24.05.20 Corona virus update // Weekly review +++ First easing already leads to a pandemic spread - Thuringia nevertheless rejects mask requirement - care homes in focus +++

Looking back couldn't be more confusing. There were many, regionally different, developments in the corona virus. Thuringia is drawing particular attention to itself, as Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) would prefer to abolish the mask requirement. He relies on the voluntary implementation of corona protective measures and receives enormous criticism from all sides. Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery and the Bavarian Covid-19 Disaster Unit, Florian Herrmann (CSU), told BILD: “The Thuringian plans are a highly dangerous experiment for everyone in this country. The lifting of all protective measures comes too early and is not appropriate to the current situation because the virus has not yet been defeated. "

Furthermore, care homes should be mentioned, in which the SARS-coV-2 pathogen spreads very quickly once it is on site. At the moment, 23 people were tested positive for the new virus in a retirement home in Düsseldorf, and one resident was hospitalized. Those affected are now in quarantine and free of symptoms so far, as the city announced today. The health department tested a total of around 100 residents after the coronavirus was detected by one employee.

All imaginable shops are open again, as are cafes, restaurants, theaters, fitness studios, hairdressers and beauticians (...). However, the first are already closed because half the sales are not enough or people in some places in Germany are still reluctant and the stores remain empty. Wherever people did meet, for example in an inn in Leer in East Frisia, there was contagion among themselves. Although it should have been invited guests, a test run (pre-opening) that failed miserably. As of today, there are said to be 18 positive corona cases in connection with the visit to the "Alte Scheune" restaurant, and a total of 118 people (participants in the pre-opening) are said to have been quarantined. A service in Frankfurt am Main, at which the corona virus is said to have spread, also made headlines. At least 107! People are said to have been infected there, as the Hesse health minister Kai Klose confirmed.

We are waiting to see what the next week brings!

14.05.20 22:50 Uhr Corona virus update +++ contagion rate in Germany remains uncritical +++

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the reproduction number (R value) remains below the critical limit of 1,0. The new calculated "7-day-R" is currently 0,88, said the RKI.

14.05.20 15:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ SARS-coV-2 also damages kidneys and other organs +++

According to a study by the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), the corona virus, SARS-coV-2, affects numerous other organs as well. The study leader, Tobias Huber, says: "Sars-CoV-2, the novel corona virus, is not just a lung virus, but a multi-organ virus". Investigations of 27 people who died of Covid-19 brought these findings. After the lungs, the kidneys were badly affected. In addition, the pathogen was found in the heart, liver, brain and blood, but the highest concentration in the respiratory tract.

14.05.20 12:18 Uhr Corona virus update +++ sick leave by phone until the end of May +++

Workers can continue to be on sick leave by telephone with their family doctor until the end of May. The joint federal committee of doctors, clinics and health insurance companies has decided that a visit to the practice will be necessary again from June 1st.

13.05.20 17:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ France: beaches reopened +++

In the course of the relaxed Corona restrictions, the first Atlantic beaches have reopened in France. Bathing, walking or jogging has been allowed in La Baule and Pornichet again since Wednesday, as the prefectures announced. Other beaches on the Mediterranean and the English Channel are also expected to open by the weekend. Picnicking on the beach or lying in the sun is unfortunately not yet allowed, so as to prevent people from gathering.

13.05.20 15:40 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Probable Ischgl corona distributor again virus-free +++

The winter sports resort Ischgl (Austria) criticized as a corona hotspot is now officially corona-free again. A collection of information from the state of Tyrol shows that there is no active corona case. Just last Wednesday, the Tyrolean state parliament formed a commission to review the state government's corona crisis management. The focus will be on Ischgl, since SARS-coV-2 is said to have spread from there. The allegation is therefore obvious that the tourism industry has not reacted quickly enough to the spread and that the ski business and the catering trade (including après ski parties) would have stopped too late.

13.05.20 13:34 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 40.000 dead in England +++

According to Johns Hopkins University, almost 33.000 people in the UK have died in connection with Covid-19, other sources speak of as many as 40.000. Prime Minister Boris Johnson quantifies the deaths from the healthcare system: 144 employees and another 131 social workers. Great Britain complains of more Corona deaths than any other European country.

12.05.20 22:59 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Lower Saxony: quarantine obligation overturned by court +++

The growing resistance of the citizens to binding quarantine measures concerns the courts of the state, currently the quarantine obligation in Lower Saxony. The Prime Ministers of North Rhine-Westphalia and Saarland, Armin Laschet and Tobias Hans, announced that they would suspend the mandatory quarantine (usually 14 days) in their countries. In doing so, they reacted to the aforementioned judgment from Lower Saxony, which overrides the regulation for this federal state. The worldwide number of corona cases did not allow (any longer) to force travelers to Germany to quarantine. Laschet even called the regulation on health protection "hostile to Europe".

12.05.20 18:34 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 118,8 billion less tax revenue due to the corona pandemic +++

The federal government, the states and the municipalities will probably have to make do with less tax revenue of EUR 118,8 billion this year. This is confirmed by data from the Ministry of Finance, which are available to the German press agency. The Ministry of Finance now anticipates crisis costs of over 453 billion euros in 2020 alone. In a comparable document, 100 billion less was mentioned in April.

12.05.20 16:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ RKI: borders can be opened +++

The RKI (Robert Koch Institute) considers border openings in Europe to be possible, but only under certain conditions. RKI Vice President Lars Schaade says: If there was a similar epidemiological situation in the neighboring countries, one could justify the opening of the borders.

12.05.20 15:14 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spain: Immigrants must be in quarantine +++

The Spanish government has issued a two-week quarantine for all people entering the country from May 15! They are then only allowed to buy food, visit a doctor or because of an emergency in the house, according to the authorities. The forced quarantine applies to all people who come to Spain during the state of emergency (currently until May 24).

12.05.20 12:50 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Russia: number of infected rises drastically +++

With its number of corona cases, Russia is now in second place on the Covid-19 map (Johns Hopkins University), closely behind the USA. Since the easing, the number of infections has risen rapidly, today at over 232.000! The country also mourns 2.116 deaths, according to official information.

11.05.20 21:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Rising infection rate in Germany - R-value over 1! +++

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of reproductions is over 1 - exactly 1,07. This is the third day of crossing the magic 1-line. The R-value indicates how many people are infected on average by an infected person. One could only draw conclusions in a few days, says the RKI.

11.05.20 19:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ USA: Trump thinks the corona virus would go away on its own +++

In a press conference on Friday, US President Donald Trump claimed that the coronavirus would “go away” on its own even without a vaccine. He says: "It will go away and hopefully we won't see it again". There are viruses and flu that came and went without a vaccine ever being found, they say. The virus would flare up again in autumn (...), or not. Trump is pretty much alone with this questionable statement, he seems to ignore scientific findings. He does not mention any sources for his assessment, as numerous experts around the world are trying to develop a vaccine and are working hard to find a solution for or against SARS-coV-2.

