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What would a hearty barbecue evening be without one? good grill tongs? You can hardly get the hot steaks or sausages with your fingers Grill fetch or turn around. But grill tongs are not the same as grill tongs, the differences are not big but differentiated. Not every one is suitable for every food.

Bei the best grill tongs it also comes down to quality and finger protection, with a few Grill gloves can it also be a cheap grill tongs be. In our comparison you can expect a colorful mix of the most popular grill tongs.

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Barbecue tongs Westmark stainless steel / plastic 15162270

  • Handle with cool non-slip rubber coating
  • secure hold
  • round toothed bowls


Barbecue tongs Rösle 12374 curved - 35,5 cm long

  • Good stability
  • Hygienic thanks to seamless production


BBQ tongs iNeibo kitchen tongs silicone stainless steel

  • Set of 2 grill tongs / kitchen tongs
  • available in black or red
  • chic design


Barbecue tongs Rocketgrills Barbecue tongs made of stainless steel, extra long

  • extra long
  • also for heavy food
  • good quality


Barbecue tongs Rösle gourmet tongs - stainless steel 18/10

  • Hygienic
  • odorless
  • tasteless
  • pflegeleicht

Name Barbecue tongs Westmark stainless steel / plastic 15162270 Barbecue tongs Rösle 12374 curved - 35,5 cm long BBQ tongs iNeibo kitchen tongs silicone stainless steel Barbecue tongs Rocketgrills Barbecue tongs made of stainless steel, extra long Barbecue tongs Rösle gourmet tongs - stainless steel 18/10
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5Excellenttongs

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodtongs

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodtongs

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodtongs

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodtongs

Manufacturer/Model Westmark Rösle iNeibo Rocket grills Rösle
Material Stainless steel / plastic Stainless Steel Stainless steel / silicone Stainless steel / wood Stainless Steel
Length 37,7 cm 35,5 cm 23 cm, 30 cm or as a set 44,5 cm Cm 23, 30 cm 40 cm
insulated handle ja no ja ja no
Dishwasher suitable ja ja ja no ja
Locking mechanism ja no ja ja ja
Eyelet for hanging ja no ja ja ja
Weight 127 g of 100 g of 322 g of kA 259 g of
Features Also available as a grill set with a Hamburg press L-shaped pliers 100 percent money back guarantee in attractive gift packaging 20 years Rösle guarantee
  • Handle with cool non-slip rubber coating
  • secure hold
  • round toothed bowls
  • Good stability
  • Hygienic thanks to seamless production
  • Set of 2 grill tongs / kitchen tongs
  • available in black or red
  • chic design
  • extra long
  • also for heavy food
  • good quality
  • Hygienic
  • odorless
  • tasteless
  • pflegeleicht
Summary Barbecue tongs with cool non-slip rubber coating for a secure hold Barbecue tongs with balanced spring force and precise power transmission to the ends Barbecue and kitchen tongs with a silicone-coated handle A grill tongs that convinces with its stable and noble processing. Barbecue tongs, ergonomically shaped for easy handling and ease of use
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Our comparison chart for Barbecue tongs comparison does not replace one Barbecue tongs testin which a special Barbecue tongs test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external grill tongs test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Barbecue tongs test winner is.

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Barbecue tongs at a glance

  • Barbecue tongs have the task of protecting hands and arms from the temperatures prevailing over the grill and to turn the food safely. So that's one long tongs good for large grills, a shorter one is more suitable for smaller ones.
  • Barbecue tongs must be food-safe, which is why most are made of durable stainless steel. In the Barbecue tongs rating but the grip surfaces are always included. If they are insulated, you can stay longer over the hot grill.
  • Another aspect is the comfortable handling. The grilling tongs must lie comfortably in the hand and be able to hold both small sausages and large ribon steaks. Not every grill tongs can do this. More on this in our guide.

