16.04.20 22:23 Uhr Corona virus update +++ UN: hundreds of thousands of children in need + + +

According to the United Nations (UN), hundreds of thousands of children could die this year because of the corona pandemic. Almost 369 million children in 143 countries would no longer be able to eat at school. Millions of children are also at risk of falling into extreme poverty. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said: "We now have to act against each of these threats to our children."

16.04.20 20:14 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Poland: Cautious easing of the corona measures - In Italy the number of new infections increases + + +

Poland now wants to carefully loosen the corona protective measures. The stay in forests, parks and green areas will be allowed again from Monday, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. He believes that a larger number of customers should be allowed in stores again. So far, only grocery stores, drug stores and pharmacies are open in Poland.

Since Wednesday there have been 3.786 new Corona cases, the Italian civil defense said. In total, almost 170.000 people in Italy are infected with SARS-coV-2, 22.170 people have died in connection with the pathogen. 525 more deaths than the previous day. In return, the number of patients treated in the intensive care unit is falling. Currently, 2.936 people still need intensive care.

16.04.20 14:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Japan declares emergency - Spain mourns over 500 deaths in one day + + +

On Thursday, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe extended the emergency to the whole country due to rising corona cases. Only a short time ago, he announced the emergency only for heavily affected areas, for example the greater Tokyo area, until May 6. However, this did not seem enough to the regional decision-makers, which is why the Prime Minister has now made improvements. According to the Johns Hopkins University, almost 9000 SARS-coV-2 cases are recorded for Japan, 178 dead.

In Spain, the number of infected people has increased again, currently to over 180.000. The Ministry of Health of Madrid announced that over 5000 new infections were added within a day. The death toll associated with Covid-19 increased by 551 to 19.130.

16.04.20 12:01 Uhr Corona virus update +++ SPD predicts long school emergency operation - British government extends corona measures + + +

SPD chairwoman Saskia Esken does not expect school operations to return to normal in the near future. "In the long term, there will be no return to the usual classroom routine," she told the Handelsblatt. "So the imperative of the hour is still digitally supported learning." Esken was formerly the country's parent representative in Baden-Württemberg.

UK media plans to extend exit restrictions in the UK by three weeks. After a meeting of the Cobra National Security Council, the decision will be officially announced shortly. "It's too early to make changes," Health Minister Matt Hancock told local BBC. The exit restrictions had been imposed on March 23, and Corona Falls numbers haven't dropped yet, according to Johns Hopkins University. Great Britain currently has almost 100.000 SARS coV-2 infected. 12.894 dead are sued.

15.04.20 20:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ School start May 4th - Large events prohibited until the end of August + + +

The federal government and the federal states discussed today how things will go in Corona times. The most important results at a glance:

• School starts gradually from May 4th, starting with the top classes; Exams and exam preparations are possible beforehand
• Major events remain prohibited until August 31 - football games WITH spectators are affected, but ghost games are not
• No protective mask requirement, but "urgent" recommendation for wearing in trains, buses and shops
• Shops up to 800 sqm can reopen from the month
• Contact restrictions extended until May 3rd
• Citizens should continue to do without private travel, if possible

As early as April 30, the Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel want to advise on further easing.

15.04.20 20:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ School start May 4th - Large events prohibited until the end of August + + +

The federal government and the federal states discussed today how things will go in Corona times. The most important results at a glance:

• School starts gradually from May 4th, starting with the top classes; Exams and exam preparations are possible beforehand
• Major events remain prohibited until August 31 - football games WITH spectators are affected, but ghost games are not
• No protective mask requirement, but "urgent" recommendation for wearing in trains, buses and shops
• Shops up to 800 sqm can reopen from the month
• Contact restrictions extended until May 3rd
• Citizens should continue to do without private travel, if possible

As early as April 30, the Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel want to advise on further easing.

15.04.20 13:48 Uhr Corona virus update +++ German border controls for another 20 days + + +

The ongoing border controls were introduced a month ago. Since then, people without German citizenship have only been allowed to enter Germany for a "valid reason" because of the corona pandemic. This also applies to EU citizens, for example, who “have to travel” through Germany to reach their home country.

Border crossings to Austria, France, Luxembourg, Denmark and Switzerland are now to be closely monitored by customs for another 20 days, security circles say. The Federal Ministry of the Interior should work for the expansion, it is said.

15.04.20 12:01 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona measures extended until early May + + +

DToday, the federal government wants to recommend that the states extend the current contact restrictions at least until May 3rd. The German Press Agency (DPA) and the Süddeutsche Zeitung learned this after a conference of the Chancellor's Office with the heads of state chancellors of the federal states on Tuesday. Many federal states, such as Rhineland-Palatinate and others, are keen to reopen the shops soon. The result remains to be seen. Other countries, such as Ireland or France, extended their contact block into May a few days ago.

14.04.20 20:58 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Söder warns of loosening too quickly + + +

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder warns of an outbidding competition regarding the loosening of the corona. One should not risk a setback and “measure and middle” are still required. We are far from over the mountain, he continues. Tomorrow, the federal and state governments will decide whether the strict measures can be relaxed.


14.04.20 19:51 Uhr Corona virus update +++ wave of infection at Hamburg cancer ward + + +

A dramatic wave of coronavirus infections has broken out in the cancer ward of the Eppendorf University Hospital. When asked by "Spiegel", the press office admitted that around 20 patients, plus around 20 employees, had tested positive for Covid-19. The exact ways of infection would be worked up. The UKE spokeswoman has so far left unanswered the question of whether there are also patients at the leukemia ward among those affected. Such patients are extremely susceptible to viruses, which would be particularly drastic.


14.04.20 15:02 Uhr Corona virus update +++ BASF donates 100 million respirators - economic crash in Great Britain + + +

The chemical giant from the Palatinate town of Ludwigshafen is donating 100 million respiratory masks to the state to curb the spread of SARS-coV-2. In addition, the company also presents its own state, Rhineland-Palatinate, with one million masks, the management announced today. BASF boss Martin Brudermüller: “We can only all deal with an emergency like this together. We therefore use our purchasing networks and logistics in China to help. ”

The British, on the other hand, are experiencing a decline in the economy and are concerned. The gross domestic product could drop a whopping 35 percent from April to June, said the competent authority OBR. As a result, the unemployment rate could more than double.


14.04.20 13:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spahn: We will do without parties even longer - First steps into normality + + +

"There will be cautious first steps into a new normal," said Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) in his today's statement in Hesse, together with its Prime Minister Volker Bouffier. Concrete decisions and procedures are expected tomorrow, when Merkel meets with all countries.

He goes on to say: “Tomorrow we will discuss what normality could be like. We have several recommendations from experts that are a good basis for the talks. ”Political decisions would continue to be left to the countries. Each federal state must also look at its own local situation. However, he also emphasized that we could all do without parties and the longest.

Jens Spahn previously participated in the Corona Cabinet Committee in Hesse and visited the university clinic in Gießen in the morning to find out about the situation with regard to the Corona crisis.

13.04.20 20:35 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 14.986 deaths in France: Macron extends exit ban + + +

Almost 15.000 deaths are mourned in France in connection with Covid-19 lung disease. In total, almost 140.000 citizens there are infected. In today's TV address at 20:02 p.m., President Macron extends the exit ban until May 11.

13.04.20 16:48 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Extended curfew in France + + +

All French have to prepare for a further extension of the curfew until May, says the AFP news agency. President Emmanuel Macron wants to give a television speech in the evening and explain the details of the project there.

The measures taken since March 17th are much stricter than our restrictions on freedom of movement and assembly in Germany. Macron wants to give a new deadline today, which gives him time to draft plans for "France after".

13.04.20 15:40 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 70! Vaccines under development + + +

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 70 different vaccines against SarsCoV2 are currently in the works, three of them in clinical trials. The product of the Chinese Fimra CanSino and the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology is at the forefront of development. The other two vaccines are developments by the US pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Inovio. The two companies in the United States have received special permits to skip the usual preclinical test phases, such as on animals.

13.04.20 12:24 Uhr Corona virus update +++ China: Highest number of new corona cases in 5 weeks + + +

China reported 108 corona infections again yesterday, compared to 99 the day before. The new cases are mainly due to immigrants, said the national health commission. Johns Hopkins University reports more than 83.000 corona cases for China today, with 3.343 deaths.

12.04.20 19:54 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona fraudsters are severely punished + + +

The immediate financial aid for the self-employed magically attracts fraudsters. Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier wants to do something about the misuse of aid. "A few black sheep endanger the quick payment for many thousands of honest people who now urgently need this help," he says on the subject. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the aid program was suspended because of fraud cases.

12.04.20 15:01 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Worldwide infections: Record new infections in Russia - increasing numbers in Spain + + +

The corona pandemic moves the whole world and no country can really protect itself from it. For example, the numbers in Russia skyrocketed. More than 2100 cases within just one day. In total, almost 16.000 people are considered to be corona infected.

The number of infections is increasing again in Spain. 166.000 people are affected and the dead are increasing again. 16.972 people died there in connection with Covid-19 disease. For comparison: 2.178 people have died in Germany so far.

Johns Hopkins University today reports almost 1,8 million infections worldwide. However, the numbers are only to be seen as a trend, as the number of unreported cases should be unexpectedly high.

12.04.20 11:50 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Ursula von der Leyen: Summer vacation falls in the water + + +

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, advises to wait until you book your summer vacation. Nobody could make reliable predictions for the summer months of July and August, she told the “Bild am Sonntag”. The government's recent decision to receive only one voucher as a replacement was rather skeptical. As a reminder: Travel and the like that were booked after March should only be compensated with a voucher. Nevertheless, solidarity is also required in the Corona crisis. Anyone who is not a non-performing customer should not exercise the right to financial compensation to support travel companies.