11.05.20 18:35 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Lower Saxony lowers Corona upper limit to 35 new infections +++

An emergency mechanism regarding new corona infections was agreed nationwide. This is 50 per 100.000 inhabitants. The federal state of Lower Saxony wants to handle the problem more strictly and intervenes from 35 new infections. Loosening when the mark is exceeded would not have to be taken back for the entire population if the focus of infection can be assigned.

11.05.20 13:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Coronavirus spread: focus on slaughterhouses +++

One of the largest meat processors, the Tönnies company in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, now has to complete corona mass tests. A test center was set up on the site of the site in the Gütersloh district, company spokesman Andre Vielstädte confirms. Around 6500 people work in the company, some of them in the slaughterhouse. The reason for the mass tests is the corona outbreak at the competitor Westfleisch / Coesfeld. Now all meat factories in NRW are to be examined for the virus. The district of Gütersloh thinks the authorities do 500 tests a day, so the campaign is dragging on a little.

11.05.20 11:29 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Hamburgers disregard corona restrictions +++

The Hamburg police discovered a mass of violations of the corona contact restrictions last weekend. A whopping 220 administrative offenses were recorded and about 120 dismissals pronounced, as a spokeswoman reports. The numbers are only a fraction of the whole, because the police have had countless conversations so far and have often left it at that. Especially around the Alster and of course on the Elbe, people gather in groups and whistle for distance rules. Apparently, many no longer take the pandemic seriously.

10.05.20 22:28 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Great Britain: Johnson extends exit restrictions until June 1st +++

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to extend the seven-week curfew until June, he says in a television speech in the evening: "The number of deaths is tragic, the suffering immense". Lessons at primary schools could only be gradually resumed from June 1st. Only then can some shops open again. Looking at the Covid-19 map, the UK records 31.930 deaths related to the coronavirus.

10.05.20 17:01 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Holidays in Italy for Germans uncertain +++

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, gave his compatriots hope of a summer vacation on the beach during the Corona crisis. To the newspaper Corriere della Sera, he said: "This summer we will not spend on the balcony and the beauty of Italy will do not remain in quarantine. We can go to the sea, into the mountains, enjoy our cities ”. Unfortunately, he left open whether admission for tourists from Germany is granted.

10.05.20 14:22 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Turkey is preparing for tourists +++

Turkey wants to gradually start domestic travel from the end of May, culture and tourism minister Mehmet Ersoy told CNN Türk. International flights are expected to start gradually again in June to bring travelers to their destination. Hotels and restaurants are subject to strict requirements for hygiene and the like. Turkey has developed a certification program for this purpose, it comprises 132 points. Holidaymakers can look forward to pandemic-trained employees and, for example, there will also be buffets in the future, but without self-service. Tourists shouldn't forget to look at the essentials; almost 60 percent of the intensive care beds in Antalya are occupied.

10.05.20 12:48 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Finance Minister Scholz demands rich tax +++

The Corona crisis is generating billions of debts, which is why Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz insists on higher taxes for particularly wealthy citizens. Compared to the "Tagesspiegel am Sonntag" he said: Citizens who earn a great deal more should make a slightly higher contribution. This would also be the case in the next election program. Scholz refers to the election program of 2017, in which the SPD called for a top tax rate of 45 percent and the introduction of a so-called wealth tax.

09.05.20 19:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Strasbourg: EU Parliament becomes Corona test center +++

The European Parliament in Strasbourg is due to open its door as a new Corona test center on Monday. The authorities speak of a test capacity of 2000 pieces per day. An area for the - special - test center is to be made available free of charge in the Louise Weiss building. There, residents from the Bas-Rhin department and in particular from Strasbourg can be tested. The offer applies to people without typical Covid-19 symptoms who have been identified as contact cases. The doctor takes over the transfer there.

09.05.20 16:43 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Coesfeld: Even more corona infected people at meat company +++

The number of employees who tested positive in a meat processing company in Coesfeld rose to more than 180, said the spokesman for the district. All 1200 employees are currently being examined, and more than 900 SARS-coV-2 tests have already been carried out. The spread of the virus was most likely within the living quarters of the Eastern European workers, Minister Laschet also admitted on the recently broadcast Markus Lanz broadcast (ZDF).

09.05.20 14:46 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Bavaria: Health Department closes clinic +++

In the Bavarian town of Schaufling, the rehab clinic of the hospital operator Asklepios was closed because twelve patients tested positive for the corona virus. The order to be closed by the health department affects both the rehabilitation department and the auxiliary hospital. According to the clinic, 40 patients were transferred, some of whom were released into domestic isolation.

09.05.20 12:56 Uhr Corona virus update +++ In Singapore, a robot ensures distance +++

A robot in Singapore informs passers-by of compliance with the distance rule. It is a pilot project which should be expanded if successful. A female voice then says: "For your own safety and that of others: please stay one meter away". If you don't follow the rules, you can expect high penalties.

09.05.20 11:44 Uhr Corona virus update +++ RKI: More than 22.000 people are currently infected in Germany +++

According to the latest information from the Robert Koch Institute, 22.382 people are currently infected with SARS-coV-2 in Germany. A total of over 170.000 infections were recorded (COVID-19 map), of which more than 139.000 people have already recovered. Germany complains of 7510 coronavirus-related deaths.

08.05.20 20:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Nursing home in Bremen under fire: Severe hygiene deficits lead to corona outbreak +++

In a senior residence in Bremen, large hygiene deficiencies led to a severe outbreak of the coronavirus - presumably, as well as the twelve already suffering from a high number of follow-up cases, said social senator Anja Stahmann. She made serious accusations against those responsible for the facility, which mainly houses dementia patients. Over the long weekend in May, no rapid notification to the authorities should have been made. Despite preventive advice in April, employees did not follow the appropriate measures to let residents live in limited living areas. According to the Senate, two doctors noticed the sometimes poor condition of the residents, as well as a lack of hygiene precautions. The entire residence is now in quarantine.

08.05.20 18:58 Uhr Corona virus update +++ France: 26.000 deaths +++

The number of corona deaths in France has risen to more than 26.000, according to the Ministry of Health. In the past 24 hours, the country has recorded another 243 deaths in hospitals and nursing homes. After all, the number of patients in intensive care units continues to decline. Hospitals in the Paris region and the Grand Est, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regions in the south-east of the country and Hauts-de-France in the north are the most busy.

08.05.20 14:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ NRW: slaughterhouses on the corona test bench +++

After the corona outbreak among the employees of a meat processing company in Coesfeld, the employees of all slaughterhouses in NRW are now to be tested for the new virus SARS-coV-2, said government spokesman Christian Wiermer.

