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Buy room fragrances we to make our home more comfortable or to refresh. A slight touch of a self-selected aroma conjures a smile on the lips of every guest and you. Depending on the system, you can do one yourself Aroma oil Select and add as you wish, or you can opt for ready-made fragrance compositions. in the Fragrance lamp comparison from we show the advantages and disadvantages of the aroma diffuser and give tips on buying!

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Tenswall fragrance lamp 500ml aroma diffuser

  • electric fragrance lamp
  • with seven changing color variants
  • two fog intensities
  • for aromatherapy

Price-performance winner


Fragrance lamp TOPESCT 500ml aroma diffuser ultrasound

  • Eight feel-good color variants
  • for aromatherapy or a better sleep


Fragrance lamp TaoTronics aroma diffuser 300ml ultrasonic

  • Patented system
  • easy to clean
  • ~ 30 dB
  • for clean and fresh air


Fragrance lamp TENSWALL 500ml Diffuser remote control

  • modern design
  • with ultrasonic technology
  • also suitable for children's rooms
  • also adjustable without remote control


Fragrance lamp VicTsing Diffuser Aromatherapy 150ml

  • With improved fogging function
  • very quiet operating noises
  • 1 button mode

Name Tenswall fragrance lamp 500ml aroma diffuser Fragrance lamp TOPESCT 500ml aroma diffuser ultrasound Fragrance lamp TaoTronics aroma diffuser 300ml ultrasonic Fragrance lamp TENSWALL 500ml Diffuser remote control Fragrance lamp VicTsing Diffuser Aromatherapy 150ml
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,7goodDuftlampe

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,9goodDuftlampe

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentDuftlampe

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodDuftlampe

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodDuftlampe

Manufacturer/Model Tenswall TopEsct TaoTronic Tenswall VicTsing
What's in the box 1x aroma diffuser | 1x adapter | 1x measuring cup | 1x remote control | 1x instruction manual 1x aroma diffuser | 1x adapter | 1x measuring cup | 1x remote control | 1x instruction manual 1x TaoTronics aroma accessory | 1x power plug | 1x container | 1x instruction manual 1x aroma diffuser | 1x adapter | 1x measuring cup | 1x remote control | 1x instruction manual 1x user manual | 1x 150ml aroma diffuser | 1x power supply
product features With ultrasonic technology | adjustable light intensity | quiet (~ 35 dB) Ultrasound technology | up to 10h running time | for rooms up to 60 sqm Patented Oil-Flow System | 8h lasting fragrance | strong or weak steam | quiet and safe Up to 10h running time | quiet (~ 35 dB) | Choice of colors for a relaxed atmosphere Specially developed sleep mode with reduced fog | Noise reduced (~ 21 dB) | up to 9h running time
capacity 500 ml 500 ml 300 ml 500 ml 150 ml
Color change mode 7 color modes | red | pink | blue | turquoise | green | yellow | orange 8 color modes | red | purple | azure blue | light blue | dark green | light green | yellow | medium blue 7 color modes | yellow | green | light blue | dark blue | red | purple | White 7 color modes | blue | turquoise | green | yellow | red | pink | purple 8 color modes | purple | dark blue | light blue | green | yellow | orange | red | pink
Continuous light mode Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Design variants none none Wood look | Wood look white | walnut none Creamy white | Wood look
Automatic shutdown Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
timer function Yes | 60min | 120min | 180min | Steady light Yes | 60min | 120min | 180min | Steady light Yes | 60min | 120min | 180min | Steady light Yes | 60min | 120min | 180min | Steady light Yes | 180min
Remote Control included in scope included in scope No included in scope No
BPA-free Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Features Suitable for rooms up to 60 square meters. Suitable for small and large rooms. With calming and stylistic light. For a pleasant room air? at any time. With specially developed sleep mode.
  • electric fragrance lamp
  • with seven changing color variants
  • two fog intensities
  • for aromatherapy
  • Eight feel-good color variants
  • for aromatherapy or a better sleep
  • Patented system
  • easy to clean
  • ~ 30 dB
  • for clean and fresh air
  • modern design
  • with ultrasonic technology
  • also suitable for children's rooms
  • also adjustable without remote control
  • With improved fogging function
  • very quiet operating noises
  • 1 button mode
Summary A humidifier that delivers what it promises. The high capacity and the visually appealing design are highlighted positively. Satisfied customers report a quick improvement in dry indoor air and highlight the elegant design. A recommended product with a good price-performance ratio. Quiet and easy to use. A small diffuser with a large capacity ?? easy to handle and quick to use. A solid humidifier for small spaces. Customers love the simple, practical design.
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Fragrance lamp at a glance

