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Dj controller Pioneer XDJ-RX

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Generous screen with dual waveform display


DJ controller Numark NV II | 4-Deck USB MIDI Serato

  • 2 integrated displays 4,3 inches in color
  • Perfect workflow thanks to easy navigation


DJ Controller Reloop MIXON 4

  • Incomparable hybrid design
  • Extensive filter and effects functions

Price-performance winner


Dj controller Hercules 2 deck DJ controller, Bluetooth, 16 performance pads

  • Price-performance
  • Integrated audio interface
  • Controls illuminated


Dj controller Denon / Mixer with 4-Deck support incl. NI Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ support

  • Sratches possible
  • Illuminated buttons
  • Extensive effects possible

Name Dj controller Pioneer XDJ-RX DJ controller Numark NV II | 4-Deck USB MIDI Serato DJ Controller Reloop MIXON 4 Dj controller Hercules 2 deck DJ controller, Bluetooth, 16 performance pads Dj controller Denon / Mixer with 4-Deck support incl. NI Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ support
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentDJ controller

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodDJ controller

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodDJ controller

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,9goodDJ controller

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodDJ controller

Manufacturer/Model Pioneer Numark Reloop Hercules Denon
Weight 10 kg 3,2 kg 8 kg 1,5 kg 4,6 kg
Dimensions 51 x 81 x 21 cm 4,6 x 31,5 x 54,9 cm 78,7 x 48,3 x 15,2 cm 26,6 x 47,6 x 7,4 cm 46 x 25,5 x 5 cm
Number of channels 2 2 4 N/A 4
XL display
sound card not specified not specified not specified Ja Ja
ease of use Very high Very high Very high Medium Medium
Integrated software Yes / Recordbox DJ No No not specified not specified
MAC compatible
Features Automatic "beatmatchen" possible Required DJ software from Serato Operation with Serato / Djay Pro Automix For example, works with Virtual DJ
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Generous screen with dual waveform display
  • 2 integrated displays 4,3 inches in color
  • Perfect workflow thanks to easy navigation
  • Incomparable hybrid design
  • Extensive filter and effects functions
  • Price-performance
  • Integrated audio interface
  • Controls illuminated
  • Sratches possible
  • Illuminated buttons
  • Extensive effects possible
Summary Customers of the Pioneer DJ controller appreciate the first-class workmanship and the many functions, especially as the device can also be used as a stand-alone mixer. Previous buyers of the Numark DJ controller praise the flawless high resolution of the screens and can easily mix sounds. Of course, the Reloop DJ Controller is a visual highlight, with customers also appreciating the high-quality workmanship. Booth output separately adjustable, just to name a preference. The Hercules DJ controller is really cheap and is good for beginners. It offers the most important functions and can be used well in hobbymäßig. The Denon DJ controller is considered solid and comes with a light version of Traktor therefore. Customers can download the full version of Virtual DJ for free.
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Our comparison chart for DJ controller comparison does not replace one DJ controller testin which a special DJ controller test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external DJ controller test of trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal DJ controller test winner is.

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DJ controller

DJ Controller Buying Guide - musical perfection

Who works as a DJ needs professional equipment, there is no second opinion. Anyone who knows their stuff knows exactly what the best DJ controller everything can. These days are the tools of every professional and thankfully replace the turntables. What you ultimately use as a music maker is often a matter of attitude. In the DJ controller price comparison of You can find good tips for buying. You are still at the beginning of the scene? Then our information about DJ accessories will help you. At the end, you will see in the personal DJ Controller Test how the high-quality accessories make your "work" easier.

At a glance

  • Turntables were yesterday? Simply connect the DJ controller to the laptop and you have the prerequisites for an unforgettable self-mixed music experience.
  • Best DJ controllers are available in different variants. A distinction is made between so-called 2 deck controllers and 4 deck controllers.
  • In combination with the software you selected, you can create great, unique sounds as usual and impress the audience.

Professional DJ mixer for the club - that's pro

Newcomers must first of all through the concepts the DJ world cramming. This is called pads, remix decks, timecodes and what is this tractor supposed to do? The latter, of course, is the familiar software and by no means a vehicle. If you want to mix good beats, you need a lot. The decor is not cheap, but worth it. Anyone who wants to assert himself professionally, of course, needs the full high-end program.