11.04.20 20:56 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Federal President Steinmeier calls for solidarity + + +

In today's speech, Federal President Walter Steinmeier calls for solidarity to remain the measure of all things after the end of the corona pandemic. "This pandemic is not a war, but a test of our humanity ..."

It goes on to say: “We are doing this step because we are a living democracy with responsible citizens. So many of you are now growing beyond yourself - and thank you. ”The Easter speech, on the other hand, did not provide any information about the expansion of measures or even easing.

11.04.20 17:35 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Postponement of the Tour de France + + +

Restrictions can be coped with in many areas of life, and the subject of sport is on the ground worldwide. While professional football training is once again permitted in some places in Germany, the Tour de France organizers are considering changing the dates. Start is regular on June 27th, possibly too early in the Corona crisis. According to Reuters, one is considering moving the start later in the summer.

11.04.20 15:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Mouthguard duty on weekly market - Pakistan bans export of Covid-19 drug + + +

As of Tuesday, visitors and traders of the weekly market in Halle will have to wear a face mask, Mayor Bernd Wiegand ordered. Any violation would be fined. The prescribed minimum distance of 1,5 meters between people in the market in the city center would often not be observed, which justifies the strict measure. In Dresden, too, customers and dealers have had to wear a face mask for a few days if they want to go to the largest weekly market in the city.

Pakistan bans the export of all antimalarial drugs that may also help against the new lung disease Covid-19. The ban was introduced on Thursday, the Pakistani Ministry of Commerce said. Many countries are currently analyzing anti-malaria drugs and hope to use them against Covid-19 in the future. The German pharmaceutical and chemical group Bayer produces a drug for malaria prophylaxis in Pakistan and should therefore no longer deliver.

11.04.20 12:22 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Strict police controls over Easter + + +

In all major cities, police inspections take place during the holidays to punish possible corona violations. In Berlin today, around 500 civil servants ensure law and order. The warm spring weather attracts people to the air, which is why the focus of the controls is primarily on green areas. According to a police spokeswoman, civilians are also on the move. For example, a check is carried out to determine whether the minimum distance rules are observed. In addition, no groups may be formed unless they live together in one household.

10.04.20 20:01 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Great Britain: Almost 9000 dead - Extended curfews worldwide + + +

In the United Kingdom, deaths related to lung disease Covid-19 are increasing. According to Johns Hopkins University, the UK has 8.974 corona deaths. Health Minister Matt Hancock said that 980 victims were made on Thursday alone, or 1000 in just one day. At least Prime Minister Johnson is well after the intensive care unit.

While Austria relaxed the measures, others tighten the screws. For example, Ireland extends the strict conditions until May 5. The same goes for the Italians, who will also be extending until May 3rd. In Germany, all citizens are eagerly awaiting information about a possible exit or the expansion of measures.

10.04.20 15:40 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Over 3000 corona deaths in small Belgium - nursing home revolts of relatives degenerate + + +

With 11,46 million inhabitants, our neighbor Belgium also has many deaths related to Covid-19. Within 24 hours the number increased by 325, a total of 3019 deceased. For comparison: Germany has registered 83 million inhabitants and so far 2.607 deaths related to the novel corona virus.

The acceptance of the strict corona rules fluctuates, for example, the Lower Saxony district of Grafschaft Bentheim reports violations. Relatives would apparently keep trying to get into nursing homes, via the nor exits or even the residents' balconies. Under no circumstances a trivial offense during this time, district official Gitta Mäulen announced. It appeals to the minds of everyone to do what is necessary to protect this risk group from the virus.

10.04.20 09:44 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Pharma giant donates 100 million doses of the Maleria drug against Covid-19 + + +

As the trade newspaper CH reported, the large pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Bayer donated malaria drugs to combat the lung disease Covid-19 to the USA. Novartis proudly have 30 million units of the hydroxychloroquine hope Bayer has one million units of its Drug Chloroquine provided.

Sanofi from France also wants to donate an incredible 100 million doses of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to a total of 50 countries. In addition, the company claims to have increased its production capacity worldwide by 50 percent. Hydroxychloroquine is considered a potential anti-Covid-19 drug and is currently being tested in humans.

10.04.20 08:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 2607 Covid-19 deaths in Germany - fear of bioterrorism is increasing + + +

The number of infections and deaths in Germany rose again within 24 hours. Johns Hopkins University today reports 2.607 deaths related to Covid-19 lung disease. A total of 118.235 infections are counted.

UN chief António Guterres (70) sees an increasing risk of future attacks from bio-terrorism. Goal: A pandemic as we are currently experiencing it with SARS-coV-2. At a UN Security Council virtual meeting on Thursday, he said, "The weaknesses and inadequate preparation exposed by this pandemic provide insight into what a bioterrorist attack could look like - and may increase the risk." He also warns that non-governmental associations have access to such dangerous virus strains. This could result in devastation for the whole world.

09.04.20 21:29 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Italy mourned dead helpers - Johnson no longer required intensive care + + +

According to information from the Italian Medical Association, at least one hundred doctors, including reactivated retirees, have already died as a result of Covid-19. According to media reports, at least 30 nurses and nurses have succumbed to the insidious lung disease. Italy is the most severely affected by the coronavirus crisis, with 18.279 deaths worldwide. A total of 143.626 people have been infected so far.

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, was released from the intensive care unit at St. Thomas' Hospital. However, he would continue to be closely monitored, but was in a good mood. He had been tested positive for a long time and was hospitalized only last Sunday after the symptoms of his Covid-19 disease worsened.

09.04.20 16:08 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Merkel takes hope + + +

In today's live broadcast, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) talks about the current situation in Germany. Although the number of infected people would decrease, she spoke of a cautious hope: "We can quickly destroy what we have now achieved." Germany must live with the pandemic for a long time. "The situation is fragile." Until recently, she even thought about strengthening the measures taken so far. But it seems that in this country the strict rules would suffice, one should be very happy about that. No easing in sight!

09.04.20 13:25 Uhr Corona virus update +++ NRW stops immediate financial aid + + +

After attempted fraud, emergency aid was stopped. This affects several thousand applicants in North Rhine-Westphalia, solo self-employed as well as small businesses. A spokesman for the NRW Ministry of Economics says it is still not possible to predict when payments will resume.

09.04.20 12:53 Uhr Corona virus update +++ No exit strategy in sight + + +

Peter Altmaier (Federal Minister of Economics) recently said at a press conference: “There is still no clear, clear trend. The rise in the curve has flattened out. That was the goal of the federal government. The enormous willingness of the citizens contributed to this. So there is still no all-clear. The federal government does not want to talk about an exit strategy until there is sufficient evidence for a trend.

08.04.20 20:49 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Italy: Daily increase in corona deaths is less + + +

Johns Hopkins University reports almost 140.000 corona infections in Italy. 17.669 people are reported as victims. Good news: The daily death toll has fallen below 600. 542 people were killed on Wednesday, according to civil protection in Rome. This is the second lowest increase in almost three weeks. The number of patients in the intensive care unit also decreased by 99 to 3693.

08.04.20 17:38 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona violations: Advertisements hail - Sylter smuggle tourists + + +

Some brazen private landlords on the North Frisian Islands apparently smuggle tourists into their vacation rentals and thus circumvent the ban on entering the islands of Sylt and Wyk auf Föhr.

Sylt landlords are said to have caught the guests in private vehicles with NF license plates in Niebüll and transported them to the island. This is confirmed by the district of North Frisia.

Nikolas Häckel, Mayor of the municipality of Sylt, reported another trick: "Some Sylt have even created work orders so that holidaymakers can come to the island under the guise of professional activity." Irresponsible and without (further) words.

08.04.20 16:09 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 40.000 respirators for Germany + + +

Germany expects a total of 40.000 masks to protect the respiratory tract this week as well. That is as much as the last few weeks together, said the spokesman for the Ministry of Health. Up-to-date equipment has already been upgraded, and material from China is always arriving.

08.04.20 13:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Minister of Labor Heil supports 12 hours of work shifts + + +

The labor law (actually) forbids employees to work “without end”, but this has to be avoided in the Corona crisis. Emergency workers on the virus front, such as nurses, are forced to work very long shifts. Therefore, the Federal Government, Minister Hubertus Heil, now allows working days of up to twelve hours in some industries. The new regulation will apply for the next three months in order to ensure supplies in the virus crisis in emergency situations. Even the minimum rest period can be reduced by two hours, from 11 to 9 hours. This is the only way that rosters can survive at the moment.

08.04.20 12:36 Uhr Corona virus update +++ USA: Almost 2000 corona deaths within one day + + +

In total, the United States reports almost 400.000 people infected with corona. Now almost 24 people have died of corona infection within 2000 hours. A sad record. Since the spread of the pathogen began, this is the highest number of victims recorded in a country in one day.

07.04.20 20:11 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spain, USA, France - record numbers - Corona claims many victims + + +

While the overall situation in Germany still seems manageable, countries such as the USA, Spain, Italy, England and France are struggling to survive. Here are the facts in numbers (Johns Hopkins University):

Germany // 105.604 infected - 1.905 deaths

Spain // 140.511 infected - 13.897 deaths

Italy // 135.586 infected - 17.127 deaths

France USA // 98.984 infected - 8.926 deaths

French authorities already speak of 10.000 corona deaths. Health director Jerome Salomon says: "We are not yet at the peak". It's no wonder that Paris will tighten protection measures tomorrow (we already reported today). Worldwide, more than 1.390.511 people are infected, not to mention the number of unreported cases.

07.04.20 18:51 Uhr Corona virus update +++ drug shortage in Europe + + +

In many European hospitals, medication could possibly run out in just a few days, EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides warns in a letter dated April 3 to several associations in the pharmaceutical industry. These are important medicines that are necessary for the therapy of critically ill corona patients. In the paper, she asks the European pharmaceutical industry to ramp up production: "We rely on you and your sense of responsibility and solidarity to ensure that patients in Europe have access to the medicines they need."