08.05.20 12:59 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Steinburg district breaks 50 mark in new corona infections +++

With 87 confirmed infections, the district of Steinburg (around Itzehoe / Schleswig-Holstein) is above the limit set by the federal and state governments of 50 newly infected people per 100.000 inhabitants. The exact limit for the district with 131.000 inhabitants is 66 new infections. It remains to be seen which measures need to be scheduled.

07.05.20 18:36 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spahn: Corona law for Germany +++

Health Minister Spahn is using the time to introduce a new "Corona law". In detail, this means: more SARS-coV-2 tests, much better equipped health offices (cost around 50 million euros) and a bonus for the stressed nursing staff. In addition, the Robert Koch Institute is to receive more funds, in particular 40 new jobs are to be created there.

07.05.20 17:47 Uhr Corona virus update +++ UV light therapy against corona +++

As of now, the Spanish military wants to use UV radiation in the fight against the corona virus. A robot produced in Germany - tEODor - should help with this. This was originally developed for defusing tasks. Equipped with a UV lamp that is activated by remote control, it should disinfect surfaces, as reported by the Spanish media. The first step is to free the Valencia University Clinic from the virus. Possibly a future-oriented method to make the virus harmless in public buildings. In the fight against SARS-coV-2, this alone is not enough, after all, the virus is mainly transmitted via droplets. Still very innovative: microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria can be made harmless by UV rays in seconds, without any chemicals.

07.05.20 11:44 Uhr Corona virus update +++ virologist worried about easing +++

Virologist Alexander Kekulé is concerned about the pace and extent of the relaxation of restrictions in Germany. The traceability of infections is not yet as far as desired, he says on ZDF. Risk groups are still not adequately protected. The now agreed easing would "reduce the level of security" and it was important "a sustainable protection concept" (...).

06.05.20 20:35 Uhr Corona virus update +++ NRW: Laschet opens all doors - Comprehensive easing of the corona measures +++

Prime Minister Armin Laschet (North Rhine-Westphalia) announces extensive easing in all areas after the talks between the federal and state governments. In today's press conference, he said: "Social and economic life is returning." Loosening details:

From May 11, restaurants will be allowed to reopen under certain conditions. From May 21, tourists can arrive and stay in hotels. Gyms are allowed to open and small open-air concerts are allowed. From Pentecost even swimming pools are supposed to open their doors again and from May 30th fairs and congresses are allowed. Apartments and campsites can also be used again.

06.05.20 16:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Chancellor Merkel: contact restrictions extended until June 5 - with relaxation +++

At today's video conference, the federal and state governments extended the corona-related contact restrictions in Germany until June 5th. It was also agreed to loosen the gears, which should please many. In the future, relatives of two households should also be allowed to meet.

06.05.20 13:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Short-time work costs billions +++

An increase in short-time work benefits of up to 87 percent is estimated to cost several billion euros. According to a request from the left-wing group, the agreed three-month increase, with an average number of three million employees, would result in additional expenditure of one billion euros. The cost of reimbursing social security contributions to employers is estimated to be around three billion euros on the same basis.

06.05.20 11:46 Uhr Corona virus update +++ More than 10.000 corona infected people in healthcare +++

More than 10.000 people in Germany who are actively working in the healthcare sector have been infected with the corona virus.The current status report by the RKI shows that 10.101 employees from medical practices, clinics and emergency services already had the virus in them. Of these, 16 people (according to the RKI) died, 442 had to be treated in the hospital.

05.05.20 22:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Braunschweig: Virologist discovers corona blocker +++

Scientists from Braunschweig have found an antibody that successfully prevents the coronavirus from entering cells. Virologist Luka Cicin-Sain from the Helmholtz Center told the Braunschweiger Zeitung: "This is clearly a breakthrough that shows that we are on the right track for the development of a drug against Covid-19". A total of 6000 different, artificially produced antibodies were analyzed. A medication against Covid-19 should spring from the favorite in autumn to treat seriously ill patients.

05.05.20 20:49 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Jena: court releases pupils from mask requirement +++

In Jena, schoolchildren were also required to wear a mask, a kind of special situation among German schools. The Jena Free Waldorf School, on the other hand, had taken legal action and received the law. Masks no longer have to be worn during school hours. There were only a few infections on site, which is why the court declared the order to be illegal.

05.05.20 18:54 Uhr Corona virus update +++ RKI does not expect bottlenecks in intensive care units +++

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) sees no problems for Germany in the foreseeable future with the care of severe Covid 19 cases in intensive care units. RKI boss Wieler says: "Given the current dynamics, it has to be said clearly that no bottlenecks are forecast". The prerequisite, however, would be that the number of new infections does not increase.

05.05.20 14:07 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Bavaria's Söder relaxes: Comprehensive timetable is available +++

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has presented a comprehensive road map for the desired corona loosening. It sums up: "More freedom, more responsibility for the individual!"

Exit restrictions are lifted (Certain contact restrictions and a ban on gathering people in public spaces remain); Family visits allowed again (You can meet a person outside your own household and also close family members); No mask requirement in class (There should be "no mask requirement in class", but the students should wear ... masks in the school yard); Sports allowed again; Open museums and leisure facilities; Visiting ban in hospitals relaxed; Gradual opening of restaurants and hotels (Outside areas of restaurants on May 18, indoor restaurants on May 25, hotels on May 30); All shops are allowed to open (800 square meter rule no longer applies); Day care centers and schools are gradually opening up.

Söder himself: “Now is the right time to open it carefully. The successes are clear. "

05.05.20 12:02 Uhr Corona virus update +++ RKI boss warns again of the second corona wave +++

RKI President Lothar Wieler says we have to prepare for several waves of the corona pandemic in Germany. The virus remains dangerous until 60 to 70 percent of the population is immune. Further: "That is why we know that there is almost certainly a second wave". The majority of scientists are certain of this.

04.05.20 18:25 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona vaccine: EU collects 7,4 billion +++

At an international donor conference, the EU raised 7,4 billion euros for a vaccine against the coronavirus, and Chancellor Merkel said this was a sign of hope for many countries in such difficult times. Germany committed 525 million to boost the development of a SARS-coV-2 vaccine. French President Emmanuel Macron said that a future corona vaccine will be a public good that belongs to no one. France committed 515 million, Japan approximately 760 million, Canada approximately 550 million. Incidentally, the USA did not participate.

04.05.20 15:16 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spahn must defend immunity card +++

Health Minister Jens Spahn is amazed at the debate surrounding his planned immunity card and defends it: "We have that quite normally with other virus diseases, too." And: "What it is used for is the decision of the citizen." go to your family doctor at any time to determine antibodies against hepatitis and the like and have them registered in your vaccination card. To what extent such a Covid-19 ID card should allow exceptions to strict corona restrictions remains open.

