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Electric Mountain Bike - Sporty on the way

In addition to e-bikes, more and more electric mountain bikes now appeal to bike enthusiasts. They are almost perfect to spend a long time in nature and still be able to drive effortlessly.

The advantage of the electric mountain bike is the modern suspension technology and the light drive. The battery is extremely powerful and also allows driving in difficult terrain without it failing.

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Electric mountain bike Fitifito Pedelec 48V 13Ah 624W

  • high range
  • including lighting
  • traction
  • Tool
  • hydraulic disc brakes with cut-off function

Price-performance winner


Electric Mountain Bike NCM Moscow 2016, 27,5 Electric Bicycle E-MTB E-Bike

  • Battery can be removed for loading
  • Powerful 250 W 36 V engine
  • traction
  • Brakes front with engine cut


Electric mountain bike Prophete DISCOVERER e9.6 Trekking E-Bike 28 ″

  • 48 V engine for extra power
  • traction
  • Multifunction display with USB port
  • hydraulic disc brake
  • good suspension


Electric mountain bike Haibike SDURO HardSeven RC e-mountain bike

  • Lightweight
  • Wide choice gearshift for every terrain
  • Yamaha multifunction display


Electric Mountain Bike HAIBIKE Sduro Trekking RC Men's E-Trekking Bike

  • Very robust construction
  • suitable for tall people
  • 20 gears for every kind of ground
  • Yamaha multifunction display

Name Electric mountain bike Fitifito Pedelec 48V 13Ah 624W Electric Mountain Bike NCM Moscow 2016, 27,5 Electric Bicycle E-MTB E-Bike Electric mountain bike Prophete DISCOVERER e9.6 Trekking E-Bike 28 ″ Electric mountain bike Haibike SDURO HardSeven RC e-mountain bike Electric Mountain Bike HAIBIKE Sduro Trekking RC Men's E-Trekking Bike
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comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,3ExcellentElectric mountain bike

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,6goodElectric mountain bike

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodElectric mountain bike

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodElectric mountain bike

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodElectric mountain bike

Manufacturer/Model POWERPAC NCM Moscow Prophete Haibike Haibike
Wheel and frame size 28 inches, 52 cm 27,5 inches, 48 cm 27,5 inches, 50 cm 27,5 inches, 50 cm 28 inches, 52 cm
Circuit 7 gears 21 gears 9 gears 20 gears 20 gears
engine support Gear hub motor, 5 stages Rear engine, 6 steps Mid-engine, n / a Mid-engine, n / a Mid-engine, n / a
top speed 25 km / h 25 km / h 25 km / h 25 km / h 25 km / h
Reach 100 km 50 ?? 70 km 100 km 90 km 145 km
Weight 24 kg 24 kg 23 kg 21 kg 30 kg
Features The Powerpac ?? Mountainbike Elektro is the only one in the test equipped with lighting directly from the factory. As a result, it meets the requirements of the StVO and may be driven in normal traffic. The mechanical disc brakes come from the manufacturer Tekro and have a cut-off sensor that decouples the engine when braking. So you do not have to brake against the rear engine and the driver comes quickly and safely to a stop. The Prophete mountain bike electric is designed according to the manufacturer for men and requires a sporty sitting posture when driving. Ideal for biking in the forest or terrain. The lightweight under the electric mountain bikes comes to handle especially women. It still weighs about 8 kg more than a conventional mountain bike, but is one of the lighter ones among e-bikes. The hydraulic disc brake and the high-quality double-chamber rims ?? Tires give a secure feeling even on uneven roads.
  • high range
  • including lighting
  • traction
  • Tool
  • hydraulic disc brakes with cut-off function
  • Battery can be removed for loading
  • Powerful 250 W 36 V engine
  • traction
  • Brakes front with engine cut
  • 48 V engine for extra power
  • traction
  • Multifunction display with USB port
  • hydraulic disc brake
  • good suspension
  • Lightweight
  • Wide choice gearshift for every terrain
  • Yamaha multifunction display
  • Very robust construction
  • suitable for tall people
  • 20 gears for every kind of ground
  • Yamaha multifunction display
Summary The Electro Mountain Bike Winner offers a well-tuned 7 gearshift and 5 stages of engine assistance. Thus, both the paths in everyday life, as well as longer bike rides can be pleasantly denied. The long reach of the lithium-ion battery makes the E-MTB quickly an indispensable companion. The NCM Moscow electric mountain bike provides solid support through 6 levels of engine performance. Thus, it is not only suitable for the asphalt, but also for uneven roads. The battery is easily removable so that it can be charged in the apartment, he remains on the bike, so it can be secured with the built-in battery lock against thieves. The good suspension makes the Prophete mountain bike electric a versatile companion, even off the road. The powerful engine offers good range depending on driving style, so it does not have to be recharged after every ride. However, you have to adjust the bike yourself, which requires a bit of manual skill. The Haibike E-MTB was developed for off-road fun. Thanks to the 20 gears and the 36V engine assistance, even passages that could not be achieved with pure muscle power can be driven. The Haibike electric mountain bike for men is equipped with a high frame of 52 cm and therefore especially suitable for tall men. The 36 V engine provides solid off-road support.
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Our comparison chart for Electric mountain bike comparison does not replace one Electric mountain bike testin which a special Electric mountain bike test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external electric mountain bike test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Electric mountain bike test winner is.