07.04.20 12:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Söder (CSU) wants to wear a mask - Paris bans sport + + +

Markus Söder (CSU), Prime Minister of Bavaria, expects a mask requirement in the course of the Corona crisis. "Of course, there will be some form of mask commitment in the end," he said Tuesday after a cabinet meeting.

There is also news from France. Paris now even forbids you to do sports outside your own door during the day. The already strict exit restrictions are drastically deepened, because outdoor sports are now taboo between 10 a.m. and 19 p.m. The new rules will come into force on Wednesday, Mayor Anne Hidalgo and the police prefecture announced.

Sport would still be allowed between 19 p.m. and 10 a.m. when the crowds on the streets were the least. Paris closed all parks and green spaces three weeks ago, pushing athletes onto the pedestrian paths. Even walks are only allowed within a radius of one kilometer to the apartment and one hour a day. Hard times!

06.04.20 21:25 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 1.662 dead in Germany - Breaking news: Johnson in intensive care + + +

News is now spreading that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been transferred to the intensive care unit. He is said to suffer from fever and cough. He was tested positive a few days ago, which is why he lived and governed in self-isolation.

At the time of going to press, the figures for Germany are as follows: 101.558 infected and 1.662 fatalities.

06.04.20 19:53 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Merkel emphasizes: the focus is on health protection - no relaxation planned +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel also warned today that the contact restrictions would be relaxed too quickly. The federal government is thinking “intensely” about how the restrictions on going out could be gradually relaxed, she said at today's press conference in the Chancellery. However, a debate about an exit date from the Corona measures is not advisable now. Health protection is top priority. She stressed again that the crisis would go on for a long time and that we would have to live with the corona pandemic for a long time.

06.04.20 17:46 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 1500 euros for nurses - Boris Johnson in the hospital +++

With the July salary, full-time nurses, nursing assistants and nursing managers will receive 1500 extra money, a bonus for working at the limit. The Verdi union agreed on this with the Federal Association of Employers in the Nursing Industry (BVAP). Part-time employees receive a share based on the hours actually worked. Everyday companions, care workers and assistants should also benefit. After all, trainees should receive a bonus of 900 euros.

It doesn't look so bright in England. Everyone is wondering how Prime Minister Boris Johnson is doing at the moment. He has been admitted to the hospital as a Covid-19 patient, where, according to a Times report, he is said to be currently getting oxygen. Officially one speaks of a precautionary measure and routine checks, the further course remains to be seen.

06.04.20 12:35 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Aid for medium-sized companies - 100 percent state liability! +++

The topic of loans and emergency aid is a big one, as many solo self-employed and small companies, including large companies, fear for their future. While some cry at a high level, others are really affected by the crisis. Now everyone wants help, but on what terms? Details were clarified again in a government press conference today.

Despite the coronavirus crisis, small and medium-sized enterprises are expected to pay an interest rate of three percent annually on new government aid loans. That would come from an internal document for the so-called Corona cabinet, which is available to the Reuters news agency.

The state assumes “800.000 percent” of the default risk for loans of up to EUR 100. Banks are thus limited in liability for these loans. Three monthly sales from 2019 are to be given to medium-sized companies as an aid loan. For companies with 11 to 49 employees, the upper limit is 500.000 euros, for over 50 employees it is even 800.000 euros.

The loans have a term of ten years. Two repayment-free years are possible. However, the companies must not have been in trouble by the end of 2019 to get this help with full state liability. Unfortunately, this could be a hurdle for some.

05.04.20 20:24 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Turkey: Corona cases are increasing - although measures are being relaxed +++

Strict measures to contain the coronavirus have only recently been introduced in Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Friday in a television speech that young people under the age of 20 should not be allowed to leave their homes. Turks over 65 and chronically ill people had previously been banned from going out.

Tonight, over 27.000 corona cases were reported for Turkey, including 574 fatalities. Nevertheless, the president is already loosening the curfew. Young workers and seasonal workers from agriculture are exempt from the restrictions for under 20 year olds, says the Interior Ministry. On the other hand, the total isolation of the cities would remain in effect for 15 days, as announced.

05.04.20 12:39 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spain: 6000 new infections! +++

In Spain, the number of deaths rose by 674 to 12.418, according to the Ministry of Health. The day before, the increase was 809 cases. The number of registered infections has now risen to 130.759 after 124.736 the previous day.

05.04.20 10:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 1.444 corona deaths in Germany +++

According to today's information from Johns Hopkins University, 96.092 people in Germany are considered infected. There are also 1.444 corona deaths.

05.04.20 07:58 Uhr Corona virus update +++ England: Queen calls for self-discipline +++

The Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, is calling on the British to face the pandemic with typical self-discipline and quiet determination. "I hope that in the coming years everyone can be proud of how they dealt with this challenge," she said in a speech to the people and the Commonwealth on Sunday evening. Buckingham Palace published excerpts of this speech in advance.

The speech confirms the concern due to the growing number of corona deaths. England had the highest number of deaths in one day to date, with over 700 deaths on Saturday. A total of 4320 people died of Covid-19 lung disease, including a 5-year-old child.

The speech will be broadcast today at 20.00:21.00 p.m. (XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. CEST).

04.04.20 16:20 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Warning against Corona self-test +++

The Consumer Protection Center North Rhine-Westphalia advises against self-tests for the corona virus, as these may not be safe. The self test would require two samples. One of the lower respiratory tract, which is difficult to take, explain the consumer advocates. Laboratory capacities are also limited and a common error would arise when sending the sample. This must be done promptly and in special packaging.

04.04.20 13:40 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Fewer new infections in Spain +++

In Spain, the number of cases is becoming more stable, which is certainly due to the (so far) three-week curfew. The growth rate of new infections is now less than six percent. The Ministry of Health reports that a total of around 7000 new infections have been detected. According to Johns Hopkins University, Spain currently has 124.736 people infected. 11.744 deaths are reported, although this number is also falling. Nevertheless, for the eighth time in a row, more than 800 deaths were recorded in one day. The regions of Madrid and Catalonia continue to be particularly affected.

04.04.20 12:01 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Bavaria takes seriously ill from Paris +++

Our state of Bavaria wants to admit ten seriously ill Covid-19 patients from Paris for treatment to support the French. Prime Minister Markus Söder writes on Twitter that he has promised support to the French ambassador. It goes on to say: “Friends help in an emergency. Europe must stand together. ”Since last Sunday, Bavaria has already taken in ten Corona patients from Italy. Alongside Italy and Spain, France is one of the countries in Europe that is particularly affected by the corona virus. As of today, over 83.000 people were infected in France, and 6.520 people died.

03.04.20 23:02 Uhr Corona virus update +++ France: 6.520 fatalities +++

Our neighboring country, France, reports a surge in the number of corona deaths. According to the latest information from Johns Hopkins University, there are 65.197 corona infected and 6.520 deceased. So far, at least 1.416 people have died in old people's homes and nursing homes, says the health authority.

03.04.20 21:17 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Swedes fear thousands of deaths +++

Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven believes that thousands of people in his country will also die as a result of an infection with the corona virus. So far, over 6000 corona cases and 358 deaths have been recorded, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Löfven said in an interview with the newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" that the spread in Sweden is slower than in other countries, but does not automatically mean that there will be fewer critically ill or fewer deaths.

In Sweden, too, the strategy is to delay the increase in infections so as not to overload healthcare facilities. “But that also means that we will have more seriously ill people who need intensive care, we will have significantly more deaths. We will have to count on thousands of deaths. ”

03.04.20 20:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ BVB stadium becomes Corona center +++

From Saturday, the largest football stadium in Germany will be used as a corona treatment center. The north stand of the Signal Iduna Park has already been converted with the help of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Westphalia-Lippe (KVWL). The treatment rooms are open daily from 12 noon to 16 pm, without registration. The Dortmund managing directors Hans-Joachim Watzke and Carsten Cramer said: "It is our duty and our wish to do everything in our power to help these people."

03.04.20 19:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Turkey waives mask requirement +++

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan takes comprehensive measures in the fight against the corona virus. From midnight, vehicles may no longer leave or enter 31 cities in Turkey. In supermarkets and in public places, wearing a protective mask is mandatory. A partial curfew applies to people under the age of 20. So far, 20.921 infected and 425 corona deaths have been reported for Turkey.

03.04.20 14:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ USA intercepts protective masks for Germany +++

A delivery of protective masks ordered in China has been intercepted by the USA, according to a report by the "Tagesspiegel" and did not land in Berlin (as planned). The newspaper relies on information from Berlin security circles. Berlin ordered breathing masks with protection classes FFP2 and FFP3 from a manufacturer so that emergency services and nursing staff can protect themselves from infection. It is said to be an American company that produces such protective equipment in China. The goods are said to have been intercepted on the way to Germany and diverted to the USA.

03.04.20 10:54 Uhr Corona virus update +++ RKI boss warns again: masks do not protect! +++

In a conference this morning, President of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler, once again points out that wearing makeshift masks does not protect against infection. Such masks can at best hold back their own droplets and thus protect others from infection, he says. It is important if someone shows symptoms, that person must stay at home in self-isolation. It is still important to keep a distance for public transport. If necessary, the frequency of public transport needs to be increased so that all people can be transported.

02.04.20 22:00 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Over 1.000.000 corona infected worldwide +++

Today, the number of people who tested positive was seven digits. The Covid 19 overview of the Johns Hopkins University currently shows 1.002.159 infected people around the world. In the first place with 236.339 cases the USA. Over 5.600 deaths are associated. Followed by Italy with 115,242 Covid-19 cases and Spain with 110.238 Corona infected. At the time of going to press, Germany had 84.600 infected people and more than 1000 dead.

