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Best recommendation


Gas Grill Napoleon T410SB Triumph Gas Grill

  • high performance
  • Spare parts can be bought over years
  • integrated bottle opener


Gas Grill Outdoor Chef CANBERRA 4G Black BBQ Grillstation 4 burner

  • cutlery holder
  • enamelled baking hood
  • easy cleaning

Price-performance winner


Gas Grill Weber Q1000 Stand Titan

  • 6 people
  • small and handy
  • optional gas cartridge or gas cylinder


Gas Grill Landmann 12901 Gas Grill Triton 2.0

  • including hose and pressure reducer
  • double-walled doors
  • small stand space


Gas Grill Enders 81496 Baltimore gas grill

  • 8 people
  • easy to clean
  • good look

Name Gas Grill Napoleon T410SB Triumph Gas Grill Gas Grill Outdoor Chef CANBERRA 4G Black BBQ Grillstation 4 burner Gas Grill Weber Q1000 Stand Titan Gas Grill Landmann 12901 Gas Grill Triton 2.0 Gas Grill Enders 81496 Baltimore gas grill
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,4Excellentgas Grill

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodgas Grill

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,8goodgas Grill

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodgas Grill

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,2goodgas Grill

Manufacturer/Model Napoleon Outdoorchef Weaver compatriot Enders
Weight 41kg 51 kg 12,64 kg 42 Kg 27 kg
Performance 14,4 kW 12,8 kW 2,64 kW 7 kW 7 kW
Type of device Grill car with base cabinet Grill car with base cabinet Floor standing Grill car with base cabinet Grill car with base cabinet
Grillgut Pad Rust cast iron enameled Rust cast iron Rust emailed Rust cast iron enameled Grill grate enamelled, warming rack chromed
Grill area loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) 2 x (24 x 42 cm) loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches)
side burner
ignition system
lid thermometer
Number of burners 3 + 1 4 1 2 2
Features hinged side rests, swivel castors lockable Baking hood, hinged side shelves, castors incl. pressure reducer and hose hinged side shelves, castors Side shelves made of wood / steel, 2 outdoor wheels
  • high performance
  • Spare parts can be bought over years
  • integrated bottle opener
  • cutlery holder
  • enamelled baking hood
  • easy cleaning
  • 6 people
  • small and handy
  • optional gas cartridge or gas cylinder
  • including hose and pressure reducer
  • double-walled doors
  • small stand space
  • 8 people
  • easy to clean
  • good look
Summary Compact and well thought-out, the Triumph 410 features a side burner and foldable shelves on both sides Who does not need a status symbol is best served with this grill Smallest mobile gas grill, light and handy, ideal for holidays or outings The grill makes a very stable and solid impression. The Baltimore is a perfect gas grill entry-level model for design-conscious barbecue lovers at a great price
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Our comparison chart for Gas grill comparison does not replace one Gas grill testin which a special Gas grill test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external gas grill test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Gas grill test winner is.

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Garden Grill Test Comparison

Grill Buying Guide - not just for men

Cooking meat over an open fire is one of the oldest ways of preparing food. Who dominated the fire, could thus make his food edible. With a barbecue we still experience this today primeval ritual but in a different dimension.

Time for barbecues is actually always. Anyone can do it in the summer, but even a winter, barbecuing can be very romantic. If it's warm, it's the obligatory beer and cold mulled wine. The grill awakens innermost shoots in us. Already when lighting a barbecue, men feel in their element. Lighting a fire and keeping it burning has been a ritual since the Stone Age, where men can prove their talents.

The slightly less romantic variant of the Grillanzündens is the electric grill, in which a heating element takes over the function of the "fire" or grilling with gas. It's fun in any case. Whether in a classic design or completely unconventional, with a barbecue succeed true gourmet compositions.

We want you in our Grill comparison show the difference of the various grills with their advantages and disadvantages. On the basis of all the information you can choose your individual grill test winner and ignite the fire.

Electric Grill Comparison - play it safe

If you have a Buy electric grill, you will notice that the basic structure of the electric grill is just like a charcoal grill. The only difference is that the charcoal fire is replaced by an electric heating element. Housing, heating element and grate form a unit. There is no open fire and no open fire in which dripping fat can burn. The dripping fat is either caught in the electric grill in a tub filled with water or drops into a drip tray.