The DJ controller offer is diverse, which is why professionals should draw a comparison. The "instrument" is the digital form of a mixer, as we know it. To start the high-tech device, just connect it to the PC on which a corresponding software has already been loaded. Via MIDI signal Data is sent and converted into audio by the software. Therefore these modern mixers are also called Midi controllers. Do not be confused by the terminology! Here are the pros and cons, which you later in practice DJ controller test to experience on the spot:

Top Product DJ Controller:

Hercules DJ Control Instinct S Series (2 Deck DJ Controller, Integrated Sound Card, DJUCED 18 °, PC / Mac)
  • NEW LOOK for the DJControl Instinct controller.
  • 2 deck DJ controllers: 2 jog wheels with pressure detection, mixer control in the middle and individual deck control on the left and ...
  • Built-in audio outputs for mixing and previewing tracks; Mix: 2 cinch outputs + 3,5-mm mini-jack output (stereo) for active ...
  • Jogwheels with pressure detection: scratching as naturally as with vinyl records - simply by pressing on the jog wheels. Jog wheels ...
  • Compact design: 26,5 x 18,7 cm.

DJ controller advantages / disadvantages


Device is ready to use quickly

Easy to use unlike the traditional mixer

Easy commissioning via USB connection

For beginners and professionals of added value


You must also use compatible software and pay attention when buying!

Of course you can add special effects and melodies with the DJ Controller, which is easy with the help of good software. The product usually comes with no sound card, so the sound is heard on the PC. With the innovative music console You can create and edit your own creations, just as you want them to.

Only the best dj software buy us get started

A good DJ software allows easy operation and ideally leads step-by-step through the process. By software can be great special effects work in, such as leaps and loops. Innovative features like "Automix" create random melodies, which can be inspiring. The following programs are very popular, which is why we briefly describe them:

Studio One

In the full version not cheap, but also interesting for professionals. The functions can be used predominantly intuitively, which speaks for ease of use. The editing functions are considered as very extensive, Popular is the plug-in "Impact", which supplies a drum machine. In addition, there is a demo version of the plug-in "Melodyne".

Tractor Pro

Ideal for beginnersas you will notice in the personal DJ controller test. It is considered compatible with almost all operating systems and even with obsolete ones. Of course, many effects and functions are available, which is why you can call the program as solid. In terms of synchronicity, it is not a winner, as you can read in various DJ Controller review. Try it!


This software is considered a low-priced alternative for beginners. Youtuber love the features, because with just a few clicks you can accompany videos with sound effects. There are several song kits for testing the different styles. For pros maybe too little for individualism, but awesome for beginners.

Cubase Elements

The Steinberg program comes from the popular Cubase in full version and offers similarly good quality and features. It specializes in pop and rock, but of course it can be different. You can easily mix and use a variety of effects here. 44 audio effects make great creations possible. For professionals, we recommend the real full version, which, for example, trumps 3 instead of 8 virtual instruments. The user interface is considered structured and well done!

Notice: There are big differences between the programs. In the DJ Controller test, you should therefore pay attention to the general usability, as well as the scope of performance, compatibility and the like. By the way, a good program can cost up to 1000 Euros and more. For beginners, of course, the various demo versions serve as an introduction.

Buy DJ controllers - first check quality

Before you get the new one Order DJ mixer, you should pay attention to the details. Do not reach for the first DJ mixer offer, but compare the Possibilities of the devices I agree. There are many little things to consider that you may miss later. Of course professional DJs need more than beginners and not all models have everything. An overview of the most important criteria for Buy DJ Mixer:

buying criteria

  • Inputs and outputs


Even a cheap DJ controller should have at least one USB interface prove, as well as an exit for headphones. In addition, a microphone input and output, of course. Also cinch inputs and outputs are necessary. The more equipment you want to use, the sooner you have to pay attention to the number of inputs and outputs. Special types like XLR inputs and Co are not included as a matter of course.

  • Decks

One distinguishes the different controllers regarding 2er Deck or 4er Deck. Professionals also speak of 2 or 4 channels, The 4 copies are suitable for real professional DJs who make their money from it. As a beginner, you can buy the 2er Deck DJ Controller low and try out enough. You benefit from a simple operation, as the 4er Deck variant demands more skill. If you mix for two, you can not get around the 4er.