02.04.20 20:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spahn campaigns for extra money for nursing staff +++

Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) is committed to caregivers who go beyond their limits every day due to the high workload. He told the newspaper Bild: "I would like to see together with the employers how we can find ways to give those who are doing great things every day a special recognition". Nursing staff should know that they would also be paid extra for extra work during the corona crisis. It remains to be seen.

02.04.20 17:16 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Lufthansa, VW, BASF and Co should organize protective equipment +++

The business magazine "Business Insider" would have a minutes of March 30, in which Chancellor Angela Merkel and other federal ministers drafted a plan for the organization of protective materials. For this purpose, a procurement staff should be set up in the Ministry of Health (BMG).

For example, the paper says: "The procurement staff also includes liaison officers from German companies with international business with whom the BMG has concluded framework agreements (BASF, Fiege, Lufthansa, Otto, VW).

The large companies mentioned should let their international connections play in order to cover Germany with sufficient material. The market for protective equipment has been fiercely competitive for a few months, which is why a mask detail is needed.

02.04.20 15:09 Uhr Corona virus update +++ USA: unemployment rate explodes - over 6 million new reports +++

According to current information from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, 216.722 people have been infected with corona in the United States so far. So far, 5.137 people have succumbed to Covid-19 lung disease (there). The corona crisis is driving the number of unemployed upwards. 6,65 million new unemployed have been added over the past week, the U.S. Department of Labor reports. A sad record.

02.04.20 13:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ intensive care beds increased to 40.000! +++

Because of the corona crisis, German clinics have increased the number of intensive care beds from 28 to 000. The head of the German Hospital Society Gerald Gaß told the Rheinische Post in Düsseldorf: "I am assuming that the increase in recent weeks has given us almost 40 intensive care beds, of which around 000 to 40 are free" . Many ventilators were newly procured, retired devices were reactivated. Germany appears to be equipped to deal with a possible rush of sick people.

02.04.20 11:58 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Greece: refugee camp under quarantine +++

In the wake of the corona virus crisis, Greece quarantined a refugee camp. 20 asylum seekers had tested positive for Covid-19, the Ministry of Migration said. So far, nobody would have symptoms. Up to 75 people are currently living in the Ritsona refugee camp, 2500 kilometers northeast of Athens. According to the ministry, their freedom of movement is now to be restricted for 14 days. 63 people were tested for the virus after Covid-19 was detected in a 19-year-old migrant. This was the first confirmed case among thousands of asylum seekers living in overcrowded camps in the country.

01.04.20 22:58 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Almost 80.000 people infected with corona in Germany +++

At the time of going to press, we complained of 891 deaths in Germany and 77.558 Covid 19 cases. Worldwide, 921.924 people are considered infected.

01.04.20 17:48 Uhr Corona virus update +++ England: More than 500 corona deaths within 24 hours +++

In the UK, more than 500 people died in one day for the first time. Almost 30.000 people are currently infected with the novel corona virus. There are a total of 2.356 deaths in England.

01.04.20 16:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Potsdam clinic sealed off - Corona patient from Italy died in Leipzig +++

As of today, 802 people in Germany died of Covid-19. Including a patient from Italy who was admitted to the Leipzig University Hospital. The Italian is said to have already suffered from previous illnesses, so far his identity has not been publicly discussed. You are connected to the embassy and should now transfer the body to his home country. The federal state of Saxony admitted a total of eight sick people from Italy. The other affected should have experienced a slight improvement in the symptoms, said the medical director of the University Hospital Christoph Josten.

The Ernst von Bergmann Clinic is the largest hospital in Potsdam and is closed for new admissions due to an accumulation of corona infected people. Mayor Mike Schubert said on Wednesday. The Robert Koch Institute is expected to reassess the situation on Friday.

01.04.20 15:59 Uhr Corona virus update +++ No contacts on Easter holidays +++

As previously announced, Easter remains silent. Citizens should also keep contacts to a minimum on the otherwise colorful and happy Easter holidays. The current rules will remain in effect at least until the end of the Easter holidays.

01.04.20 12:14 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Austria: mask requirement postponed due to lack +++

As of today, April 1st, the protective mask obligation should start in neighboring Austria. The new rule applies to grocery shopping. Due to an acute lack of simple breathing masks, the start has now been postponed to April 6th. Countries worldwide complain about the lack of medical protective materials such as disinfectants and breathing masks. It remains to be seen whether there will be enough protective masks in a week.

31.03.20 23:09 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 70.985 people infected with corona in Germany +++

At the time of going to press, today's figures. The 70.000 mark was exceeded. Germany has 70.985 Corona cases. We complain of 682 deaths.

31.03.20 19:57 Uhr Corona virus update +++ RKI boss Lothar Wieler: Easter we know more +++

The head of the Robert Koch Institute L. Wieler gave a press conference on the current situation. He says he is optimistic that the Covid-19 containment measures will work. So far, the death rate in Germany is still rather low at 0,8 percent, but he strongly warns against not taking the disease seriously. Easter you would see what the trend is. According to a study, only 41 percent of Germans would consider the new virus disease to be dangerous. Further information follows.

31.03.20 16:40 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 18th death in Wolfsburg nursing home +++

In the Hanns-Lilje nursing home in Wolfsburg there is the 18th corona dead. Diakonie Wolfsburg confirms that 74 of the 145 residents have been infected in the facility for dementia patients. The series started on March 23. The healthy and the sick are now housed separately. Today, volunteers start their service to defuse the situation. The citizens of the city even donate self-made face masks, the willingness to help is very great overall.

31.03.20 12:33 Uhr Corona virus update +++ High penalties for disregarding the corona rules +++

Despite suspicion of being infected with the new corona virus, a doctor from Hechingen visited two old people's homes. Although he had taken the smear himself, he then went to the homes, not for security reasons in isolation. He had been suffering from asthma for a long time and had other symptoms that he attributed to a normal cold. A hefty fine of 4000 euros awaits him.

Again and again the responsible authorities distribute fines for non-compliance. For example, a man from the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde, according to the authorities, did not comply with the quarantine and had contact with at least ten people, a spokeswoman for the district told the DPA (German Press Agency). The offense was noticed only because authorities tracked someone else's infection chain.

The man is now facing fines and perhaps criminal charges. In principle, detention of up to 5 years is not excluded because the quarantine measures imposed by the health authorities are mandatory.

30.03.20 22:00 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Merkel tested for the third time +++

The third corona test by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is also negative. Nevertheless, she remains in the home office for a few more days, her government spokesman announced today.

30.03.20 18:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Covid-19 vaccine in early summer +++

The company CureVac from Tübingen is well on time with the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus and would like to start the first human test in early summer. If everything works as expected, the vaccine should be available by the end of the year, said investor Friedrich von Bohlen. Good news!

30.03.20 16:19 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 17 corona dead in Wolfsburg nursing home - admission stop arranged +++

The State of Lower Saxony has imposed an admission stop for all relevant facilities in a nursing home in Wolfsburg after 17 corona deaths, State Minister for Social Affairs Carola Reimann (SPD) confirmed on Monday. There are exceptions only for nursing homes that could guarantee a 14-day quarantine for new residents, and also for special short-term care facilities. Strict foreclosure is the only way to protect the particularly vulnerable group.

30.03.20 14:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Start of construction of the Berlin Corona Clinic +++

A new corona clinic should open its doors for up to a thousand patients in May, says Berlin health senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD). In an interview with Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), she talks about good preparations. The first parts of the equipment, such as beds, are to be delivered this week. The treatment center for corona patients in the exhibition hall is to be used in the event of a bottleneck (corona emergency). Kalayci pointed out that the situation in the capital was still to be managed. As of Monday morning, there were 2462 confirmed infected people in Berlin, plus eleven dead.

30.03.20 11:58 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Mask requirement in Austria +++

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz demands that breathing masks be worn when shopping, he said today in Vienna. Now that almost 9000 people are infected with corona, the state is trying to contain the virus. So far, 86 deaths have been recorded. According to Kurz, the masks should be distributed in all supermarkets. Carrying is intended as an additional measure to keep away and is mandatory from now on.

29.03.20 23:50 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Moscow imposes curfew +++

Due to the corona pandemic, Moscow is now imposing a curfew. As of Monday, the current mayor may only leave the apartment under certain circumstances, said Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Citizens are allowed to work, the supermarket, the pharmacy and the nearest dumpster. For no reason, Muscovites are no longer allowed to move through the city. Even the pet should only be carried out within a small radius around the apartment. So far there has been a curfew exclusively for people over the age of 65.

29.03.20 20:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ England: you.ve got mail - Johnson writes to all households +++

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing the British for the coming difficult times in a letter to 30 million households in the country. "We know that the situation will deteriorate before it gets better," he writes. He is currently in isolation because he has been infected with the corona virus. A few weeks ago he did not want to see it completely, but now he appeals to the British: "Please stay at home, protect the (national health service) NHS and save lives."

29.03.20 16:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 58.274 people infected with corona in Germany +++

According to the Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Germany has recorded almost 60.000 Covid 19 cases so far. 455 people have died as a result of the novel corona virus.

29.03.20 12:25 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona surcharges tax free +++

Many employers want to send Corona supplements to their employees. People who currently have to work under difficult conditions, such as caregivers, truck drivers or sellers, should be rewarded with a bonus. Such grants are usually taxable. On Monday, Finance Minister Scholz (SPD) issued the instruction that extra payments up to a limit of 1500 euros remain tax-free. A little ray of hope for everyday heroes.

28.03.20 21:05 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spain closes company - Trump closes the bulkheads +++

72.248 people in Spain are infected with the corona virus, and 5.812 deaths. To stop the pandemic, the Spanish government is now closing down all businesses that are not essential to life. The order is valid for two weeks.

Things are getting hot in the US too, better late than never. President Donald Trump wants to isolate parts of the country severely affected by the virus. Some would even advocate isolating New York. New Jersey and parts of Connecticut are also being considered.

