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Diver watch DETOMASO Men's wristwatch Oceanmaster Prof. Black Analog Automatic

  • High quality technology from Citizen
  • date
  • Robust workmanship
  • Very pressure resistant


Diving watch Cressi Unisex dive computer Leonardo

  • Safe decompression calculation
  • Suitable for air and nitrox dives
  • Extensive features for an optimal diving experience


Diver Watch Cressi Adult Professional Diver Watches

  • Two time zones
  • High quality movement
  • Crown easily rotatable
  • calendar display

Price-performance winner


Diving watch Dugena Men's wristwatch Diver Analog Quartz

  • High quality material for long durability
  • Lightweight construction
  • Ideal for small wrists
  • Price-performance


Diver's watch Huge 52mm automatic with helium valve and sapphire glass metal band

  • Helium valve for professional divers
  • Caseback screwed at a moderate temperature
  • Luminous dots and hands noctilucent

Name Diver watch DETOMASO Men's wristwatch Oceanmaster Prof. Black Analog Automatic Diving watch Cressi Unisex dive computer Leonardo Diver Watch Cressi Adult Professional Diver Watches Diving watch Dugena Men's wristwatch Diver Analog Quartz Diver's watch Huge 52mm automatic with helium valve and sapphire glass metal band
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentDiving watch

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodDiving watch

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodDiving watch

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,9goodDiving watch

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodDiving watch

Manufacturer/Model DeTomaso Cressi Cressi Dugena Tauchmeister
Weight 299 grams 135 grams not specified 159 grams 230 grams
Diver timepiece type Diver's watch with automatic movement diving computer Diver's watch with quartz movement Diver's watch with quartz movement Diver's watch with automatic movement
target group Men's Watch unisex unisex Men's Watch Men's Watch
diameter 43mm 67mm 50mm 40mm 52mm
Display lighting
Waterproof up to max. 200 m 120 m 200 m 300 m not specified
quality of workmanship High High High High High
glazing sapphirecrystal mineral glass mineral glass mineral glass sapphirecrystal
Features Shockproof shaft Display with interchangeable protective screen Calendar display with magnifying glass 20 mm wide bracelet with safety clasp Stainless steel bracelet with safety folding clasp
  • High quality technology from Citizen
  • date
  • Robust workmanship
  • Very pressure resistant
  • Safe decompression calculation
  • Suitable for air and nitrox dives
  • Extensive features for an optimal diving experience
  • Two time zones
  • High quality movement
  • Crown easily rotatable
  • calendar display
  • High quality material for long durability
  • Lightweight construction
  • Ideal for small wrists
  • Price-performance
  • Helium valve for professional divers
  • Caseback screwed at a moderate temperature
  • Luminous dots and hands noctilucent
Summary The case and bezel of the DeTomaso dive watch are made of stainless steel. The high-quality movement comes from Myota, the expert from Tokyo. The design is appealing and masculine, carries according to customers perfectly on the wrist. Overall convincing and our diver watch comparison winner 2017! The Cressi dive computer is available in many colors and offers many positive features. Customers recommend the robust tool especially for recreational divers who want to spend little money on a good device. All functions can be set with just one button. Thus, the small computer is ideal companion when swimming, diving or snorkeling. The Cressi dive watch is equipped with a one-sided rotating crown, which stands for high security. Customers appreciate the high quality and robust stainless steel case, as well as the simple design of the clock. The rubber bracelet is very flexible and pleasant on the wrist. The Dugena dive watch is made of stainless steel and is therefore extremely robust. The bezel is easy to operate and overall, the watch is more suitable for rather narrow wrists. The classic look convinces existing customers as well as the low price. Our diver watch price-performance winner 2017! The Tauchmeister dive watch is equipped with a nostalgic mechanical movement and visually suitable for men. The case seems very powerful, the clock can be read off easily and set easily. It consists of high-quality stainless steel and scratch-resistant sapphire glass.
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Diver watch guide - reappear at times

Even athletes have stylish accessoriesFor example, the diver's watch. They are available for ladies and gentlemen, as well as in thousands of variants. The best diving watches Not only are they waterproof, they also offer many useful features. It is robust, visually a highlight and rich in great features. In diver's watch comparison of test-vergleiche.com We advise to the sporty clock and inform about the characteristics.

At a glance

  • The diver's watch is a great and high-quality gift for sports enthusiasts and especially popular with men. They are very shockproof and indispensable for deep-sea divers.
  • Other water sports enthusiasts from the kite to the surfer via the swimmer also benefit from the innovative time indicator.
  • In contrast to the normal clock, the diver's watch stands out for its durable housing, a quality movement, pressure resistance and many additional functions. Many watch enthusiasts even collect the feature-rich diving watches, especially since they can be resold as needed rewarding.

Diver's watch guide 2017 - this is how the special watch works

For Outdoor activities sporty nature may not lack a suitable equipment. Certain aids facilitate sports and help with orientation and optimization. Whether tracking shoes, activity Tracker or more solid backpack, at the outdoor event good equipment must not be missing. The diver's watch is equally interesting and useful for water sports enthusiasts, but in general as well.