04.05.20 14:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Iceland: Up to 50 people can meet again - Germany: Huge rush for hairdressers +++

After a seven-week lockdown, Iceland begins to gradually relax its corona measures. Today some schools started operating again. Universities are planning to resume courses. Dentists are allowed to open again, including hairdressers. The strict ban on assembly was also lifted. Up to 50 people can meet again. Only sports halls, bars and swimming pools remain closed.

Hairdressing salons were stormed in Germany. If you get an appointment, you feel like winning the lottery. Unfortunately, not everyone can hope for a quick appointment and must wait until the end of the month.

04.05.20 12:32 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Lower Saxony opens restaurants +++

The federal state of Lower Saxony wants to open its gastronomy again next Monday - with restrictions. In detail: Restaurants, restaurants and beer gardens should then be able to open to guests with a maximum of 50 percent of the seats, said Minister of Economics Bernd Althusmann. In addition, a reservation obligation should apply.

03.05.20 22:41 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Covid-19 drug Remdesivir is said to cost $ 4500 - per patient +++

The Covid-19 drug Remdesivir has just received a special approval for the USA and is considered a beacon of hope in the fight against lung disease. Approval is also expected for the EU soon. The question remains. The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, a non-governmental organization that analyzes drug prices, first suggested a possible price for the drug in the United States: $ 4500 per patient! This triggered a debate that is far from over. It was still too early for the final price setting, since there are still many factors involved in the pricing. The manufacturer of the drug Gilead has promised to deliver its current inventory of approximately 140.000 treatment units free of charge.

03.05.20 20:21 Uhr Corona virus update +++ number of reproductions continues to decrease +++

According to the calculations of the Robert Koch Institute, the number of reproductions has dropped slightly, currently at 0,74. The previous day the value was still 0,78. The number of reproductions indicates how many people a person infected with Corona infects on average. If it is below one, the spread of the virus tends to decrease, experts say.

03.05.20 17:33 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Schleswig-Holstein: Large stores are allowed to open again +++

There are few infections in Schleswig-Holstein, which is why large stores, regardless of the retail space, can reopen next Saturday. Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) confirms this and points to the positive developments regarding new infections. Special requirements such as a maximum number of customers and the obligation to wear a mouth-and-nose cover continue to apply as before.

03.05.20 14:32 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Vienna: Airport offers overpriced corona tests +++

To avoid possible quarantine, Vienna Airport is offering SARS-coV-2 tests from Monday. For a whopping 190 euros, passengers can then be tested for the new corona virus, the airport said. Within 3 hours, immigrants then know whether they are positive or negative. So far, immigrants have either had to show a negative finding that is not older than four days or have been in quarantine for two weeks.

03.05.20 11:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Saxony: gastronomy should open in mid-May - Russia is experiencing a record of new infections +++

Due to the corona pandemic, cafes, pubs and restaurants have been closed for many weeks. According to the will of Saxony's Minister of Economic Affairs Martin Dulig (SPD), they should be allowed to reopen from May 15. If the number of infections remains positive, he suggests opening the outside areas. He told the DPA as follows: "You could test whether the safety precautions work before everything starts to build up on Pentecost weekend."

Russia is experiencing an undesirable record of new corona infections, authorities confirm. There have been 24 new infections in the last 10.633 hours, a total of 134.686 cases. The death toll increases by 58 and now amounts to 1.280.

02.05.20 22:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ France: fewer cases in intensive care units +++

In France, 24.760 people have died of Covid-19 so far, 166 more than the previous day. The number of patients treated in hospitals drops from 25.887 to 25.827. The intensive cases also decrease somewhat from 3.878 to 3.827. Both numbers reflect a downward trend that has been going on for two weeks and which I hope will continue.

02.05.20 19:38 Uhr Corona virus update +++ USA: Covid-19 drug remdesivir approved +++

The Americans have approved Remdesivir, in certain cases, to treat Covid-19 patients. Seriously ill patients may be administered, for example those with breathing difficulties who need to be supplied with oxygen or who need a respirator, reports the FDA.

02.05.20 17:24 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Great Britain: almost as many deaths as in Italy +++

In the UK, the number of deaths rose to 28.131, up 621 from the previous day, housing minister Robert Jenrick said. This means that almost as many people in the UK have died from the consequences of a SARS coV-2 infection as in the battered Italy. According to the Johns Hopkins University, 28.710 people have died there.

02.05.20 13:35 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Saxony-Anhalt relaxes the strict contact blocks +++

From Monday, everyday life in Saxony-Anhalt will be more pleasant again, because the state is loosening the strict, contact restrictions that have existed for six weeks. Now up to five people can travel together again. No matter whether they live in a household or not. So far, it was only allowed to meet another person (not living in the household) there.

01.05.20 19:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona pandemic can last up to two years +++

A study by the Center for Infectious Diseases Research at the University of Minnesota shows that the pandemic can continue for up to two years. The spread of the new type of corona virus is much more difficult to control than, for example, flu viruses. The reason for this is that infected people can spread the SARS-coV-2 pathogen without any symptoms. The researchers believe that despite lockdowns, the threat will not be over soon. It is important to prepare for further waves of infection in the next two years.

01.05.20 12:40 Uhr Corona virus update +++ SARS-coV-2: WHO wants to determine the origin of the pathogen +++

The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to participate in the investigation into the origin of SARS-coV-2 in China. She asked the Chinese government for an invitation, said WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic. China is under increasing pressure when it comes to the origin of the evil. Several governments around the world are demanding transparency. United States President Donald Trump said yesterday that he had information to justify the assumption that the novel virus came from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

01.05.20 10:27 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Over 1600 new infections in Germany +++

Johns Hopkins University's Covid 19 survey today lists over 163.000 corona infections. 6.623 deaths have so far been reported in connection with the novel lung disease.

01.05.20 08:47 Uhr Corona virus update +++ GKV: More sick leave workers +++

The Augsburger Allgemeine reported on the unusually high sickness rate in Germany, citing a report by the GKV umbrella association. Statutory health insurance (GKV) recorded 2020 percent more sick leave in April 43 than in March. In March there were still 1,49 million, in April suddenly 2,13 million sick. In addition, employees with minor respiratory complaints can have themselves sick on the phone.

30.04.20 23:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spain: Citizens can walk again - Germany: 6.572 dead +++

The first weekend in May is a blessing for the Spaniards, since they have finally been allowed to come out again for the last seven weeks. Walking and playing sports is now possible again, but sometimes with restrictions, as Health Minister Salvador Illa explained. Spaniards can leave the house between 6 and 10 a.m. and between 20 and 23 p.m. When walking, however, they may only move up to one kilometer from their place of residence. Sports are not allowed to leave the community, it is said. This first relaxation of the strict curfew for adults is part of a four-phase government plan.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, 162.530 corona people are registered in Germany, and 6.572 deaths are reported. Most deaths are spread across Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg.

