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E-micromobility on two wheels - Which are the best E-Scooter providers?

Only a few years ago they were a dream of the future, but most recently you have conquered our larger inner cities: the electric scooters. Especially in view of climate debates and ever shrinking traffic space, they represent an innovative, environmentally conscious and sustainable alternative to cars and public transport.

Under which conditions you can use the innovative means of transportation and what you have to pay attention to in dealing with them, we examine in detail in this article. We also introduce you to the leading ones E-scooter providers Among other things, we deal with their specific offer and their availability in Germany.

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Lime e-scooter

  • widest area and largest roller fleet
  • longest experience in the field of e-bikes / scooter rental
  • several payment options
  • Range of 48 kilometers
  • innovative app features


Circ e-scooter

  • Scooter with practical additional features
  • high ride comfort
  • easy to use app with helpful features


Animal e-scooter

  • Scooter speed up thanks to accelerator lever
  • App shows how far away the next scooter is


Voi e-scooter

  • steadily developed scooter models
  • 50 kilometers range
  • replaceable battery
  • high ride comfort
  • Voiager 1 specially developed for the German transport network


Bird E-scooter

  • different colored scooters
  • uncomplicated app operation

Name Lime e-scooter Circ e-scooter Animal e-scooter Voi e-scooter Bird E-scooter
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,3ExcellentE-scooter providers

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodE-scooter providers

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodE-scooter providers

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodE-scooter providers

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodE-scooter providers

Manufacturer/Model Lime Circ Tier You guys Bird
current availability in Germany Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich (within the cities largest availability area) Herne, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne Berlin, Augsburg, Hamburg, Lübeck no location in Germany yet
Costs 1,00 Euro activation fee + 0,15 Euro per minute of travel 1,00 Euro activation fee + 0,15 Euro per minute of travel 1,00 Euro activation fee + 0,15 Euro per minute of travel 1,00 Euro activation fee + 0,15 Euro per minute of travel 1,00 Euro activation fee + 0,15 Euro per minute of travel
Scooter features Example Lime S 3. Generation: Front Suspension | 10 inch sport tires | maximum load of 150 kilograms | 2,8 color display with speed and battery status and no-parking indicator | multimodal braking system Mobile phone holder | USB port for smartphone charging | Beverage and bag holder | Frame made of robust and stainless aluminum alloy | front shock absorber 100 kg load capacity robust frame | double shock absorbers | three different driving modes Example Voiager 2 (newest model): big wheels | replaceable battery | automatic routing Xiaomi M365: 100 kg load capacity | Acceleration by means of throttle lever | Braking with E-ABS and mechanical disc brakes
approximate range in kilometers (according to provider) 48 Km 40 Km 30 Km 50 (Voiager 1) 30 Km
App Android and iOS enabled | Display of scooter locations | Tracking function | Switching on a ringtone on the scooter Android and iOS enabled | Display of scooter locations | Display of travel time and distance Android and iOS enabled | Display of scooter locations | Display of the distance to the nearest scooter Android and iOS enabled | Display of scooter locations Android and iOS enabled | Display of scooter locations
payment options Credit card, debit card and Paypal Credit card Credit card Credit card Credit card
Features As currently the only e-scooter provider Lime offers different payment options for the customers. Circ equips its scooters with practical additional features, such as smartphone, beverage and bag holders as well as a USB socket for charging the mobile phone. With the accelerator lever you can quickly get the animal scooter going. The classic Voi scooter is already attracting two new generations - the Voiager 1 and the Voiager 2. Bird offers a rental scooter based on the innovative and purchasable Xiaomi M365 model.
  • widest area and largest roller fleet
  • longest experience in the field of e-bikes / scooter rental
  • several payment options
  • Range of 48 kilometers
  • innovative app features
  • Scooter with practical additional features
  • high ride comfort
  • easy to use app with helpful features
  • Scooter speed up thanks to accelerator lever
  • App shows how far away the next scooter is
  • steadily developed scooter models
  • 50 kilometers range
  • replaceable battery
  • high ride comfort
  • Voiager 1 specially developed for the German transport network
  • different colored scooters
  • uncomplicated app operation
Summary E-scooter provider with the longest experience in e-bike and e-scooter rentals, covering the widest areas of the sites within its locations with the largest scooter fleet. Electric scooter rental company with scooters that are equipped with numerous practical additional features. Reliable e-scooter rental with current locations in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne - and rising. E-Scooter Verleih Profi, who equips his scooters with state-of-the-art technology and with the Voiager 1, offers a model specifically tailored to the German traffic network. Not too well-known e-scooter providers with technically advanced scooter model.
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Even though there were some sprawling political and social discussions regarding the approval of electric scooters for road traffic in the run-up to the event, the newcomers finally prevailed. Thus, the Federal Republic not only followed a trend that has long been established in other cities in and outside of Europe, but also set an important accent in terms of environmental awareness and equalization of the strained traffic problems in large cities.