Since no burned fat is formed is the odor The electric grill is much lower than the charcoal grill. There are also no toxic glycidyl fatty acid esters, which makes health-conscious barbecue friends more and more likely to grab electric grills. The best electric grill will hardly bother the neighborhood, so electric grills are very popular for balconies. In addition to the advantages, there are a few disadvantages, which is why you should make the grill test to distress yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric grill


No fuel
quickly ready for use
low smoke emission
low odor nuisance
Especially suitable for balconies
also usable in the interior
no carcinogenic substances in the food
no burned fat
simple temperature control


Socket required
hardly suitable for camping
Classic roasted aroma is missing
Grill atmosphere is missing
little power
not suitable for many people
longer cooking process
only direct barbecue possible

What should you look for when buying electric grills:

  • Where should he be used? Table grills are also suitable for the home, barbecues are more suitable for the patio or the garden, like our electric grill comparison winners, the VG 350 BIG Barbecue Column Grill with hood by Steba.

  • How many people should be served at the same time? Especially table grills are very limited in size and are often only suitable for two to three people.

  • The performance of the device. To achieve a good grill result, a performance> 2000 Watt is recommended.

  • Water bowl or drip tray? A grease drip tray requires more cleaning than a water tray.

Electric Grill Conclusion: As a special grill (eg the Japanese Teppanyaki grill) or installed in the kitchen area recommended. No matter if you buy a cheap electric grill or choose our table grill winner, the electric barbecues compared in our electric grill price comparison but have little in common with BBQ, but are a good alternative, if you do not want to give up on grilled. Compare in peace and find at the end of your personal grill test winner.

Top product: Grill at Amazon

GrillChef Portago charcoal grill, black
226 Reviews
GrillChef Portago charcoal grill, black
  • PortaGo charcoal grill is ideally suited for mobile barbecues with only 2,5 kg
  • The chrome-plated grill offers a grill area of ​​33 x 26 cm
  • Convenient construction without tools and space-saving transport
  • Plug-in draft shield with grill grid height adjustment for temperature control
  • Enameled fire bowl

Gas grill comparison - enjoy without smoke

Gas grills have a clear advantage over a charcoal or electric grill. The special positive aspect lies in the short heating phase and the ability to maintain a constant temperature. Neither smoke nor smoke interfere with its use. That's why they are ideal for barbecuing on terraces or balconies.

Especially in the densely populated urban areas you do not want to bother your neighbors with annoying smoke or smell. Unless you invite everyone to the barbecue. Also, the cleaning of gas grills is easy, no ashes must be disposed of and you grill healthier. Since no fat can drip into the flame, no carcinogenic substances can accumulate in the food.

Gas grills are more likely than indirect grills to understand without contact to the flames. The often criticized lack of smoky taste can be cleverly replaced by smoky barbecue sauces. So refined you will hardly recognize a difference to the charcoal grill at the end.

Gas barbecues are something greater as charcoal grills. Smaller, like the Weber gas grill in ours Gas grill price comparison, you can easily operate with a gas cartridge. Larger gas barbecues are not suitable for transport.

Camping gas barbecue

There is almost nothing in the equipment, which does not exist. In addition to the usual steaks and sausages you can also fry it easily, prepare potato pancakes or fried potatoes and even smoke.

Gas grills are indeed easy to handle, but require a little technical understanding. Gas grills consume on average 80 g gas / hour for the power of 1 kW. If you want to invite to a big party, you should get a corresponding gas supply. Gas cylinders must be placed safely, hoses must not be kinked or come into contact with hot parts. Because of Safety One should pay attention to the DVGW / GS mark and the safety mark CE with the number 0085 when buying. If you are still unsure, do it once Gas grill test and see if you can handle it.

Electric grill

Charcoal grill: Just get together with all yours Friends or your family to this special romance for smokers to have outdoors

Advantages and disadvantages of gas grill


Fast heating and cooling
Uniform temperature
simple temperature control
Gentle cooking
Direct and indirect barbecue possible
low smoke emission
low odor nuisance
no carcinogenic substances in the food


Gas cylinder or cartridge required
Safety precautions required
high weight
technically vulnerable
purchase price

What should you look for when buying a gas grill:

  • The power of the gas burner. Depending on the number of gas burners more or less gas is consumed. For a burner, you have to calculate about 3,5 to 4 kW for two double, etc

  • The size of the grill area. Convert the grill area to cm². 1000 cm² allows for the entertainment of about 4 persons, with 2000 cm² it is about eight.

