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Frisbee disc - The fast sport for humans and dogs

The Frisbee is a piece of play equipment that not only inspires children and adults, but is also very popular with dogs. It is a so-called throwing disc, which is moved through the air in order to be caught by your playing partner.

In our Frisbee comparison you will find a lot of information about the popular sporting goods as well as ours Frisbee bestseller compared. Let this inspire you and use the Frisbee to get more exercise again.

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Best recommendation


Frisbee disc HQ Windspiration Aerobie 360145

  • flies precisely
  • soft rubber edge
  • robust processing
  • transparent inside
  • comfortable throwing and catching
  • integrated LEDs

Price-performance winner


Frisbee disc Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Ultimate Frisbee

  • stable trajectory
  • suitable for competition
  • consists of renewable raw materials
  • handy feel
  • pleasant handling


Frisbee disc New Games Eurodisc competitive

  • consists of renewable raw materials
  • suitable for competition
  • stable trajectory
  • pleasant feel
  • handy
  • enormous flight distance


Frisbee Disc Disc Store Discraft Ultra Star Sports Disc

  • low weight
  • suitable for competition
  • contoured handle
  • aerodynamic technology
  • high efficiency
  • high-quality


Frisbee disc Discraft Ultimate Frisbee Ultra Star

  • little rotation in flight
  • wind resistant
  • stable and robust
  • suitable for competition
  • Fits comfortably in your hand
  • high quality processed

Name Frisbee disc HQ Windspiration Aerobie 360145 Frisbee disc Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Ultimate Frisbee Frisbee disc New Games Eurodisc competitive Frisbee Disc Disc Store Discraft Ultra Star Sports Disc Frisbee disc Discraft Ultimate Frisbee Ultra Star
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentFrisbee disk

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,6goodFrisbee disk

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodFrisbee disk

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodFrisbee disk

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodFrisbee disk

Manufacturer/Model HP windspiration Eurodisc New Games Disc Store Discraft
diameter 30,5 cm 27,5 cm 27,5 cm 27,5 cm 27,5 cm
Weight 235 g of 175 g of 175 g of 175 g of 175 g of
Material N/A polyethylene polyethylene not specified not specified
Style Skylighter Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee
Colour multicolored white multicolored green orange
additional equipment LEDs suitable for competition suitable for competition suitable for competition suitable for competition
Features In addition to a transparent interior, the Frisbee has integrated LEDs. These make it possible to play with it in the dark. The high quality standard ensures that the Frisbee can be used as a professional sports flying disc. It meets all criteria for tournaments and competitions. The production takes place from renewable raw materials. It is not only an all-round target, but also a recognized competition target. The contoured handle makes the Frisbee comfortable to use. Thanks to the aerodynamic technology, it flies perfectly through the air. The Frisbee is suitable for recreational sports and meets all criteria as an official sports disc. It can be used individually and is a guarantee for plenty of movement.
  • flies precisely
  • soft rubber edge
  • robust processing
  • transparent inside
  • comfortable throwing and catching
  • integrated LEDs
  • stable trajectory
  • suitable for competition
  • consists of renewable raw materials
  • handy feel
  • pleasant handling
  • consists of renewable raw materials
  • suitable for competition
  • stable trajectory
  • pleasant feel
  • handy
  • enormous flight distance
  • low weight
  • suitable for competition
  • contoured handle
  • aerodynamic technology
  • high efficiency
  • high-quality
  • little rotation in flight
  • wind resistant
  • stable and robust
  • suitable for competition
  • Fits comfortably in your hand
  • high quality processed
Summary The Frisbee is robust and equipped with a soft rubber edge. Thus, a comfortable throwing and catching is given at all times. In addition to a non-slip and pleasant feel, the Frisbee is characterized by a robust construction. It is very stable in flight over long distances. The dimensions and weight correspond to a Frisbee for association sports. It has a pleasant feel and good grip High quality and low weight ensure optimal performance. These properties enable use in official competitions. The Frisbee is stable in the air, even with low rotation. At the same time, it is quite insensitive to wind and is easy to handle.
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Frisbee disk

Frisbee disc at a glance

  • A Frisbee can be used in a variety of ways, both for leisure and professional use. It creates a lot of enthusiasm for young and old, but also makes it possible for dogs to move more and have fun with it.
  • If we look at the different ones Frisbee tests look, it shows that the respective Frisbee is adapted to the intended use. Basically, however, a distinction is made between freestyle, disc golf, ultimate and a dog toy.
  • The main difference lies in the best frisbees in weight, material and diameter. Basically, the throwing disc is the perfect leisure item, whereby the Frisbee type should be tailored to the respective sport and use.