Barbecuing is not much fun without barbecue tongs

One thing you should always avoid is burning your fingers while grilling. Anyone who has ever tried to sneak a sausage off the grill by hand will have to deal with the heat over the embers. If he was lucky, it went off without blisters. After all, temperatures up to almost 300 ° C can prevail over the grillage. The better solution is to use grill tongs that go with everyone Grillbesteck belongs to it. In our Barbecue tongs comparison of we would like to introduce you to the practical helpers.

Top product: BBQ tongs at Amazon

RÖSLE gourmet tongs, high-quality kitchen tongs with patented locking system for grilling, cooking and serving, stainless steel 18/10, dishwasher-safe
  • The universal tool for the kitchen: RÖSLE gourmet tongs made of matt stainless steel for grilling, cooking, serving and numerous other ...
  • Stainless steel pliers with an ergonomic shape for extra manageability and ease of use
  • The locking system allows intuitive opening and locking with one hand - the pliers open downwards towards ...
  • Hygienic, odorless, tasteless and easy to care for thanks to the rustproof stainless steel - dishwasher safe
  • Height 3 cm - length 43 cm - width 4 cm - handle length 32,9 cm - handle diameter 16 mm - usable length 7,1 cm - made of hygienic, ...

Which grill tongs is the best?

Nothing works without barbecue tongs. You can also safely do without some other gimmick, but not with a grill tongs. It is not for nothing Barbecue tongs offer so numerous and of the Wood grill tongs to the expensive WMF grill tongs everything is made of stainless steel. What grill tongs, reviews according to which the best is, cannot be said. The selection is so large that even we find it difficult to address all aspects. Even if the shapes are so different, two types of pliers can be identified.

Scissor grill tongs advantages / disadvantages

A pair of scissors tongs is stored in the middle like a pair of scissors. If the curved finger holders are moved outwards, the grill tongs also open. The receiving surface is usually made of curved metal. With this grill tongs you have a lot of feeling and can even turn strawberries on the grill. However, it is too delicate for larger and heavier pieces of meat. They usually exist as cheap grill tongs in Ramschecken or at the discounter for little money. The disadvantage, the axis of the grill tongs is made of inferior material, can easily rust and become rickety. Therefore we have in our BBQ tongs rating dedicated only to the following grill tongs with spring.


Very good feeling

very inexpensive

also suitable for smaller sausages or vegetables

different sizes


Mostly inferior material

bulky storage

Limited length

Spring grill tongs advantages / disadvantages

The spring grill tongs either have a spring with which the tongs stay open or they consist of a piece of spring steel. This means that when the tongs are closed, some force has to be applied to hold or turn the food. The transmission of the pressure is a little less precise than with a pair of scissors tongs, but they are usually much more durable and made of better quality material. Most spring barbecue tongs can be locked so that they can be stored to save space.


With spring or spring steel

Theoretically unlimited length

often as Stainless steel grill tongs

also in combination with wood or silicone

often with a hanging loop

usually lockable to save space

mostly dishwasher-safe


Some effort is required, especially with long pliers

Pressure not quite as precise as with a pair of scissors-type tongs


BBQ tongs Note:

Small grill tongs can also be used as cheap kitchen tongs deploy. Therefore ours is Barbecue tongs buy recommendation get started right away Barbecue tongs set to buy with two sizes.

What makes a good pair of tongs?

  • It must be long enough so that the fingers or arm do not come too close to the embers. However, the longer it is, the less sensitivity you have for the pliers. XXL grill tongs are not necessarily better to use
  • Rubberized handles or wooden ones prevent slipping when things get a little greasy
  • The squeezing shouldn't be too difficult so that you don't lose the steak during transportation
  • Good grill tongs have locking devices. So they can be stored space-saving, see the Rösle barbecue tongs from our comparison
  • Hanging eyes are also very practical. So the tongs can be stored on the grill
  • Barbecue tongs bestseller can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher

BBQ tongs Note:

Queen Wood grill tongs are extremely impractical. On the one hand, they cannot be cleaned hygienically and, on the other hand, they can quickly get burned. In addition, they cannot be used to convert burning charcoal.