  • The material of the grills is crucial to ensure that the meat does not stick when grilling. Enameled cast iron has proven itself here.

  • The number of burners and their position is also responsible for a successful barbecue result. Side burners provide the right temperature, a burner in the middle for the crisp crust, as in our gas grill comparison winner, the Napoleon T410SB triumph.

  • A thermometer in the cover ensures the necessary control with the lid closed. Make sure that the thermometer not only shows Fahrenheit, but also Celsius.

Conclusion gas grill: The gas barbecues compared in our gas grill price comparison are intended for all who often grill and want to use the barbecue as an alternative to the Indoorküche. Whether you buy a gas grill cheap or choose our gas grill winners, they are meant for those who need to take more consideration of neighbors because of the smoke. Compare the products and finally find your own gas grill test winner.

Charcoal Grill Comparison - The Best Barbecues with Real Coal

The DIY superstores and garden centers have a huge charcoal grill range, from the small barbecue barrel to the premium grill car with all the comforts. To master a simple charcoal grill too Beginner, It is quickly assembled and just as easy to use. Small beginner models can also be easily transported for a picnic in the countryside.

Most grills in ours Charcoal grill comparison can be set up with a few simple steps. They consist of at least three legs, a fire bowl with grill and possibly a windbreak. The very small grills are placed on the floor. The handling of it is a bit cumbersome because everything has to happen in a bent state. If stooping is too cumbersome, it should be at a height of the grill grate of at least 85 cm respect, think highly of. Very important here is the stability. The charcoal grill must stand on a level surface and must not tip over. If a barbecue falls over, it quickly burns.

Even smaller children playing have nothing to look for in the vicinity of the barbecues, because despite all security measures, it can quickly lead to an accident. It does not matter if you buy the charcoal grill for the garden or if you want to use it on the way, steaks and sausages will give everyone a lot of fun. Before the first use of the grill should slightly greased become. Light the charcoal in the fire bowl, make it glow and you can start to enjoy the barbecue. Take the charcoal grill test with the family and see for yourself!

Advantages and disadvantages of charcoal grill


Uncomplicated technique
Fast heating up
smoke flavor
good atmosphere while grilling
low purchase price
good to transport


Longer heat-up time
Carcinogenic substances can enter the grill food
Smoke and odor nuisance
Risk of fire from hot coal
Embers and ashes must be disposed of

What should you pay attention to when charcoal grill:

  • Which models do you want? There are charcoal grills in various designs, from the one-time grill on the funnel grill to the ball grill

  • If you also want to grill directly, you have to opt for a grill with lid, as in our charcoal grill comparison winner, the ball grill No.1 Sport F50 by Rösle.

  • Pay attention to ventilation openings for the fire bowl and for the possible lid

  • Ensure good stability and stability, shaky charcoal grills may cause burns or burns

  • Heat resistant handles are very helpful in case of danger

  • Mobile charcoal grills that are used during camping or outings must be compactly built.

  • An ash catcher facilitates cleaning.

  • With the material you should put emphasis on stainless models.

Conclusion charcoal grill: The charcoal grills compared in our charcoal grill price comparison are designed for anyone who wants to grill cheap and the appropriate atmosphere. Whether you choose to buy a charcoal grill cheaply or you choose our charcoal grill winner, they are best suited if you do not have to take any consideration of the smoke on other neighbors.

BBQ grill

The Mini charcoal Barbecue grill is usually for 2 up to a maximum of 8 persons suitable.

What should you look for when buying a smoker:

With a smoker you create the right barbecue feeling. Here you can many people at the same time However, it takes some time for smokeying to be served. A smoker is basically an oven. The grilled food is not grilled over the flame but cooked in the hot smoke of the oven. The meat is cooked more gently than the charcoal or gas grill. For it whole pieces of meat, chicken or spit roast can be prepared in it.

In our Smoker price comparison we have the special Barrel Smoker presented. With a little imagination you can look at these models as a locomotive. The big cauldron with the flue and before that the small cauldron like a firebox. With the grill locomotive in typical traditional design, every barbecue becomes an experience. His robust processing and the many uses make the grill an event for the whole family.