  • sound card

If you buy the DJ controller, usually no sound card is included. You must first make a connection with the PC, which has its own sound card. There are also devices including their own sound card, as we researched in the DJ mixer comparison. These sounds will also resonate without the PC connection as you would in your personal life DJ controller test to hear.

  • compatibility

This is about the compatibility between DJ controller and software. Many devices only work with special programs and not with all music softwares. Ideally, you can buy the DJ mixer and get a suitable software included. If you prefer a certain software as a professional, you must absolutely pay attention to the "compatibility".

  • Material

The material of the housing is an indicator of the price. A DJ controller test winner quality is made of sturdy steel and may last forever. Additionally serve edge protector as prophylaxis. Cheap DJ mixers are usually made of plastic, which does not detract from the matter.

Notice: If you like to "play", you should order a DJ controller, which also has a scratch function. With it you can create new sounds, as you know it from the turntables. For advanced users, this function is a "must", but not for beginners. Not all devices have the popular ability!

Buy DJ mixer order online - popular manufacturer

Almost everyone knows Pioneer Hifi, after all, it is a leading company for electronic products. The Japanese companies is divided into different groups that deal with specific topics or distribute products. The company already made innovative products available in the 60 years, making a name for itself with stereo systems. From then on it also became "international" and Pioneer Audio became famous. Today you get from the brand what your heart desires, namely everything from the karaoke machine, over Headphones up to Pioneer DJ controller, The products are universally considered high quality and durable.

Numark Industries is known to professionals in the music industry and a valued company at the same time. Belong to the products Scout, Turntables, CD players and all DJ accessories. Professionals of the scene Praise the brand as Number One and use the example Numark DJ controller NS7111. The Numark 4 Deck Controller works with the Serato DJ program, which is considered a perfect match. You can only recommend the brand, but of course you have to do the DJ controller test yourself.

The company is considered the world's largest manufacturer of hi-fi products and home theater. Already 1910 was laid the foundation for the operation, the still today in Japan sitting. Denon was a well-known record label and is on everyone's lips for his home music systems. Does the Denon DJ Controller test winner Quality? Certainly, professionals would answer. Whether soundbar, Blue-Ray player or compact systems. Technology hearts and music lovers are enthusiastic about the Denon offer.

Other manufacturers:

Hercules DJ - Reloop - Behringer - Gemini - Native Instruments Tractor

The DJ Controller Bestsellers at the moment are:

OfferBestseller no. 1
Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 Smart DJ Controller
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Multi-app compatibility and support for music streaming services
  • Tutorial and pop-tip features for beginners who enjoy music mixing
  • Phrase synchronization, phrase analysis algorithms, the world's first controller function for simple, natural ...
  • Works with WeDJ and Djay2 android (additional cable required, sold separately)
Bestseller no. 2
Pioneer DJ DJ Controller black (DDJSB3)
  • Intuitive layout, all functions are designed where you need them when you need them
  • In scratch effects, songs play cued and currently without a turntable thanks to pad scratch
  • Mixing is seamless with the FX fade function. 5 inch durable aluminum menu wheel. Weight-4.6 pounds
  • Made from high quality materials and audio circuitry
  • Large, low-latency jog wheels give great scratch response and accuracy
Bestseller no. 3
Pioneer DJ - 2 Channel DJ Controller for Serato DJ Lite - Mixer - DJ Accessories - Scratch Pad - Two Large Aluminum Jog Wheels
  • INTUITIVE USE: All features are designed to be where you need them when you need them. The layout...
  • PAD SCRATCH: Add scratch effects to your tracks and play with Pad Scratch immediately without a deck. With this new effect ...
  • MIX PERFECT: Whether you're a seasoned DJ or a beginner, with FX Fade, mixing is perfect. FX Fade mixes the tracks ...

Hard facts of

1. Is there also a MAC DJ controller to buy?

Of course, Apple trailers do not starve, but also have a good selection of programs. Many of the known ones are compatible with Apple or Linux. For beginners there are also good free programs, for example "Cross DJ Free". Here the user interface is easy to understand and self-explanatory.

2. Is there already a DJ mixer test by Stiftung Warentest?

So far, there is no DJ controller review of the experts and no special DJ controller test winner. If this changes, we report here. Look for posts in professional blogs of well-known DJs, if you are looking for a real DJ controller test. In the end, only the practice and the free will of your own DJ Mixer test winner.