  • For the wellness factor in your own four walls, fragrance lamps serve, which, in combination with an aromatic oil, inspire the nose and work right into the brain. Often popular flavors such as orange or lavender are included in the fragrance lamp set and do not have to be purchased separately.
  • They bathe the home in a warm, soothing light and are standard equipment for many in the cold months. Some use fragrance lamps in the whole apartment, others especially when bathing, for the wellness effect.
  • The catalytic fragrance lamp is particularly effective and reliably kills unwanted odors in the house. The room air is not only whitewashed with a scent, but also successfully freed from odor-causing bacteria.

Fragrance lamp in price comparison

humidifier, an aroma diffuser, traditional fragrance lamps and the like enable us to feel comfortable at home. In combination with high quality, pure, natural flavors, you get the maximum benefit. Fragrance oils are an indispensable part of alternative medicine. Essential oils are said to alleviate mental and physical complaints and improve wellbeing in no time.

Top product: fragrance lamp at Amazon

Aroma Diffuser 300ml TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifier Diffuser Fragrance Lamps BPA-Free Aromatherapy Humidifier for Essential Oils Room Humidifier for ...
  • 【World's first diffuser with patented Oil Flow System (patent pending)】 With ultrasonic technology and ...
  • 【3 in 1 functions】 Aroma diffuser, humidifier, fragrance lamp. This is an essential oil diffuser, but you can also ...
  • 【Quiet and safe】 With the DIffuser you can enjoy the refreshing, fresh and fragrant air undisturbed. The low water ...
  • 【Safe and healthy materials】 With the baby-safe BPA-free technology, you can put the diffuser in a baby room ....
  • 【4 time settings and two adjustable water vapor】 The aroma diffuser gives the time setting with four modes: 1 hour / 3 ...

Fragrance lamp advantages / disadvantages


Simple fragrance lamps are quickly ready for use

Efficient systems available

Wide range of designs for every style

Aromatic oil to relieve symptoms of illness (with a cold, etc.)

Also available as a scented wax


Not suitable for allergy sufferers

Keep children away


What types of fragrance lamps are there?

  • Traditional fragrance lamp with candle

The traditional fragrance lamp with a candle as a heat source seems to be always popular. In comparison one cheap fragrance lampthat are available in many variants, colors and materials. Depending on your preferences and furnishing style, you decided between a timeless frame or a modern one. Due to the structural distance between the candle and the bowl, the heat acts upwards. Commercially available tea lights are best for consumption, because they always fit in terms of size. Pay attention to the size of the drip tray if you have your Order fragrance lamp online. The larger, the more water you can fill in to evaporate.

  • Electric fragrance lamp

This type of aroma lamp is particularly practical because it does not require a watchful eye. It is powered by electricity, so you have to dock such a model in the socket. You get a useful night light on the bed, in the bathroom or in the bedroom and kill two birds with one stone. An on / off switch is integrated into the lamp, which means you can operate it manually. Often these fragrance lamps have an oriental touch and are decorated with elements made of metal and ceramic.