Small children and pets should stay away from the barbecue. It exists risk of burns, In addition, the grill must always stand on a stable surface to avoid tilting. Barbecue, smoking or American barbecue, the smoker can do it all. divided enameled grates make it easier to clean and with the integrated temperature display it is possible to observe the grilling process.

The Construction of the grill takes some time, but is also easy to do by laymen. Before the first barbecue, the locomotive must be burned. For this tree wood should be used, which must burn up to two hours in the drums. The soot layer that forms in the interior later allows best grill and smoke results.

In the smoker can different cooking methods be applied. For direct grilling, the charcoal in the cauldron is brought to embers. If the coal is covered with white ash, the food can be laid. It lies directly over the glowing coals, which can reach a heat up to 300 ° C.

Smoker Grill


Is with sensitive meat or fish pieces one indirect barbecue recommended, the charcoal fire is ignited in the small boiler. The food is now not directly above the embers and it can not drip grease into the fire. Despite the remote fire, temperatures up to 250 ° C are still reached.

The something gentler cooking method is the American barbecue method. Here only maximum grill temperatures from 90 ° to 160 ° C prevail. Various deciduous and fruit wood species are ignited in the small chamber. With the Air regulation flap and the chimney cover throttles the air supply. The meat cooks longer and is therefore much juicier and wholesome. For many connoisseurs, this species is indispensable, which is why Smoker test winner is many gourmets.

The special about the smoker is the possibility in it too smoke, By using different woods during smoking you can create special flavors. There are three methods to do this:

  • Hot smoking at temperatures from 50 ° to 90 ° C is the right method for fish and sausages that can be eaten quickly. The core temperature of the smoked product lies in the cooking area, brings a good smoke color and the typical aroma.

  • In hot smoking, temperatures range between 25 ° C and 50 ° C. This smoking method makes fish and meat juicy and tender. These goods should be quickly consumed, since the shelf life is limited.

  • At a temperature of 25 ° C, cold smoking takes place. This can take between hours and several days. But this smoked product is durable for a long time. At the same time develops an intense smoke flavor. However, this smoking process requires certain preconditions. The process must be carried out at outside temperatures below 5 ° C. At higher temperatures, the fumigant spoils quickly. If special spice blends are added to the smoke, it refines the taste to the finest.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoker


Smoke flavor according to the fuel used
For grilling, smoking, smoking, roast suitable
good atmosphere while grilling
Real BBQ feeling
suitable for large pieces of meat
for up to people 20


Long cooking times
high purchase price
Big need of space

What should you look for when buying a smoker:

  • Pay attention to the size of the Smoker buy or smoker order. Smaller smokers are suitable for up to 10, larger for 20 persons.

  • Allow enough space for the installation. The best smokers should stand free so they can be seen in all their glory.

  • The size of the grill area. Convert the grill area to cm². 3000 cm² allow for the entertainment of about 10 persons, at 6000 cm² it is about twenty.

  • Many shelves and hooks for accessories are especially important for the smoker.

  • Split grill grates and a height-adjustable fire sprinkle are also very useful.

  • Special attention should be paid to the sheet thickness. The thicker the sheet, the better the temperature retention. For our Smoker comparison winner, the Big Boy BBQ Smoker from Grill'n Smoke, the steel thickness is 2,5 mm.

Conclusion Smoker: For the experienced BBQ-Griller the appropriate leisure activity, no matter if you buy a Smoker cheap or choose our Smoker comparison winner. Smoking requires some experience, but it's even more fun when you master it. Decide if you enjoy it and find your ultimate Smoker winner!

