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Car Battery - The battery for your vehicle

Without a car battery, also called starter battery, no car will move from the spot. The car battery is responsible for the entire electrical energy in the vehicle. It supplies both the starter with power as well as the radio and the cigarette lighter. However, there are big differences in terms of the car battery. Which are exactly, you can in our Car battery comparison nachlesen.

As you can see in the five best car batteries in our comparison, there are not only high-quality brand batteries, but also models from relatively unknown manufacturers. It is important in every case that Car battery purchase pay attention to the acid density, the clamping voltage and the model, since not all models in the cars are the same.

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Best recommendation


Car Battery Banner Power Bull Starter Battery 12V 72Ah 660A P7209 TEST ADAC Stiftung Warentest VERY GOOD

  • Calcium technology for more starting power
  • good cold start values
  • immediately ready for use


Car Battery Varta Blue Dynamic Starter Battery E11 574 012 068 74Ah 680A

  • grid technology
  • lightweight design
  • environmentally friendly

Price-performance winner


Car Battery Exide Premium Carbon Boost EA722 72Ah Starter Battery

  • lightweight design
  • suitable for almost every car type


Car Battery Varta 58360 Starter Battery Blue Dynamic

  • grid technology
  • lightweight design
  • environmentally friendly


Car Battery Exide Premium Carbon Boost EA770 77Ah Starter Battery

  • High reliability
  • durable
  • Patented Carbon Additive Solution
  • Also ideal for cars in the short-haul area

Name Car Battery Banner Power Bull Starter Battery 12V 72Ah 660A P7209 TEST ADAC Stiftung Warentest VERY GOOD Car Battery Varta Blue Dynamic Starter Battery E11 574 012 068 74Ah 680A Car Battery Exide Premium Carbon Boost EA722 72Ah Starter Battery Car Battery Varta 58360 Starter Battery Blue Dynamic Car Battery Exide Premium Carbon Boost EA770 77Ah Starter Battery
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5Excellentcar battery

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodcar battery

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,8goodcar battery

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodcar battery

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodcar battery

Manufacturer/Model Banner Varta EXIDE Varta EXIDE
Kapazität 72 Ah 74 Ah 72 Ah 60 Ah 77 Ah
Weight 22 kg 18 kg 18 kg 16 kg 22 kg
Dimension LBH 278 x 175 x 175 mm 278 x 175 x 190 mm 278 x 175 x 175 mm 242 x 175 x 175 mm 277 x 175 x 190 mm
CCA A 660 A 680 A 720 A 540 A 760
positive pole right-wing right-wing right-wing right-wing right-wing
for start stop automatic only usable in case of emergency no no no no
Features Stiftung Warentest 12 / 2012 Note 1,4 Lattice structure allows long life Stiftung Warentest 12 / 2012 Note 2,2 Lattice structure allows long life carbon additive
  • Calcium technology for more starting power
  • good cold start values
  • immediately ready for use
  • grid technology
  • lightweight design
  • environmentally friendly
  • lightweight design
  • suitable for almost every car type
  • grid technology
  • lightweight design
  • environmentally friendly
  • High reliability
  • durable
  • Patented Carbon Additive Solution
  • Also ideal for cars in the short-haul area
Summary Original equipment for BMW, Porsche, Skode and VW Good car battery for a reasonable price Light car battery in a good price, performance ratio Long-lasting car battery from a manufacturer with long battery life experience With this car battery you do not have to worry about the maintenance and reliability
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Our comparison chart for Car battery comparison does not replace one Car battery testin which a special Car battery test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external car battery test trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Car battery test winner is.

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  • If you need a new starter battery, you should first make a smart start with the selection of a new car battery in the manual of his car. There you can find out if your car may require a certain type of battery.
  • On average, a car battery lasts four to five years, sometimes longer. If you want to keep your car battery as long as possible, you should take good care of it. Even the models declared as "maintenance-free" need your attention from time to time.
  • When replacing an old car battery, you must pay attention to the design of the housing and compliance with the electrical values ​​of capacity, voltage and cold start current. Read the values ​​of your old battery or look in the operating instructions.