Barbecue tongs from Rocketgrills

Barbecue tongs rocket grills

Our grill tongs buying advice

If you want to turn your sausages and steaks safely while grilling, you need one good grill tongs. Long grips with a good grip make good barbecue tongs. Likewise, your food should be turned easily and simply and, above all, quickly. Before you sign up Buy grill tongs, we would like to give you the most important purchase criteria that matter.

  • Which grill tongs should I choose?

The grill tongs differ only slightly from each other, only the turning surfaces are different. They can be narrow and long or spoon-like. Some are well suited for turning meat or sausages, the others for turning vegetables or delicate food. Never try to pierce the meat with a fork, it will leak meat juice and make the whole thing tough and dry.

  • Which material is the best?

The material is one of the most important purchase criteria for barbecue tongs. Most often come Stainless steel grill tongs for use. They are food-safe and easy to clean, usually even in the dishwasher. They can also be used to shift the charcoal. Wood grill tongs are also often used. They are lighter than those made of stainless steel, but are not so easy to clean and are not heat-resistant.

  • What should the handle be like?

Queen Stainless steel grill tongs have no heat insulation on the handle, but are definitely suitable for turning. But if you leave it on the edge of the grill, you can also get very hot on the handle. Therefore, it is better to choose pliers with an insulated handle. It doesn't matter if you poke around in the fire longer. Which isolation you choose depends on your personal preferences. The Professional barbecue tongs Stainless steel can have a handle made of high quality wood, but then it must not be put in the dishwasher. Plastic or silicone handles would be better.

  • What about usability?

Barbecue tongs must always be able to be operated with one hand. It must be comfortable in the hand and well balanced. A hanging eye makes it easy to attach the kitchen tongs to the grill without first placing them on a table or even on the lawn. If your pliers have a locking mechanism, it only has to be operated with one hand. It also makes it easier to store the pliers because it is no longer so bulky.

  • What can a grill tongs weigh and how long should it be?

The grill tongs should always be comfortable to hold, not too light and not too heavy. A good mediocrity is 100 to 300 grams. The weight of course also depends on the length of the grill tongs, the longer, the heavier it becomes. When buying, the length should always be such that your hands are far enough away from the hot grill surface when turning. However, if it is too long, turning is more difficult. A good mediocrity is the measure of things here too. With 30 to 50 cm you are very trendy.

  • Which manufacturers have the best grill tongs?

There are some manufacturers of grill tongs that you can use as Rösle or Weber grill- Manufacturers are known. Landmann, Tepro and Outdoorchef are also among them. So there are also Rösle and Weber grill tongs, Landmann, Tepro or Napoleon grill tongs. You can be sure that the grill tongs are of the same quality as that Grills the brand manufacturer. But also WMF kitchen tongs are among the bestsellers in this range. In our comparison table you will also find grill tongs from Westmark, iNeibo and Rocketgrills, which also have a good reputation.

  • Which features are particularly interesting?

How about a personalized barbecue tongs as a gift, for example for men's day? Engraving grill tongs in a nice packaging are therefore the best seller of gifts for men.