3. Where can I get reduced DJ controller?

If you really have little money for such a new acquisition, you should take a look at the classifieds. On- and offline you may be lucky and someone sells his equipment, the DJ controller cheap. Otherwise, we basically work with Amazon and are looking for the DJ controller bestseller out. You can hardly go wrong and profit from cheap Amazon offers. Here you will also find cheap in-ear headphones and what else you need.

4. Are there tips for the DJ controller soundcard?

Concerning the sound quality many would like to make no compromises therefore only the best sound card buy. Professionals can not get around a dedicated sound card and benefit from a perfect sound via headphones. The tones can be optimally tuned and regulate the volume perfectly. The performance of the best sound cards is incomparable.

5. Are there also DJ apps for Android and IOS?

There are popular apps for all operating systems. Some free and others of course paid. For example, IOS recommends "Blocks Wave" as well as "Retronyms Hook". There are currently many new products that you can not rate yet. The choice is wide-ranging, what customers like.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) about the DJ Controller

Yes, that is possible. However, the PC speakers require a Chinch connection.

It depends on the equipment of the PC. If this function is desired, the manufacturer's instructions should be followed.

If the right connection is available, yes. This usually requires a clinker plug with 6,3 mm.

Usually it is always included in delivery. Often, however, it can also be easily downloaded from the Internet.

Not all DJ controllers are equipped with a recording function. If you want this feature, you should pay close attention to the manufacturer's description.

