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The mini washing machine for the small laundry mountain

Have you ever been annoyed when the bottom of the laundry basket is just covered but you really need the items? This is a case for hand washing or for that good camping washing machine. At the same time, you can also use this little wash miracle at the campsite or in the garden.

This is for singles or single people Camping washing machine offer also an option, as well as for those who have no place to put a washing machine. No matter whether student or single household, garden shed or camper, you have one with one Mini washing machine best Cards for quick clean laundry.

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Camping washing machine tectake spin dryer

  • Dirt strainer for washing drum
  • high-quality plastic
  • stable
  • unbreakable


Camping washing machine oneConcept Ecowash-Pico

  • rear cable winder
  • low-noise operation
  • non-slip rubber feet
  • permanently installed drain hose


Camping washing machine oneConcept DB004

  • Centrifuge chamber can be covered separately
  • Overflow protection
  • stable and unbreakable
  • cable rewind


Camping washing machine Festnight Mini washing machine

  • big opening
  • handy
  • stable
  • noise


Camping washing machine Syntrox Germany WM-200W

  • low energy consumption
  • cable rewind
  • low-noise operation
  • Lint filter

Name Camping washing machine tectake spin dryer Camping washing machine oneConcept Ecowash-Pico Camping washing machine oneConcept DB004 Camping washing machine Festnight Mini washing machine Camping washing machine Syntrox Germany WM-200W
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentCamping washing machine

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodCamping washing machine

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodCamping washing machine

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodCamping washing machine

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodCamping washing machine

Manufacturer/Model TecTake ONEconcept ONEconcept Festnight Syntrox
Washing performance / spin performance 200 watts / 120 watts 380 watts / kA 380 watts / 160 watts 240 watts / kA 200 watts / 150 watts
Washing / drying capacity 4,5 / kg 3,5 3,5 / kg 3,5 4,8 / kg 3,5 2,6 / kg 2,0 2,0 / kg 1,0
Spin performance 1350 U / min 1320 U / min 1200 U / min kA 280 U / min
Colour Blue White Green white White / Gray Blue White Green white
Weight 14,5 kg 7 kg 16,5 kg kA 6,25 kg
Dimensions 65 x 40 x 75 cm 35 x 44 x 44 cm 67,5 x 74 x 38 xm 33 x 32,5 x 49 cm 38 x 38 x 45 cm
Number of programs 2 1 2 1 1
Drain / inlet hose Yes / Yes yes / no yes / no Yes / Yes yes / no
Delivery Side handles Side handles Side handles Henkel Henkel
Wash timer / spin timer 1 to 15 min / 1 to 5 min 1 to 10 min / 1 to 3 min 1 to 15 min / 1 to 5 min 1 to 15 min / 1 to 15 min 1 to 10 min / 1 to 3 min
Features pumps out water special design especially quiet good price, quality ratio none
  • Dirt strainer for washing drum
  • high-quality plastic
  • stable
  • unbreakable
  • rear cable winder
  • low-noise operation
  • non-slip rubber feet
  • permanently installed drain hose
  • Centrifuge chamber can be covered separately
  • Overflow protection
  • stable and unbreakable
  • cable rewind
  • big opening
  • handy
  • stable
  • noise
  • low energy consumption
  • cable rewind
  • low-noise operation
  • Lint filter
Summary Mini washing machine combination based on the two-chamber principle Waterproof mini washing machine with uncomplicated operation Two-chamber camping washing machine with an extra program for delicate laundry Mini washing machine at an affordable price Camping washing machine with simple operation
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Camping washing machine

Camping washing machine at a glance

  • A mini washing machine is perfect as a companion for travel, camping or on vacation in gardenias. It is small and space-saving, but ensures that you do not have to go to the laundrette for small laundry.
  • Most camping washing machines are connected to the mains. But there are also purely manual ones Camping washing machines without electricity. In addition, most washing machines work with separately heated water, but they also do Professional camping washing machines with heating offered.
  • In the Washing Machines for camping purposes you can choose between one-chamber and two-chamber washing machines, as well as those with or without a spin function. The capacity also plays a role in Buy camping washing machine a role.

Camping washing machines, bestsellers for small laundry in between

A normal household washing machine, whether front or toploader have an average capacity between 4 and 7 kg. There is also 5 kg camping washing machineswhich, however, do not have the same efficiency as a normal washing machine. The best mini washing machine is just something for in between, has no cook wash program and can hardly be used for work Trousers or down Jackets use. It is much too light for this and does not create the high number of revolutions when spinning. Its housing is mostly made of plastic and it is transportable, so apart from washing little laundry it has nothing in common with its big brothers. Nevertheless, it can be essential. In our Camping washing machine comparison would like you to use the comparison portal, introduce these small practical mini washing machines in more detail.