She was specially designed for the Needs of water sports enthusiasts created and therefore received the name of the diver's watch. By means of a rotating bezel the dive time can be measured exactly, which is why divers do this before diving. The diver watch range is very large and offers a suitable model for every need. Professional deep-sea divers, of course, need a very pressure-resistant product, while the float manages with a small design.

Top product diver's watch:

Citizen Men's Watch Promaster Sea Analog NY0040-09EE
  • Stainless steel automatic watch with rubber strap and pin buckle
  • Waterproof to 20 ATM
  • Bracelet material: rubber

Diver watch advantages / disadvantages


High waterproof

Analog or digital time display

High quality and robust design

Sporty design

More safety during the dive

Coveted collectibles


Models differ in the equipment

Diving watches are mostly automated and need no battery, The mechanical timepieces are driven by wheels and springs and work by means of Bewegungsenergie. There is no need to think of a new battery, which makes the automatic diver's watch very popular. You can also use them by "crown" raiseby moving it counterclockwise.

Notice: The diver's watch is a real relic and is often replaced today by modern dive computers. Nevertheless, many value the practical watch in the style of the chronograph, especially since it makes a lot of visual sense.

By quality check to diver watch winner comparison - which is important

Before you get the new one Buy a diver's watch, is a careful comparison. The models are diverse in the market represented and of different equipment. If the watch is to actually serve water sports, the design must be secondary. Features such as pressure resistance and Co are in the foreground and decide whether a watch is very good or rather bad.

buying criteria

  • Material


The ladies' or men's dive watch should ideally look like Stainless Steel exist, which is unpolished. Highly polished material is extremely prone to scratches and less suitable for sports.

  • clockwork

There will be diving watches quartz movement or with mechanical movement sold. The quartz watch is powered by a quartz crystal in combination with a battery. This is considered progressive and very accurate. Nostalgic dive watches work mechanically and have a very complex work. This is called watchmaking, which does not require a battery. So it's so interesting for divers, it can never fail. Maybe vital!

  • Maximum suitability

The water resistance must be given at the diver's watch, although not all are equally capable. Some are only safe until 200 m. Others until 400 and more. Before you order the diver's watch, you should urgently check this aspect. Until 20 bar should be able to afford a real diver's watch to be designated as such.

  • glazing

A cheap dive watch is usually with hardened mineral glass provided, which is absolutely scratch-proof. Better watches are equipped with a sapphire crystal and has the degree of hardness 9. Mineral glass on the other hand, the degree of hardness 7. Even harder would be just the diamond, with the degree of hardness 10.

  • Bracelet

An easy one flexible Bracelet is very useful in sports, which is why, for example, elastic limb bracelets are very popular. Even stretchy textile bands are in vogue and recommended.

  • Krone

This must be rotatable and will opposite moved clockwise. Thus you can not accidentally misalign it and the safety is maintained. Crown or bezel means the rotatable ring that surrounds the dial.

Notice: The DIN 8306 norm is the guideline for the watertightness of a watch and also requires that you can read the time at a distance of at least 25 cm. Therefore, diver watches are known for their very good legibility.

Diver watch vs. diving computer

Diving watch

A normal "supposedly waterproof" clock is not recommended for water enthusiasts. A real diver's watch is perfect. Not only can it handle water, it can withstand the extreme pressure in the depths. At least 20 cash It must be in accordance with the norm, and you must also be able to read it in darkness. Today, only lovers wear the diver's watch, because modern computers ensure the best possible dive. You do not have to rely on the clock anymore. The diver's watch is still popular and is considered a great and useful accessory for water sports. There are feminine and masculine designs to discover across all price levels.

diving computer

Diving accidents are minimized thanks to dive computers, as these are used in the dive planning be included. Dive depth, duration and ascent rate are logged, so you have a perfect overview of its performance. Innovative dive computers are rounders and combine many functions, which previously required a separate device. Many models even measure the nitrogen level and are therefore very meaningful. They are available in different sizes and all price ranges. Many dive computers can already be worn as a wristwatch and thus compete with the nostalgic diver's watch.

Notice: Many professionals use a dive computer and a dive watch alike and are thus perfectly equipped.

Comparison Diver Watch - Get to know the water resistance classification

5 bar / 50 m

A test was carried out, with the water density up to 5 bar found. Such a watch is very well suited for everyday life and can be worn in the full bath, shower or swimming pool.

10 bar / 100 m

A test was carried out, with the water density up to 10 bar found. Such a watch is perfect for, for example, snorkeling or diving in the pool.

20 bar / 200 m

A test was carried out, with the water density up to 20 bar found. Such a watch is very well suited for the right diving and the wearer has no fear of loss of function.