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At a glance

  • Electric mountain bikes Not only do you enjoy driving on rough roads and off the road, but you can also serve cyclists with less stamina. They are just as suitable for everyday life as for long bike rides.
  • The basic idea of ​​the MTB scene lies in the climbing or erradling of mountain peaks and natural sites on their own. Therefore, the development splits of Electric mountain bikes the crowds. A purchase can still be worthwhile. Test-vergleiche.com shows what matters.
  • In essence, two types of suspension are distinguished: the so-called Hardtail e-bike only has front suspension, while the Fully electric mountain bike is sprung front and rear. So you can drive on very rooted or steep terrain.

The term mountain bike, which means "mountain bike" means, is often used by the vernacular for sporty bicycles. There is much more to the action sports mountain biking than just cycling. Anyone who has ever met a mountain biker, or browsed through a relevant magazine, knows how much attention to detail and passion for wild off-road tours actually behind the word mountain bike.

The greatest attraction of exploring nature off the beaten track by bike and climbing mountain peaks is probably the reward of the magnificent views and the awareness that you have achieved the power of your own muscle power. Understand that that Electric mountain bike with convinced bikers does not have the best reputation. After all, the engine-driven support of one's own driving performance is in direct contrast to the basic idea.

But not everyone has the time or the stamina to climb a mountain alone with muscle power on the bike. On Electric mountain bike offers the wonderful opportunity to do extensive cycling without physical exhaustion and is therefore the method of choice for many people.

Even the ways in everyday life fall with one Electric mountain bike much easier. Especially when the residence is on a hill, the exhausting way home often spoils the enjoyment of cycling. On E bike This can be a considerable relief, because the 36V powerful electric motors effortlessly level out gradients and thus avoid heavy sweating or physical strain.

There are many reasons for the popular mountain bike e-bikes. It does not matter if it's yours Order E-MTB online or buy in specialized stores, test-vergleiche.com shows you in the Electric mountain bike comparison reportwhat you should look for.

How does an electric mountain bike work?

The best electric mountain bikes stand on a par with a conventional one electric Bicycle and are similar in operation. The driver is assisted by an electric motor as soon as he starts pedaling. If the pedaling stops or the brake is applied, the motor stops or the drive is decoupled. However, the so-called cut-off function, which makes it possible to brake faster and safer because the engine power is taken away at the same time, is not available from every manufacturer.

The Electric mountain bike comparison shows an overview of the five best electric mountain bikes, These are all mobile without insurance certificate, as the engine power 250W does not exceed and the maximum speed with engine is sealed off at 25 km / h. The so-called Pedelecs 45 have up to 500W powerful engines and can be up to 45 km / h fast. However, the operation is only permitted with license plate and driver's license. Therefore, this kind of Electric mountain bike in our E-Bike Buying Guide not considered.

The Electric mountain bike So represents a legal compromise of conventional mountain bike and Enduro or off-road motorcycle.

Tip: Beginners who have little experience in rough terrain can come up with one Motorcycle back protector in case of a fall, protect against bad back injuries.