Barbecue tongs bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
Westmark BBQ Tongs, Stainless Steel / Plastic, Length: 37,7 cm, Classic Special, Silver / Black, 15162270
  • Long barbecue tongs for turning meat, fish and vegetables on the grill and serving at the table, Also for grasping and draping ...
  • Minimized risk of burns on the grill: Long handles with cool anti-slip rubber coating for a secure hold
  • Round-tipped lugs made of stainless steel for a firm hold of the roast and grilled food when turning on a hot grill without damaging the ...
  • Easy to clean by hand, dishwasher-safe, hanging loop and locking mechanism for space-saving storage on the wall ...
  • Scope of delivery: 1x Westmark grill tongs, Classic Special, dimensions: 37,7 x 3,5 x 3,8 cm, material: stainless steel / plastic (TPE), ...
Bestseller no. 2
VENETUS BBQ grill tongs XL and brush - extra long & dishwasher safe
  • PREMIUM GRILL ACCESSORIES - The duo consists of tongs and a brush. The robust grill accessories are dishwasher safe and guarantee ...
  • THE LONGER, THE BETTER - The pliers made of brushed, rustproof stainless steel are impressive with a length of 45cm. The locking mechanism ...
  • PRACTICAL HELPER - Whether it's barbecuing in summer, heroic deeds on the stove or baking, our marinating brush is versatile ...
  • GRILL GIFT FOR MEN - The elegant and high-quality packaging invites you to give away. More grill accessories from VENETUS-BBQ ...
  • 30 DAYS LAST TESTING - We stand for the highest quality, so you can test our products for 30 days. If you decide ...
Bestseller no. 3
Weber 6610 premium stainless steel grill tongs, 43 cm
  • Stainless steel with plastic handles
  • Ideal for insertion and turning
  • Comfortable grip

Where can you buy good barbecue tongs?

Barbecue tongs can be bought wherever there are grills and accessories, in the hardware store or in a well-stocked specialist shop. Most of the time, barbecue tongs are also on the shelves of Aldi, Kaufland, Tchibo, Rewe and many other shops as a starting offer at the beginning of the season. Such special grilling tongs are also increasingly being purchased from online retailers. The choice is bigger and that Barbecue tongs price is usually below that of the specialist trade. At the same time is a Barbecue tongs price comparison of the individual brands on the Internet much easier than on site. Simply the Buy grill tongs online, examine at home and send back if you don't like it. Buying online is that easy.

Note: You still need the right grill for your grill tongs, then have a look at our grill comparisons. We have the following grills on offer:

Questions and answers (FAQ) about the grill tongs comparison

If you rarely grill and want to spend little money, you should buy a wooden kitchen tongs. However, it only costs a few euros and is not very durable. Scissors grill tongs are available from around 10 euros and stainless steel grill tongs from 15 to 20 euros.

Both have the same functions, only that the grill tongs are offered much longer than the kitchen tongs.

The Stiftung Warentest has already written countless articles about barbecuing, various barbecues and the fuel to do so. Unfortunately we have not been able to determine a grill tester test report or grill tongs test winner.

Relevant forums for barbecue enthusiasts are a good starting point to read reviews of special grill tongs. But also the sales portals of Amazon & Co contain plenty of grill tongs experience in the customer reviews.

Care is very easy with stainless steel grill tongs. Most copies are even dishwasher safe, which means no effort for you. Barbecue tongs with wooden handles or pure wooden tongs are not so easy to put in the dishwasher, they have to be cleaned manually.

Wooden grill tongs were the method of choice for many years, but were gradually replaced by easy-care stainless steel grill tongs. Wood is not so easy to clean and does not withstand great heat. Burns are the result. It is also hardly possible to shift red-hot coals with the wooden tongs, unless you want to burn the wooden tongs at the same time.

There are two types of grill tongs. One type works like scissors and can be opened and closed via a joint. The second type is the grill tongs with spring, which must be pressed together.

Locking devices are only available with grill tongs with springs. In the normal state, they are always open and must be squeezed in order to turn sausages. So that the grill tongs are not too bulky later in the drawer, they can be locked with a locking device.

Conclusion on the grill tongs

With high-quality barbecue tongs you are well prepared for the next barbecue season. Which favorite you prefer is up to your personal taste. We recommend stainless steel grill tongs. It is durable, food-compatible and can usually even be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Other recommended barbecue tongs selected for you

4.9/ 5 off 39 Reviews]


Barbecue tongs test & comparison guide

So choose the best tongs Product from our Test- or settlement proposal

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