Grill Bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
TAINO Hero BBQ Smoker GRILL CART charcoal grill grill chimney stand grill smoker oven accessories cast iron (smoker)
159 Reviews
TAINO Hero BBQ Smoker GRILL CART charcoal grill grill chimney stand grill smoker oven accessories cast iron (smoker)
  • TAINO HERO Smoker with temperature display and wheels
  • popular model - 2-part porcelain coated grill grate / height adjustable by crank
  • both side tables foldable / incl. bottle opener - stable construction - fireplace
  • Weight approx. 24 kg / total size: approx. 124 x 66 x 113,5 cm
  • New & original packed / ready to ship
saleBestseller no. 2
ACTIVA grill kettle grill Atlanta, black, charcoal grill round grill lid
  • 🔥 QUALITY - Activa charcoal grill made of sturdy steel with chrome-plated grillage.
  • 🔥 GRILL GRID - The grill grill supplied is chrome-plated and has a size of 41,5 cm diameter, so there is a lot ...
  • 🔥 STABLE - The grill stands on stable legs and can be moved with rollers.
  • 🔥 CLEANING - The grill can be easily cleaned thanks to the removable grillage and the smooth material.
  • 🔥 DETAILS - 1x grill cart, 1x grill rack, 1x grill pan, feet
Bestseller no. 3
Barbecue charcoal kettle grill large grill with lid Ø 41cm mobile tripod with ash container including grill brush grill tongs
  • Classic kettle grill design similar to Weber, for example, enables quick and easy setup within 15 minutes
  • The grill has a continuous supply and exhaust air active ventilation. Due to the stainless steel coal grate with a large ...
  • The lid of the grill cart was provided with a special coating, also the lid of the charcoal grill has a ...
  • Thanks to the coated stainless steel, the outdoor charcoal grill is ideal for garden and camping
  • The package also includes a 2-piece grill set consisting of grill tongs grill brush for cleaning the stainless steel ...

Grill comparison - what types of grills are there?

  • The kettle grill

Since the invention of the ball grill its success story does not break off. The cult device enjoys great popularity. No matter if you choose a Spartan or a Premium version, the main thing is to pay attention to some basic rules. Barbecuing with the kettle grill is cult and at beginners and advanced equally popular.

A kettle grill is a practical variant for direct and above all indirect grilling. By the attached lid meat and fish stay tender and juicy.

The editors of Stiftung Warentest have not yet tested tests specifically for ball grills, which is why we do not have a special one Kugelgrill test winner can name. Our charcoal grill comparison will still help you to buy a charcoal grill.

Ball grills from our comparison:

Weber charcoal grill 1221004 Compact Kettle

Landmann charcoal grill grill chef by Landmann charcoal ball grill

Charcoal grill winner of the competition Rösle ball grill No.1 Sport F50

It does not always have to be a Weber grill. Although kettle grills from the market leader in the industry are well worth the price. But the principle of the ball grill is not tailored to a specific make. Cheaper copies do it too. Two balls of almost equal size envelop the centerpiece. In the lower sphere there is a rust for the coals.

Since they are not directly on the ground, they get enough air from below, which is still supported by a ventilation system. This ensures long and consistent glow and heat. On this hemisphere rests a grid for the grilled food. The upper hemisphere has a handle for lifting, ventilation holes and higher quality equipment a thermometer.

He is pretty Steadfast on three legs, Most kettle grills have rollers attached to two of the legs for better transportation. The cooking process is done by the hot air in the grill and the smoke. Depending on the size of the grill, you can cook whole chicken or roast in it.

The kettle grill is predestined for that Grill food to grill indirectly, Meat is not directly above the embers, but over a water-filled shell that catches dripping fat. This stops the development of carcinogenic substances that can be transmitted to the meat with smoke. The coals are placed around the shell. The grill food is supplied from all sides with heat as in a kind of convection oven. Through the ventilation opening in the lid, this heat pulls upwards and ensures sufficient convection.

With the resulting humidity and the attached lid, the meat is still tender and juicier, You can also add herbs to the bowl or fill it with beer or wine. This is left to the taste of each individual. In order not to constantly have to open the hood to control the cooking process, a temperature probe is very helpful.

Ball grills are available in different sizes. Before buying, you should be clear about what you want to prepare in it. For the direct barbecue even the smallest variant is enough. If you love big roast, barbecue indirectly or even want to prepare a duck in it, should diameter do not save.

Easy-care materials are available from almost all manufacturers. Whether brand grill or No Name product is left to the respective purse. With good care you do not have to spend a lot of money. Compare different models and find your personal one at the end Kugelgrill test winner!

  • The table Grill

A table grill has no substructure, is transportable and allows a year-round barbecue fun. This is usually associated with an electric grill. In addition to the market leaders, the Weber electric grills or Landmann electric grills are quite expensive, there are still a number of other cheap electric grills.