Manufacturer Check - popular brands

The company is world renowned for its watchmaking skills. Not only presidents, kings and stars wear Omega, even the private prospect appreciates the art object on the wrist. Of the Omega Speedmaster is considered a traditional piece of chronographs and was even worn on the moon. This year, 2017, Omega celebrated the 60. Birthday. The automatic dive computer is also available at Omega. Under the names Seamaster, Diver and Co you will find the Omega diver's watch of your dreams. Not cheap, but worth every penny.

The Japanese manufacturer of watches is also world famous and was founded in Tokyo already 1918. It was not until the Second World War, it went steeply uphill, which is why you know Citizen everywhere today. Products like that Citizen diver watch with the name "Aqualand" are very famous and still popular with connoisseurs today. The group is said to be the market leader worldwide, which does not please the competition.

Since 1946 there is the Italian company Cressi, which was known as an outfitter for the diving and is. From the diving jacket to the Cressi diver watch There is really everything the diver heart desires. Even 1938 made the brothers Cressi diving masks by hand and thus laid the foundation for their success. The brand is considered by athletes as very high quality and recommended. Just an expert in scuba diving!

The German manufacturer Dugena was already created 1917 and continues to produce high quality wall clocks, jewelry wristwatches, classic watches and much more. The products are marked on the ground and range from 0 to 20 bar in terms of waterproofness. There are also some feminine models that are especially good for the lady.

There is also:

Leonardo | Conrad | Benz | Cartier | Rolex | IWC | Sense | Breitling | Officine Panic | Porsche | Gecco | Aqualung | Mares

The moment Diving watch BESTSELLER are:

OfferBestseller no. 1
Festina Men's Analog Quartz Watch with PU Bracelet F20378 / 1
  • Housing: stainless steel silver
  • Strap: black polyurethane
  • Dial: hands in gray, second hand in red, line index, day and date display, Festina logo
  • Waterproof: 20bar
  • Movement: quartz
OfferBestseller no. 2
Pyle Snorkel and Dive Multifunction Water Sports Watch with Diving Mode Chronograph Diving Depth, Black, PSNKW30BK
  • Waterproof construction for depths up to 100m, 5 o'clock function mode: (current time, dual time, chronograph, countdown, diving) ....
  • EL display and button lighting, 10 atmosphere pressure. It works in fresh and salt water, sea or lake dive sites are ...
  • Set alarm time on / off, date displayed as day, month, year, incremental second counter (0-59), chronograph mode: ...
  • Countdown: 30 sec beep As soon as the timer reaches zero, diving mode: activates automatically above 1,5 meters deep, shows water temperature, ...
  • Saves dive data: Save up to 100 dive data sets. Dual time mode: Used for traveling to other time zones / overseas, shows ...
Bestseller no. 3
Dugena Men's Quartz Wrist Watch, Screw Cap, Water Resistant to 30 bar, Diver, Silver / Black, 4460775
  • Sporty quartz watch for men, with adjustable length strap made of solid stainless steel, folding clasp and ...
  • Tempered mineral glass, water-resistant to 30 bar thanks to screw-on crown, robust stainless steel housing with a size of 40 mm and a ...
  • Very well readable time thanks to white hands on black dial, Also readable at night, High-quality dial with indexes, ...
  • High quality, very accurate, battery operated movement, battery included
  • Scope of supply: 1x Dugena men quartz wristwatch Diver, including battery and watch box, case size: 40 x 13,5 mm, strap length: ...

3 tips for care in the diver watch price comparison

Check the crown

The crown of the diver's watch is ideally tight and overall, a diver's watch is also very sturdy. Sand and salt are not enough and can be brushed off easily with a soft toothbrush.

Cultivate ribbons

If the band is the diver's watch made of textile, you can put it in a bag and wash it "cold" in the washing machine.

Gentle care

Never the diver's watch may be handled with sharp cleaners from the household or the garage. A little warm water on a microfibre cloth should be enough to clean it if necessary.

Hard facts of test-vergleiche.com

1. What does a diver's watch have to cost?

There are the diver watch cheap and expensive to buy, where the own claim decides the value of the clock. A feature-rich diver's watch is already available for under 100 Euro up to several thousand euros. Models of the middle class cost about 200 Euro and are recommended.

2. My diver's watch has no marking, what does that mean?

The diver's watch should not call itself that because it is not waterproof. Such a timepiece serves only as jewelry and should not come near water.

3. Is there a diving watch test report of Stiftung Warentest?

So far, these special watches have not yet been studied, but there are many portals that deal with accessories for the dive. Thus, a diver's watch test is always focused on a few specific brand models and you have to dig through the net.

4. Can the diver's watch mist up under water?

A diver's watch must be easy to read, after all, a diver otherwise has little orientation. The right diver's watch will not fog up while others will. There is no air inside the diver's watches, which prevents fogging.

5. What is the diver's watch bezel for?

You turn it to the time control, so it serves as a stopwatch. The bezel is based on the basic mathematics and is set to the minute hand before the dive. From then on, the clock counts the minutes!

More recommended diving watches selected for you

4.9/ 5 off 934 Reviews]

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