Not just a car is getting old, even a car battery is aging. Often the beginnings are creeping to perceive, once it suspends it is once over with the mobility. A new car battery is needed and this time you may want to pay more attention to it. How you enjoy your new car battery for a long time and what you should pay attention to when buying is revealed to us Car battery comparison, Cheap or expensive - the car battery offer is great. How to find the right one, to take care of it the best, so that the car does not remain at the first cold snap, we say in ours Car battery comparison of

A new battery gives your car new life

A roadworthy car is there A and O in traffic. Every vehicle, usually every two years, has to be presented to the TÜV for this. But is your car really safe? What about your car battery? This part of the vehicle is often treated very neglected, but it does its job day after day without complaining. But many in front of us experienced a surprise after a frosty night when the vehicle does not want to start. In the breakdown statistics are unwilling to start batteries in the winter months in the first place and not only in older batteries.

Notice: Even the best car batteries should not be deeply discharged. If vehicles have no automatic shutdown, a burning dipped beam can cause great damage overnight. If the starter makes only a small crack, your battery has already been damaged. It is from now on limited in your performance. Incidentally, even a defective and constantly charging alternator regulator can limit the life or bring the battery to a boil.

Depending on which vehicle you drive, pay attention to Buy car battery on the type of attachment (skirting board or frame) and on the length of the connections. The design must fit. Which manufacturer you choose is up to you. Before you order a car battery replacement should have the same values ​​as your old battery. Newer batteries are equipped with a uniform ETN number, which includes rated voltage, capacity, cold-start current, design and the position of the poles. Equal ETN numbers can be exchanged without restrictions 1: 1.
Car batteries are usually offered for the following average capacities:

  • Car battery 44 Ah
  • Car battery 70 Ah
  • Car battery 80 Ah
  • Car battery 95 Ah
  • Car battery 100 Ah

Minor deviations (instead of 44 Ah - 47 Ah) play in the Order car battery or do not buy much.

What types of car batteries are there?

The 12 V starter battery or lead-acid battery

The most commonly purchased car batteries are starter batteries with lead acid batteries. They belong to the wet batteries. The electrolyte is liquid and bound in distilled water. Previously, the level of such a car battery had to be checked regularly. By gas formation, the water evaporated and had to be refilled regularly. Today's lead batteries are welded in a closed housing and have a pressure relief valve. As a result, they are largely maintenance-free. (We'll tell you about minor maintenance later.) They're reliable and a starter battery is one Car battery cheap in the price. Since it is very heavy, it is not suitable as an energy storage but is used as a starter battery.
They are largely maintenance-free and have advantages and disadvantages:


Starter battery low in the acquisition

Full power even in cold temperatures

Lifespan about 10 years

no refilling of distilled water

extensive Car battery offer


Not every battery is pre-charged

only partially usable as energy storage

not for motorcycles

not for start-stop automatic

The AGM battery

AGM is the abbreviation for Absorbent-Glass-Mat battery. At this 12 V starter battery and in this type of battery the electrolyte is bound in a glass fiber fleece. They deliver the same voltage as classic starter batteries but a lower cold test current. But they are only heat resistant up to 55 ° C and can cause problems in a hot engine room. Also the best starter batteries Therefore, do not operate in hot engine rooms. But they are very good in the cold flow area and do not let the driver down in the winter. Such a car battery is also suitable for the operation of a vehicle with start-stop automatic. It is also the preferred technique for boats or motorcycles.


Good cold start properties

for start-stop automatic

for motorcycles and boats


Not suitable for hot engine room

The EFB battery

EFB is the abbreviation for Enchanced Flooded Battery. It is in contrast to the conventional starter battery provided with a polyester scrim, a special network for technical know-how. They charge quickly and last longer than traditional batteries. An EFB battery is primarily intended for use in start-stop automatic vehicles and has its price. It is not cheap car battery.


For cars with start-stop automatic

Fast charge



Deep discharge damages

Longer life than AGM batteries

How do I properly connect a car battery?