The editors of the Stiftung Warentest last reviewed table grills in its issue 06 / 2015. On the front squares landed a Tefal table grill, a Severin table grill and a De'Longhi table grill. Our table grill comparison should still be an aid to buy the table grill, so that your individual Table Grill test winner can find.

Table grills from our comparison:

The best electric grill from Severin PG2790 Barbecue

Electric grill low priced by Cloer 6720 Barbecue Grill (also available as a stand-alone unit)

Our electric grill comparison winner Steba VG 350 BIG Barbecue (also usable as column grill)

The best electric grill from ROMMELSBACHER BBQ 2002 Gourmet

The few table grills with charcoal or gas cartridge are rather something for the excursion or the Camping fun, These outdoor grills usually have a lid to enjoy the barbecue even in strong wind or rain.

Smokeless table grill LotusGrill charcoal grill / table grill

The cheap electric grill has an open grill area, which sits as a grill above a heating coil. Despite narrow cracks, a dripping of fat or marinade can not be prevented. A grease tray or a tray filled with water prevents these residues from getting onto the heater blades. If this happens anyway, it can also come here to smoke with unpleasant odors.

For this reason, the best electric barbecues are now made with a closed grill area nonstick coated material offered. The surface can either be corrugated or smooth.

With little power However, grilling on the electric grill can be a game of patience. 2000 Watt should be at least present to get a good result. Very helpful is a temperature controller and a splash guard. Although the electric grill is quite spartan in contrast to his "Big Brothers", but it is very easy to use. Make that yourself Electric grill test and convince yourself of the positive features.

Charcoal grill
  • The Säulengrill

Column barbecues are among the most popular barbecues in Germany. In the column creates a so-called chimney effect, which brings without the aid of a hair dryer or blower enough oxygen to the charcoal to get them quickly to glow. In addition to this ease of use, column grills are characterized by a special design.

The editors of the Stiftung Warentest Regularly checks grills for the last time in its issue 06 / 2014. On the front squares landed then, among other things, then a barbeque grill Barbecook as a grill test winner. Our grill comparison should still be a help to buy the grill, so you your individual Column Grill test winner . find

Column barbecues from our comparison:

Our electric grill comparison winner Steba VG 350 BIG Barbecue (can also be used as a table grill)

In the charcoal grill comparison, we noticed many charcoal grills that had no air holes in the grill pan. For lighting all sorts of tricks are therefore necessary to accelerate the kindling. There is one for that Anzündekamin very helpful. Also the above mentioned grooming can often be seen.

This is not necessary with our column grill. The column, which is also the mainstay of the grill, is hollow inside. Thanks to the physical effect, the Grill pan sufficiently with oxygen supplied by the air flows from bottom to top. The heating up is very easy. A piece of barbecue lighter is enough to get the process rolling.

In the lower part of the column grill is a adjustable ventilation flap, To cheer it is completely opened. With this simple control mechanism, the train can additionally be throttled and the grill temperature influenced.

Column barbecues are only suitable for direct grilling. The food is placed over the fire on a grate. By means of the chimney effect quite high temperatures are reached, which allow a fast grilling.

In the fireplace area is also a ash tray accommodated. It allows a quick disposal of the fallen remains. Column barbecues are usually made of stainless steel, which makes cleaning a lot easier. Even sprinkling with the water hose does not resent this charcoal grill as you do in the home Column Grill Test quickly find out.

  • The BBQ grill cart

Grill cars offer one high comfort, They have a working height of 85 cm, which makes handling on the grill very comfortable. A grill cart consists of a base, either with a cupboard or a shelf and various side shelves, which are often hinged. For better transport, a grill cart has two or four wheels. The special feature of a grill car is but the integrated coverwhich also makes indirect barbecuing possible. Most of the grill car is fired with gas, in our comparison, we have also presented a grill car for charcoal.

The editors of the Stiftung Warentest last reviewed Gasgrill in its issue 06 / 2014. The Weber gas grill, a Landmann gas grill and an outdoor chef gas grill landed on the front seats. Our gas grill comparison should still be an aid to buy the gas grill.

Outdoor Chef CANBERRA 4G black BBQ gas grill grill station 4 burner 18.131.27

Landmann 12901 Gas grill trolley Triton 2.0

Gas grill winner of the competition Napoleon T410SB Triumph

Ender's 81496 Baltimore gas grill

Most grill cars are gas grills. Cheap gas barbecues have less comfort, the best gas barbecues more. Despite different equipment, gas grills are becoming increasingly popular. Although missing the typical barbecue taste but such a grill is ready for grilling. Charcoal must first burn through, the gas flames are immediately available. Another advantage is the better temperature control.