The legalization of small vehicles called an ever-increasing number E-scooter hire offer on the plan. This E-scooter provider guide should teach you five of the best service providers.

If you have convinced this article that the electric scooter is right for you, we will also put you the informative E-scooter comparison by Test-Vergleiche.com to the heart. And since the matching accessories are immensely important, we also provide advice Bicycle Helmets and bicycle locks ready.

Who exactly are the five sharing providers from our e-scooter rental comparison?

All E-scooter provider recommendations in Germany, among others, include the start-up companies Lime, Voi, Circ, Tier and Bird. In the following, we will devote more attention to each individual lender.

  • Lime

lime e-scooter

Who or what is Lime?

US startup LimeBike operates under the umbrella of Neutron Holdings, Inc. and is headquartered in San Mateo, California. After being founded in June 2017, the company focused on the rental of classic bicycles and e-bikes. Since 2018, LimeBike has expanded its range with electric scooters, taking another step towards low-CO² driving.

How does Lime work?

The principle that starts from behind the business model of E-scooter provider Lime The customer downloads the Lime app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, registers, and searches with their help E-scooter or Bikes nearby. Then she or he scans the QR code attached to the vehicle with the smartphone or enters the number manually, unlocks it and drives off. After completing the drive, you can safely turn off the scooter or the bike.

  • Circ

Who or what is Circ?

The E-scooter provider Circ is a Berlin start-up, formerly known as Flash. Although the small electric vehicles only obtained their general road license on the 15.06.2019, Circ brings them to market, thanks to a special permit for the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Herne, since the 05.06.2019.

How does Circ work?

Even when E-scooter rental Circ Before you start using it, you must download and register for a corresponding app that is available for Android and for iOS devices. The user account is only active if you have received an SMS from the provider confirming this. Then you can track down an electric scooter in your immediate area, unlock it with a QR code scan and start driving. When you log off, you log out with a new QR code scan and that's it.

  • Tier


Who or what is animal?

Behind the E-scooter provider animal hides TIER Mobility GmbH, headquartered in Berlin. The start-up is, like its competitors, specialized in the largely location-independent rental of electric scooters.

How does animal work?

The E-scooter rental animal works in a similar way as the other sharing services. First, an Android or iOS App must be downloaded. After registering in the app, you can find the nearest scooter with the help of a map and activate it by QR code scan. The journey begins by placing one foot on the vehicle and creating momentum with the other. All you need to do to complete the journey is a simple click in the app.

  • You guys


Who or what is Voi?

In which E-scooter rental Voi It is a young, Scandinavian - more precisely Swedish - company founded in 2018. The subject of the rapidly growing company for e-mobility is the rental of electric bikes and electric scooters. The first e-scooter model for the German market was presented in June 2019 in the cities of Berlin and Potsdam.

How does Voi work?

The first step for using a vehicle of the E-scooter provider Voi is the download of the Voi-App. This is possible both with a smartphone that works on the operating system Android, as well as with the help of Apple devices. After downloading you can see in the Voi-App, where the nearest scooter or e-bike is. When a vehicle is selected, the start button is pressed, the QR code is scanned in and, with the help of a light push, the ride begins.

  • Bird


Who or what is Bird?

The E-scooter provider Bird 2018 was founded in September in Santa Monica, California. In addition to the well-known sharing services, the company also offers an e-scooter - the Bird One - for sale, which is unique among the five service providers we introduce.

How does Bird work?

The E-scooter rentals at Bird works almost as well as the other four providers. After downloading the Bird App to your Android or iOS device and finding an electric scooter near you, unlock it with a push of a button in the app and start driving off easily. At the end of the ride also tap the button again and you're done.


What distinguishes the providers and their roller fleet?

In principle, the offer of the five presented by us is similar E-scooter rental professionals, Of course every company tries to create unique selling points for its customers. To give you an overview of the services offered and the specific roll characteristics of five of them best e-scooter provider we are dealing with this same category.

