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The need for disinfection is increasing not only in times of the corona virus. People like to prevent, which is why the insurance industry is booming. We are also happy to protect ourselves with disposable materials such as gloves or aprons. But what is the use of all this and can you “wipe away” any illness so easily? in the Disinfectant price comparison of test-vergleiche.com we clarify.


Disinfectants at a glance

  • The term disinfection means the targeted killing or inactivation of pathogenic germs. According to the German Pharmacopoeia: "Put dead or living material in a state that it can no longer infect."
  • Depending on the purpose, experts disinfect surfaces, instruments, mucous membranes, hands and skin.
  • There are also two methods of disinfection, chemical and physical processes.

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Disinfection vs. difference Sterilization - what is what and for what?


General disinfection offers a sufficient level of cleanliness. This is a process that eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, but not spores. Surviving spores can thus germinate and later cause contamination.


Sterilization is more successful and eliminates all microorganisms, whether they are pathogenic or not. Resistant germs are also destroyed by the sterilization, which is why surgical materials and the like are always sterilized.

Disinfectant Note:

Both options serve the purpose of making an object contamination-free. But only during sterilization can spore pathogens be eliminated. In your own four walls, sterility is neither necessary nor healthy. Even regular disinfection is not advisable, unless someone in the household is ill.

Buy disinfectant - know quality criteria

  • What should be disinfected?

There is a small difference whether you want to clear surfaces of germs or your hands. Means of Hand disinfection are milder than those for surface disinfection. The skin is quickly attacked and even the usual, specific hand disinfectant dries out the skin in the long term. Never forget the skin care cream!

  • Which requirements are there?

Furthermore, the general area of ​​application is of interest, since you do not use the same product at home as in the commercial kitchen (HACCP). There are legal provisions that must be observed in the public domain and may also be checked by the authorities. What the Hand disinfection concerns: It is relevant here whether all germs including spores or only the usual pathogens should / must be destroyed.

  • Disinfect hands properly

When the right hand disinfectant has been bought, it is up to the user. How do I properly disinfect hands?

Disinfect hands properly

Disinfectant Note:

In times of SARS-coV-2 it is not easy to get disinfectants for hands and surfaces. Therefore, the WHO has published a suitable recipe to touch the substance itself. Take: 830 ml of ethanol 96% or 750 ml of isopropyl alcohol 99,8%, 45 ml of hydrogen peroxide 3%, 15 ml of glycerin 98%, 110 ml of boiled water. The ingredients must be mixed well. The disinfectant can then be used as usual, dripped into the hands and rubbed in well. Like all such products, this is also flammable, only for external use and dries out the skin. Keep out of the reach of children!

Disinfectants against coronaviruses - what helps?

Corona viruses have been known for many years. They triggered SARS in 2002. The new variant was named by the WHO SARS-coV-2 and triggered another pandemic in 19 with Covid-2019, as you did in this one Blog can read. Researchers recommend using ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, or sodium hypochlorite to fight coronaviruses. Coronavirus should drastically reduce its correct use with the intended concentration within a minute. From a million pathogens to just 100 of them.

Source https://www.pharmazeutische-zeitung.de/neues-zur-inkubations-und-ueberlebenszeit-von-coronaviren-115604/seite/2/

What does the Stiftung Warentest say about disinfectants

A note in 2017 is not about one Disinfectant test, an important question will be answered. To what extent are such substances useful at home? On the whole, less, they are simply not necessary. Germs from the home area usually have no disease value. Thus, the constant "preventive" disinfection is not necessary and you can save it. However, if there is a dangerous illness in the house, use is advised. Normally, regular hand washing is recommended.

Are there any useful disinfectant alternatives?

Many people prefer natural helpers, whether for cosmetics, house cleaning or hand disinfection. In order to avoid the usual chemical clubs, more and more users mix their own creations, for example:

75 mg double grain

20 ml aloe vera juice (for more moisture on the skin)

5 drops of essential oil of: tea tree, clove, lavender, rosemary and lemon

Mix and pour into an opaque spray bottle (from the pharmacy). Shake well before each use!

There are traditional home remedies for wound disinfection, for example salt water for washing out the wound. Boiled water is mixed with table salt to rinse out pathogens. Another way is in schnapps. This must be light and bring at least 40%. Simply soak a cloth and put on. Vinegar also has an antiseptic effect and can prevent infections.


Disinfectant comparison - know the active ingredients

  • Alcohols

These include ethanol, propanol and isopropanol. The concentration of the substances must be between 60 and 70 percent. Spores are not attacked, but even preserved. The main area of ​​application is hand disinfection. These agents are not suitable for contact with animals in animal husbandry. Mode of action: denaturation of proteins.

  • Aldehyde

These include: formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and glyoxal. They offer a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses. Formaldehyde has been known for many years from agriculture. It requires the 37% concentration (ready to use 2%) and a special certificate is required for fumigation. Mode of action: destruction of cell wall components. High health risk for users!

  • chlorine

A distinction is made between free chlorine (elemental chlorine) and chlorine releasers (chlorine compounds). In aqueous solution, both elemental chlorine and chlorine compounds form hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which is responsible for the effect. HOCL penetrates the cell walls of the microorganisms and acts as a strong oxidizing agent.

  • Alkalis

Still often used in livestock farming. For example sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and also calcium hydroxide. These active ingredients are used in a 1-2% concentration for disinfection. The effect is primarily based on a high pH value. This destroys the cell walls of the bacteria.

  • Peroxides (oxygen releasers)

These primarily include hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. The substances oxidize the cell proteins and nucleic acids of the microorganisms. Peracetic acid has a broad spectrum of activity and, in addition to bacteria and viruses, also detects spores.

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