Top product: Camping washing machine at Amazon

tectake 4,5 kg mini mini washing machine + 3,5 kg spin dryer combination
  • 2 in 1 washing and spinning at the same time
  • Water, energy and time-saving mini-washing machine
  • Handy, practical and shapely
  • Washing machine made of high quality plastic, stable and unbreakable // Color blue / white, elegant presentation
  • 2 washing programs selectable, with 2 separate timer functions for washing drum and slingshot

What is a camping washing machine?

Camping washing machines, in contrast to conventional washing machines, weigh relatively little because they often consist of plastic parts. For the little laundry on vacation or when traveling is one Camping washing machine cheap, because it is not only small and handy, but also uses little water and electricity. So that you can easily transport them, many models have a handle to carry, some larger ones also have two handles. The capacity of the mini washing machines is of course smaller, because they are not needed for the big laundry. Many models have an insert with which the laundry can also be spun. Although this is not as comfortable as with the washing machine at home, it is quite sufficient for the campsite. Most models are Camping washing machines with power cables, but there are also purely mechanical mini washing machines that are similar to one salad spinner function. Few copies are considered Camping washing machines with heating function offered, warm water usually has to be filled in for washing. The washing time is also shorter, but the camping washing machine has less operating effort because it supports a maximum of 3 programs.

Camping washing machine Note:

A camping washing machine can also complement the domestic washing machine as a second device, for example if lingerie, tights, silk or wool sweaters are not suitable for washing in the large machine.

How does a camping washing machine work?

Aus Camping washing machines reviews we know that this replaces a hand wash, but it works much more effortlessly. In the bottom of the washing machine there is a motor with a drive that moves the water back and forth in the container. Anyone who still knows the old wave washing machines understands the principle. The container is filled to a certain maximum level with cold or warm water, a little washing powder or liquid detergent and the process can be started. The washing machines usually run for up to 15 minutes using a timer. Then let the washing liquor flow out through the drain hose, if necessary, spin and rinse in clear water using the same procedure.

Unicameral vs. Bicameral principle

Im Mini washing machine offer two different systems are offered:

Single-chamber principle properties

with or without power connection

with or without spin function

The washing drum is also the centrifugal drum

Wash and spin only possible separately

easy to transport

especially suitable for camping purposes

Two-chamber principle properties

Usually larger capacity

separate chambers for washing and spinning

Spin capacity less than washing capacity

good as a supplement to the normal washing machine

ideal for students or singles

Camping washing machine Note:

The best camping washing machines also have an inlet hose that can be connected to the water pipe. So it also makes sense to operate the mini washing machine at home, possibly in the shower tray.

Our camping washing machine buying advice

Would you like to buy a camping washing machine for your vacation or add it to a conventional washing machine or are you single and do the big laundry anyway? Even for those whose space in a small shower is not enough to set up a large household washing machine, buying one is Mini washing machine the recommendation. There are a few things to consider when buying:

  • The performance

The efficiency of a camping washing machine cannot easily be compared to the wattage. It only says how much electricity is consumed. The consumption also depends on whether you have a washing machine with heating or without heating.

  • The energy efficiency class

Not all manufacturers state the energy efficiency class of their mini washing machines, which is understandable. On the one hand, the manufacturer does not have to specify them for camping washing machines and, on the other hand, it is almost meaningless if the device does not have its own heating. Therefore, do not consider the information too critically, the bottom line is hardly any savings, with a better EDFK.

  • The size

The advantages of a camping washing machine are the small dimensions. Nevertheless, the mini washing machines are offered in different sizes. If it is set up in the awning, it certainly doesn't matter that much, but if you need it as a washing machine replacement, you should measure the space beforehand so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

  • One-chamber or two-chamber principle

This decision depends on usage behavior. If you want to use your mini washing machine as a replacement for a normal household appliance, you are better off with the two-chamber principle. It can also be used to process a small laundry mountain more quickly. However, the single-chamber principle is more suitable as a portable washing machine for on the go.

  • The capacity

The amount of laundry your camping washing machine can hold is important. For the campsite for two, 2 kg are enough, that is two shirts, swimwear and possibly a pair of jeans. For the larger family 5 kg camping washing machines the better choice. For constant use in the household, it can also hold up to 9 kg.

  • The spin speed

To in the Camping washing machine used Washing clothes is one side, but hanging drenched is hardly an option. Especially not if the laundry is hung up in the awning. So it should already be a washing machine with a spinner. However, the spin speeds differ considerably between the individual models and fluctuate between 200 and 1.000 rpm. A look at the speeds is worthwhile here. While lingerie get by at 200 rpm, jeans must have a much higher speed.

  • The weight

The Camping washing machine rating you should also pay attention to the weight. The empty weight is not insignificantly linked to the size. In the trunk, trailer or caravan, every kilo counts. Lightweights come with 5 kg, two-chamber systems can weigh up to three times.

Camping washing machine Note:

Our Camping washing machine buy recommendation: Choose a model with a slingshot. Even if the spin speeds are not too high, the laundry dries faster.

