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Whether for camping, for mountain hiking or as survival equipment, a gas stove should not be missing here. You usually do not have to store gas cartridges or even take a gas bottle with you, the good gas stove only needs gasoline. Many models are even cheap multi-fuel stove and in addition to petrol, they are also satisfied with diesel, petroleum or kerosene.

Im Gas stove offer of the trade everyone will find the right model, be it a simple one Camping gas stove, 2-burner gas cooker or the Professional gas stove for 5-star camping. Petrol can be found practically everywhere, so there are no procurement difficulties.

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Petrol stove Optimus Tactical Polaris stove

  • no nozzle change with different fuels
  • collapsible
  • integrated cleaning needle


Gas stove Coleman camping stove 2-flame

  • up to 6 hours burning time
  • 2-flame
  • efficient cooking
  • Cooker in a lockable case


Gas stove Kayheng portable mini burner

  • fold-out feet and pot holder
  • with transport bag
  • 450 ml tank capacity


Gas stove MFH Max Fuchs petrol stove US style

  • fold-out feet and pot holder
  • Pan support 190 mm


Gas stove KATADYN Svea pure gas stove

  • classic gas stove
  • solid
  • also suitable for great heights
  • no loose parts

Name Petrol stove Optimus Tactical Polaris stove Gas stove Coleman camping stove 2-flame Gas stove Kayheng portable mini burner Gas stove MFH Max Fuchs petrol stove US style Gas stove KATADYN Svea pure gas stove
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentGas stove

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodGas stove

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodGas stove

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodGas stove

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodGas stove

Manufacturer/Model Optimus Coleman Kayheng MFH Katadyn
Material Steel / brass / aluminum Steel / brass / aluminum Copper alloy / stainless steel Steel Brass / aluminum
Performance 3000 Watt 4225 Watt 2117 Watt 2117 Watt 1400 Watt
Multi-fuel cooker ja no ja ja no
Tankinhalt kA 1.200 ml 450 ml 450 ml 450 ml
Cooking time for 1 liter of water 3 min 4 min 3 20 min sec kA 7 min
Carrying case ja in a carrying case ja ja no
pack size ø 5,7 x 7,1 cm 46 x 29 x 12 cm ø 10 x 17 cm ø 14 x17 cm ø 10 x 13 cm
Weight 475 g of 5.300 g of 570 g of 510 g of 550 g of
Features with external wind protection Wind deflectors included including cleaning set US model including saucepan
  • no nozzle change with different fuels
  • collapsible
  • integrated cleaning needle
  • up to 6 hours burning time
  • 2-flame
  • efficient cooking
  • Cooker in a lockable case
  • fold-out feet and pot holder
  • with transport bag
  • 450 ml tank capacity
  • fold-out feet and pot holder
  • Pan support 190 mm
  • classic gas stove
  • solid
  • also suitable for great heights
  • no loose parts
Summary Gas stove with integrated 4-season mode, can also be used at low temperatures 2-burner gas cooker with stable pot support Collapsible multi-fuel cooker with a secure stand Gas stove with fold-out feet with good stability Solid camping stove with integrated saucepan that also serves as a cover
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Gas stove

Gas stoves at a glance

  • Petrol stoves are powerful and can be easily “refueled”. There are pure gasoline and multi-fuel cookers. The latter are not even picky when it comes to fuel. They can also be operated with other combustible fuels.
  • Contrary to Camping stoves that run on butane gas are Gas stove Also suitable for winter and also work at lower temperatures, because gasoline burns even in freezing temperatures, butane no longer evaporates at low temperatures and cannot be ignited.
  • Since petrol stoves are often used on the go, they shouldn't be too heavy and have a small pack size so that they can be stored in backpack fit. The most suitable are the collapsible gasoline cookers.

Gas stove purchase recommendations for Camping & Co

For those who enjoy being outdoors, hiking or mountaineering, a warm meal or hot coffee is a real treat. With a gasoline stove, a few sausages are made hot in no time at all or the bag soup taken with them is cooked. Even minimal campers who besides that tENT and the sleeping pad carry no greater comfort with them, reluctant to forego such a practical cooking opportunity. In our Gas stove comparison of, we would like to convince you of the practical advantages of the small "cooking stoves".

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Gas stove, US model
  • Max Fuchs petrol stove US style

Why gas cooker?

Most camping enthusiasts are familiar with gas stoves. Operated with a gas bottle or a gas cartridge, they are available at every campsite. However, there are often fears of contact with gasoline stoves because of the fuel gasoline. It is just a slightly different approach that has to be remembered. With the collected Gasoline stove experiences then it works almost by itself. Gas stoves have many advantages, especially in colder places or in remote areas. Here they work very reliably and in particular the multi-fuel stoves have the edge here, because they work not only with petrol, but with all common liquid fuels. If there is no petrol available, diesel, heating oil or petroleum are also possible. Any fuel is always available. In addition, gasoline is economical in consumption, but still has a high calorific value.