  • Catalytic fragrance lamp

The name is less reminiscent of wellness and looks more technical. This unites this type of Aroma lamp the purification of air and the creation of a scented oasis. Interestingly, it was developed by the Parisian pharmacist Berger in the 19th century to reduce the germ load in hospitals. Using a flameless catalytic burner, he managed to kill around 70 percent of the bacteria in the air we breathe, without any chemicals. Later, the principle was expediently expanded with scented oils in order to upgrade the room air with a pleasant aroma at the same time. Inside this special fragrance lamp is the fragrance, which is often specified by the manufacturer. But you can choose between many fragrances from floral to fruity. To your catalytic aroma lamp to kindle, you have to light the wick and burn for up to two minutes, blow it out. Then put the crown on the lamp and enjoy the selected fragrance.

  • Ultrasonic nebulizer with light therapy

The most modern ultrasonic nebulizers, which even change their light, are also suitable for aromatherapy. These fragrance lamp models are usually equipped with a timer and are easy to use. Sometimes they can switch up to eight colors, which is very popular with customers. At bedtime, the light source can be reduced manually if desired so that one does not feel disturbed. The capacity of the water is 100 to 150 ml. So you don't have to keep topping up. The mist is emitted inconspicuously and slowly spreads into the room air.

Fragrance lamp note:

There is always a fire hazard with tea light models, which is why you should not leave such an aroma lamp burning carelessly. Although the system with the drip tray looks very safe, it still requires supervision. If you cannot guarantee this, you should prefer the electrical version.

Fragrance lamp from TOPESCT


Which aroma diffuser to buy - quality criteria for the best fragrance lamp

  • Fragrance lamp Art

You are looking for your own personal taste the best fragrance lamp for yourself. Many fragrance oil lovers prefer the classic fragrance lamp with a candle because it is simple to use and the aroma lamp is easy to clean. If you want more than just scented refreshment, you can go for the catalytic fragrance lamp decide. When used for the first time, the wick must soak up the liquid for a few minutes before the aroma lamp is lit. With such a model, you can reduce bacteria at the same time, which is useful in corona times. Simple candle variants, however, are significantly cheaper than complex catalysis systems.

  • Features

When you order an aroma lamp, you should pay attention to additional functions. Modern models among the aroma diffusers are, for example, equipped with timers. They trigger themselves as desired, for example every six hours. Ideal for the bathroom! The inexpensive one is suitable here Aroma Diffuser from dm just like an expensive variant. Classic designs with candles do not require additional functions, but are uncomplicated. Modern electric fragrance lamps are often equipped with light, which means that you get the soothing light therapy right away.

  • What's in the box

Depending on the type of fragrance lamp, you need a smaller or larger scope of delivery. Classic candle models with bowls should include one or more scented oils so that you can use the Fragrance lamp test can implement right away. Or you already know which aroma you like and order it separately. The catalytic objects, for example the Fragrance lamp Maison Berger Paris, are usually delivered with fragrance. Often with the neutral liquid and a citrus aroma. You can order additional fragrances separately.

  • Aromatic oil or scented wax

Ideally order an aroma lampthat comes with a selection of oils. You can also order your favorite fragrances individually. Antibacterial scented oils made from clove, tea tree or sage enjoy long-term popularity. Nutmeg, thyme or rosemary, on the other hand, have a calming effect. Mood-brightening for it tangerine, rose or lemongrass. You should get a love partner going with sandalwood. In addition to the well-known oils, there is also scented wax for sale today. The wax has been flavored by the manufacturer and slowly melts in the aroma bowl.