Apparently, many New Yorkers are currently traveling to Florida, which the state does not like to see. Almost 117.000 corona infections have just been reported for the United States. 1925 deaths are reported.

28.03.20 16:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ France: 16-year-old dies of Covid-19 +++

French student Julie (16) is, according to media reports, Europe's youngest corona fatality and had no previous illness. Her older sister Manon told the newspaper Le Parisien: "At first she had only a slight cough, last weekend it got worse, on Monday we went to the doctor." Then everything went very quickly: Julie first came to Longjumeau near Paris to the hospital, was then transferred to the Necker Children's Hospital in the French capital. The doctors intubated Julie, but unfortunately could no longer save the girl.

28.03.20 12:35 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Chancellor Braun: No easing until April 20 +++

Helge Braun (CDU) has now made it clear that no easing of the measures is in sight. The previous coronavirus measures are to remain in place until April 20 and older people would have to adjust to the restrictions for months to come. In an interview with Tagesspiegel, he said the pressure is growing daily to restore public life. Everything else remains to be seen.

28.03.20 11:59 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Germans die on Crete and Cyprus +++

Two Germans died from infection with SARS-coV-2 in Crete and Cyprus. A 67-year-old tourist in Cyprus, a 42-year-old math professor in Crete. The latter suffered from pulmonary embolism. The information comes from a hospital in the Turkish-occupied northern part of the island, reports the Cypriot state television (RIK).

27.03.20 20:12 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Italy: 1000 Corona dead within one day +++

In Italy, almost 24 deaths were reported within 1000 hours from the coronavirus. Since Thursday evening, the number of deaths has increased by 969, said the civil defense on Friday evening. A total of 9134 people have died after being infected with the virus. Hospitals and crematoriums are also completely overloaded.

27.03.20 14:47 Uhr Corona virus update +++ North Sea vacationers must vacate vacation homes +++

Two North Sea holidaymakers from Rhineland-Palatinate have to leave their own holiday apartment in East Frisian Krummhörn (Aurich district) immediately after a court order due to the corona pandemic. The administrative court of Oldenburg dismissed a lawsuit by the holidaymakers on Friday (file number: 7 B 721/20). To ward off SARS-coV-2, the district of Aurich, like other districts in the north, has prohibited the use of second homes or ancillary apartments by owners from outside.

27.03.20 12:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Prime Minister Boris Johnson infected with Corona +++

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (55) has contracted the coronavirus and has developed mild symptoms within the past day. He announced this today via short message service Twitter.

The conservative politician has gone into quarantine at home, but will continue to run government affairs, he writes.

As of today, 11.816 people are infected in England. 580 dead are estimated.

26.03.20 20:40 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 115 dead in England within 24 hours +++

England has many deaths in relation to the number of corona infections. 479 people have died so far. 115 of them within one day, which is particularly frightening. A total of 11.772 people are infected with Covid-19.

26.03.20 17:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Head of the Medical Association advises breathing masks +++

Due to the corona pandemic, the President of the German Medical Association, Klaus Reinhardt, asked people in Germany to wear simple respiratory masks.

These do not “guarantee” protection against infection, as Reinhardt emphasized to the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. However, they could help a little to reduce the risk of infecting others (or others). In case of need, he even advises to use self-made masks, since the professional models in the FFP2 and FFP3 categories are of course urgently needed by specialist staff.

He specifically warned not to buy any of these professional protective masks, for example from the Internet.

26.03.20 14:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Klöckner complains of staff shortages +++

Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner (CDU) complains about staff shortages in the areas of food supply. The travel restrictions for foreign seasonal workers are noticeable at slaughterhouses and dairies. It is not just about the much-quoted asparagus harvest, but also about sowing grain. Now rely on the help of students and other people.

26.03.20 11:57 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Catastrophic situation in Alsace +++

The situation in eastern France is getting worse. Disaster physicians report dramatic conditions on the border with Germany. According to this, doctors infected with Corona continue to work with Corona patients at the University Hospital of Strasbourg, and over 80-year-olds would no longer be ventilated.

It is "dying care with opiates and sleeping pills," write the staff of the German Institute for Disaster Medicine in Tübingen in the report, which is available to the German Press Agency (DPA).

Doctors assume that the same development could occur in Germany, which is why optimal preparation would be so urgent. Almost 40.000 people are currently infected with the virus.

25.03.20 17:56 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Chancellor's Office reveals possible relaxation of restrictions +++

Chancellor-in-Office Helge Braun reveals how a relaxation of the contact restrictions in Germany could show. It is currently unclear how long the current contact restrictions will remain in place, which unsettles many citizens.
Braun revealed what the first step in easing could look like: "Young people who are not at risk are more likely to be on the streets again," he said in a video from the "Jodel" student app. But one must continue to test consistently and follow the contacts of the infected.

25.03.20 16:40 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 35.353 corona cases in Germany +++

According to Johns Hopkins University, almost 36.000 corona cases are documented for Germany today. So far, 181 people have died from the effects of Covid-19.

25.03.20 13:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ England: Prince Charles infected with Corona +++

The 71-year-old was tested positive for the coronavirus and belongs to the risk group due to his old age. As early as 2010, he suffered from pneumonia, as the Bild newspaper reported. In contrast, his wife Camilla had been tested negatively. So far, the prince is doing well and is in good health, according to Buckingham Palace. He is in self-isolation in the Scottish Balmoral Castle.

25.03.20 11:37 Uhr Corona virus update +++ RKI today: Corona epidemic is just beginning +++

A current statement by RKI boss Wieler confirms that Germany is only at the beginning of the epidemic, which is why the number of deaths in relation to the many infections is (still) low. Other countries are worse off there. He further said that we had just started fighting Corona. Unfortunately, nothing is heard of his hopeful comment last Monday that the curve would flatten out.

24.03.20 23:25 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 423 dead - no understanding in London in the fight against Corona +++

Despite the global pandemic, London's subways were still full today, said the Mayor of the British capital, Sadiq Khan. "We have to stop all unnecessary trips," he says. "Ignoring these rules means losing more lives."

More employers would have to offer employees home offices, which apparently has not yet happened. Many employees of the transport company are already infected and / or isolated. It is even said to have been threatened with strikes.

The metro and bus traffic in the metropolis is reduced, but general understanding is still pending. So far, 8164 people in the UK have fallen ill

24.03.20 20:50 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 156 corona deaths in Germany +++

The serious lung disease SARS-coV-2 has already claimed 156 lives in Germany - as of now. How many will follow? According to the Johns Hopkins University, almost 33.000 Germans are currently infected, and the trend is rising. Worldwide, more than 400.000 people are infected with the corona virus.

24.03.20 17:05 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Which shops are still open - Italy confiscates 2000 ventilators +++

Germany, like everywhere else in the world, is in a state of emergency. Many stores had to close to curb the spread of SARS-coV-2. In Germany, the following are still open (as of today): supermarkets & discounters, pharmacies, medical supply stores, drugstore stores, therapeutic practices, pet stores, beverage retailers, bakers, butchers, weekly markets, petrol stations, post offices, banks, handicraft businesses, DIY megastores with garden centers, cleaning shops, laundromats and Kiosks.

Restaurants, cafes and bars are still closed. Delivery service of food and drink is still allowed. You can also pick it up yourself. There is great hope that the spreading of the virus can be weakened by the closures mentioned.

Italian authorities have almost 2000! Respirators confiscated. These were supposed to be delivered to Greece for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. The devices and the associated masks and tubes were discovered on a truck that was about to go on a ferry to Greece. Customs pointed out that the export of ventilators from Italy has been banned since February 25.

24.03.20 12:28 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 500 deaths in Spain within 24 hours +++

In Spain, the number of virus deaths increases by more than 24 cases in just 500 hours. The Johns Hopkins University counted 35.212 infected people, including 2318 deaths. The Spanish authorities are already reporting a higher number of deaths, it remains to be seen how long the Corona cases will continue to rise rapidly.

24.03.20 11:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Over 30.000 corona infected people in Germany +++

According to the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore, there are 30 corona cases in Germany. There are already 81 deaths complained, compared to 130 yesterday. Only 113 Germans infected with the coronavirus are considered "healthy again". Further information follows.

23.03.20 21:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ hope in Italy +++

In Italy, growth in corona infections and deaths has slowed somewhat. Civil defense announced an increase in deaths from 602 to 6.077 on Monday.

The lowest increase in four difficult days. The number of known infections has increased by 24 to 4.789 in the past 63.927 hours.

"It is not the time to celebrate a victory, but we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel," said Giulio Gallera, health official in the northern Italian region of Lombardy, which is the most affected by the coronavirus.

23.03.20 19:44 Uhr Corona virus update +++ More infected people in France +++

New infections and deaths are increasing significantly in France, as French Health Minister Olivier Veran confirms. So far, Johns Hopkins University has reported 676 corona deaths. A total of 16937 people contracted the novel corona virus.

23.03.20 18:25 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Chancellor Merkel tested negative +++

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Monday at the request of the German press agency that the chancellor had been tested negatively for corona virus. Although no infection was found during the first test, further tests would be carried out in the next few days.

The Chancellor can also carry out her official duties fully from home quarantine. For example, an EU summit is scheduled for this week, which is to take place via video.

Angela Merkel had had a preventive pneumococcal vaccination given on Friday afternoon. On Sunday evening, according to the government spokesman, she learned that the previously named contact doctor had tested positive for the coronavirus.

23.03.20 14:27 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 156 billion Corona aid package - grants for small businesses and “soloists” +++

While the US aid package failed in the Senate, our government laced up with 156! Billion euros an unprecedented package. With this, the federal government supports families, business people, employees as well as solo self-employed persons like artists and Co.

No new debt was raised for six years. Now the black zero is falling in the federal budget. The cabinet approved a supplementary budget with new borrowing of around 156 billion euros.

