increase your occupational disability insurance once? Or you get worse unplanned and you have to lower existing contracts. Both should always be possible on request, after all, much can happen in life.

Of course, the experts recommend that young people take out occupational disability insurance, since a young age at retirement ensures low contributions. In principle, the disability insurance price should be secondary, as in case of damage, the content counts. In addition, one must be aware that a geriatric nurse is probably more expensive than an industrial mechanic.

Disability insurance does not pay and now?

No one wants the real loss, whether hedged or not. But some things work better if there is some protection. Your disability insurance does not pay? What is left then?

Ideally, you could now yours Legal expenses insurance try, if you have one completed. Most likely, you now urgently need an objective assessment from a knowledgeable lawyer to verify the actual content of the contract and the circumstances. If you have to pay the first interview and Co yourself, if there is no legal protection, we recommend a vigorous search with the help of a lawyer.

If you have trouble due to the suffering, pass the task on to a confidant. Do not give your insurance a chance and act against any injustices. Keep all the papers from the beginning, including the health questionnaires. These forms will help you in future disputes. Basic legal expenses insurance should generally be considered as it can be helpful in many cases. If necessary, even in the fight for claims!

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