30.04.20 19:56 Uhr Corona virus update +++ USA: 30 million unemployed - vaccine far away +++

Because of the corona crisis, more than 30 million people are now unemployed in the United States. Last week alone, 3,84 million people registered as unemployed. A devastating economic crisis for the land of unlimited opportunities.

The World Health Organization (WHO) smashes hope of getting a coronavirus vaccine quickly. According to the European office, this is only visible in the far distance. Adam Finn, WHO vaccination expert: "Vaccines that are already in trials may be the ones that get the most attention and generate the greatest optimism." Still, they may prove ineffective and uncertain in future developments, he warns. The racehorse with the best start is not always the one that finishes.

30.04.20 12:49 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Federal government wants to re-open playgrounds +++

It seems families can breathe a sigh of relief, because playgrounds should be opened promptly. These have been closed for a few weeks and entry is strictly prohibited. Children mainly had to play in their own four walls, with luck in their own yard or garden. Overcrowded systems should be avoided at all costs and common hygiene rules must also be observed. The information mentioned comes from the German Press Agency (DPA) and is based on the results of today's video conference of the ministers of all countries with Chancellor Merkel.

29.04.20 23:25 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 24.121 Corona dead in France +++

According to Johns Hopkins University records, nearly 170.000 people in France have been infected with the novel corona virus. More than 24.000 people have died as a result. Over 15.000 of them died in a hospital, more than 9.000 in old people's and nursing homes. The number of new admissions to clinics is declining, according to the authorities.

29.04.20 17:38 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Lufthansa introduces a mandatory mask +++

Similar to public transport, Lufthansa is now introducing a mask requirement. The company recommends that customers wear mouth-nose protection throughout the flight. The obligation applies from Monday (May 4th), initially until August 31st, 2020. With the new regulation, the usual way of keeping the middle seats in rows of three is no longer required. Lufthansa justified this procedure by wearing the masks.

29.04.20 16:08 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Short-time worker crisis in Germany +++

According to Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD), far more people will be affected by short-time work than in the financial crisis in 2009. Back then there were almost 1,5 million short-time workers. According to Heil, this number should already have been exceeded in March and April 2020. The consequences remain to be seen.

29.04.20 14:04 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Three-step concept for restaurants and hotels +++

The federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg want to help hotels and restaurants get back on track with a three-stage concept. Tourist outdoor activities such as zoos, amusement parks and climbing facilities are expected to open soon. In the second step, restaurants, holiday apartments and hotels are to follow, possibly with restrictions. The states would determine on their own responsibility the date on which the phases begin, it says.

29.04.20 12:03 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Too few corona tests in Germany +++

According to the Robert Koch Institute, tests for the novel corona virus are declining in Germany. Last week, only 323.449 people were tested on Sars-coV-2, about 85.000 fewer than the week before. In fact, 800.000 tests could be carried out a week. An RKI spokeswoman stated as follows: "The number of tests could have decreased because the number of Covid diseases and the associated suspected cases has decreased". Alexander Kekulé, himself a virologist, sees the thrift in testing as a bad sign. "Right now in the easing phase, we have to carry out massive tests to protect high-risk groups and prevent foci of infection," he told Spiegel.

28.04.20 23:21 Uhr Corona virus update +++ preparation of respiratory masks questionable +++

According to a media report by the ZDF magazine "Frontal 21", the government-recommended preparation process for masks is not enough to really make all viruses harmless. The magazine uses a paper from the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). Thus, the process (dry heat at 70 degrees) is being questioned and the experts would soon have to at least issue a warning.

28.04.20 19:00 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Greeks open hotels - France relaxes from May 11th +++

Greece wants to loosen the previous corona restrictions from May 4th and from June 1st even year-round hotels should even be allowed to open again, explains Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The European tourism sector was the hardest hit industry in the Corona crisis, which many countries are feeling.

Our neighbor France also sees the time to relax the strict protective measures and wants to gradually lift restrictions from May 11, says Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. Premise: The daily new infections must not exceed the 3000 mark!

28.04.20 16:39 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Switzerland debacle: children can go back to grandparents? +++

The Swiss Corona representative Daniel Koch spoke in an interview with the magazine "Großeltern-Magazin" about the contact between grandparents and grandchildren. There is no danger of physical contact with children up to about ten years old, he says. They are unlikely to be infected and, accordingly, are unlikely to transmit the disease. It goes on to say that even if the children were in contact with the infected, the virus could hardly be transmitted if they hugged. These statements unsettled some readers who could already read excerpts from the interview on Facebook.

28.04.20 13:24 Uhr Corona virus update +++ number of reproductions increased again - and now? +++

RKI boss Wieler is currently talking about a success to which all citizens would have contributed. It is now a matter of defending what has been achieved, he says in today's press conference. He appeals: "Let us continue to stay at home as much as possible!" The number of reproductions is currently one (as of yesterday - April 27.04.20th, 3,8) - an infected person thus infects another person on average. However, there are large regional differences, experts said. According to the statistics of recorded cases, the death rate is now XNUMX percent. There are also outbreaks in old people's and nursing homes.

27.04.20 19:02 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Great Britain compensates relatives of the deceased +++

Survivors receive £ 60.000 if their relative was a health care worker and died in connection with SARS-coV-2. British Health Minister Matt Hancock announced this. So far, 82 employees of the National Health Service NHS and 16 nurses have died from the consequences of the lung disease Covid-19.

27.04.20 15:00 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Federal Foreign Office: Travel warnings remain +++

It will take some time before we can travel to foreign countries again. Current travel warnings and restrictions on cross-border traffic will not soon come to an end. The Federal Foreign Office is trying to develop criteria in joint talks with EU partners to rebuild travel. The current warnings are effective until May 3rd. New decisions remain to be seen.

27.04.20 12:59 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Bavaria also tilts 800 sqm regulation +++

The highest administrative court in Bavaria ruled today that the 800 sqm restriction on sales is unconstitutional. The responsible judges see the border as unequal treatment and a violation of the Basic Law. The Hamburg administrative court also agrees and ruled a few days ago. The court did not override the rule. Prime Minister Söder will soon comment on the subject, but nothing will change in the rules this week, according to government circles.

26.04.20 22:54 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Italy: Conte gives back freedom +++

As of May 4, the Italians are allowed to go back to freedom, some of the strict Corona measures are to be relaxed. Citizens can then play outdoor sports again and increase their range of motion, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced in the evening in Rome. Almost 200.000 Italians were (so far) infected with SARS-coV-2, 26.644 people died from it.