In a barbecue car you can directly and indirectly grilling. There is plenty of space for grilled food and many hungry mouths can be considered at the same time. In addition, Warmhalteroste allow some storage storage. With plenty of space for utensils and shelves for dishes & Co is a grill car something for the more upscale barbecue fun, what you in personal Grill car test quickly find out at home.

  • The Smoker

Compared to the direct barbecue there are more and more followers of indirect grilling, That's why kettle grills are one of the most popular grills. Although only a few of these models actually allow indirect barbecuing without the food being stored above the direct heat source.

The best form of indirect grilling is in a smoker. Reminiscent of an old steam train, it is also called Lok. The cooking chamber Reminiscent of a steam boiler and the chimney and the large wheels also contribute to this nickname.

The traditional smoker definitely has one Bicameral, Wood or coal are burned in a separate room, in the so-called fire box. The resulting heat and smoke are conducted into the second chamber and there cooks the food to be grilled. Some smoker still have a third chamber, mostly around the chimney. The best smoker has a three-chamber system, and if the smoker is cheap it usually only has a two-chamber system.

Unfortunately, the editors of the Stiftung Warentest Smoker has not been scrutinized, so we can not name an official Smoker test winner. That's why our Smoker comparison should help you buy a smoker, so you can end up with one Smoker test winner can choose.

The smoker from our comparison:

El Fuego® charcoal grill / smoker "Kiona"

Ultranatura Smoker Grill Denver 2 Combustion Chambers

The Best Smoker Our Smoker Comparative Winner Grill'n Smoke Big Boy BBQ Smoker

El Fuego Charcoal Grill / Smoker Dakota, Black

Grill'n Smoke Smoking Classic BBQ Grill & Smoker

The advantages of indirect grilling are obvious. The food comes only with the hot air and the smoke from the firebox in contact. Fat can not drip into the flames and turn into harmful substances. Smokers are also suitable for that Low-temperature cooking, The meat stays juicier and more tender, but does not get a crusty crust.

Practical are fireboxes with their own grill grate. So the smoker can also be used as a normal BBQ grill as well direct barbecue be used. This has become standard in almost all smokers. You should buy something smoker anyway deeper into the bag, because a high purchase price also stands for the quality of the product.

For a good result when Smoken is the Wall thickness of the smoker crucial. It guarantees a long even temperature in the smoker. The wall thicknesses vary between 1 and 6 mm, with the latter likely to be correspondingly expensive. For normal needs, wall thicknesses up to 3 mm are sufficient. The thick wall has another advantage: it does not rust so easily and your smoker may last a lifetime. Try it and take your own Smoker test in the local garden!

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Buy barbecue accessories for more comfort

All DIY stores, garden centers and the internet have plenty of choice Grill Accessories offer. But what is the best barbecue worth, if the necessary grill accessories are missing? There are special accessories for every kind of grilling. Anyone thinks of charcoal for the charcoal grill, but there is much more practical itemsthat make grilling an experience in the first place. Besides charcoal, barbecue briquettes are also often used. They keep the embers longer and also the heat to grill for a long time. One should forget the spirit for lighting. For that easier Grillanzünder or a chimney burning the coal or briquettes many times over. For gas grills, there are gas cylinders or gas cartridges. There are special skewers, pizza dishes or smoking units for this purpose. drip pans Prevent dripping fat from igniting and releasing dangerous carcinogens. You can also cook meat more gently or prepare delicate vegetables. Of course, too right barbecue cutlery not missing. It should have insulated handles so no one burns their fingers. A forceps to turn the pieces of meat should be it in any case, but also a meat fork can be very helpful. If you fish your fish for a barbecue yourself, there are special ones for you Fish Grill tongswith which the fish can be turned without crumbling. Grill baskets are available in all sizes and shapes. If the barbecue fun is over, you should clean the grill while it is still warm. This is best done with special ones wire brushes, Aprons and gloves and covers complete the range of barbecue accessories.

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Gas Grill Test & Comparison Guide

So choose the best gas Grill Product from our Test- or settlement proposal

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