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The type of protection is standard and is essential for a car driver. It protects depending on the contract, with the usual basic protection is now low. Every year, money-savers go hunting and try to improve their prices by a few euros again in order to save money on monthly motor insurance.

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For the car insurance comparison:

At a glance

  • A basic protection is required by law and thus the motor insurance is mandatory for all who own and control a motor vehicle.
  • The Car insurance costs are composed of different parameters such as mileage per year, damage-free class, excess and more.
  • The Save car insurance is very easy, because there is a large offer. In the car insurance comparison 2018 we show the potential savings and share our car insurance experience.

Important information about car insurance:

Car insurance Provider change rewarding - November makes it possible

Car Insurance Costs Tax and Co - Contribution Statement

Car insurance discount tips - so the car insurance remains cheap

Complete Best Car Insurance - Find Comparative Winner

Car insurance Provider change rewarding - November makes it possible

Deadline for the car insurance change is every year the 31. November. Yours must be up to this day Car insurance termination with your supplier so that you can slip into the new insurance at the beginning of the year. Before you cancel your current car insurance, there should be a guaranteed offer from the new institute for your protection. A car insurance change is conceivably easy, especially since your new partner usually the procedure of termination of the old insurer even gladly takes over, If you cancel the existing car insurance yourself, you should consider the deadline exactly. It does not matter if it falls on a Sunday or a holiday Date is binding.

Car Insurance Costs Tax and Co - Contribution Statement

You wonder how the Car insurance prices determined? The calculation of the contributions includes many details and variables, in part determined by the institute itself. Comfortable mid-range or rather powerful BMW coupe? Solid accident-free driver or harmful Raudi? Are you registered in the east or south of Germany? The list of questions can span multiple pages because the contribution is many small and big factors calculated. The most important aspects regarding the car insurance contribution:

The best car insurance companies offer different protection

How much your car insurance can cost you depends on many factors. First of all, the car should be protected. Therefore, a motor vehicle liability insurance is the statutory basis protection. Without them, the vehicle must not be driven.

Motor vehicle liability covers damage caused to others by car.

In addition, you can choose a car part insurance or a car insurance.

The car insurance comparison shows your options

A car comprehensive insurance is useful when you drive a new car. Do you have a financing or a Auto loan It is also partially required. The special feature: A fully comprehensive insurance covers all damages that occur on the car. Also damage that you have caused, for example when parking.

However, it is correspondingly expensive. Therefore, you should weigh well whether a motor vehicle liability might not make more sense. A car partial insurance is chosen less frequently. The reason: It covers far less benefits than a car comprehensive insurance, but costs only insignificantly less. Therefore, in a few cases it actually makes sense.

Making car insurance cheaper: That's the way it works

Unlike accident insurance or pension insurance, there are some ways to save on the best car insurance.

Many insurance companies offer an annual form of payment, which can sometimes be up to 100 € cheaper than a monthly payment. You will receive the same insurance cover in both cases.

Even accident-free years often pay off!

This not only applies to the car insurance you currently choose, but also to most other car insurance comparison providers. Say, you often have the option of taking your accident-free years and making your new car insurance cheaper.

Which car insurance is the best for your car?

Making a car insurance comparison often pays off. After all, the insurance companies attach importance to customer loyalty and often have even better offers up their sleeve when they suggest a change.

Which car insurance is the best for your car and you depends on many more factors than just your car brand. Even if you have children who have just obtained a driver's license, you should inform your insurance company. As a loyal customer, you can often simply insure the wild novice drivers.

Test our car insurance comparison and you will also find the car insurance test winner among the providers.

Damage-free class (SF)

The motor insurance damage-free class is for many a mystery, which is to be resolved. No wonder, after all, one can hardly keep the corresponding table in mind. Basically, it's about the damage-free years as a driver. The longer you travel accident-free, the higher the damage-free discount will be. For the areas of liability and comprehensive insurance, the tables separate. You increase in the rebate system, the more steps you go through without accident report. For example, the class 0 applies to newcomers under 3 years driving license. After that, the SF 1 / 5 would enter, if nothing happened, etc. In the event of a claim, a downgrade will generally be made according to the information in your insurance contract.

type class

To a large extent, the type class determines the amount of contribution you need to make to your car insurance. The information is provided by the German Insurance Association (GDV) and there are currently 22.000 types available. The higher the type class is rated, the higher the contribution will be. The defined classes differ in the categories of liability, partial and full insurance. You yourself can not really influence this table and thus do not change the contribution in this area. All insurance institutions work with the same type table, which is based, for example, on the general accident rate of a particular road-going car type. If you would like to inform yourself before the purchase, it is up to you to have a look at the GDV directory

Regional class

Proud 413 registration districts are listed in Germany, with each region proving an individual loss record. Thus, the regional class of your area is an essential tariff feature, which is considered by each institute. The classification is better for drivers in Schleswig-Holstein, than for those in Hesse. This has nothing to do with the landscape, but with the accident frequency in each state. Where the insurer expects more damage (thanks to statistics), the contribution increases automatically. At most, you can influence this factor if Hessen holds together and simply does not cause any more accidents. Say, it can not be influenced. Surely you do not want to move, just to save a few euros on car insurance, right?

Mileage in the year

If you take out a car insurance, you have to estimate the mileage for the coming year approximately. The more a car driver participates in active road traffic, the higher the risk of accidents increases, one can say. If you only drive 5000 km per year, you will pay less than anyone who generally drives 30000 km. Some travel only short distances to work, the next are in field service and travel all over Germany. This differentiation benefits the "few drivers" and that's pretty fair.

driver circuit

In most cases, the registered holder is also the driver of the vehicle, although there are also deviations. For example, married couples register their partner so that there are no problems to expect in case of damage.


To keep your car insurance cheap, you can conclude the contract plus deductible. The higher this turns out, the cheaper your insurance contract becomes. To make an average good deal, many drivers use the liability plus 150 Euro excess in case of damage. A carefree full insurance contract costs just neat, compared to a predictable own risk. Whether car insurance Huk or Allianz car insurance, the conditions can vary. This explains the high demand of a car insurance bill of exchange. Everyone is looking for the best price!

Car insurance discount tips - so the car insurance remains cheap

Adjust in numbers

If yours Car insurance completed online you are free to adjust the method of payment. Choose semi-annual or annual payment instead of monthly payment. You can save a few percent, often up to 40 percent. If you pay 800 euros a year, that makes a decent plus in the box office.

Rethink holder

Usually you register your car under your own name, just out of habit. The younger you are, the more expensive the monthly burden. Surely you have nice parents or grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. who would register your car as a first or second car. Why not just outsource car insurance? Not uncommon among relatives, so that the youth saves money.

Workshop commitment with full insurance

The insurance companies each have an extensive network of partner workshops. As a rule, customers benefit from car insurance if they let the damage be repaired in the partner plant. Additional services such as a pick-up service make the whole thing look even more attractive, as the car insurance comparison shows. For the 20 percent of the discount, which is why especially novice drivers set. Due to the high degree of non-objection, those in the Save car insurance.

Complete Best Car Insurance - Find Comparative Winner

With a car insurance provider change you can save good money, which may go directly into the holiday fund. We offer you our car insurance calculator free of charge so that you can find the cheapest deal for yourself. Experienced Sparfüchse take the car insurance change even almost every yearto always get the really best price. Save with - offers do not cost a cent. The car insurance comparison is always worthwhile!

Video tip: The car insurance check - 10 tips on changing insurance | Car picture

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