26.04.20 19:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spain: Children can go to the door again one hour a day +++

Spain was hit particularly hard by the strict exit bans and can now look forward to the first easing. After 42 days, children can now play outside and outside the door again. An almost unusual picture. Under the age of 14, accompanied by a parent, are allowed to go out for an (entire) hour a day. Parents and children are not yet allowed to move more than a kilometer away from their homes, similar to Paris.

26.04.20 12:39 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona warning app planned - Klöckner demands bonuses for supermarket employees +++

It has been in planning for a long time. It remains to be seen when it will actually be activated: The Covid 19 warning app from the German government! Negotiations with tech giants Apple and Google are delaying the implementation of the app, Saxony's Prime Minister Kretschmer said recently in a ZDF program. ARD and “Welt am Sonntag” reported that the user data should now be stored decentrally. In any case, the app should be voluntary if it is then released. Wait!

Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister of Agriculture, is asking supermarkets to pay their employees a Corona bonus. The CDU politician is equal to Jens Spahn, who is working on bonuses for nursing staff at the same time. The food trade earns very well compared to other sectors, she says to the Funke media group. Further: “The federal government has made it possible to exempt a corona bonus from tax. I would be happy if many employers in the food industry also paid their employees a bonus - they deserved it. ”

25.04.20 21:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ First shopping Saturday after Corona loosening +++

The balance after the first Saturday of shopping is split. The minimum distance of 1,5 m was not observed everywhere. The city center was less busy than on normal Saturdays, said the Lower Saxony-Bremen trade association. The consumer mood is not really back yet, says Kai Falk, managing director of the German Retail Association. Also: From Monday, mouth protection is mandatory almost everywhere, so far only a few have worn it.

25.04.20 16:58 Uhr Corona virus update +++ London: Over 20.000 deaths +++

More than 20.000 people infected with the coronavirus have died in Britain's clinics. There were 24 further deaths in 813 hours related to the Covid-19 lung disease caused by the virus. Britain now officially records 20.319 corona deaths, as the health authorities in London announced. In total, the Covid-19 map shows almost 145.000 SARS-coV-2 infected for Great Britain.

25.04.20 13:46 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Private corona test centers: admissibility is checked by the authorities +++

According to the “Tagesspiegel”, a privately run corona test station is being built in a parking lot in Berlin's government district, similar to the drive-in test stations in the USA and other countries. A rapid antibody test should cost a whopping 60 euros, which, incidentally, is available in pharmacies for only 20 euros (if not sold out). The authorities would have no precise knowledge of the project. Nevertheless, the health city council wanted to check "early next week" whether the project was legally permissible. This “pilot project” by a resourceful entrepreneur could be the starting signal for a number of such stations in order to earn quick money through people's fear.

25.04.20 12:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Strict prohibitions on visiting nursing homes should be lifted + + +

The federal government's proxy, Andreas Westerfellhaus, demands that the strict restrictions on contacts in nursing homes be relaxed soon and says to the “world”: “We know that we have to be prepared to deal with the coronavirus over a longer period of time. We also have to adapt the situation in the care facilities to this: blanket, restrictive visits are not a solution. ” He calls on certain federal states to make improvements because they would continue to isolate their residents, with no prospect of easing the delicate situation.

24.04.20 21:02 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 100.000 recovered in Germany - 5.653 deaths + + +

Germany reports a total of 5653 deaths related to Covid-19. Far more people, 101.501, are now considered to have recovered.

24.04.20 16:34 Uhr Corona virus update +++ NRW as a pioneer: online application for corona compensation + + +

Many of those affected by a loss of earnings can apply for financial compensation, in future very simply - online. All the necessary information can be entered on the website www.ifsg-online.de and evidence of the loss of earnings can be uploaded! Reasons: Who is sent to quarantine or has to look after children at home (...). The simplified procedure was developed together with the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Health. Baden-Württemberg, Bremen, Hesse, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein also want to participate.

24.04.20 15:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Poland extended: daycare centers and schools remain + + +

In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus, Poland extends the closure of kindergartens, schools and universities until May 24th. The current conditions did not allow reopening from an epidemiological point of view, said Education Minister Dariusz Piontkowski. The written Abitur will only begin on June 8th, the oral exams will even be completely omitted. Distance learning for pupils is also available in Poland. Around 38 million people live in Poland, of which just under 11.000 are considered infected, 463 died (Covid-19 map).

24.04.20 10:56 Uhr Corona virus update +++ RKI demands more tests + + +

According to Lars Schaade, deputy head of the institute, more people should be tested on SARS-coV-2, and there is sufficient test capacity. Anyone suffering from respiratory problems, including sore throats, should be checked for the virus. The cold season would be over and more hits could be expected.

23.04.20 23:49 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona virus airlift almost completed: 240.000 Germans brought from abroad + + +

The federal government's return campaign for Germans stranded abroad because of the corona pandemic started five weeks ago. The last rescue flight for the time being started from Cape Town to bring around 300 people home. Around 240.000 people were “picked up” from abroad. There are still a few individual cases to which the responsible embassies are concerned.

23.04.20 20:01 Uhr Corona virus update +++ New York: Number of Covid-19 patients remains high + + +

In the US state of New York, the number of new hospital cases with Covid-19 remains constant at 1300 per day, which Governor Andrew Cuomo complains about. Overall, however, fewer patients would be treated in the hospital. A study of 3000 people found that almost 14 percent of people had antibodies, Cuomo says. In the United States, 856.209 people are currently considered infected.

23.04.20 14:59 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 150.729 corona infected people in Germany + + +

According to the Johns Hopkins University, Germany currently lists over 150.000 people who are infected with SARS-coV-2. 5319 people have died in connection with the coronavirus. Most in Bavaria - 1502 people. Then Baden-Württemberg with 1113 deaths, followed by North Rhine-Westphalia with 1000 deaths (extract from the current table).

23.04.20 13:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Bavaria's Prime Minister calls for Corona vaccination + + +

Markus Söder has spoken out in favor of general vaccination against SARS-coV-2, although there is still no vaccine. Until this is ready for the market, according to Söder, there could be no easing without simultaneous conditions (e.g. the obligation to wear a mask). The CSU politician also emphasizes that easing, as is already the case in many federal states, is out of the question for Bavaria. "Carelessness would be a bad advisor in this situation," it continues.

22.04.20 23:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Denmark: Foreign family members are allowed to enter again + + +

In Denmark, the strict entry requirements will be relaxed as of today, with people with symptoms still being rejected at the border, Foreign and Integration Minister Mattias Tesfaye said in parliament. Foreign spouses or life partners, children and parents of Danes are allowed to enter the country again, even without an existing residence permit. On March 14, Denmark was one of the first countries in Europe to close almost the border for passenger traffic due to Corona. Only foreigners with an important reason were allowed to enter.

