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Celebrates under the English name "Cranberry" great success and is well received by connoisseurs. You can do that Buy cranberry in many forms, dried as a whole berry, powdered for smoothies, or as a pure extract or as a concentrate. Unfortunately, it is primarily at home in the USA, which is why Europeans can use cranberry capsules, juice and the like. in the Cranberry capsule comparison of we show you the advantages and disadvantages of the "crane berry" and clarify the most important facts!

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Best recommendation


Pure Healthland Cranberry Capsules GMO-Free

  • Supports your bladder health
  • Fast action thanks to the softgel capsule
  • antioxidant protection through vitamins C & E
  • Sugar free


TheOrganical® cranberry capsules 100% natural

  • 100% natural
  • high bioavailability
  • free of unwanted additives
  • certified quality
  • 100% vegan


VitalDays® cranberry capsules with D-mannose

  • Intelligent combination of cranberry, dandelion root and pumpkin seed extract
  • suitable for a vegan lifestyle.
  • PLUS free e-book with 8 tips and tricks for an active life.

Price-performance winner


Cranberry capsules double heart cranberry + pumpkin

  • Cranberry enriched with pumpkin, vitamin C and selenium
  • for a functioning immune system


SimplySupplements Cranberry Capsules - 120 tablets

  • 4 months supply at recommended dosage
  • VITAMIN C BOOST for a healthy immune system, strong bones and healthy skin
  • suitable for vegan diet

Name Pure Healthland Cranberry Capsules GMO-Free TheOrganical® cranberry capsules 100% natural VitalDays® cranberry capsules with D-mannose Cranberry capsules double heart cranberry + pumpkin SimplySupplements Cranberry Capsules - 120 tablets
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentCranberry capsules

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodCranberry capsules

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodCranberry capsules

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,8goodCranberry capsules

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodCranberry capsules

Manufacturer/Model Pure Healthland The Organical VitalDays Double heart SimplySupplements
Nutritional Values Supplement facts: Serving: 1 softgel, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 20 mg-33% | Vitamin E (dl-alpha toco. Acetate) 3 IU -10% | Cranberry Concentrate (Vaccinium macrocarpon) (fruit) (a 50: 1 concentrate, corresponds to 12.600mg of fresh cranberries) 252 mg * | * Daily value not determined | Other ingredients Soybean oil, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, lecithin and white beeswax Shell ingredients: gelatin, purified water and vegetable glycerin. Cranberry extract, linseed flour, vegetable capsule shell (hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose) Cranberry extract, D-Mannose | Coating agents: hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (vegetable capsule shell), linseed flour, pumpkin seed extract, dandelion root extract, L-methionine Cranberry extract 43,2%, filler dicalcium phosphate, pumpkin seed extract 10,8%, gelatin (beef), L-ascorbic acid, maltodextrin, separating agent magnesium salts of fatty acids, separating agent silicon dioxide, coloring agent titanium dioxide, sodium selenite Cranberry extract, filler (microcrystalline cellulose), vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), release agent (magnesium stearate, silicon).
Recommended dosage 1-3 capsules a day 1-2 capsules a day 4 capsules a day 2 capsules a day 1-2 tablets a day
Quantity 60 softgel capsules 120 Kapseln 120 Kapseln 30 Kapseln 120 Tabletten
Total weight 81,6g 73g 60g 27,7g 81,6g
lactose free Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Gluten Free Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
GMO free Ja Ja Ja not specified Ja
without preservatives Ja Ja Ja No Ja
Sugar free Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Vegan no Ja Ja no Ja
Production in Germany no Ja Ja Ja no
Features One softgel capsule corresponds to 12600mg cranberries | Made in the USA. The product is manufactured in Hamburg, Germany HACCP certified Made with D-Mannose ?? Simple sugar without calories Combination preparation with L-methionine | Specifically tailored to the needs of women Supports the body with trace elements and vitamin C | Protect against oxidative stress. The vegetable vitamin C of the cranberry has been additionally enriched to provide the body with sufficient vitamin C. | Made in the UK.
  • Supports your bladder health
  • Fast action thanks to the softgel capsule
  • antioxidant protection through vitamins C & E
  • Sugar free
  • 100% natural
  • high bioavailability
  • free of unwanted additives
  • certified quality
  • 100% vegan
  • Intelligent combination of cranberry, dandelion root and pumpkin seed extract
  • suitable for a vegan lifestyle.
  • PLUS free e-book with 8 tips and tricks for an active life.
  • Cranberry enriched with pumpkin, vitamin C and selenium
  • for a functioning immune system
  • 4 months supply at recommended dosage
  • VITAMIN C BOOST for a healthy immune system, strong bones and healthy skin
  • suitable for vegan diet
Summary Customers praise the fast delivery of the product and emphasize the support of the immune system. The packaging is very environmentally friendly. The capsules can also be opened and, for example, placed in a smoothie. Satisfied customers praise the 100% natural ingredients and also recommend this product for the prevention of cystitis. The low price is suitable for trying out the product. Customers highlight the price performance. The preventive effect was noticed positively.
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Cranberry capsules

Cranberry capsules at a glance

  • Cranberry juice is known for its positive effects on the bladder-kidney tract, thanks to its highly effective antioxidants. In contrast to other fruits, cranberries contain a particularly large number of them, in particular proanthocyanidins of type A.
  • There are numerous studies by renowned scientists on the positive effects on the human body. As is so often the case, the results are never clear enough to draw concrete conclusions. Nevertheless, a positive effect could be expected if you drink about 500 ml to 750 ml cranberry juice a day.
  • We know E. Coli bacteria in connection with intestinal diseases. However, they are also said to be responsible for often painful cystitis. A-proanthocyanidins from cranberries successfully combat the bacterial strain mentioned (findings from the University of Wisconsin-Madison USA). The supply of cranberry, whether as a capsule or juice, can help prevent bladder infections.