Small entrepreneurs and the self-employed should receive direct grants over several months and large companies should be provided with capital through a stabilization fund. The state may also participate in some companies in order to maintain them. Small businesses with less than 5 employees are to be subsidized with 9000 euros, moreover with a whopping 15000 euros over three months.

However, it can take days before an application is made.

23.03.20 11:42 Uhr Corona virus update +++ More than 26.000 corona cases in Germany +++

The number of infected people in Germany increases every day, which is why we currently have 26156 corona cases, of which we mourn 113 deaths. The worst hit was North Rhine-Westphalia, with over 8000 people infected. 40 people died there alone.

22.03.20 18:52 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Merkel has to be in quarantine - contact an infected doctor +++

Just an hour ago, Chancellor Angela Merkel made her live statement and explained the new rules of conduct and prohibitions. Now she herself has to go into quarantine immediately, which her government spokesman Steffen Seibert told the media. On Friday, she had contact with a doctor who had tested positive, as Seibert confirmed. She would also meet her obligations in the home office. On Saturday she was spotted shopping, so that's the end of it.

22.03.20 18:20 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Merkel overrides public life for 2 weeks - Bavaria's Söder does not pull with +++

In her live statement, Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed clear rules that all citizens should abide by. For example, people may only meet with another person who is not a household member. So no more than two people. Exception: You are in a group of people living in the household. For example parents with their three children or the like.

There is apparently stress from Bavaria, where Prime Minister Söder wants to handle the regulations more strictly. He basically prohibits meetings with people outside the household and apparently doesn't let anyone talk to him. Even before Merkel's appearance, reporters reported that the previous conference call would have been loud.

It was also said that hairdressing salons, cosmetic studios and similar service providers remain closed or must definitely close.

First of all, the hard rules apply for 2 weeks and violations would be punished severely. Merkel also thanked all citizens who are already adhering to the measures.

22.03.20 17:02 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Over 90 corona deaths in Germany +++

The virus continues to spread in our country, which is why we have recorded over 90 deaths so far. In addition to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the WHO and the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore also provide current figures. The latter provides real-time information and uses various informants, which makes it very reliable and fast.

In this country, 23.921 people infected with corona have been reported, including 92 deaths and 266 people who are considered healthy again.

Italy reported almost 800 corona deaths in just 24 hours. Overall, the number of deaths rose to 4825, said civil defense yesterday in Rome. The world is upside down and we eagerly await the feedback from the Chancellor, who will provide information around 17:30 p.m.

22.03.20 15:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spain extends exit ban - 400 new corona deaths +++

Nearly 24 other people in Spain died of coronavirus-related lung disease Covid-400 within 19 hours. The government in Madrid announced today that 394 new deaths had been registered. So far, 1381 people have died of the virus there, and more than 25.000 have already been infected with the corona virus.

The emergency, initially limited to two weeks, is to be extended by a further 15 days. Accordingly, the ban on going out is to apply to all Spaniards until April 11. Only postponements that cannot be postponed allow you to leave the house. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that he would ask Parliament to approve the extension of the ban.

22.03.20 12:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Today is taking stock - Merkel decides on curfew +++

Today at 14 p.m. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) together with the 16 Prime Ministers will decide on further possible measures to protect the population. Do people abide by provisions such as keeping your distance, staying at home and avoiding social contacts? More stringent measures may have to be taken, which we all do not hope for. If the last are not insightful, there are real curfews that affect all of Germany. We inform.

21.03.20 20:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Medicines warn: even young infected people are subject to intensive care +++

"Even a young patient is not immune to having a difficult course," warned Clemens Wendtner, a doctor at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases at Munich Clinic Schwabing. His clinic treated the first patients infected with the Sars CoV-2 virus in late January. He also says that the youngest infected people are only 20 years old, you can see the whole range of ages. He wants to shake awake so that the last ones can finally stick to the rules and stay at home.

21.03.20 17:04 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona dead found in apartment - health authority should be able to read cell phone data +++

The third corona death was recorded in Hessen. It was a 72-year-old man who had lived alone. Due to the age and known previous illnesses, he belonged to the risk group. He was also a so-called "returnee" and came home sick from vacation in Austria. The positive test result should be given to him on Friday evening, but the man did not open. According to the agency, the circumstances speak for coronavirus death.

Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to expand the rules with regard to possible protective measures. The German press agency has a corresponding draft, a bill.

In the case of an "epidemic situation of national importance" as in the current case, health authorities should be given the authority to determine contact persons for sick people using cell phone location data. Track your movement and contact them in case of suspicion. In addition, the responsible authorities should be allowed to use traffic data to determine their whereabouts. The mobile network providers should provide the health authorities with the location data.

21.03.20 15:31 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spain is on the limit - 25.000 infected +++

The number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in Spain. As of this Saturday afternoon, the Ministry of Health has reported almost 25.000 people infected. That is about 5000 more than the day before. Madrid is particularly badly affected, with almost 9000 cases and 800 deaths recorded. From now on, even scheduled buses will be used to transport the sick, as the local Ministry of Transport announced. The intensive care units would have reached the limit, reports Spanish television. A current curfew should initially last 15 days to stop or curb the spread of SARS-coV-2.

21.03.20 12:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Over 20.000 infections in Germany - Söder in criticism +++

The number of coronavirus infections is increasing worldwide. In Germany, the state health authorities report over 20.000 cases, a surge in growth and no end in sight.

Bavaria's Prime Minister Söder is criticized by the SPD, but also by the Greens. In his TV speech, he spoke of life and death and enforced strict exit restrictions.

The lack of coordination with other federal states is not well received by political colleagues. Head of the SPD, Norbert Walter-Borjans, told the Funke media group: "Anyone who now acts as if he has a panacea for dealing with this situation is throwing sand in the eyes of the citizens." Also the Green Party chairwoman Annalena Baerbock described Soder's decision as "counterproductive".

20.03.20 21:48 Uhr Corona virus update +++ More than 60 corona deaths in Germany - surveillance of protective measures by drone +++

Germany now has more than 60 fatalities; nine people died of SARS-coV-2 in a nursing home in Würzburg. Berlin, Bavaria and Thuringia also had to complain of deaths today. It is not without reason that measures relating to social contacts are currently being tightened up in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In Brussels, police officers use drones to monitor the curfew. Green spaces in particular are closely monitored to see whether people abide by the rules. More than 100 fines have already been imposed because some citizens in Belgium are still not complying with the rules.

20.03.20 20:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ 600 deaths in Italy - Great Britain moves to +++

With a little delay, the British government is now taking harsher measures. This Friday evening, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that cafes, bars and restaurants should be closed with immediate effect. Theaters, cinemas and gyms are also affected and have to close.

Deaths in Italy continue to increase dramatically. In the past 24 hours, 600 people have died from the effects of the corona infection. Dramatic images from Italian hospitals are transmitted to the news channels, as medical personnel can hardly keep up with the work.

20.03.20 16:43 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Cologne prohibits meetings - BKA warns of front door fraud +++

Cologne also pulls the reins tighter and prohibits meetings of more than two people. Many still do not recognize the precarious situation, which is why all federal states are gradually forced to enforce tougher regulations. Significant fines can be expected if the rules of your country are not followed.

In addition, more and more fraudsters are using the corona crisis to enrich themselves. The Federal Criminal Police Office is currently warning of fraud at the front door. Tricksters impersonate officials and want to run a SARS-coV-2 test. However, such tests are still not being carried out across the board. Our recommendation: Do not allow strangers to enter!

20.03.20 14:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ First corona death in Berlin - 1002 deaths in Spain +++

In the capital, a 95-year-old man, who already had serious pre-existing conditions, died from the consequences of the SARS-coV-2 infection. This was announced by the Senate Department for Health.

In one day the deaths in Spain are from 767 to 1002! gone up. In addition, 19.980 infections have now been confirmed. There were 17.147 cases on Thursday.

20.03.20 12:45 Uhr Corona virus update +++ breaking news: Bavaria is serious: live broadcast from Söder +++

Bavaria's leading wolves, including Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), are currently speaking about the current situation in the Free State of Bavaria. One does not speak of curfew, but the whole thing is like this.

Social contacts are forbidden, you should only leave the house to get medical care or to buy groceries. Refueling fresh air, for example during a walk, is still allowed. Individual sporting activities outdoors are also in order and are positively emphasized by Söder.

These basic exit restrictions apply for two weeks, after which the corona crisis and necessary measures will be reassessed.

20.03.20 12:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ curfew for Germany in sight +++

The debate about a possible curfew in Germany does not end, but is even more likely. Although the Chancellor strongly warned against continuing social contacts in her last TV address, many people across Germany do not stick to it. Young people celebrate corona parties, pensioners hold (as usual) small talks at the weekly market etc.

Due to the corona epidemic, entry into public places has been banned in the city of Freiburg. The ban should apply at least until April 2.

On Saturday (tomorrow) the Chancellor will decide together with the federal states on a possible curfew. Karl Lauterbach (SPD) fears that we Germans will not be able to get past the exit ban. More information will follow.

20.03.20 10:35 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona virus claims 14000 infected in Germany +++

Lothar Wieler, head of the Robert Koch Institute, commented on the new figures for the day. We are growing exponentially, he says. Compared to yesterday, we recorded 2.958 new corona cases, which is an increase of almost 3000.

19.03.20 19:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Already more deaths in Italy than in China +++

Italy is already reporting more corona deaths than China. Italy is the country with the most officially reported deaths in the Corona crisis worldwide. According to Italian civil defense, 3.405 people have died from an infection with SARS-coV-2.

19.03.20 13:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spahn promises help for the entire healthcare system +++

Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) promised a variety of aids and support tools for the entire healthcare industry in a live press conference. Test equipment on the part of nursing and health insurance companies (nursing TÜV etc.) should be put on hold until autumn to relieve the burden on nursing homes and outpatient care services.

