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Bicycle Carriers - Bicycling anywhere

Who wants to take his bike on vacation, should choose a bike rack for the car. They are available in different versions, so that they can be mounted on the car roof, the trailer hitch or the boot lid.

A bike carrier is a convenient solution to take the bike everywhere. They are safe and easy to handle and just as easy to install. Depending on the model, even mounting without tools is possible.

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Best recommendation


Bicycle Carrier Thule EuroClassic G6 929 Towbar

  • Foldable with foot pedal
  • Simple license plate attachment
  • Large distance between rim holder
  • High transport safety


Bicycle Carrier Thule 920020 EuroWay G2 920 Towbar

  • number plate
  • Robust workmanship
  • Quick to install
  • Suitable for all wheel sizes


Bike carrier Atera 022685 Strada Sport M3 clutch carrier

  • Sporty design
  • Lamp protection
  • High quality

Price-performance winner


Bicycle carrier EUFAB 12010LAS clutch carrier

  • Mounted in 5 steps
  • Clean processing
  • Good usability


Bike carrier EUFAB 11417 James trailer hitch

  • Easy installation
  • tire fixation

Name Bicycle Carrier Thule EuroClassic G6 929 Towbar Bicycle Carrier Thule 920020 EuroWay G2 920 Towbar Bike carrier Atera 022685 Strada Sport M3 clutch carrier Bicycle carrier EUFAB 12010LAS clutch carrier Bike carrier EUFAB 11417 James trailer hitch
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,3Excellentbike rack

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodbike rack

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodbike rack

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,9goodbike rack

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodbike rack

Manufacturer/Model Thule Thule Atera EUFAB EUFAB
product weight 20,5 kg. 13,4 kg. 16,5 kg. 18 kg. 14 kg.
Vehicle Type rear carrier rear carrier rear carrier rear carrier rear carrier
Maximum number of wheels 3 2 2 wheels or 3 e-bikes 2 2
Maximum payload 60 kg. 48 kg. 68 kg. 60 kg. 50 kg.
connector 13 pole 13 pole 13 pole 13 pole 13 pole
mounting material Rim braces, frame holders Rim braces, frame holders Rim braces, frame holders Rim braces, frame holders Rim braces, frame holders
E-bike suitable
Features With extension module plus 1 bike Toggle nut 526 available as accessory Expandable up to four bikes possible! Space-saving storage in the included bag! Extension for up to three wheels possible!
  • Foldable with foot pedal
  • Simple license plate attachment
  • Large distance between rim holder
  • High transport safety
  • number plate
  • Robust workmanship
  • Quick to install
  • Suitable for all wheel sizes
  • Sporty design
  • Lamp protection
  • High quality
  • Mounted in 5 steps
  • Clean processing
  • Good usability
  • Easy installation
  • tire fixation
Summary Very good complete package, which is mounted in less than 5 minutes. The design is sporty and thanks to the material made of aluminum, the bike carrier is not too heavy. Compact, safe, stable and high quality! Therefore our bike carrier comparison winner in bike carrier comparison 2016! A well thought-out system, which convinces by noble black and silver also visually. Price-performance winner in bike carrier comparison 2016. Convincing bike carrier mounted in minutes. Easy to use and fair in price! Perfect for e-bikes! A solid bike carrier made of steel, which has already convinced many users. Especially the easy handling is highly appreciated! Good value for money and for the occasional cyclist perfectly adequate.
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Our comparison chart for Bike carrier comparison does not replace one Bike carrier testin which a special Bike carrier test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external bike rack test of trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Bike carrier test winner is.

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Bicycle rack Guide - Safe transportation during the holidays

Often times to grab the bike and thus the Environment protect! Biking has many advantages, and more and more people appreciate this type of mobility. Especially in big cities, the wheels put through more and more, because you are in the car anyway more in a traffic jam. For vacationers who like to travel by bike, the own bike is mandatory during the holidays. Rental bikes are often less comfortable than your own and also have a daily rental fee. In order to bring the bicycles of the family safely to the destination, so-called bike rack well. In our Bike carrier comparison Let's take a closer look at the details of some models and inform you reliably about the results.