Video Tip: Pioneer Dj Controller Presentation | Test by Musicstore

00:00 mein name ist mag herzlich willkommen 00:02 news xv ich möchte euch gerne den neuen 00:05 cx djx vorstellen 00:08 endlich ein gerät so alles drauf 00:11 gewartet haben ja für wen ist das 00:22 gerät überhaupt gedacht 00:23 das gerät ist gedacht um die dies die 00:28 möglichkeit zu geben ohne laptop 00:30 unterwegs einfach gas zu geben genau so 00:35 wie man es gewohnt ist aus der pionier 00:37 nexus serie 00:38 das gerät ist ausgestattet mit zwei usb 00:40 schnittstellen heißt ich kann mit einer 00:43 usb-schnittstelle ganz normal das gerät 00:46 mit musik versorgen mit der anderen usb 00:48 schnittstelle sogar simultan aufnehmen 00:52 heißt das was ich mixe auf einen usb 00:55 stick bringen und als mix verarbeiten 00:59 auch das display ist wirklich ich muss 01:02 ganz ehrlich sagen sehr brillant alle 01:05 informationen die ich benötige habe ich 01:07 auf einen blick heißt meine waveform 01:10 welcher effekt gerade ausgewählt ist 01:12 selbst die gpm anzeige und den track wie 01:15 lange noch dauert habe ich alles auf 01:17 einen blick 01:18 wie ihr seht habe ich meinen stack schon 01:20 vorbereitet auch ganz wichtig oder als 01:22 kleinen tipp bereitet diese stick oder 01:24 europäer listen mit der mitgelieferten 01:27 software vor 01:29 damit ihr auch alle features die das 01:31 gerät kann nutzen könnte ich zeige 01:34 euch das jetzt mal den stick habe ich 01:35 schon eingelegt im display habe ich 01:38 jetzt mein usb stick auf der 01:40 usb-schnittstelle 1 weil ich ja wie 01:42 gesagt zwei schnittstellen habe kann mit 01:45 dem navigations key dann in meine 01:47 trackliste rein oder beziehungsweise 01:49 habe die übersicht oder informationen 01:51 über mein artist album track i 01:54 playlist etc ich gehe ganz normal jetzt 01:58 einmal auf die trackliste bestätige wie 02:00 es einmal mit dem beginn agitation ski 02:03 suche mir ein trick aus latin mit den 02:07 darunter befindlichen tasten in das 02:11 erste das zweite dick und kann loslegen 02:15 ganz gewohnt lieber dem pioneer gelernt 02:18 habe ich hier die möglichkeit jetzt 02:21 maintrac zu starten hier oben habe ich 02:24 einmal die möglichkeit zwei mikrofone 02:26 anzusteuern heißt mikrofon 1 mikrofon 2 02:30 in der lautstärke geregelt habe eine 02:33 höhen- und eine tiefen regelung auch 02:35 eine pufferfunktion und natürlich ein 02:38 und ausschalten des mikrofon weges 02:40 kommen zur rechten seite 02:43 wie ihr seht seht ihr das dicke record 02:45 box logo dieses gerät arbeitet mit 02:48 record box zusammen heißt ich kann 02:50 einmal dass laptops über die 02:51 netzwerkbuchse anschließen und 02:54 zusätzlich noch mit dem laptop arbeiten 02:56 oder wie gesagt hin usb stick mit der 02:59 red box software vorbereiten meine 03:03 tracks analysieren meine cube 03:04 einspeichern et cetera aber das kann man 03:06 eventuell in meinem nächsten video auch 03:08 einmal näher erläutern wie das 03:10 funktioniert des weiteren haben wir hier 03:13 einmal eine regelung eine 03:14 lautstärkeregelung für den monitor 03:16 einmal für den master und hier die 03:20 nächste usb schnittstelle mit der ich 03:22 sogar die möglichkeit habe meinen 03:24 gemixten tracks aufzunehmen 03:28 dann gibt es hier ganz normale features 03:32 die eigentlich jeder cd player von 03:33 pioneer hat hier unsere loop sektion 03:36 hier habe ich die möglichkeit den job 03:39 den ich vorher gespeichert habe zu 03:40 speichern 03:41 oder halt auch zu löschen hier das 03:46 sollte eigentlich jedem liter bekannt 03:48 sein habe ich meine 03:49 ein menü später just heißt ich kann 03:53 einstellen ob die platte auslaufen soll 03:55 oder ganz normal stoppen soll kann hier 03:58 auch den vinyl modus nutzen dir 04:01 direktion 1 modus habe ich auch die 04:05 track auswahlliste kann ich hier auch 04:07 nochmal mit verwenden mit diesen tasten 04:10 heißt ich brauche nicht unbedingt die 04:12 navigations das navigations hat sondern 04:15 kann hier den nächsten track oder 04:17 traktoren hier wie gewohnt clay ein 04:22 pitch feder master tempo hier habe ich 04:26 eine range vom tempo von plus 6 bis 16 04:30 hier haben wir jetzt eine neue einheit 04:33 oder neue sektion die möchte ich jetzt 04:35 gerne ein wenig näher erklären heißt 04:38 ich drücke auf road crew kann bis zu 04:41 vier hot news im track speichern 04:43 heißt ich habe eine besondere stelle 04:46 die ich im track markieren möchte suche 04:49 diese aus und speichert sie ab dann gibt 04:54 es die nächste funktion auto bieten 04:56 heißt ich kann im biet takt gleich 05:01 einen loop setzen der denn auf dem thron 05:04 zum anderen track läuft die nächste 05:09 funktion wäre die looks like funktion 05:12 ich kann einen loop im track setzen und 05:16 live performen heißt ich kann mit 05:18 diesen vier tasten im loop selber noch 05:21 sample kommen wir zum mixer einheit die 05:24 mix einheit wie ihr seht beschränkt 05:26 sich auf zwei kanäle die ich jeweils 05:28 umschalten kann 05:30 einmal auf den internen modus mit den 05:33 usb geschichten und jeweils habe ich 05:36 noch die möglichkeit entweder ein foto 05:38 oder ein cd-player jeweils 05:41 anzuschließen 05:42 zwei kanäle ganz normal 05:45 unsere gehen weg unser gain regler mit 05:48 tiefen und die filter sektion diese 05:51 filter sektion hat die möglichkeit noch 05:54 mal jeweils habe ich die möglichkeit 05:56 jeweils mit gates oder einen filter 06:02 anzusteuern oder an zu triggern dann wie 06:06 gewohnt bei dem pioneer mischern habe 06:08 ich hier die möglichkeit einmal noch 06:10 ein echo reverse change kitsch oder wohl 06:15 effekt auf den jeweiligen kanal hier zu 06:19 routen und hier die möglichkeit die 06:21 intensität einzustellen heißt ich kann 06:24 bestimmen wie der effekt jetzt gerade 06:27 auf den kanal gelegt werden soll oder 06:29 bzw in welcher stärke ganz normal einen 06:33 crossfader den ich hier einmal 06:35 ausschalten kann oder bzw weiche 06:39 überblendungen oder hierfür die hip 06:40 hop djs oder die kata dem crossfader 06:44 einstellen wie ich es gerne möchte hier 06:47 auf der linken seite habe ich noch die 06:49 möglichkeit zum vorhören heißt einmal 06:52 für den ersten kanal für den zweiten 06:54 kanal die lautstärke des kopfhörers 06:57 hier kann ich bestimmen möchte ich nur 06:59 das was ich gerade im moment einmischen 07:02 möchte hören vor hören oder den 07:05 kompletten master kanal zusätzlich dazu 07:08 zum vorhören wird natürlich komme zur 07:11 vorderansicht des gerätes einmal die 07:13 kopfhörer sektion habt die möglichkeit 07:15 einmal mit ihrer großen klinke oder mit 07:17 der kleinen flinke anzug oder bzw 07:20 meine kopfhörer anzuschließen heißt 07:23 selbst wenn ich einen dj noch 07:25 zusätzlich habe kann er sich auch noch 07:28 gerne mit einspeisen 07:29 jetzt habe ich etwas zur forderungen an 07:32 sich gesagt kommen wir einfach mal zur 07:33 hinteren ansicht ich komme einfach mal 07:35 rum 07:36 hier haben wir die möglichkeit einmal 07:38 an eine große pr sprich mit xlr an 07:42 einen anschlüssen oder beziehungsweise 07:44 eingängen anzug linken hier einmal 07:48 über den master separat über cinch die 07:52 monitor sektion einer gehalten wir 07:55 klinke hier habe ich die möglichkeit 08:00 separat noch einmal auszuwählen eine 08:04 line quelle oder eine foto quelle über 08:06 kanal 24 dass bordeaux auch noch mal ein 08:10 foto über cinch anzuschließen heißt 08:14 ich kann das gerät auch als trauten 08:17 mixa verwenden 08:18 hier ist eine neuigkeit die noch kein 08:21 anderer midi controller wird oder mit 08:24 zweite controller hat das ist die 08:27 sogenannte link station heißt es eine 08:29 netzwerkbuchse die ich benötige wenn 08:32 ich den laptop mit rekord box verwenden 08:34 möchte dann kommen wir hier 08:37 letztendlich zu dieser einheit mikrofon 08:41 1 mikrofon zwei einmal kombiniert xlr 08:44 und klinke und einmal nur künden 08:50 so ich hoffe ich habe euch ein wenig 08:52 dieses gerät näher bringen können 08:54 wenn ihr lust habt das gerät steht bei 08:57 uns ab sofort in der demo wir stehen 08:59 auch gerne jederzeit zur verfügung 09:01 falls ihr fragen zu diesem gerät haben 09:04 kommt euch uns besuchen hier in köln im 09:07 music store hohen energie die abteilung 09:09 einfach die kleine wendeltreppe hoch wir 09:11 freuen uns auf euch

