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Camping cooker - warm meals on the way

When camping, food preparation is not always easy, as there is usually no stove or cooking area. The camp stove can help here. In our Camping stove comparison You will find various camping stoves that are powered by either battery, gas or electricity.

Whether a Camping stove test winner or a No Name product, usually the equipment can accommodate at least a small pot. The pot should be made of a light material, so that the heat can be absorbed well. With the help of a rotary knob, the flame is adjusted and can thus decide on the heat supply. Whether you are cooking an egg or frying something hearty, the camping stove is the perfect tool for that.

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Best recommendation


Camping stove Single-flame cooker Camp'Bistro® XL. Ideal for day trips

  • enameled pot holder
  • cartridge fuse
  • vents

Price-performance winner


Camping stove gas cooker + 8 gas cartridges Msf-1a + carrying case

  • All-metal housing
  • Pressure sensor
  • large removable pot surface


Camping stove with carrying case + 8 gas cartridges

  • windshield
  • German Manual
  • easy handling
  • windshield


Camping stove + suitcase + 4 gas cartridges Kochmann

  • Safety pressure sensor
  • large removable pot footprint
  • All-metal housing


Camping stove 40470 Campingaz

  • windshield
  • light and sturdy
  • Plastic housing
  • Cartridge in the base

Name Camping stove Single-flame cooker Camp'Bistro® XL. Ideal for day trips Camping stove gas cooker + 8 gas cartridges Msf-1a + carrying case Camping stove with carrying case + 8 gas cartridges Camping stove + suitcase + 4 gas cartridges Kochmann Camping stove 40470 Campingaz
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,4Excellentcamping stove

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,7goodcamping stove

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodcamping stove

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodcamping stove

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,2goodcamping stove

Manufacturer/Model Campingaz Evergreen camper Kochmann Campingaz
Performance 2120 Watt 2200 Watt 2200 Watt 2200 Watt 1250 Watt
fuel butane gas butane gas butane gas butane gas butane gas
cartridge type valve cartridge valve cartridge valve cartridge valve cartridge piercing cartridge
burners 1 1 1 1 1
Consumption / h. 155 g / h 160 g / h 150 g / h 160 g / h 90 g / h
dimension 370 x 285 x 125 mm 340 x 255 x 111 mm 340 x 260 x 80 mm 340 x 255 x 111 mm 210 x 122 x 122 mm
Weight 1,80 kg 1,85 kg kA 1,85 kg 0,28 kg
piezo ignition
Features also available as stopgaz for interiors including case and 8 cartridges including case and 8 cartridges including case and 4 cartridges Lightweight
  • enameled pot holder
  • cartridge fuse
  • vents
  • All-metal housing
  • Pressure sensor
  • large removable pot surface
  • windshield
  • German Manual
  • easy handling
  • windshield
  • Safety pressure sensor
  • large removable pot footprint
  • All-metal housing
  • windshield
  • light and sturdy
  • Plastic housing
  • Cartridge in the base
Summary Lightweight and stable camping stove with good performance Gas cartridge Gas cooker with aluminum burner Gas cooker set with cartridges and automatic ignition Portable cooker gas cooker with CE sign and metal casing Conventional camping gas cooker, small and very light
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Our comparison chart for Camping stove comparison does not replace one Camping stove testin which a special Camping stove test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external camp stove test trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Camping stove test winner is.

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  • With a camping stove, you can warm up quickly on the go without the need of a power outlet. It is suitable for camping, excursions, hiking and trekking and is also very useful as emergency dishes in disaster relief.
  • To operate a camping gas cooker, only a replaceable gas cartridge is needed, which is usually filled with butane gas or propane / butane gas. There is also Gasoline Camping stove or Spirit Camping cooker.
  • In our camping stove comparison, we present you compact camping stove in a suitcase, which are very stable and those whose gas cartridge serves as a foot and are very light and ideal for trips in the backpack can be stowed.