  • Lime

The E-scooter rental Lime especially convinced by his experience in e-scooter. The green-white painted vehicles are robust and ensure a high level of ride comfort. The latest model of the company - the Lime S 3. Generation - offers, for example, an integrated suspension and a wide 10 inch sport tires. Its maximum payload is 150 kilograms.

Lime promises a range of whole 48 kilometers with a battery charge, but whether these can be met in city traffic, must show practical tests. Another feature on the scooters themselves, Lime offers a color screen that shows the speed and the battery status.

In the Lime app, the user, in addition to the obligatory map to search for the next vehicle, encounters a kind of logbook in which the distances traveled and distances are recorded. In addition, it is practical that you can let the e-scooter ring with an app button. This makes sense, especially if he is in a position that is not so easy to find.

Unlike its competitors, Lime makes the largest lending or redemption area available. In addition, Lime has a higher flexibility in terms of payment processing, because in addition to the credit card method, which is the only option for the other four service providers, Lime also offers the payment by Paypal, with a debit card or with the debit of a credit account ,

Lime e-scooter advantages / disadvantages

lime e-scooter


the widest availability area

App with many features

Paypal and credit card payment possible

Roller with color display


Although app has many functions, but it can look confusing

no special additional features on the scooters

  • You guys

As E-scooter rental in Berlin and other cities, Voi also offers various - three in number - e-scooter models to its customers, with the two more advanced versions "Voiager 1" and "Voiager 2", compared to the classic Voi, are equipped with additional features. These include, for example, functional brake and indicator lights as well as a longer range and the "Voiager 2" large tires for more driving comfort. The range of the "Voiager 1" is Voi with about 50 kilometers. Its battery is interchangeable and in addition this model was specially adapted to the requirements of the German transport network.

Voi e-scooter advantages / disadvantages



Range is given with comparatively generous 50 kilometers

Model "Voiager 1" is specially adapted to German traffic regulations


only credit card payment possible

no special additional features on the scooters


As the only service of ours E-scooter provider comparison equips the Berlin start-up Circ its e-scooters with some practical features. These include a mobile phone holder that allows you to navigate via smartphone in the city. The mobile phone can also be charged with the help of a scooter-mounted USB port. Furthermore scooters scored with an appropriate bottle and bag holder. The frame is made of a robust and rustproof aluminum alloy. The front wheel damper provides even more ride comfort.

In addition to the typical city map of scooter locations, the Circ App also offers a tracking feature that tracks travel time and distance.

Circ e-scooter advantages / disadvantages


practical scooter attachments, such as mobile phone, beverage and bag holder and USB port

App provides tracking feature


only credit card payment possible

Although app has many functions, but it can look confusing

Animal e-scooter

The E-scooter rental recommendation Tier equips their scooters, among other things with a small, attached to the right side of the handlebar lever, which is used for the acceleration of the vehicle. E-scooter rental experience say they take up quite a bit of speed when pressed. Although the vehicles can not serve with such a wide range of equipment, such as the competitor Circ, but they are robust, smooth, can withstand a maximum load of 100 kilograms and come up with three driving modes and double shock absorbers (front and rear). In terms of range, however, other vendors are outnumbering Tier with its average 30 kilometers. The animal app is clearly designed, easy to use and does exactly what it should basically do. Above all, it is positive that it indicates how far away the next e-scooter is.

Animal benefits / disadvantages



App is clear and shows how far the next scooter is removed

double shock absorbers for a lot of ride comfort


only credit card payment possible

no special additional features on the scooters

only 30 kilometers range

E-scooter bird

The E-scooter rental Bird equips the market with different colored scooters. You can choose between black, white and pink models. As a basis serves the E-scooter rental professional the Japanese scooter manufacturer Xiaomi M365 in a customized for the rental company execution. The two-wheelers are accelerated by means of a throttle lever on the right side of the handlebar. The handbrake is on the left side. Braking is done at the front with the aid of E-ABS and at the rear with mechanical disc brakes. As maximum load, the manufacturer specifies 100 kilograms. The Bird app is easy to use.

Bird advantages / disadvantages



easy-to-use app

E-ABS and mechanical disc brakes


only credit card payment possible

no locations in Germany yet

How much is the rent?