Gas stove vs. Multi-fuel cooker

Which of the two the best gas stoves are not so easy to say, because both have advantages and disadvantages. There are pure gas stoves like that Katadyn gas stove from our comparison, which should only be operated with cleaned gasoline. This fuel burns cleanly and has no harmful additives like regular gasoline. There is no soot and the cleaning effort is limited.

After the Gas stove reviews on the net, multi-fuel stoves are the better choice. Multi-fuel stoves can also be operated with cleaned gasoline, but also with gasoline from the petrol station, diesel or another liquid fuel. However, these fuels become sootier and the stove has to be cleaned more frequently. In addition, nozzles can become clogged. With appropriate adapters, they can also be used for gas.

If you have a BOrder enzinkocher online then please have a look in advance Gasoline stove reviews other buyers you can find in customer reviews. Here you will also find information about cheap gas stove or can one Gas stove price comparison between your favorites.

Gasoline stove Note:

There is petrol worldwide, with suitable gas cartridges it looks bad in some regions. That is why Gas cooker bestseller with globetrotters.

Gas stove

How does a gas stove work?

In the case of a pure gas stove that is only operated with petroleum ether, the fuel can be filled directly into the tank. All multi-fuel stoves have a fillable fuel bottle. It is connected to the cooker by a hose. A burning head with a nozzle sits on the cooker head. In order to burn the fuel from the bottle, it must first evaporate. You have to preheat, depending on the fuel, this can be shorter or longer. Before this, pressure has to be built up, which the pump attached to the bottle does. It transports the gasoline from the bottle to the nozzle. By preheating, the fuel evaporates and comes out of the nozzle as gas, where it is ignited. Once the gasoline stove is started, it generates enough heat and the gasified gasoline continues to burn.

So that you can't go wrong, you will find detailed operating instructions for lighting and ending the burning process, explained step by step:

The principle of kindling

  • Step 1:

Fill the fuel bottle with fuel only up to the mark. The remaining volume is needed to build up the pressure.

  • Step 2:

Connect the fuel bottle to the stove. The valve on the hose and on the regulator must be closed.

  • Step 3:

Now build up enough pressure with the pump. If the bottle is not completely full, pump a little more.

  • Step 4:

Place the fuel bottle so that the "ON" position is facing up. This is the only way the compressed air pushes the fuel into the stove.

  • Step 5:

Carefully open the regulator so that some fuel runs onto the preheating felt under the burner. (A few drops are sufficient for petrol, more must be used for other fuels)

  • Step 6:

Close the regulator and ignite the felt. Caution: do not hold your head over the gas stove.

  • Step 7:

With gasoline, 30 to 60 seconds are usually enough to preheat, with diesel or petroleum it can take 2 minutes. Longer at low outside temperatures.

  • Step 8:

If the liquid for preheating is almost burned, the regulator can be turned up carefully and the gas can be applied. The petrol stove should run smoothly after a few seconds without flickering.

Gasoline stove Note:

If the stove's performance deteriorates, for example at cold temperatures, it must always be pumped up once. Is the fuel in the Petrol stove used up must be refilled and restarted. The same applies if the preheating is not correct.

Gas stove from Optimus

Gas stove

The principle of making out

  • Step 1:

Turn the fuel bottle over so that the "OFF" position is facing up. Now fuel no longer flows into the camping stove, but compressed air.

  • Step 2:

Wait until the last fuel residues that are still in the supply line are burned.

  • Step 3:

If only compressed air flows through the line, turn off the gas stove. Blow out the last flickering flames.

  • Step 4:

Close the valve, done. If you do not want to continue using or packing the gas stove, please release all compressed air and only then close the valve.

Gasoline stove Note:

Safety recommendation, gas stove

  • Never use a gas stove without reading the operating instructions beforehand
  • Never hold your head or any other part of your body over the stove
  • Cooking in a tent or indoors can be fatal
  • Allow the cooker to cool before lighting again
  • Never leave the petrol stove unattended
  • Protect your fuel bottle from overheating, risk of explosion
  • Warning, the gas stove gets very hot
  • Always separate the fuel bottle from the stove when storing it
  • Be careful when carrying on the plane, inform yourself beforehand
  • Always clean your gas stove before you pack it

Our gas stove buying advice

What gas cooker purchase criteria are important, what do you have to Buy gas stoves pay attention to everything and where you can find one good gas stove acquire? We want to answer all these questions in the following list:

  • Which gas stove is the right one?

Whether you want to buy a pure gas stove or tent to a multi-fuel stove is up to your operating conditions. The one who travels a lot or with him backpack is on the way for us is ours Gas stove purchase recommendation: Multi-fuel stove. In the end, it doesn't matter which liquid fuel is currently available. For the camping enthusiast who stays in one place for a long time, we would recommend the pure gas stove. Cleaned gasoline can be bought here in advance and you benefit from a soot and odor-free cooking process.