Camping washing machine bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
oneConcept Ecowash-Pico Edition 2020 mini washing machine Camping washing machine (top loader with spin function for 3,5 kg laundry, 380 watts, energy and ...
  • COLORFUL: The Ecowash-Pico mini washing machine brings color to the gray veil and reduces the laundry load of singles, ...
  • SLINGER FUNCTION: The machine has an output of 380 watts, which can be used for washing as well as for ...
  • Punctual and low-noise: the washing time can be set from 0-10 minutes via the wash timer, for the spin timer this is ...
  • SPACE-SAVING: After washing, the residual water can be drained from the machine using a drain hose. The compact ...
  • ECONOMICAL: The mini washing machine is not only frugal in terms of water consumption, it is also energy efficient ...
Bestseller no. 2
Mini washing machine with spin dryer Washing machine up to 3 KG | Travel washing machine Mini washing machine | Camping Mobile Washing Machine Toploader | (1 chamber)
  • An impressive washing machine ... ... ideal for small apartments, single households, student apartments and for camping ...
  • This washing machine impresses with its simple operation, low power and water consumption, at the same time taking up little space and ...
  • The machine is handy, practical, elegant and at the same time stable and unbreakable thanks to the high-quality plastic housing. As well...
  • Highlights: Capacity: 3,0 KG washing water, energy, time and space saving Security functions: protection against overheating and ...
  • Details: washing power: 400 watts spinning power: 580 watts External dimensions: approx. Height 52 cm x depth 36 cm x width 36 cm ...
OfferBestseller no. 3
tectake 4,5 kg mini mini washing machine + 3,5 kg spin dryer combination
  • 2 in 1 washing and spinning at the same time
  • Water, energy and time-saving mini-washing machine
  • Handy, practical and shapely
  • Washing machine made of high quality plastic, stable and unbreakable // Color blue / white, elegant presentation
  • 2 washing programs selectable, with 2 separate timer functions for washing drum and slingshot

Camping washing machine advantages / disadvantages


Small and handy


uses little water and electricity


mostly with spin function

also available as a purely mechanical mini washing machine

ideal for single households or for that Summer house


Not for heavily soiled laundry

mostly without hot water preparation

only suitable for laundry in between

Where can you buy which camping washing machines?

A Shop for camping washing machines you will hardly find it, but you will find a camping goods shop. Only with the selection will the stores quickly reach their limits. Although at the moment REAL camping washing machines offered, but only in the online shop and only four models to choose from. Why not immediately, for example at Amazon Buy camping washing machine online? In any case, the Internet is the only sales platform that offers almost everything the market has to offer. Here you can indulge to your heart's content, the individual models in terms of equipment, accessories and Camping washing machine price to compare. Most of them are on the Internet anyway Camping washing machines cheapr than in retail, so what are you waiting for?

The choice of manufacturers is also much larger. As the market leader, oneConcept, Syntrax Germany or TecTake are at the top of the popularity scale. But also Festnight, Easymaxx, Clatronic, Bomann and many others are campaigning for your favor.

Note: You need other camping items, then have a look at our other comparisons:

Camping washing machine

Questions and answers (FAQ) about the camping washing machine comparison

The space for luggage is usually very limited on camping holidays. If you want to take a camping washing machine with you, you should choose one with the one-chamber principle. It takes up the least space and still ensures fresh laundry on vacation.

If you only want to use a camping washing machine at home, you should get one with the two-chamber principle. Here you can wash and spin separately, but it is slightly larger than its small single-chamber mini washing machine.

With a power connection, the washing machine can work without interruption. Such a connection is usually available at the campsites. However, if you want to go on vacation outside the campsites, you should get a purely mechanical camping washing machine or take a wash bag with you.

Camping washing machines usually only wash for 15 minutes. If washing powder is used and the drum volume is used to the full, the powder may not dissolve completely. For this reason, liquid detergents should always be used.

A camping washing machine is cheap to have with 50 to 70 euros. Depending on the comfort and number of compartments, double the price is required. Therefore, always make a camping washing machine price comparison, because often almost identical models have different prices.

Some washing machine test reports were published by the Stiftung Warentest, unfortunately there was no camping washing machine test. But even without a camping washing machine test winner, a mini washing machine will start the triumphal march with you.

Washing machines with two chambers each have one chamber for washing and one for spinning, while in the single-chamber machines it is only possible to spin after washing, the two-chamber models do this in parallel.

Most mini washing machines do not have their own heating and are filled with hot water. Therefore, the energy efficiency class can only be determined for the running of the engine. This is not very meaningful if the energy for the warm water is generated elsewhere.

Conclusion on the camping washing machine

A camping washing machine is a fairly inexpensive purchase and is an asset both on vacation and in the bathroom at home. You don't have to take a double laundry package with you for a camping holiday and at home the mini washing machine helps with the little laundry in between. Also worthwhile for a single household, a student apartment or for all those who have little space for a large washing machine.

Other recommended camping washing machines selected for you

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