Further recommended DJ controllers selected for you

4.9/ 5 off 907 Reviews]


DJ Controller Test & Comparison Guide

So you can choose from our suggestions in our Test or comparison Their own DJ controller Choose a bestseller

Hello, I'm David and I love Do-it-yourself. Before a craftsman comes to my house with me, I try it myself and for the most part I succeed. Does not work, does not exist. It's scratching my image if I did not at least try it. Although sometimes there are setbacks, I learn from every mistake.

You can too. Show what is in you. That's why I have this for you DJ controller comparison compiled. From the big one DJ controller offer I have five the best DJ controller and best-selling models selected and compared in a table.

My research from customer reviews, surveys or opinions as well DJ controller Test's independent guidebook portals were reflected in my extensive guide. This always includes the advantages and disadvantages of a product group as well as the selection criteria that are important for the purchase.

Maybe you already have your personal one DJ controller test winner found, then let me know. Here you can communicate with me and give your personal opinion. I'm happy about your posting!

Further links and sources too DJ controller

Further information about our article can be found under Wikipedia , a platform of the most popular free encyclopedias on the Internet. Here you will learn a lot of interesting facts and information about our selection on the DJ controller to look up.

If you are on the YouTube video portal real and concrete information about our products DJ controller search, this source of information gives you direct access to the appropriate video clips.

On the platform of Amazon You can discover almost every product you want to buy online. So you will find this too DJ controller Product on Amazon. At the same time, many more articles can be found for your search on this portal.

Ebay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces where you can also discover our articles. Next to the DJ controller from commercial traders you will also find the DJ controller as used items from private sellers

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