Our E-scooter providers price comparison makes it clear that the rental of electric micro vehicles is associated with almost the same basic costs for all five of our service providers. They consist of a one-time activation or activation fee of one euro and the actual time required for the use of the scooter. In detail this looks like this with Lime, Voi, Circ, Tier and Bird:

Activation = 1,00 Euro plus 0,15 Euro per driven minute (depending on the respective lender, the calculation starts at the start or at the end of the minute)

For example, an 30 minute trip would therefore cost 5,50 Euro in total. The costs are billed to all five providers via the app. With Voi, Circ, Tier and Bird this is done exclusively by credit card. When registering in the app, the credit card details must be entered in any case. Only Lime offers its customers alternatively a payment via the Paypal account or a debit card. In addition, a credit account can be created with Lime and this can be charged regularly or on demand.

E-scooter provider Note:

The E-scooter provider costs may vary in terms of the minute rate in some cities. It is always advisable to have a previous clarification.

What specific conditions do the lenders require?

Basically, all service providers from our E-scooter rental comparisonthat they require a minimum age of 18 years to use their services. This age restriction is chosen regardless of the legal situation, which only provides 14 years. In addition, the respective terms and conditions of course point to an appropriate handling of the loan equipment and require physical and mental fitness and compliance with all safety regulations. Furthermore, the following general guidelines must be followed:

  • no use or parking in prohibited areas
  • pedestrian traffic must not be disturbed
  • Driving under alcohol, drugs or drugs is prohibited
  • no use on sidewalks if these are not clearly identified as permitted area
  • Prohibition of manipulation or destruction on the vehicles
  • Carry out a check of all relevant safety features on the scooter before departure
  • Report accidents or damage immediately

E-scooter provider Note:

Although a helmet obligation does not exist on the part of the lender, but they expressly point out that wearing a helmet when E-scooter rentals a safety-relevant aspect that should not be ignored.

In which cities is the offer available?

In Germany, the agile electric scooters are officially allowed since mid-June. Since that time, the widening E-Scooter rental offers steadily. Which e-scooter providers, in which German city are available, we will illuminate below.

Please note that the expansion of service providers is progressing steadily and thus more and more rental areas are added. Please inform yourself in advance about the E-scooter rental offer in your city!

  • Lime: Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich
  • Voi: Berlin, Augsburg, Hamburg, Lübeck
  • Animal: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne
  • Circ: Herne, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich
  • Bird: not yet an official German location (only specially approved test phase in Bamberg)

As you can see, that is E-scooter rental Berlin currently the German hotspot. Close followed by various E-scooter providers in Cologne and Hamburg.

What are the basic provisions governing the use of electric scooters?

The official approval of e-scooters on German roads was approved on the basis of an ordinance issued by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection on 06.06.2019. In the official German this calls itself: "regulation over the participation of small electrical vehicles at the traffic (small electrical vehicles regulation - eKFV)". It regulates all nationwide conditions and guidelines for handling electric scooters in public traffic. These include the following provisions:

  • The minimum age for e-scooter use is 14 years.

  • The maximum speed must not exceed 20 kilometers per hour.

  • The direction change must be clearly visible and timely displayed by the e-scooter driver by hand signals.

  • An officially usable electric scooter must have a steering or support bar, a bell or bell, headlights, taillights and reflectors and side reflectors - all in all, a fully functional lighting system.

  • Each e-scooter must be insured (confirmed by an insurance sticker for small electrical vehicles).

  • Driving under alcohol (alcohol limits as when driving), drug or drug influence is strictly prohibited.

  • Passenger transport, for example in the case of two people on a scooter, is not allowed.

  • Specific dimensions and weights must be observed.

  • E-scooters may only drive where bicycles are allowed to drive - sidewalks are therefore generally excluded.

  • For group rides, it is always necessary to drive one behind the other.

E-scooter provider Note:

A driver's license and a bicycle helmet are not required by law.

What to look for when choosing an e-scooter provider

The E-scooter rental experience are so far, due to the first short-term operating permit, not so crucial that you could determine right away, which e-scooter provider the best of all is. To give you nevertheless a safe, effective and uncomplicated E-scooter rental We have put together a few key points that make it possible to choose one good e-scooter provider to facilitate:

  • The scooter

Probably the most important aspect in connection with a E-scooter rental refers to the vehicle itself. First and foremost, of course, should the scooter to 100 percent roadworthy and -suitable and insured and approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority for road traffic. Ideally, it is also equipped with practical features, can drive comfortably and scores with a long range. In the run-up to a rental, find out which provider, which model belongs to his fleet!