Electric mountain bike: pros and cons


Suitable for both everyday and off-road trips

Pedaling is not replaced, but supported

Different levels of performance in groups can be compensated

For untrained or older drivers well suited

Slim design of the battery does not interfere with driving

Stable driving feeling due to the weight of the bike


Significantly heavier than conventional mountain bikes

Less agile and therefore not equally suitable for all trails

Electricity costs due to battery charges

Stronger to drive when battery is empty

Fully, hardtail and the difference between the two

The product description of one Amazon electric mountain bike often reads like a Chinese for technical laymen. Test-vergleiche.com Explains to you how you still like her best mountain bike e-bike .


The term "Fully" means in the MTB scene the suspension of the Electric mountain bikes on both wheels. This design is particularly suitable for rapid off-road rides, as the unevenness of the soil can be optimally balanced. Even with jumps or larger steps a suspension of the rear wheel supports the driver in addition.

In the Electric Mountain Bike Comparison Report 2016 only one full-bike mountain bike e-bike was evaluated, the Prophet mens e-bike. It offers a high range of about 100 km and an exceptionally powerful engine (48V). Thus, it is the suitable companion for mountain tours or rides through forest and meadow landscape.


Not only that Electric mountain bike comparison winnerbut also the Value for money Under the E-MTB are designed in hardtail construction. This means that only the front wheel is sprung, but the rear wheel is rigidly connected to the frame. This has the advantage of providing more stability to the driver. Inexperienced bikers, in particular, can benefit from this because the combination of high speed and loose suspension can provoke crashes.

Tip: A hardtail is perfect for beginners, as it is less serviceable, lighter and more robust than a fully-equipped bike. In addition, the production is less expensive, which is reflected in the price.

Purchase advice for e-mountain bikes

The Electric mountain bike offer is big and confusing. Now that you know the most common types of construction, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, we want to show you the most important aspects of the Buy MTB E should be taken into account.

Drive and battery

Not only the biggest difference to a conventional mountain bike, but for prospective buyers of the Mountain bike e-bikes also one of the most important factors: the drive. A rough distinction is made between rear and mid-engine. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

Mid-engine: advantages and disadvantages


Attack on the bottom bracket

Deep, central position on E-MTB

Both in fulls, as well as hardtails represented

Ideal weight distribution

Stable driving characteristics


Elaborate construction

Retrofitting of conventional MTBs often not possible

slightly higher production costs

Rear engine: advantages and disadvantages


Power goes directly to the rear wheel

Retrofitting of MTBs possible

Cheaper in production and installation


Uneven weight distribution

Driving behavior may not be suitable for beginners

  • Bremsanlage

Almost as important as the drive is the built-in brake system of yours Electric mountain bikes, It has to work reliably and react immediately. Especially when traveling at high speeds over rough terrain, a well-adjusted brake can be the deciding factor to avoid painful crashes. Although many professional mountain bikers are using Motorcycle gloves and other, particularly robust and secure protectors, serious injuries can not always be avoided.

The Electric mountain bike comparison has shown that hydraulic disc brakes offer the best quality. Cheap mountain bike e-bikes sometimes also use mechanical disc brakes. However, these generate their braking effect with only one piston and are always only as strong as the hand that pulls the brake. A small hydraulic system, on the other hand, boosts the force that the driver spends and also brakes symmetrically with two pistons.

For city trips or on footpaths 160 - 180 mm brake discs are sufficient, for more demanding trips in the mountains 200 mm should be available.

  • The range

Regarding the recharge times and the range of yours best e-bike mountain bike There are small, but subtle differences. Depending on the manufacturer, the batteries between 4 and 8 need hours to fully charge. How far you actually end up with a single battery depends to a large extent on your individual driving style. The tested by the manufacturer E-MTBs according to their specifications at least 50km through, in Eco mode can be up to 150 km in there. Do your own mountain bike test, it's worth buying an e-MTB with the engine power gradually adjustable. Of the Electric mountain bike comparison winner POWERPAC comes with an 6-level selection, so you can always choose the right level of support. This saves electricity, especially on level paths, and thus increases the range.

Tip: Before yours Buy mountain bike e-bike, you should do a test drive. That's true even if you have yours Order MTB E online, In case of doubt, use the 14-day right of return.