At a glance

  • To keep fit, cycling is an appropriate pastime that many people pursue. Almost 80 percent of Germans own a bicycle and use it for everyday use for work, sports or leisure.
  • Bicycle carriers are usually pre-assembled and can be attached to the car in a few simple steps. They are available for the trailer hitch or for the car roof. Which method is suitable for you depends on a few factors.
  • The average cost of a clutch carrier is about 400 Euro in the bike carrier comparison. Roof racks are already available from 30 Euro, but differ significantly in their operation.

Types of bike carriers - where is the difference?

Roof rack and coupling carrier are the common ways to bring two-wheelers safely from A to B. In the past there were more rear carriers, which were hooked. These damage in the worst case but the paint and are therefore impractical.

If he Roof or rear transport is suitable for you depends on some conditions. Finally, the car must be able to carry the corresponding loads, including some tools are needed.

The Price is often the deciding factor when choosing a bike carrier. Models for the rear transport are advantageous in many ways, but also more expensive when bike rack purchase. Whether the investment is worth it, decides the frequency of use or your own purse.

Advantages and disadvantages of the individual variants:

rear carrier


Easy to load

High load capacity

Aerodynamics is little influenced

Fahrtwind hardly influences


Towbar necessary

Purchase price higher

Heavy tail

Rear view restricted

roof rack



Good distance between the wheels

No limited view to the rear

Free trunk access


Attack surface for air resistance

Loading requires physical effort

Mounting more difficult

Aerodynamics are restricted

Pros and cons of the different Bicycle rack types seem to balance at first glance. Rear carriers are becoming increasingly popular as they are comfortable to load. Some bother but the hidden view to the rear and therefore access the roof rack. With this, many shy the load upwards, because you can not stand it alone. Depending on the personal wishes, advantages and disadvantages must be carefully considered. Also, read the section below on the purchase criteria before deciding and ordering the new bike carrier. Incidentally, users of rear carriers can easily manage themselves. A car camera is permanently installed and compensates for the missing view to the rear! Our extensive Car camera guide 2016 deals more closely with recommendable devices.

Bike carriers with high safety standards - what is important?

The Safety when driving is for all road users in the first place. In the year 2011 organized the ADAC Germany and the well-known ones Stiftung Warentest a big investigation. Various bike carriers were tested for their functionality, but also for safety.

Anyone traveling on country roads or highways must expect any incidents. evasive action Although these are not part of everyday life for drivers, they can be necessary. To check the bike carriers for safety functions, a kind of "moose test" was carried out. This gained unwanted fame, as the Mercedes-A-class got in Sweden test in trouble. Incidentally, the evasive situations survived well.

The Bike carrier test by 2011 The cars with wheels were also over a rough stretch of 3 km. Length gelotst. The speed levels were between 70 and 85 km / h. Although no car has crashed, there have been some shortcomings in safety. At the higher speeds caused damage to the fortifications and the like. The top speed in the test of bicycle rack was but just at 85 and not at 120!

Now a few years have passed and nobody wants to trample on the old results. The manufacturers had enough time to work on and improve their products. In any case, the high quality are particularly important base support for transport on the car roof, which are screwed in the best case. With the rear bike carrier, a grease-free and clean clutch is very important!

Comparative winner bike carrier
Thule Euroclassic G6

Quality criteria when buying bike carriers - decisive factors!

In order to make the right purchase, it is advisable to take a serious medical history first! In this the following questions should be asked:

  • What are the requirements of your own car?
  • How many bicycles have to be transported?
  • Are electric bicycles or just normal models transported?
  • How often do you use the bicycle carrier?
  • Is quick installation important?

You will find out how this question comes about in the following summary table. Here we explain point by point on what it is Bike carrier comparison really arrives!

purchase aspects

1. requirements

Does your vehicle have a trailer hitch? Then rear carriers come into question. Roof racks can be mounted on any car if basic racks have been pre-assembled.

2. Assembly

Rear variants only work in conjunction with a plug connection. Through this, the additional lighting is started, which is absolutely necessary. The variants for the roof do not require light marking.

3. load

Best bike carriers for the rear can carry particularly high loads. Electric bikes are usually heavy and can only be worn at the rear. Roof racks are usually at about 20 kg. limited, while over the clutch 30 kg per wheel are possible.

4. antitheft

Car including wheels left unattended? Only with integrated anti-theft device, with additional bike locks are recommended. in the Bicycle lock comparison Find the best bike fuses on the market!