22.04.20 17:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Hamburg court tilts 800 sqm rule + + +

The regulation on opening up to business keeps the federal and state governments busy. In a rush decision, the Hamburg administrative court overturned the opening of shops up to a maximum sales area of ​​800 square meters. There is "no reliable factual basis" for the reasoning of the Hamburg Senate that only larger sales areas over 800 sqm are more "attractive", the administrative court said.

22.04.20 16:02 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Switzerland: Federal Council waives the obligation to wear a mask + + +

While in Germany all federal states are now enforcing the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection, Switzerland has decided not to. Keeping a safe distance and washing your hands remain the most effective protective measures, it said in the media release of the Federal Council. Next: Healthy people still do not need to wear masks in public spaces. Sick people, in particular, should remain at home as before. The gradual relaxation of measures in the fight against the corona virus is accompanied by protection concepts. These have to be worked out by the branches themselves and can recommend or even plan to wear a mask.

22.04.20 15:20 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Bremen is following suit: Mask requirement now all over Germany + + +

To contain SARS-coV-2, a mouth-nose protection (sewn, bought or a scarf in case of need) should help. Bremen is now the last federal state to call for a mask requirement. A spokesman for the state government announced that the obligation should apply there from Monday to local transport and shopping.

22.04.20 13:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona vaccine from Mainz: First clinical study + + +

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) from Mainz (RLP) has received approval for the first time in Germany for the clinical trial of a possible vaccine against SARS-coV-2. The Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedical Medicines announced that the Mainz-based company Biontech has received approval to test its active ingredient on "healthy" volunteers.

22.04.20 12:23 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Chancellor annoyed by “opening discussion orgies” - virologist warns of 2nd corona wave + + +

Protective measures on the subject of keeping a distance, wearing a face mask and more are constantly being questioned, which is not only starting to annoy Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). She no longer likes “opening discussion orgies”, she said recently in a press conference. The popular virologist Christian Drosten also warns of a second wave of infection that may not be controlled.

The measures in the fight against the SRAS coV-2 pandemic in Germany have just been eased, and critics are already available. These come from all areas. Media professionals, entrepreneurs who fear a threat to their own existence and political troublemakers trivialize the situation and (unfortunately) reach many citizens who would like to experience normality again.

Virologist Christian Drosten (Charité) explains that loosening that is too quick is dangerous and that a second wave of infection may overwhelm us.

21.04.20 22:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Almost 2,6 million corona infected worldwide + + +

According to the latest information from Johns Hopkins University, there are 2,6 million corona infected people around the world. 175.621 deceased are sued.

21.04.20 20:02 Uhr Corona virus update +++ France: fewer corona patients in clinics + + +

For more than a week, fewer patients have been treated in intensive care units, reports health chief Jerome Salomon. Johns Hopkins University has more than 156.000 infected and 20.294 deaths for France. The coming weeks will show whether the trend remains positive.

21.04.20 16:12 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Galeria Kaufhof opens again - mask requirement soon also in Schleswig-Holstein + + +

Tomorrow, the far north awaits a mask requirement to curb the spread of SARS-coV-2. Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) announced this Tuesday.

The cabinet will decide on Wednesday to make wearing a mouth and nose cover (at least one scarf) compulsory when shopping and on public transport. The starting shot is April 29.

21.04.20 12:40 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Meuse: No vacation season in 2020 + + +

Germany's Foreign Minister Heiko Maas takes no hope of returning to tourism soon: “There won't be a normal vacation season this summer. That would be irresponsible, ”he says after a TV broadcast. "I hope that we will have open borders in Europe as soon as possible and beyond," he adds.

20.04.20 22:41 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona rapid test from Jena now for everyone? + + +

Did I already have an active SARS-coV-2 infection, so am I immune or still infectious? Or still negative? There are many questions that currently concern people around the world. The fear of an unnoticed infection is always there. Scientists from Jena, Germany have developed a rapid test that speaks the full truth in just 15 minutes. Then you can be certain whether you are carrying the pathogen or not and whether you have developed antibodies. It's easy to do, just a drop of blood and patience. The Jena tests will soon be available nationwide in German pharmacies, it is said. In some pharmacies, the test is available for around 20 euros if it is not sold out. The novel antibody test is being produced by the diagnostics company Senova in Weimar, but vaccination is a long time coming. The tests will hopefully now provide clarity, for private individuals as well as for the economy.

20.04.20 21:25 Uhr Corona virus update +++ RKI: Contagion rate increased slightly + + +

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports a slightly increased infection rate compared to Saturday. The number is now 0,9, on Saturday still 0,8. In plain language, this value means that an infected person - less - infects another person, says the statistics. Chancellor Merkel and the RKI repeatedly emphasize that the value must be permanently below 1,0 so that the spread of SARS-coV-2 is contained.

20.04.20 18:05 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Football: Bundesliga from May 9th + + +

In a round of talks at BILD live, Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) spoke out in favor of restarting the first division soon. On May 9th, ghost games are supposed to take place again, but spectators are unthinkable for a long time. Conclusion of the men: "A weekend with football is much more bearable than a weekend without football."

20.04.20 15:02 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Furthermore: telephone sick leave + + +

Actually, the simplification of sick leave should end today, which led to fierce criticism. During the Corona period, sick leave due to colds is still possible by telephone, said the chairman of the Federal Joint Committee on Health Care, Josef Hecken, on Monday.

20.04.20 12:43 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Mask requirement in Bavaria - Spain is planning the first easing + + +

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced today, on Monday, in a government statement in the state parliament that the mask would be required. Mouth and nose protection plays a "very central role" in containing the virus, he says. Currently, in some cities there is an obligation to wear any kind of mouth-nose protection, for example in Jena (Thuringia). Nobody is allowed to enter a shop without a half mask, which is why citizens in some municipalities are already lining up to receive a free copy. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is also gearing up and will be introducing mouth-nose protection for public transport from April 27.

The Canary Islands are planning to loosen the corona measures carefully. No new infections were reported on some islands. On La Graciosa, for example, there is not yet a single infection with 700 inhabitants. Regional President Ángel Víctor Torres nevertheless expects a massive slump in tourism in 2020. In total, the Johns Hopkins University reports over 200.000 SARS-coV-2 infections for Spain.

19.04.20 20:07 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Virus origin must be clarified urgently + + +

The voices regarding the clarification of the origin of SARS-coV-2 are getting louder. Prominent theories include a secret laboratory from Wuhun, from which the killer virus is said to have escaped. For example, this is the opinion of US President Donald Trump. Others turn speculation 180 degrees and say the US released it in China to harm its economy. German politicians are also demanding clarification, which is why this topic is far from being put aside.