Frisbee has been around for centuries. Basically, it was a very simple piece of play equipment, which remains in the air due to its aerodynamic lift and rapid gyroscopic movements. It can be used as a couple on the beach or in the garden, but it can also be used as a team sport for excitement. While there used to be only round Frisbee discs, there are now numerous Frisbee offersthat differ in particular in terms of color, design and appearance. In our Frisbee guide you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself a little with the popular sports equipment so that you can use it in your free time. So that you can make your leisure activities varied, you can find on our site other interesting comparisons on the subject of sport and sports aids. This includes, for example:

Top product: Frisbee disc at Amazon

Aerobie 360145 - Sky Lighter, throwing game, assorted colors
  • Illuminated Frisbee from AEROBIE, spectacular throws by day and night
  • 2 bright LEDs light up the disc for playing in twilight and in the dark
  • Ø30.5cm, special profile for wide and precise flight of the disc, soft rubber edge for comfortable catching
  • sorted by color, no color selection possible, delivery subject to availability
  • Aerobie has been developing and producing high quality discs and throwing rings for decades, great quality Made in the USA

What is a Frisbee disc?

A Frisbee is basically a flying disc or throwing disc. It is usually made of plastic, which is relatively strong. By throwing it in the air, the Frisbee gets to the partner on the opposite side, who should then catch it in the best case. The aerodynamic lift and the fast gyroscopic movements ensure that the Frisbee stays in the air. The Frisbee is mostly used in the garden or on the beach, where it provides a sporty leisure activity.

Basically, a Frisbee can be used by anyone, whether young or old. It is a fun pastime for children and adults because it brings a lot of movement into everyday life. In addition to the fun factor, Frisbee bestsellers also learn different catching and throwing techniques to make your opponent sweat. In addition to the pastime, Frisbee is now also played as a team sport in order to be able to play exciting games against each other.

The basic shape of a frisbee is actually always identical, i.e. a curved disc with a slightly thicker outer edge. This edge is usually drawn inwards a little to achieve perfect flight ability. In the case of a freestyle frisbee, on the other hand, it can be the case, for example, that the edge is slightly higher and the underside is particularly smooth, so that tricks can be performed much easier. However, there are not only various differences in shape, creativity is also great in terms of color and design. Some Frisbee can also be individually printed, for example to use them as promotional items.

Frisbee disk

What material is used for a Frisbee disc?

Usually a frisbee is made of plastic. At a cheap frisbee there is often polypropylene, which is particularly hard. On the other hand, high-quality panes that are approved for competitions are often much more flexible and flexible, so that the risk of injury is significantly reduced. Mostly it is polyurethane or a polyethylene mixture. Since the origin of polyethylene is very soft, additional fillers are added to make a harder material. However, this factor is also reflected in the price.

If we look at the different ones Frisbee tests a look shows that Frisbees for dogs are usually made of rubber or natural rubber. So that the risk of injury to the dog is low, the edge of the frisbee is also provided with rubber. In addition, there are now also neoprene Frisbees so that they can swim and the dog can get them out of the water. This is particularly advantageous for dogs who are enthusiastic about water, because they combine the cool water with a lot of agility and skill.

What different models are there for the Frisbee disc?

Whether in our Frisbee comparison or in various Frisbee tests, you will find a lot of information about the different models everywhere. Each model has its own characteristics, which you should definitely consider when buying a frisbee. So that you can find the best Frisbee for you, we would like to name the most important properties of the respective Frisbee types below:

  • Ultimate Frisbee

This is a Frisbee that is suitable for both recreational athletes and professionals. It is versatile and impresses with its stable flight characteristics of up to 100 meters. However, since it is quite large in diameter and heavy, it is less suitable for children or beginners.

  • Disc golf

This Frisbee has been specially made for the sport of the same name. The aim is to throw the disc golf frisbee at a given target, for example a basket. It is suitable for every age group, but also carries the risk of injury because it has quite sharp edges and the flight speed is very high.

  • Freestyle frisbee

As the name surely suggests and can be read in various Frisbee tests, numerous tricks can be performed with the Freestyle Frisbee. It is versatile and perfect for beginners. Tricks like catching with one foot or balancing on your fingernails are interesting. The weight of this Frisbee is just 160 grams and is characterized by a higher edge and a smooth surface.

  • Dog frisbee

The dog throwing disc is perfectly matched to the four-legged friend. This sport is known as disc dogging or simply dog ​​frisbee, where the dog has to bring the throwing disc back. As a rule, it is firm to the bite and, above all, flexible, so that there is no risk of injury to the dog.

Frisbee disc from New Games

Frisbee disk

What should I watch out for when buying a Frisbee?

There are numerous aspects to be considered when Buy Frisbee should be observed. It is primarily not just about the color or the design, which is certainly also important, but rather about decisive properties for the use. We would like to name the most important purchase criteria below:

  • The weight

The weight of the frisbee depends on the intended use. It is fundamentally important that the outer edge should have a higher weight than the pane itself. This has the advantage that there is a high degree of flight stability and the transmitted angular momentum is retained. The weight of disc golf throwing discs is usually between 150 and 169 grams. Midrange discs, on the other hand, range between 150 and 180 grams and can be used by both beginners and professionals.

While freestyle frisbees are 160 grams, dogs use a frisbee with a weight of 60 to 100 grams. So as you can see, there are frisbees of different weights so that you can at Buy Frisbee you should pay attention to which sport you want to use the clay target.

  • Das Modell

As you could already read in our Frisbee comparison, the weight is significantly associated with the model. A distinction is made between four different clay targets, which we have already discussed in detail.