5. Comfort

Especially for older people, the wheel transport via stern is recommended. The loading takes place at working height, which is not the case with the roof carriers. The wheels have to be applied by hand to the roof, which requires physical strength.

Can the bike carrier also carry electric bikes?

The world is in E-bike fever, which the industry has also noticed about bike carriers. The electrically driven wheels are far heavier than the normal ones. Many old carrier systems are not geared to this and can not carry this load safely.

So of first relevance is that Weight, A heavy load is critical, especially with regard to possible evasive maneuvers. Many advanced models are geared towards electric bikes, such as the system Alutrans e-bike, Reliable heavy duty carriers can also be cheap, as the exact view shows.

So if you want to order a new bike rack, should on the Release pay attention to e-bikes. A small aspect of our 2016 bike carrier purchase guide to give you a proper overview.

Mounting 1mal1 the bike carrier

The Type of installation essentially depends on the selected bike carrier. Widely used are still the typical roof rack, which consists of rail and mounting fork. The clamping device fixes the frame of the bicycle. Most crossbeams can accommodate up to three wheels.

Today's rear carriers are completely mounted on the trailer hitch and aligned transversely. Best bike carriers for the rear have a swivel mechanism to keep access to the trunk.

Important Tips before departure:

  1. Loose parts such as air pumps, beverage bottles, bags, navigation systems and co must not be left on the bike. Otherwise there is danger to other road users when driving.
  2. The heaviest wheel is positioned close to the stern for optimal utilization. The lightest comes to the outside.
  3. Bicycle clips and co may wear out and must be replaced immediately.

During the longer drive with roof or rear carrier should always Breaks be inserted. These are used for energy charging, relaxation and safety checks of bicycles.

Built-in bike carrier - useful and clever?

More and more Carmakers try to integrate the practical and popular bicycle carriers into their vehicles. The new car already has the aid for safe transport of wheels from the factory.

The Opel brand has equipped some models with it, triggering a new trend! Why assemble and disassemble, if easier? This question is asked many cycling fans, which is why we illuminate built-in bike rack in the guide.

Opel constructed a bicycle carrier that can be pulled out of the car like a kind of drawer. Nowadays, the innovative system called "FlexFix" has already undergone some improvements. It is ready to use with few handles and can usually accommodate two wheels. The Opel model "Astra Sports Tourer" can even transport up to four wheels using the adapter tool. The expansion rate is around 230 Euro. The actual carrier is considered optional equipment and costs minimum 690 Euro. Certainly not cheap, but innovative! Incidentally, in the revised version, "FlexFix" can also carry e-bikes!

Likewise, BMW has followed suit and offers a similar system. Others will surely follow! The idea is very good and the benefit for the customer is high. in the Stiftung Warentest Bike carrier test 2011 was especially the then novel Opel concept under the microscope. The rapid test has found deficiencies in stability and criticized the lack of theft protection. Now it's time to examine the technology of today! Since the integrated bicycle carriers are still viewed ambiguously, the common roof or rear carrier is still suitable.

Bicycle rack - what does Stiftung Warentest say?

The last big test of Stiftung Warentest is some years back, but contains interesting aspects. While the integrated variants did not do so well at the time, others could convince.

14 bike carriers have been tested and rated. In the coupling carrier test went the Thule Euroway G2 920 as the winner. With the evaluation mark 1,6 a great result. Handling, safety and longevity have brought Thule bike carrier victory. Thule was also ahead in the roof rack test. Of the Thule Proride 591 received the grade 1,7. It was very easy to drive and also the safety aspects fit! Further tested and evaluated with "good" to "satisfactory" were for example:

  • Eufab bike carrier
  • Atera bike carrier
  • MFT bike carrier
  • Uebler bike carrier
  • Westfalia bike carrier

With the destroyed grade "poor" went the MONT BLANC Explorer 2 out. The devaluation he owed the bad driving feeling, whereby also security and durability could not convince properly.

Im Bike carrier report 2016 We were convinced by the Swedish manufacturer Thule, which combines innovative technology with design. In the end, we advise the e-bike riders to pay particular attention to the product details, so that even the heavy wheels can safely come on holiday. Here is the note to our Electric bicycle comparison, Here you will find tips about the popular e-bikes.


4.8/ 5 off 934 Reviews]


Bike carrier test & comparison guide

So choose the best bike rack Product from our Test- or settlement proposal

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