With a camping stove you can enjoy boundless freedom. He can be taken away with any type of outdoor activity and quickly conjures up warm water for tea or coffee or warms the ravioliose he has taken away. He tempered the baby bottle from the junior on the way or grilled some sausages with the Camping gas grill attachment, For all these things and much more, that's the way to go Camping stove cheap use. Even with guided survival training activities, a gas cooker or alcohol gas cooker is certainly included. Even with regional disasters, such as floods or windstorm damage, where electricity is not available, a camping stove has proved to be a popular survival tool. For such a reason, you should get one Buy camping stoves, even if you are not a camping friend. Because why should only one Professional camping gas use, make your own Camping stove test and you will encounter many other uses.

Top product camping stoves:

  • quality product
  • No no-name
  • 2.2KW
  • Incl. 8 x 227 grams of gas cartridges

Camping stove - the kitchen not only for campground and tENT

What can not you experience with a camp stove? He gives us the feeling on the way to enjoy a little bit of luxury. It does not matter if it is just an Aldi gas cooker or a Kochmann camping stove Bestseller. Before we join you in our Camping stove comparison of to introduce the individual properties in more detail, we want to give you some suggestions, which Camping stove experience You can collect yourself:

  • Armed with Angel, fishing reel and quiver all alone at your favorite place relax. The cold drinks from the cooling box must gradually give way to the catch. Would not it be nice if there was a hot coffee to reward you?
  • With the Electric Mountain Bike you get to some remote place, away from crowded tourist restaurants. Fast the Campinggas gas cartridge used and a snack is nothing in the way.
  • Weekend trips do not always have to go by car into the green. When was the last time you visited your city park? With a blanket in the meadow Camping gas grill plate This will not only please your children for your camping stove and brought sausages.
  • With motorcycle helmet and motorcycle clothing you do not feel so comfortable in a restaurant. Bikertreffs at kiosks are, especially in good weather, quite relocated. Again, deliver one Camping stove the best Requirements to be self-sufficient.
  • They finally want to go diving again. Although the new wetsuit keeps the greatest cold, but who does not long for the cool bath after a warm tea, freshly brewed with the camping stove Set.
  • But even with quite profane activities, such as working on your home construction site, you can collect the best camping gas experience.

Camping stove advantages / disadvantages


Inexpensive purchase

Small and handy

immediately ready for use

hardly any odor nuisance

as Camping stove 2-flame

residue-free combustion

Accessories like Camping stove Grill top or Gas cooker windbreak


Limited cartridge content

Suitable cookware necessary

only permitted outdoors

Cold extends the cooking process

can only be used with propane gas in frosty conditions

What types of camping cookers are there?

The Campinggas gas stove can be operated differently. Therefore one differentiates between compact burners, suitcase camping cooker and Gas bottle gas cooker with hose connection.

The compact burner

The compact burner is the Camping gas bestseller par excellence and belongs to the most sold camping cookers ever. It is only operated with sting cartridges, which can be bought at every hardware store or at many petrol stations. In a compact burner, the gas cartridge is firmly connected to the attachment. For this purpose, a hole is punched into the cartridge with the gas cooker and thus becomes a device. The gas cartridge also serves as a base. Food can be heated or cooked on the top of the pot holder. Caution is advised, since the focus is pretty high up, the camping stove can quickly tip over. Especially if it is placed on uneven ground. But this gas stove is very light, that Camping gas cheap in the price and everything can be easily stored in the backpack.

Notice: Only replace completely empty gas cartridges, because still existing gas can flow out and could ignite.

The gas cartridge Camping cooker in suitcase form

This model is similar to a small one Camping stove gas stovethat resembles a stove top. It is available as 1 or 2 flame gas cooker. He is also called a suitcase cooker because you can usually stow it in a portable case. That's why it takes up more space than a compact gas cooker and is heavier. But he has the advantage that larger pots can be used and these are also safe on him. The gas for burning is provided here via a valve cartridge. It is infected in the space provided and disappears under a cover. Thus delivers the Camping stove best Prerequisites for a picnic in the countryside. However, these valve cartridges are not as common in the trade as engraver cartridges, but you can trade in the relevant camping accessories Buy camping gas or in DIY stores or petrol stations.

Camping stove with hose system

If the advantages of a compact burner paired with the safety of a case burner, a gas burner with hose connection is created. The advantage is that the camping stove has a firm footing and is connected via a valve cartridge by means of the hose.