Feel better with cranberry - pure nature

Whether cranberry, cranberry, Cranberry or cranberry. The small round fruit is popular with many people and is even traded as "super food". Many plants are known to be really "super" and do not need a special certificate. Red colored fruits have always been valued for their positive properties.

Lycopene (carotenoid) is responsible for the different shades of red, it belongs to the group of antioxidants and is considered to be radical scavengers par excellence. The color red is generally warming and stimulating, especially with regard to the cardiovascular system. Red also stands for strong willpower and eliminates listlessness and fatigue. Cheers to red berries!

Since many vitamin bombs only grow abroad, we have the opportunity to incorporate their active ingredients in capsule or tablet form.

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Cranberry concentrate, juice or capsules?

Whether you prefer Buy cranberry capsules or fall back on juice concentrate, your personal taste decides.

Cranberry capsules: The big advantage of Comparison of cranberry capsules is that they don't taste like anything. They are swallowed directly and rinsed with water. Juice or concentrated Cranberry powder tastes of the bitter-sour fruit, which many consumers don't like very much. You must also drink a large amount of juice until you reach the effective dose. With one or two cranberry capsules, you will reach your goal faster and probably cheaper.

Cranberry capsules Note:

Taking supplements such as cranberry capsules do not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. In the event of chronic signs of illness and problems, we recommend that you see your family doctor, who may seek therapy with you.

Cranberry capsules

Buy cranberry capsules - which are the best?

  • Dosage Form

Nutritional supplements with cranberry are offered in the form of tablets, capsules, juice or powder. You would probably have to drink at least 500 ml of juice a day to experience a therapeutic effect. No wonder many go straight to the cranberry capsule or grab the tablet. The bitter taste of the juice certainly does not tempt you to enjoy it in liquid form on a daily basis. Besides, one is Cranberry capsule cheaper as a daily juice.

  • Nutritional Values

No matter if your Cranberry capsule at dm or in the pharmacy or Order cranberry capsules online. Pay particular attention to the ingredients and not to the design of the outer packaging or the price. They are often useful combination products with ginger, acerola, pumpkin seeds or cranberries. Several natural sources are of added value. Ideally, the products are free from animal testing and vegan.

  • Equipment

As a rule, the titanium cases have sturdy 360 grade castors and telescopic telescopic poles. So you do not have to carry the suitcase, but you can easily push it in front of him or drag him behind him.

Cranberry capsules Note:

The healing power of cranberry is known in folk medicine. The effect of cranberry has been tried and tested for the treatment and prophylaxis of cystitis. Scientists continue to study the effects and benefits of other diseases. For example, in relation to prostate cancer or blood cancer.

What does Stiftung Warentest say about cranberry capsules?

In 2013 the Stiftung Warentest on cranberry a message about the effects of cystitis. Many women are regularly affected by the uncomfortable infection, which can quickly turn into pelvic inflammation. The experts also refer to contradicting statements from studies, which is why one does not exactly know how high it is Cranberry dose per day must fail to experience the positive effects. The experts advise your own Cranberry testthat shouldn't hurt.

Cranberry capsules advantages / disadvantages


Possible prevention of bladder infections (cystitis)

Rich in antioxidants

Anti-inflammatory effect

Cardiovascular positive effects

No side effects are expected unless you are allergic to cranberry

Capsules or tablets are quickly available and taste like nothing


Berries are rarely available fresh

Juice tastes a bit bitter

Fresh fruit is considered inedible

Cranberry capsules FAQs

Women have a shorter urethra, which is why pathogens reach the bladder faster and spread there.

Depending on the severity of the ex. Bladder infection, the doctor must decide on the need for antibiotics. However, antibiotics lose their effectiveness if they are used too often. Therefore, those affected use phytonutrients such as cranberry and Co.

Unfortunately, many study participants were unable to complete the long-term study, either died naturally (many elderly subjects) or stopped. In addition, the taste of cranberry juice is considered bitter, rather bitter. Many probably just didn't like it!

They are different berries, even if they are related to each other. Both belong to the blueberry genus because they also belong to the heather family.

Cranberries reach a size up to the size of the cherry and are therefore much larger than cranberries.

Unfortunately, they are considered barely edible raw, so they are ideally boiled down with sugar or used for baking.

The secondary plant substances of the power berry also have a positive effect in the mouth by preventing infections there as well, and germs declare war on them. They protect the oral mucosa from pathogens.

Dried cranberries can be enjoyed as tea by pouring hot water over them. In the tea shop you get well-balanced blends so that the infusion does not taste too bitter.

Conclusion cranberry capsules

If you don't always want to use violent drugs like antibiotics, you can Prevent cranberry capsules and possibly prevent infections. Vegetable substances from berries rarely have special side effects, which is why you can confidently access them. The large number of studies has not yet been able to provide reliable results, but at least a positive trend. We would like to see meaningful cranberry studies with a higher daily dose and more stamina among the test subjects. Take a personal one Cranberry test and tell us about your experiences.

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