  • Which performance values ​​are relevant?

The efficiency of a gasoline stove is made up of the power in watts and the consumption of fuel per hour. Unfortunately, very few manufacturers provide all of the information. When camping outdoors, it doesn't matter whether the coffee water boils in three minutes or in seven. When the fuel is used, it is anyway the case that a certain amount of heat is required to heat a liter of water, regardless of whether the burner burns strongly or weakly. In addition, other factors such as air pressure, temperature or wind influence consumption.

Gasoline stove Note:

As a rule of thumb, 1 watts are required to heat 1 liter of water by 1,16 degree. It follows that one liter of water, which is to be heated from 15 ° to 100 °, requires an energy consumption of around 100 watts.

  • What can a gas stove weigh?

Every gram counts for the backpacker, so the weight should be as low as possible. The Optimus gas stove from our comparison weighs barely 500 grams and is one of the lightest models. However, the weight of the fuel must also be taken into account. The second premise is the pack size. Lots good gas stove can be folded up to save space and therefore stowed away more cheaply.

  • Which accessories are important?

A bag or cover is very helpful to repack the gas stove. A tool for cleaning nozzles is also a practical feature. A very practical item of equipment is a windbreak, which can be positioned around the gas stove, but it increases the pack size again.

  • Which manufacturers of good camping stoves are recommended?

Gas stove recommendations can be pronounced for all brand manufacturers that specialize in camping accessories. One of the best gas stoves are Colemann gas cooker and Primus gas stove are offered as globetrotter equipment and Juwel multi-fuel cooker for example for the motorcycle tour. Another specialty is US M-95 gas stove, which was developed as a US model for military and outdoor use. In our comparison, this model is offered by several manufacturers, MFH and Kayheng.

  • Where can you buy gas stoves?

Gas stove offers shops for outdoor activities. However, they are only available in the big sites. Alternatively, you can use yours Buy gas stoves online. Don't be afraid of insufficient information, most of the articles are described precisely and some can be read from customer reviews Gas stove test nachlesen.

Bestseller on Amazon:

OfferBestseller no. 1
Lightweight portable mini burner petrol and diesel kerosene stove BRS-12A integrated multi-fuel camping stove
  • Fully adjustable flame monitoring
  • Weight: 570 grams. Fuel tank volume 450ml
  • The cooking time of 1 liter of water takes about 3 minutes and 20 seconds
  • Power: 2117KW, fuel consumption: 153g / h
  • Use aviation gasoline or unleaded gasoline, diesel
Bestseller no. 2
US M-95 gas stove
  • Military
  • Outdoor
  • Camping site
  • original Mil-Tec!
Bestseller no. 3
Gas stove, US model
  • Max Fuchs petrol stove US style

Gas stove advantages / disadvantages


Powerful and robust

Different fuels make it Gas stove cheap in entertainment

easy filling of the fuel

works even in cold weather

Multi-fuel cooker also suitable for other liquid fuels


Commissioning requires a little patience

Use caution when handling gasoline

loud operating noises

Questions and answers (FAQ) about the gas stove comparison

In principle, any gasoline can be used for the gasoline stove. But the best way is cleaned petrol or petroleum ether. Simple petrol has the disadvantage that it smells more and the stove has to be cleaned more intensively.

You can get white spirit or cleaned gasoline in specialty shops in the hardware store or on the Internet. By the way, lighter fluid is also cleaned gasoline.

Unfortunately, we did not find a petrol stove test report or a resulting petrol stove test winner at the Stiftung Warentest, but many reports of tests and specials related to camping.

The price of the gas stove is very different among the individual manufacturers. Petrol stoves start at around 50 euros, but depending on the equipment they can cost up to 200 euros.

Gas stoves are not only represented on the go, but are also often represented on the campsite. If you want to save yourself the heavy gas bottle, switch to a gas stove and with two flames you can prepare a real meal.

Camping stoves do not have to be gasoline stoves. Camping stoves are often operated with propane / butane gas cartridges or gas bottles, while gasoline stoves work with liquid fuel.

Consumption fluctuates depending on the performance of the gas stove and the fuel. Some models consume 150 ml / h, others up to 500 ml / h.

If gasoline stoves have an adapter for gas cartridges, they can also be operated with gas. Another way to switch to the fuels that are currently available.

Conclusion on the gas stove

With a gas stove or multi-fuel stove you can quickly prepare a warm meal, a hot tea or a coffee while mountaineering, hiking or free camping. For the gourmets we recommend using a pure gas stove with cleaned gasoline, for the globetrotter the multi-fuel stove because it can be heated with all flammable liquids.

Other recommended gas stoves selected for you

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