  • The availability

It makes little sense to mentally focus on a model of E-scooter provider Voi to stiffen, if he (still) has not stationed any scooter fleet in the city of your choice. Make your decision therefore dependent on the availability of the service provider on site!

  • Der Preis

Even though more and more e-scooter providers are flocking to the German market, so far there is no price war. Rather, the rental costs are at a similar level. However, because some lenders charge their minute costs in certain cities, looking at the detailed rates is always worthwhile.

  • The payment

At the moment, only the E-scooter rental Lime several payment options (credit card, debit card and Paypal). For the other service providers, the possession of a credit card is required. So who can not serve with it, should not choose any of these providers.

  • The reviews

E-scooter provider experiences of users who have already been at least once with the E-scooter hire offer can make a big contribution to the decision for a particular landlord. Take advantage of these extensively and avoid fake reports or dubious sources!

  • The app

All of the e-scooter rental options we've introduced and currently the most used are app-based. Without their download, no model can be borrowed. It is all the more important that the registration process is carried out quickly and securely and that the structure of the app is simple and clear. Ideally, the application has even more practical features, such as an integrated logbook and a distance calculator to the next e-scooter (as is the case with animal) on.

E-scooter provider advantages / disadvantages


E-scooter providers offer the opportunity to use an electric scooter without having to buy yourself an expensive model.

The E-scooter hire offer is growing steadily throughout Germany.

The rented by the reputable service providers e-scooters are officially approved for road traffic.

With the help of a rental toller you escape annoying traffic congestion and the endless search for parking space.

After use, the two-wheelers can easily be put back in place (in the permitted area) and must not be returned to a specific station.

Commissioning a rented e-scooter is quick and easy with the help of a specially developed app.


Without a downloaded app no ​​scooter ride is possible.

The app collects sensitive customer data in some cases.

In many E-scooter rental companies The rental costs can only be charged via a credit card.

The use of the scooter is only possible in prescribed areas.

E-Scooter Provider Test - Computerbild

Which providers can lend e-scooters?

Whether for one E-scooter rental in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin or any other participating German city - it is crucial that you get to a reliable scooter landlord. Like this informative E-scooter provider comparison has clearly shown that you are at the right place with service providers like Lime, Voi, Circ, Tier and Bird. But the sharing companies Hive and Wind Mobility (under the Byke brand) are also performing well and are on the rise in Germany as well.

Where can I borrow e-scooters?

In principle, an electric scooter in the case of all five E-scooter providers professionals always rented at the location, which is in close proximity to your whereabouts - of course, depending on whether this is also in the covered availability area of ​​the lender. A collection and contracting at a certain station is not necessary.

How does Stiftung Warentest judge the e-scooter rentals?

Since the use of maneuverable two-wheelers only relatively recently approved by the state, so far no E-scooter provider Stiftung Warentest judgment in front. For this reason, a promulgation of the E-scooter rental test winnernot based on an independent consumer portal research. We hope, however, that the one you have just read E-scooter provider guide was a helpful support for you and has provided you with all the important facts around the subject.

E-scooter test video Youtube - Galileo

Conclusion to the e-scooter providers

Whether a E-scooter rental makes sense, is out of the question, because the small electric two-wheelers are not only an environmentally friendly alternative to cars and Co., but facilitate, especially in large cities, the traffic situation and save the annoying search for a parking space. Thanks to various E-scooter providers professionals No one has to buy an expensive model and still benefit from the advantages of agile micro vehicles.

Other recommended e-scooter providers selected for you

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My name is Lisa and my children are already out of the woods. I am a balanced person and I attach great importance to a beautiful apartment, a well-kept garden and of course I like to travel. I like to cook, live well, go jogging and do a lot of cycling.

That's why it was very important to me as an author to give you this E-scooter provider comparison imagine. I have five of them E-scooter provider Bestseller chosen and I hope you like it as much as I do.

I have not made it easy for me and made a lot of research for you, collected surveys and opinions from customer reviews and at the Stiftung Warentest after a possible E-scooter provider test Watched.

To give you your purchase decision and the E-scooter provider selection To facilitate this, I have also written this informative guide text and listed the most important purchase criteria for you. Of course, you will also learn a lot about the pros and cons and some tips and tricks on the subject.

I would be very pleased about your response to my article. Write me your own experiences. A line is always open for you.

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