  • The E-MTB display

All in Mountain Bike E-Bike Buying Guide compared E-Mountain Bikes are factory-equipped with a small display. It displays important data such as battery charge, remaining range, speed and distance covered. Familiarize yourself with the operation of the screen before you start your first long tour and test it extensively. If you need to search for a specific function while driving, you may be in serious danger!

Tips and tricks for your electric mountain bike

What does the StVO stipulate for the operation of a bicycle?

Mountain bike e-bikes are not intended by the manufacturer for use in normal road traffic, but everyone knows that makes this difficult in everyday life. Hardly anyone wants to use their E-MTB exclusively on secured trails and parcourses. In comparison, there was only one Electric mountain bike, which was delivered directly from the factory with lighting. This we have to Mountain bike e-bike comparison winner chosen: that POWERPAC e-mountain bike.

You can even do that Mountain bike test make and drive past a traffic control. Unfortunately, a front and rear lamp on the bike is far from enough to be complained of in a traffic control. According to the ADFC, the General German Bicycle Club, the following things are essential if you participate in the traffic with the e-bike mountain bike:

  • a red reflector behind

  • a white reflector at the front (usually included in the lamp)

  • At least 2 spoke reflectors or reflector strips on the side

  • red taillights

  • white headlights

  • Non-slip and firmly screwed pedals with reflectors

  • two independent braking systems (for example, handbrake and coaster brake)

  • light-colored bell

Unfortunately, everyone has to E-MTBbe retrofitted for use on the road. Meanwhile, there are simple solutions in the specialized trade, for example, battery-powered lamps that can be easily plugged in when needed. Thus, the accessory is not in the way during rapid off-road rides or gets dirty, but once it goes back to the asphalt, you are perfectly protected.

Cleaning and care of your e-mountain bike

To ensure the long-term enjoyment of your best e-bike mountain bike is guaranteed, a certain maintenance is inevitable. Dirt and water easily increase the delicate technology by jamming gears or rusting. With a garden hose or a bucket of water you are usually well advised. Note the following: Do not do it Mountain bike test with plenty of water and keep in mind that a full shower is yours E-MTB can hurt! Above all, the battery reacts to too much water with mosquitoes or in the worst case completely fails. Therefore you should on the Pressure Washer do without when it comes to bike care.

After gentle washing, a drop of oil is perfect to keep joints supple and bearings smooth. In hardware stores and specialty stores, there is special fork oil, which is suitable for the suspension.

What does Stiftung Warentest say about E-Bike Mountainbike Test's?

Stiftung Warentest makes independent and honest judgments about products and services of all kinds. The testing institute is one of the most renowned on the German market and relevant to the majority of consumers.

In the summer 2016, Stiftung Warentest has a big one E-bike test released. The tested e-bikes were, however, the type of low entry, and differ in so far from the E-bikes, That's why we can not give you one E-bikes test winner imagine. In the final judgment, the Consumer Protection Institute advises not to exceed the permitted total load of the bike in order to avoid unwanted breakage of individual bars.

In addition, the testers stated that all E-Bikes With the shifting under load have difficult and therefore advises to early downshifting before a slope is traveled.

Questions and answers (FAQ) about the electric mountain bike

They are comparable to an e-bike. The maximum speed is 25 km / h.

Basically yes. The automatic traction help significantly facilitates starting.

Yes, as with many things, an electric mountain bike has a body weight limit. It is important to pay attention to how much weight the electric mountain bike can carry.

The weather does not matter. However, the bike should not be exposed to rain for days at a time.

For some models, installing a larger battery is no problem. In other models, the batteries are installed so that they can not be exchanged.


The Electric mountain bike is a great thing, as it is hardly limited in its diversity. The errands of everyday life can be as well deny as challenging group rides through the mountains. Especially for beginners, people with less fitness and older people, it is a good alternative to the conventional mountain bike.

Only drawback of the five best electric mountain bikes in comparison: None would withstand factory police control. If that E-MTB So also in traffic should be used, something must be retrofitted. Only ours E-MTB comparison winner from POWERPAC comes with front and rear lights directly from the manufacturer.

Video Electric mountain bike Haibike experience on the mountains ...

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