19.04.20 16:36 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Deutsche Post does not want to introduce a mask requirement + + +

Deutsche Post AG is critical of equipping letter and parcel deliverers with breathing masks across the board. The need would be extremely high. A million masks per week are expected, the responsible head of operations at Deutsche Post DHL told the “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” (according to the preliminary report to ZDF). This huge amount of respirators with FFP2 would then be missing in hospitals and care facilities.

19.04.20 14:38 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Greens want to make visits to nursing homes possible again + + +

In all discussions about business people who would like to reopen or apply for help, many forget the elderly of society. With a 7-point plan, the Greens want to prevent the loneliness of people in need of care or sick people in the Corona crisis. For example, “Visits to care facilities should be prevented as far as possible,” says a paper available to the Evangelical Press Service (epd). Relatives should be able to visit with the help of time corridors. For this, a contingent of protective equipment should be provided, it is said.

18.04.20 21:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Great Britain: protective equipment is becoming scarce + + +

In the fight against the novel corona virus SARS-coV-2, materials for self-protection and protection against others have become indispensable. Unfortunately, long-sleeved, liquid-repellent disposable gowns for doctors and nursing staff are becoming scarce in Great Britain. Officials confirm that such materials will already be missing from many intensive care units this weekend. Inventories are used up. In an emergency, authorities recommend the use of other gowns, which criticize, among other things, unions. There is a fear of an increased risk of infection for medical personnel.

18.04.20 19:18 Uhr Corona virus update +++ hairdressers are waiting for the go-ahead - gastronomy on the ground + + +

Business owners, such as car dealers and bookstores, are looking forward to reopening next Monday. In contrast, the hotel and catering trade. Here the bulkheads remain tight, how long is still unclear. Many make use of an extensive range of food and drink delivery and pick-up options. Hairdressers can look forward to a lot of work soon, they should prepare for an opening soon. The industry is currently upgrading. To comply with all hygiene requirements, protective clothing of all kinds must be available. From May 4th, the blow dryers can roar again.

18.04.20 18:27 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Shops open from Monday - cities impose mandatory mouth protection + + +

After small shops up to 800 sqm were allowed to reopen on Monday, many cities and municipalities are introducing a mask requirement. Wolfsburg also follows suit and demands the wearing of a face mask in shops, in public buildings, medical practices, medical facilities and also on buses. The order initially applied until May 6, the city said. Children under the age of six are exempt from the obligation.

Many businesses open their doors again, but only if the strict rules regarding hygiene and the distance between them are observed. Regardless of the sales area, car dealerships, bookstores and bicycle dealers are also allowed to reopen. Customers may have to queue up because only a certain number of people are allowed into the premises.

18.04.20 11:23 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Russia: Extends strict protective measures - Germany: Figures give hope + + +

Corona protective measures in Moscow are monitored very strictly by the police, and misconduct is punished. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin is now extending the rules of conduct until May 1. He announced that many businesses will also be closed until May 1st. In Moscow, under the threat of punishment, every citizen is obliged to have a city passport with him if he has to go to work. Even walks or recreational sports are prohibited, which is why the extension is sure to hit the population hard.

In Germany, the numbers of sick people and new infections show a positive trend, if only gently. As of Saturday morning, the number of corona infections in this country has risen to 138.449 according to the official reporting numbers of the federal states. We recorded 4.154 deaths. On average, one speaks of about 166,8 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants.

17.04.20 21:50 Uhr Corona virus update +++ WHO uncertain: Antibodies may not protect against new cases + + +

The World Health Organization (WHO) cannot say for sure whether the presence of antibodies against a second disease with Covid-19 protects. WHO expert Mike Ryan says early research indicated that only a small proportion of citizens already have antibodies. So-called herd immunity may not help as previously hoped. A large proportion of the population is immune to this, which means that the pathogen SARS-coV-2 can no longer spread.

17.04.20 17:54 Uhr Corona virus update +++ UK: Over 800 dead within a day + + +

According to the latest information from Johns Hopkins University, almost 110.000 people in the UK are infected with SARS-coV-2. 14.607 people have died in connection with Covid-19 disease. 24 people died in just 847 hours. The British also have to accept an extension of the protective measures by three weeks.

17.04.20 16:35 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Summer vacation in Germany or on balconies + + +

The President of the German Travel Association, Norbert Fiebig, told the Tagesspiegel: "This summer of travel will certainly be different than in previous years". Holidays will gradually only be possible in certain regions of Germany. With certain precautions perhaps also in some selected EU countries. Overall, however, the travel industry expects vacation 2020 to be limited to home. This also corresponds to the opinion of Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, who excluded summer vacation 2020 abroad a few days ago.

17.04.20 11:01 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spahn: infection rate in Germany has decreased + + +

At today's press conference, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn said the previous corona measures in Germany have been successful: "The outbreak has (as of today) become manageable and manageable again". In mid-March the dynamics of corona expansion had been very strong, which is why the federal government and the states put the brakes on. He continues: "Now we can say that it was successful (...). Since April 12, more people have recovered daily than there were new infections.

16.04.20 22:23 Uhr Corona virus update +++ UN: hundreds of thousands of children in need + + +

According to the United Nations (UN), hundreds of thousands of children could die this year because of the corona pandemic. Almost 369 million children in 143 countries would no longer be able to eat at school. Millions of children are also at risk of falling into extreme poverty. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said: "We now have to act against each of these threats to our children."

16.04.20 20:14 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Poland: Cautious easing of the corona measures - In Italy the number of new infections increases + + +

Poland now wants to carefully loosen the corona protective measures. The stay in forests, parks and green areas will be allowed again from Monday, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. He believes that a larger number of customers should be allowed in stores again. So far, only grocery stores, drug stores and pharmacies are open in Poland.

Since Wednesday there have been 3.786 new Corona cases, the Italian civil defense said. In total, almost 170.000 people in Italy are infected with SARS-coV-2, 22.170 people have died in connection with the pathogen. 525 more deaths than the previous day. In return, the number of patients treated in the intensive care unit is falling. Currently, 2.936 people still need intensive care.

16.04.20 14:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Japan declares emergency - Spain mourns over 500 deaths in one day + + +

On Thursday, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe extended the emergency to the whole country due to rising corona cases. Only a short time ago, he announced the emergency only for heavily affected areas, for example the greater Tokyo area, until May 6. However, this did not seem enough to the regional decision-makers, which is why the Prime Minister has now made improvements. According to the Johns Hopkins University, almost 9000 SARS-coV-2 cases are recorded for Japan, 178 dead.

In Spain, the number of infected people has increased again, currently to over 180.000. The Ministry of Health of Madrid announced that over 5000 new infections were added within a day. The death toll associated with Covid-19 increased by 551 to 19.130.

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