18.03.20 19:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Merkel appeals to citizens +++

The Chancellor made a speech (which was broadcast at 19:20 p.m.) to the German people and asked that all preventive measures, such as avoiding social contacts, be observed. She sees the pandemic regarding SARS-coV-2 as a historic task that will keep us busy for some time to come.

18.03.20 16:40 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Up to 10000 infected people if the measures are not followed +++

The situation is serious. RKI boss warns up to 10000 infected people in 2 to 3 months if the known measures for containment are not followed. Bavaria is therefore now imposing the anticipated exit ban. According to the Tirschenreuth district office, it applies to the city of Mitterteich and is expected to continue until April 2nd.

18.03.20 12:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ RKI boss warns - Merkel gives TV speech +++

The coronavirus is of concern to the world, but Germany is also affected with increasing numbers of cases, now there are 9418 coronavirus infections. Lothar Wieler, head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), urges all people to take protective measures (washing hands, restricting social contacts, etc.). It could take two years for the majority of the population to go through the disease and then become immune (...). The virus would keep us busy for longer, he says in his daily press conference.

Today the Chancellor wants to turn to the people again. The TV address will be broadcast live. Time approx. 19:20 p.m. ZDF.

17.03.20 21:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Entry ban for non-EU citizens +++

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) has ordered SARS-coV-2 restrictions on entry for non-EU citizens in Germany to contain the risk of infection, which will be implemented promptly. Germany is thus following the proposal that EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen presented on Monday for the EU and other countries. The restrictions should apply for 30 days.

17.03.20 17:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Merz (CDU) suffers from Corona - Mallorca seals off +++

Prime Minister of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, has asked vacationers to leave the islands. In agreement with the government in Madrid, the hotels are to be gradually closed to prevent the spread of the virus. Our Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is launching a comprehensive return campaign for German vacationers. who are currently abroad.

Friedrich Merz may have infected his party friends, many wonder for a good reason. Merz is in quarantine after testing positive for SARS-coV-2. We don't know how long he has been infected. However, four days ago he made an appearance at a major Hessian event.

17.03.20 13:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Prime Minister Söder holds hard in Bavaria +++

With the support of Health Minister Spahn, Bavaria's Markus Söder (CSU) is cracking down and severely restricting public life. An official curfew as in neighboring countries should explicitly not (yet) exist if everyone adheres to the rules previously imposed. This includes, for example, avoiding groups, keeping the minimum distance of 2 meters, etc.

5000 medical students have already been called on and hospitals suspend all unnecessary operations. This includes cosmetic surgery or eye surgery.

REHA clinics should also help to build up hospital capacities. Hotels may also want to participate. RKI boss Lothar Wieler said that we would notice that even well-positioned hospitals are now having problems. More information will follow.

17.03.20 11:20 Uhr Corona virus update +++ RKI classifies risk as “high” - Audi and VW close plants +++

Germany is facing tough times. The automotive industry, currently Audi and VW, will soon largely suspend production. The furniture giant from Sweden, IKEA, is also closing. All 53 furniture stores close here in order to curb the spread of the virus and to protect the many employees.

The Robert Koch Institute anticipates a multi-year pandemic, which is why the strict measures may take longer than expected. A vaccine would probably not be available before 2021. The situation had to be reassessed every day.

17.03.20 09:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Almost 7000 people infected with Corona +++

The number of fellow citizens infected with the corona virus is increasing daily. So far, most cases are in NRW, currently 2744 and 8 dead, closely followed by Baden-Württemberg with 1105 and 3 corona deaths. There were a total of 17 deaths in Germany.

16.03.20 21:05 Uhr Corona virus update +++ France imposes curfew +++

President Macron is cracking down on the fight against the corona virus. "We are at war," he says this Monday evening and clearly restricts everyday life. The French are only allowed to leave their homes for work or to buy groceries and the like. Visits to the doctor are allowed. The EU will also close its external borders from midday on Tuesday. This should initially apply for 30 days. State of emergency worldwide!

16.03.20 18:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Chancellor Merkel orders drastic measures +++

At a press conference, Angela Merkel informed about far-reaching measures to further combat the corona virus. Shops (except grocery stores, pharmacies and the like) are to be closed. However, shops for daily needs (discounters, etc.) can now also open on Sundays to avoid long queues and crowds. Overall, public life is to be largely paralyzed. Travel should not only take place abroad, but also domestically (with a few exceptions).

16.03.20 12:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ DRK calls for blood donation +++

The German Red Cross warns of a shortage of donor blood. All healthy people are encouraged to donate. If you donated blood, there was no increased risk of corona infection. Additional protective measures were taken. Contact your local DRK station if you want to help!

15.03.20 23:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ North and Baltic Sea seals off islands +++

The islands, for example Sylt, will be closed to tourists from 16.03.20, decided by Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig, Prime Minister Daniel Günther and Prime Minister Stephan Weil. The supply of goods to the islanders should continue to be maintained.

15.03.20 18:40 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Rail restricts regional traffic - Lufthansa flies travelers back +++

Everyday changes are increasing. For example, Deutsche Bahn AG will significantly restrict traffic in regional areas by Tuesday at the latest. It remains to be seen what that means for the individual regions. The spokeswoman for DB AG said today that the number of moving trains would be gradually reduced. Train attendants would no longer check tickets.

Furthermore, Lufthansa flies back its vacationers, for which numerous special flights have been organized. The focus is on returns from the Caribbean and the Canaries, the company said. Large Boeing 747 and Airbus A340 aircraft would be used to return approximately 3000 to 4000 passengers.

15.03.20 15:10 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Germany closes borders +++

In order to reduce the spread of the corona virus, Germany will close its borders from Monday at 8 a.m. This affects the borders with France, Austria and Switzerland. Stricter border controls and rejections are expected. The free movement of goods should not yet be affected and commuters should still get through.

15.03.20 14:24 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Corona dead in Bavaria +++

Another death was recorded in Bavaria. According to the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO), it was an 86-year-old senior from an AWO retirement home. The lady was admitted to Kempten Hospital on Friday with breathlessness, the AWO Swabia confirmed today.

Thus, two dead are now to be mourned in Bavaria, who died of SARS-coV-2. The other case involved an 83-year-old returnee (from Italy) who was in poor condition before the infection.

A total of 10 people in Germany succumbed to the novel virus. More than 5000 infected people according to the current state of affairs. We will keep you informed.

15.03.20 12:00 Uhr Corona virus update + + + Dispute over vaccine - Trump lures German scientists to the United States + + +

US President D. Trump promises German scientists working on a possible vaccine against the corona virus that they will make large financial contributions if they work exclusively for the USA.

The â € œWorld on Sundayâ € reports on this rising dispute and invokes government circles. According to these reports, the company â € œCureVacâ € is based in Tübingen. The company is working with the Paul Ehrlich Institute for Vaccines and Biomedical Drugs to produce a vaccine against SARS-coV-2.

Germany tries to keep the company with financial offers, the newspaper continues to report. So far, the company has not commented on the case.

15.03.20 8:33 Uhr Corona virus update + + + Trump's corona virus test is negative + + +

The US President was examined after contact with corona infected people. The results are now available. According to a media report, a diplomatic dispute between Germany and the United States about a vaccine threatens.

14.03.20 23:20 Uhr Corona virus update +++ curfew in Spain +++

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has confirmed that there will be a nationwide curfew as part of a 15-day emergency. Citizens are only allowed to leave their homes in certain cases, for example to go to work or to buy essential items. With over 5.700 cases, Spain is the second most affected country in Europe by the coronavirus pandemic. Immediately to Italy, which is already proceeding similarly consistently.

14.03.20 19:25 Uhr Corona virus update +++ More than 4000 infected people in Germany +++

In Germany, the number of people infected with SARS-coV-2 has risen to over 4000. According to information from Johns Hopkins University, the number was 4174 cases on Saturday afternoon. As a result, Germany is now in sixth place among the worst countries affected by the virus worldwide, according to the university's country list. So far, eight people in this country have died of the novel corona virus.

14.03.20 17:00 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Klöckner against hamster purchases +++

Minister of Consumer Affairs Julia Klöckner (CDU) appeals to all citizens to carefully, reasonably and carefully increase their stocks. Then enough would be available for everyone, the shelves would be replenished promptly. It is important to only store what is otherwise used in everyday life so as not to waste food and important resources.

14.03.20 17:00 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Trump can be tested for corona virus +++

Under increasing pressure, US President Donald Trump was tested on SARS-coV-2, with the result still pending. Trump got in touch with a member of a Brazilian delegation last weekend. This was later tested positive. The test result should be available within the next two days.

14.03.20 14:30 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Spahn warns of fake news +++

The wildest theories about the corona virus are currently circulating on social networks - FAKE NEWS Alarm! Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) clarifies: "It is alleged and quickly spread that the Federal Ministry of Health or the Federal Government would soon announce massive further restrictions on public life. That's not true!". Such news is currently unsettling many citizens, which is why the BMG (Federal Ministry of Health) also warns of untrue news on twitter.

14.03.20 11:00 Uhr Corona virus update +++ shutdown at Apple +++

Tech giant Apple is calling its employees at its headquarters in Silicon Valley (USA) to work from home. In this way, the further spread of the coronavirus epidemic should also be contained within the company. The decision was probably not made voluntarily. The authorities in the Santa Clara district, in which the city of Cupertino and Apple's corporate campus are located, asked for such security measures. This also applies to other companies that are based there.

13.03.20 23:50 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Trump: 500 corona tests ready by Monday +++

In a press conference in front of the White House on Friday evening, US President Donald Trump said that hundreds of thousands of tests should be carried out, partly in drive-in test centers, where suspected cases do not have to be taken out of the car. 500.000 test kits will be available on Monday.