Fragrance lamp bestseller on Amazon:

OfferBestseller no. 1
Kaloogo® Sabai Scent Pure - ceramic fragrance lamp / fragrance light - underwater effect
  • Ceramic aroma lamp with large reservoir
  • Ø ~ 10-11cm / Height: ~ 10-11cm / Weight: ~ 500g
  • loving handwork
  • packed in an appealing cardboard box without plastic
  • suitable for scented oils or scented waxes (tards)
Bestseller no. 2
Aroma Diffuser, 400ml Humidifier Ultrasonic Fragrance Lamp, Ultra Quiet BPA-Free Oil Diffuser with 7 Colors LED for Baby, Bedroom, Room, Office, Yoga, Salon, Spa
  • 🌿 [Aroma Diffuser] - Atomizes the pure water with the essential oil into the air by ultrasonic atomization technology, ...
  • 🌿 [BPA-FREE & WATERLESS AUTO-OFF] - This aroma oil diffuser made from BPA-free materials, it is non-toxic and safe for ...
  • 🌿 [QUIET OPERATION & LARGE CAPACITY] - Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, the aroma humidifier works extremely quietly during ...
  • 🌿 [4 TIME SETTING & 7 colors LED light] - 4 time setting modes: 1 hour / 3 hours / 6 hours / stable. You can the...
  • 🌿 [✉ Intimate Service] - Response within 24 hours. You can buy SEPOVEDA aroma diffusers with confidence. If you...
Bestseller no. 3
Pajoma fragrance lamp '' Ambiente '' made of concrete & ceramic, height 15 cm
  • Fragrance lamp '' Ambiente '' made of concrete and ceramic
  • Color: gray / white
  • Height: 15 cm
  • Diameter: 10 cm
  • high quality

What does Stiftung Warentest say about the fragrance lamp?

Essential oils are generally very popular, but they also have dangers. In a brief report from 2010, the experts pointed out that scented oils are not recommended for children. Just a few drops would be enough to trigger life-threatening shortness of breath. Keep infants and toddlers away from fragrance lamps and aromatic oils. An explicit one Fragrance lamp test we haven't found it at Stiftung Warentest, but we will inform you if it changes.

Fragrance lamp FAQs

To achieve the positive effect on body and mind, a normal fragrance lamp with a tea light is sufficient.

Many fragrance lamps are cast in a mold and have to be completely dusted off and wiped off with a slightly damp cloth. A catalytic aroma lamp also does not require intensive cleaning and only needs to be dusted on the outside. Overall, fragrance lamps are easy to care for, but pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions.

Depending on your mood and needs, you should decide on the right oil. If you want to relax, lavender is suitable, but anise is also suitable. Relaxing lemon balm, invigorating, however, sweet orange.

With the help of an empty beverage can, you can soon make a DIY fragrance lamp. All you need is a pair of scissors, a candle, a can opener and some skill. See video:

Just a few drops of a fragrance oil (3 to 10) are enough to improve the room fragrance. Use the oil sparingly, otherwise it will quickly become too much, then only ventilation helps.

Each color stands for certain properties. For example, the color yellow has a balancing effect and relieves nervousness within minutes, while red tends to stimulate and stimulate blood circulation. Depending on your wishes and the time of day, one or the other color is better suited.

Ceramic is the perfect raw material for fragrance lamps because it is very temperature-resistant. Ceramic is also more robust than glass and has a long service life. You will enjoy it forever.

Cold cigarette smoke is unbearable for many and even smokers would like to give it up. In order to counteract the smell, the right aroma oil helps in addition to ventilation. A fresh citrus oil is refreshing and should be standard in smoking households. Just a few drops are enough to improve the room air.

Conclusion to the fragrance lamp

Buy fragrance lamps not just followers of alternative medicine, they are suitable for every household and every room. Are in the bathroom Fragrance lamps with electric drive very popular because they often include a timer. You set them as you wish so that they trigger in time. But you can also help manually if necessary. It doesn't matter if you're the traditional Order fragrance lamp, or for the burner system or the Electric fragrance lamp decide. The products are very versatile and enrich the living environment enormously. You can even disinfect part of the room air using special oils such as sage. Do it yourself Fragrance lamp test and find your favorite flavor today!

4.9/ 5 off 45 Reviews]



Fragrance lamp buy recommendation

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