When researching our starter battery comparison, we found that replacing a car battery is by no means a case for the garage. Not even special tool is necessary for this, wrench or pliers from the toolbox and an Screwdriver set are enough for it. A Headlamp LED can continue to perform well in the dark engine room. If you put a polfet or a polypray within reach, such a change can even be handled by a woman.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to change:

1. First, turn off the engine and turn off all consumers, such as lights or radio. The radio will like to forget.

Notice: If the radio remains on, this can lead to a reset. All settings will be deleted, as well as the individual programming of an on-board computer!

2. Open the bonnet and first loosen the black connection cable at the negative pole. As a result, the power supply throughout the vehicle is interrupted

3. Now disconnect the red cable at the positive pole

4. Now loosen the retaining screws that hold the battery to the ground

5. Now the battery can be lifted out and replaced with the new one

6. Reconnect everything in reverse order, first red cable then black cable

7. Before, greasing the two poles helps prevent corrosion

Is maintenance-free really maintenance-free?

Even though most car batteries are advertised with the maintenance-free battery, you should pay attention to your new battery from time to time.

  • If you do not operate your car for a longer period of time, your vehicle should not be turned off (ramp, diagonally jacked up, etc.). Corrosive acid can escape through the vent valve and cause damage to the sheet
  • Even when shaking acid can escape through the vent
  • Take care when connecting a Booster cables in the right order
  • Deeply discharged car batteries do not necessarily have to be defective. On Car battery charger brings certainty
  • In the event of a total failure, think of a defect in the generator, regulator or connecting cables
  • Before changing the car battery, read the instruction manual and eventl. Keep code numbers ready for initialization
  • When changing the battery, free the terminals from any efflorescence, brush off the poles and treat with acid-free grease or coat with protective varnish
  • Car batteries are pledged and will be recycled to 90%. Find out before you get one Order car battery online about the return modalities

Where can I buy a cheap car battery?

The price policy of some providers is difficult to understand by a layman. That's why it pays off Car battery price comparison double. Often the car battery price at the gas station or in the specialist workshops is quite high. In the specialized trade it is rather rewarding to buy a starter battery. Of course you can also order a starter battery online. Perhaps you are interested in our starter battery comparison winner, the 72 Ah Power Bull car battery from Banner. In any case, you should avoid one of the no-name cheap starter batteries from the hardware store you have proven cheap car batteries often powerless, which is hardly enough for higher demands in winter.

Which known manufacturers for car batteries is there?

Among the best known manufacturers of car batteries are:

Varta | EXIDE | Banner | LONG TERM

Has Stiftung Warentest already tested car batteries?

In the issue 12 / 2012 has the Stiftung Warentest Car starter battery and car battery tests for the automatic start-stop system taken to the test bench. With the three starter batteries tested, our car battery comparison winner of Banner came in 1 and was therefore the Stiftung Warentest car battery Test winner, followed by the car battery Bosch Silver 4 and the car battery Exide Premium EA722, which also occupies a good rank with us.

Questions and answers (FAQ) about the car battery

To find the right car battery, pay attention to the installation dimensions and the minimum capacity. The fastening system and the connections of the battery are also a decisive criterion.

Small deviations in the ampere hours are not so bad. You can also use this battery easily. But the amp hours can not deviate any more.

As a rule, the brand of the vehicle does not matter. However, you should not buy the cheapest product from the battery. The lifetime of branded products is usually higher.

This is the European Type Number. New batteries are marked with this number to facilitate the search for a replacement. At the same time, the rated voltage, the capacity, the cold-start current and the design are recorded here.

Ideal are batteries that are pre-filled. You immediately reach the maximum performance. Car batteries, which are filled only after installation, take a longer time to have the full power.


A good car battery ensures the smooth start of our vehicles, especially in winter. While a starter battery is sufficient for normal vehicles, special batteries are necessary for vehicles with automatic start-stop system. For the replacement of both car batteries variants, no specialist workshop is necessary, even for a layman a change is relatively easy to accomplish.

Video: Change the car battery properly Instructions ...

Other recommended car batteries selected for you

4.8/ 5 off 928 Reviews]


Car battery test & comparison guide

So choose the best car battery Product from our Test- or settlement proposal

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