Camping stove without gas cartridge

Another possibility to operate a camping stove is the use of gas bottles. By means of a hose system, the gas cooker attachment is connected or screwed directly onto the bottle. The advantage is that a fairly large gas supply can be used. However, its use is usually left to the camper, who is traveling with a large tent, caravan or RV.

What should you look for when buying a camping stove?

No matter if you want to travel with your camping stove or just wander, a gas cooker makes the equipment perfect. With him you always have a hot tea or coffee ready or can warm a meal. It does not have to be the best camping stove be. Starting at a price of 15 Euro you have the practical utensil on board. A professional camping stove, of course, suggests more in the office, but it also has more comfort. So your personal Camping stove test winner meets all your needs, the following criteria should serve as a buying guide.

buying criteria

  • Which camping gas is the right one?


You should first make the decision what you need a camping stove for. Often you drive with the caravan or the luxury tent facility is certainly the one Gas bottle Camping stove the best choice. For a small picnic on large hiking tours, the camping stove with lancing cartridge has the best maps. It is light and sufficient for a rest on the summit. For all those who would like to organize a picnic in the city park, the camping cooker in suitcase form is exactly the right thing, as well as an emergency cooker for disaster relief. This also results in the choice of fuel. If you join Amazon gas cooker order, you can choose between lancing and valve cartridge, choose between alcohol gas cooker or gasoline gas stove or the Campingaz 400 Gas cooker for the gas cylinder.

Notice: Our camping stove price comparison shows you not only low prices, but also what it takes to buy the gas cooker.

  • Which power do I need?

Of course you can not do the performance like one Electric camping stove in kilowatt hours indicate, nevertheless there are at the Gas cartridge camping cookers an indication in kW. However, this does not refer to the connection value, but to the heat output of the respective model.

Notice: The more watt, the greater the heating power, but the higher the gas consumption.

This means that with a higher wattage, a dish can be heated much faster. Thanks to a built-in knob, however, the performance can be adapted to the respective conditions. So if you want to serve something warm for several people, you should prefer a performance of at least 2 kW. Compact burners have a rather small power to offer. But you should also note that the performance of a Camping stove reduced becomes when the wind is blowing or it is relatively cold.

  • What should I pay attention to when it comes to fuel?

Alcohol and pure gasoline are available in every drugstore. Most gas cartridges are filled with butane gas. But there are also propane / butane mixtures that are slightly more expensive and pure propane, which you can use even at minus degrees.

  • How do I light the camp stove?

Turning on the throttle control will cause gas to escape. You can easily ignite it with a match, a lighter or a gas lighter. A piezo ignition works better and more comfortable. Here, a spark is generated by friction, which is sufficient to ignite the gas. Very handy if you do not have a lighter on hand or if the wind blows out the flame over and over again before the gas cooker can ignite.

  • How can I estimate the consumption?

How long the camp stove burns depends on the gas cartridge. The consumption per hour is usually specified by the manufacturer in grams per hour. So you can simply convert the contents of a cartridge into the burning time. But there are even more factors that affect gas consumption, such as germinated burners. If the flame burns badly, it does not reach the desired calorific value and wind also influences the burning behavior. Furthermore, the gas cartridges lose the pressure when the gas is exhausted. Well, who has a pressure reducer. Thus, the gas pressure can be kept constant at the same level over the entire discharge time.

  • Is there a windbreak?

It does not matter if you best gas cooker Call your own or one Professional gas cookerIf too much wind blows, none of the best can deliver optimal results. Many manufacturers therefore supply their camping stoves with a windbreak. This must be aligned exactly in the wind direction and already the flame burns optimally. a Camping stove Windbreak You can also buy optional or make yourself a tinker. In the suitcase models, the suitcase is usually suitable as a windbreak.

  • What is the right harness for the gas cooker?

In principle, you can use almost any dishes that you own in the household for the camp stoves. Whether it is optimally suited is another matter. Above all, camping gear should be light when it needs to be transported. Aluminum dishes have proven to be optimal here. For camping purposes, nestable pots and pans are also available, which can be stored in the smallest space. They are completed with folding cutlery and multifunctional accessories.