  • The diameter

In addition to the model and weight, there are of course various differences with regard to the diameter. While an Ultimate Frisbee brings you 27 centimeters, the disc golf is just 21 centimeters. The dog frisbee moves between 15 and 24 centimeters in order to adapt it perfectly to the correct dog size.

Frisbee disc advantages / disadvantages


different designs and shapes

various catching and throwing techniques

different models

also suitable for dogs

ensures a lot of movement

great tricks possible


Adjust weight and size of use

Frisbee disc bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
Eurodisc Frisbee 175g Ultimate SUMMER Competitive hard disc with stable trajectory over 100 meters
  • Top Ultimate competition sports wing, flies stably over 100 meters
  • Weight 175g, diameter 27,5cm, championship approved
  • Approved competition and all-round disc made in Germany
  • Tested by Bundesliga players, recommended by the German Frisbeesport Association
OfferBestseller no. 2
Aerobie 360000 - Pro Ring, throwing game, assorted colors
  • Aerobie Pro Wurfring
  • Frisbee for world records
  • Diameter: 33 cm
  • No color selection possible, 1 Wurfring is delivered in the color orange or magenta or yellow
  • Warning: do not swim
Bestseller no. 3
SPEEZER Mini Frisbee - the neon yellow throwing disc is outdoor fun sport fun for everyone - small and soft, the smart flying disc fits in every pocket and ...
  • FUN GUARANTEE - Whether as a park, garden or beach toy, the luminous pocket mini frisbee disc is the summer flying toy ...
  • STABLE HOLD - The soft silicone rubber u. the ergonomic Frisby shape with special position lines you always have the ...
  • SAFE FLIGHT - Thanks to the high-quality workmanship of the lens and the optimized weight distribution, our mini frisbee flies ...
  • REAL QUALITY - Made of polysiloxane, the frisbeepuck is particularly robust, flexible and skin-friendly. It is therefore suitable ...
  • SMART SIZE - The cool pocket frisbee with the dimensions 6,35x 1,27cm is the trend and summer fun. No matter if indoors or outdoors on ...

The Frisbee discs comparison of

The Frisbee is a piece of sports equipment that has been around for many years. It is cheap, easy to use and can be used almost anywhere. Certainly, a little practice is necessary at the beginning in order to find out the right technique for throwing, but most of the time, as is well known, every beginning is difficult. We provide you with our Frisbee bestseller with which leisure time can be made sporty.

As Frisbee comparison winner the Aerobie 360145 convinced us. It is provided with a soft rubber edge so that catching it is very pleasant. In addition, it has integrated LEDs, which provide enough light even in the dark so that the Frisbee can be played.

The Frisbee award winner is the Eurodisc Ultimate Frisbeethat brings perfect competition characteristics. It weighs just 175 grams and has a diameter of 27,5 centimeters. The production takes place from renewable raw materials, so that here too the environment is not lost sight of. In addition to a pleasant, non-slip feel, the Frisbee also offers enormous flight stability over long distances.

Is there a Frisbee disc test from Stiftung Warentest?

The consumer magazine doesn't have one yet Frisbee test carried out. For this reason, we at Stiftung Warentest cannot offer you one Frisbee test winner . imagine

Frisbee discs purchase: retailers vs. Internet

A Frisbee is now available in many different stores, for example a toy store, a sports shop, but also in discount stores. Discounters often have great offers of toys for leisure activities in spring / summer, including frisbees. You will also receive various Frisbee offers also in a pet shop if you are looking for a special model for your four-legged friend.

The alternative to a specialist shop is without question the Internet. Numerous manufacturers offer Frisbees in many different shapes, colors and designs in various shops. You also have the option of a Frisbee price comparison and to compare the properties of the individual models. You can find these manufacturers online:

Frisbee disk

Questions and answers (FAQ) about the Frisbee

Most frisbees are 21-27 centimeters in diameter. The main difference is in the weight. Children's discs weigh between 100 and 130 g and heavy frisbees weigh more than 180 g.

That is very different and depends on various factors. The price range is roughly between 1 euro and 20 euros.

That depends entirely on the available space. It is often played with on the beach, but also on lawns that offer enough space.

Yes there is. Here the material is different, so that the four-legged friends cannot injure themselves when being caught.

Surely it is possible. There are throw rings for this, which are, for example, a flat ring.

It's not difficult to play with a frisbee. However, it does take a little practice for the Frisbee to land where it was thrown.

There is no general answer to that, because it depends on various factors. This includes, for example, the question of whether the Frisbee is only needed for leisure time or for sport.

There are Frisbees here that are a little lighter in weight, so that children can handle them well. For kids aged 10 and over, however, a frisbee with a weight of 135 grams and a diameter of 24 cm is suitable.

Conclusion to the Frisbee disc

Sufficient exercise is important to find the perfect balance to a stressful everyday life. A Frisbee is the ideal solution for this, because you can play with it in your own garden, in the park or on the beach to really work out again. There are now not only numerous colors and designs, but also many different model differences. The main difference lies in the weight and diameter. At the Buy Frisbee you should definitely consider these aspects in order to get the best frisbee to find for yourself.

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Frisbee disc test & comparison guide

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