13.03.20 22:55 Uhr Corona virus update +++ schools and daycare centers too, clubs and pools close +++

Now that all schools and daycare centers go into emergency mode, there are also bars, clubs and the like on the collar. For example, Schleswig-Holstein's state government has decided to ban all public events. As of Saturday, this applies to clubs, discos, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, theaters, museums and adult education centers. "Solidarity is the order of the day," said Prime Minister Daniel Günther. Social coexistence therefore pauses for the time being.

13.03.20 20:35 Uhr Corona virus update +++ US President Trump proclaims the state of emergency +++

Donald Trump has declared a national emergency to mobilize up to $ 50 billion against the epidemic, Trump said. The announcement had been expected given the spreading virus.

13.03.20 19: 35 Clock Corona virus update +++ Denmark closes its borders +++

Denmark is closing its borders in the Corona crisis until further notice. The measure will apply as of tomorrow Saturday at 12 noon, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced on Friday evening at a press conference in Copenhagen.

13.03.20 19: 20 Clock Corona virus update+++ cruise line Costa stops all cruises worldwide +++

Due to the Corona crisis, the Italian cruise line Costa will suspend all of its cruises worldwide until April 3. Costa wants to protect the health of passengers and employees, the company said on Friday.

The ships that are still underway would now call at a port to let the passengers ashore. The "Costa Magica" is currently anchored off the island of Martinique in the Caribbean after a passenger and a crew member tested positive for the new Corona virus. The rest of the people on the ship were quarantined.

13.03.20 19:15 Uhr Corona virus update +++ Robert Koch Institute now confirms more than 3000 infected +++

The Robert Koch Institute reports an increase in confirmed infections in Germany to 3062 infected.

Corona virus - how vulnerable are we?

The world is in turmoil. A new virus, SARS-coV-2, dominates the media and creates international uncertainty. How do we protect ourselves against aggressive corona viruses, how does the transmission take place and how should we behave now? Is panic appropriate? We clarify this and more below.


Corona virus at a glance

  • As early as the end of February 2020, the WHO classified the risk that the disease poses worldwide as very high. The international health emergency has been declared. Financial aid has been released to contain the virus as soon as possible. There is legitimate concern that countries with poorly functioning health systems are driving the spread of SARS-coV-2.
  • German Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn says: "To slow down the momentum, we have to reduce the chances of the virus spreading in people's everyday contact with each other. And to do that, we need every single citizen who is willing to adapt to everyday life.
  • How is the novel corona virus transferable, many people are currently wondering. This happens from person to person, mainly via droplet infection. The virus can also be passed on indirectly, for example by shaking hands. Pathogens may get into the airways when you touch your face.


Corona virus suspected - and then?

Anyone who has had contact with people who test positive is considered potentially at risk. Perhaps you yourself were in one of the risk areas?

National: District of Heinsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia

International: China / Hubei Province (including Wuhan City)

South Korea / Gyeongsangbuk-do Province (North Gyeongsang)

Iran / Qom Province, Tehran

Italy / South Tyrol (corresponds to the province of Bolzano) in the region of Trentino-South Tyrol, region of Emilia-Romagna, region of Lombardy and the city of Vo in the province of Padua in the region of Veneto.

Source: https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Risikogebiete.html

Anyone who has had personal contact with a person infected with SARS-coV-2 should definitely contact the local health department. Regardless of whether or not there were symptoms at that time. You can also contact your family doctor or on-call (116117).

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Know coronavirus symptoms

A Coronavirus infection is manifested by flu-like signs, such as dry cough, fatigue, tiredness, body aches, difficulty breathing, headache, sore throat, fever. Symptoms such as shortness of breath, chills, nausea and diarrhea are also possible. Fever and cough clearly dominate.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the course of the disease is considered to be non-specific, diverse and would vary widely. Viruses generally do not know their age, although people with previous illnesses are more or particularly at risk. The average age of those affected is 49 years, writes the RKI in its updated version.

People over the age of 60 are at high risk of developing a serious illness, as data from China show. There, mostly 80-year-olds were affected by death. Men more often than women. The incubation period averages 5 to 6 days, says the WHO. However, severe courses can also occur in people without any previous illness, including young people. In Germany, 86 percent of the Covid 19 deaths were over 70 years old.

As 08.04.20


Coronavirus therapy - how is the affected person helped?

The good news in advance: Not all illnesses after infection with SARS-coV-2 are severe or even fatal. Most cases are even mild (4 out of 5 according to the WHO) or similar to a normal cold. There is no specific coronavirus therapy (yet). The flu-like symptoms are treated as usual. For example, antipyretic measures. However, after becoming aware of a Covid-19 disease, two-week self-isolation is mandatory. The responsible health authority orders these. If you then need help, for example for shopping, numerous emergency workers can be sure. In every municipality there are usually possibilities, speak to your mayor (by phone).

Behavior tips against corona viruses

Every individual is asked to contain the dangerous virus. Everyone can do something to protect themselves and thereby others. Above all, the Cough and sneeze etiquette are observed, as well as perfect hand hygiene and keeping a distance. Help yourself and others:

  • Hygiene

Pay attention to hygiene: Wash your hands (and your children) very thoroughly several times a day. With plenty of warm water and soap. Thorough drying is very important so that the skin is no longer damp. Bacteria and viruses love moist warmth. Wash your hands after all contact with people, animals, before and after eating, going to the toilet, etc.

  • Avoid physical contact

Practice restraint: You can now save yourself a generous handshake and the like, after all, you don't want to encourage direct transmission. A distance of two meters from the other person is recommended, but at least 1,5 m.

  • Prevent distribution

Do not touch your face anymore if it is not absolutely necessary. Viruses, such as SARS-coV-2, get there very quickly in the direction of the airways and settle there. This is how Covid-19 lung disease develops in your body.

  • Others

Sneeze properly: Experts are advised against sneezing into the hand, as the viruses only spread more easily. If possible, sneeze into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief, which you should dispose of immediately.

Corona virus note:

A real boom in demand for breathing masks shakes the world, although the most important preventive measure is to comply with coughing and sneezing rules (including hand hygiene and keeping clear). A simple, surgical mouthguard can be useful as an external protection if a sick person has to move in the public area. There is insufficient evidence that healthy people significantly reduce their risk of being infected by wearing mouth and nose protection, the RKI reports. Nevertheless, the recommendations are getting louder to equip yourself with a makeshift mask. In neighboring Austria, a mask requirement has been in force for some days now when shopping. The topic is hotly debated in Germany, but a mask requirement has not yet been imposed. Only breathing masks with at least FFP2 are effective against such aggressive viruses. These are currently hardly available and should be left to first aiders. As at: 08.04.20/XNUMX/XNUMX

FAQs - questions that might interest you


Where does the name corona virus come from?

The Latin word "Corona" means "crown" in German. The viruses show jagged-looking molecules on their surface, which is why the royal name was created. Furthermore, "COVID" stands for "Corona Virus Disease", the disease as such. The new virus is now called SARS-coV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus-2) and shows a close connection to the already known SARS pathogen from the 2000s. Incidentally, diseases always get their names from the WHO, whereby these may not be named personal names, regions or after an animal. This is to prevent disadvantage.

Are Corona Viruses Transmitted to the Dog?

The publicly available information differs greatly, so we recommend from test-vergleiche.com only reputable sources such as the Robert Koch Institute and others. According to the RKI, there are many different types of corona viruses and some of them can also spread to animals and possibly trigger an infection there.

Can delivery shortages of medicines be expected?

Even before the outbreak of SARS-coV-2, there were difficulties with the availability of various drugs. Chronically ill patients know about this and have had to switch to other manufacturers. Inexpensive generics (copycat products) are produced in countries like India. Most of the raw materials come from China, which can lead to problems in the future. Nevertheless, the situation in Germany is still considered secure, according to the assessment of the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). There were no indications that the supply of medicines had ceased.

How do you behave after a trip abroad?

Anyone who has been in a designated risk area should immediately avoid contacts and ideally stay at home. A visit to the doctor should only be made after registering by telephone so that the practice is prepared. You may be referred to the responsible health department and have to call there. If you want or need to start a planned trip abroad, contact is recommended to the Federal Foreign Office.

What if the disease is diagnosed abroad?

The authorities in each country decided how to proceed, which is why you should think about unnecessary trips. The responsible offices abroad decide on possible quarantine measures and may order them. This is what travelers have to do.


Can coronaviruses stick to surfaces?

Many people are afraid of getting smeared from a smear infection, for example, from packages from China, or from imported food. Or because a stranger had previously touched the shopping basket. According to the statement by the Federal Ministry of Health, transmission would primarily take place via secretion, i.e. indirect or direct droplet infection. Therefore, observing hygiene rules is very important! A transmission of corona virus via inanimate surfaces has so far been classified as unlikely. Except, it is used materials (bedding, etc.) from infected people. Update 08.04.20/XNUMX/XNUMX: Scientists report a possible Residence time of up to 9 days, on average 4 to 5 days (research team from Greifswald and Bochum in the Journal of Hospital Infection).

Who pays for the test on SARS-coV-2?

As a rule, the health insurance company pays the costs for testing for coronaviruses, if confirmed by the doctor as necessary. Unfortunately, there is (still) no quick test which affected people could do themselves. Consumer advocates advise against self-initiative (for own account) by private laboratories. The sources of error in sampling and shipping are too large. In addition, the laboratory capacities are currently limited.

When is there a vaccine against coronavirus?

Scientists worldwide are working flat out to develop a vaccine. The WHO is trying to drive development forward. There are four possible candidates for a vaccine, two of which may turn out to be promising. The chief scientist of the WHO, Soumya Swaminathan reports. German laboratories are also working on faster test procedures. Possible results are expected in early summer, when the first series of tests on humans will begin. Still it will be until certified vaccine still take. (As of April 08.04.20, XNUMX)

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