Leading manufacturers to camping stoves

One of the best known brands is the Campingaz Camping stove, These are offered at many petrol stations, hardware stores and in camping accessories shops. Kochmann camping stoves have also made a name for themselves. But there are also many other brands and manufacturers in the market and also Aldi camping stoves or OBI camping stoves can be found. To provide the best overview Amazon Camping stove with a seemingly endless overview. Here you will find another advantage. Many camping stove opinions are behind every offer and the gas cooker experiences of those who already use their personally selected camping stove test winner. Another advantage of the Amazon gas cooker: You can also order here your gas stove test winner. He is usually with you in one or two days. Our Camping stove experience says that you should first test a camping stove before you go on the trip with him.

The campers Bestsellers are:

Bestseller no. 1
Campingaz Camp Bistro DLX compact outdoor gas / gas cartridge / camping stove Camp Bistro DLX, 1 flame, 2.200 watts, with overheating protection and carrying case
495 Reviews
Campingaz Camp Bistro DLX compact outdoor gas / gas cartridge / camping stove Camp Bistro DLX, 1 flame, 2.200 watts, with overheating protection and carrying case
  • Compact and powerful: easy-to-use table cooker (2 W) with piezo ignition; the flame is individually adjustable; ...
  • Maximum security: thanks to the cartridge safety device (lever next to the gas regulator), the gas supply can be interrupted / restored; ...
  • Practical design and protection: Operation with Campingaz gas cartridge CP 250, which is operated in the integrated cartridge compartment ...
  • Nationwide gas supply: Campingaz has a global sales network for gas cartridges (in over 50 countries), ...
  • Dimensions: 37 x 29 x 13 cm; Gas consumption 160 g / h; Running time 1 h 25 min; Weight 1 kg; suitable for pans / pot sizes 8 - 12 cm; Not...
OfferBestseller no. 2
Gas cooker + suitcase + 4 gas cartridges
  • With piezo ignition.
  • for commercial butane gas cartridges - gas consumption 160 g / hour
  • particularly sturdy all-metal housing with a large removable pot footprint
  • in a practical, sturdy plastic case with instruction manual
  • Dimension: 340 x 255 x 111 mm (W / D / H) - Weight: 1,85 KG - Thermal output: 2.2 kw
Bestseller no. 3
Gas cooker with case including 16 gas cartridges
  • Camping gas cooker
  • Premium MaXimum or Diamond gas cartridges
  • Gas consumption: approx. 160 g / h gas cartridge: MSF-1a / ES-01 gas: butane
  • Dimensions in mm approximately (WxHxD): 340X119x285 CE mark 2,2KW

Is there a Stiftung Warentest Camping stove test?

The Stiftung Warentest has already dealt with some topics for camping, but is still one Gas cooker review out. So we can not give you any official Gas cooker test winner the consumer magazine offer.

Video Tip: use camping stove properly | Test of Campingaz

Questions and answers (FAQ) about the camping stove

Is a camping stove really necessary?

The camping stove is a useful tool when camping in the great outdoors. Campers, who mostly go on a tent holiday, should buy a camping stove in order to prepare hot meals.

Can the camping stove be used everywhere?

On the designated campsites TÜV-approved camping stove are allowed. Exact information can be found on the websites of the campsites or at the groundskeeper.

Does it take a long time before the courts are done with a camping stove?

Mainly camping stoves are powered by gas, which is regulated by a regulator. As in a normal household, the heat is available directly and ensures that the food is hot in a few minutes.

Does the camping stove have to have a TÜV seal?

The TÜV seal is very important because it shows that safe use is possible. Many campsites attach great importance to this TÜV seal, so that their own safety and that of other campers is not endangered.

Are there big differences in the camp cookers?

Basically, the differences are only in the equipment and of course the price. Cheap models already cost around the 10 Euro and are rather simple. The expensive models are available from 20 Euro, convincing in terms of their features and a higher level of comfort.


With a camping stove you are prepared for all eventualities. Whether for a trip, camping or on the construction site, a gas cooker with a cartridge is always the best solution for a warm coffee or a warmed up meal.

Other recommendable camping stove for you selected

4.8/ 5 off 891 Reviews]


Camping stove test & comparison guide

So choose the best camping stove Product from our Test- or settlement proposal

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