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Everyone has surely seen a hedgehog before and realized that they are very cute animals. Sometimes they seem pretty trusting, but hedgehogs just aren't pets at all. For this reason, it should not be fed unless there is a special reason to do so.

Nevertheless, many people tend to feed the little hedgehog, which does more harm than good. However, if it is a needy or sick hedgehog, it can certainly be fed with our bestsellers of hedgehog food.

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Hedgehog food Claus special hedgehog food 7500 g

  • easily digestible protein
  • high-energy fat
  • lots of proteins
  • complete feed
  • species-appropriate feed


Hedgehog food Ida Plus - precious mealworms, dried - 1000 g

  • no additives
  • high protein
  • gentle drying
  • pure natural product
  • High quality

Price-performance winner


Hedgehog food Tropic-Shop Mealworms freeze-dried

  • gentle production
  • rich in vitamins and proteins
  • individually usable
  • Complete feed


Hedgehog food Fidelio hedgehog delicacy food, 6-pack (6 x 500 g)

  • whole food
  • strengthens the hedgehog
  • versatile composition
  • practical complete feed
  • balanced ingredients


Hedgehog food Vitakraft menu dry food 2 5kg IGEL

  • species-appropriate nutrition
  • Complete feed
  • good digestible
  • no artificial flavor enhancers
  • without colorings and flavorings

Name Hedgehog food Claus special hedgehog food 7500 g Hedgehog food Ida Plus - precious mealworms, dried - 1000 g Hedgehog food Tropic-Shop Mealworms freeze-dried Hedgehog food Fidelio hedgehog delicacy food, 6-pack (6 x 500 g) Hedgehog food Vitakraft menu dry food 2 5kg IGEL
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentHedgehog food

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodHedgehog food

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,7goodHedgehog food

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodHedgehog food

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodHedgehog food

Manufacturer/Model Claus Ida Plus Tropic shop Fidelio Vitakraft
Weight 7500 grams 6500 ml 500 ml 3000 g of 2500 g of
Consisting of Meat, insects, egg mealworms mealworms Carrots, bananas, peanuts, raisins, shrimp, oatmeal, apples and much more Mealworms, crustaceans, nuts and fruits, cereals, meat, animal by-products
Nutritional Values 34% crude protein | 30% raw fat | 3% crude fiber | 2% crude ash 54% crude protein | 31% raw fat | 2% crude fiber | 12,2% crude ash 52,40% crude protein | 33,90% raw fat | 6,10% moisture | 12,6% crude ash not specified 70% animal proteins, vitamins and minerals
Genetic Engineering no no no no no
Manufacturing in Germany not specified not specified not specified Germany
preservatives no no no not specified no
Features The feed contains high-energy fat and easily digestible protein. It is balanced and very digestible for the hedgehog. The mealworms are a purely natural product. It meets the very highest quality standards. The natural feed contains plenty of proteins and vitamins. The hedgehog receives the nutrients it needs to grow. The feed can be easily dosed so that the hedgehog can be fed easily in the garden. It supports the hedgehog and helps in the winter. Whether as a concentrate or to add winter fat, it is a versatile feed. It contains everything for the hedgehog to be satiated and able to survive.
  • easily digestible protein
  • high-energy fat
  • lots of proteins
  • complete feed
  • species-appropriate feed
  • no additives
  • high protein
  • gentle drying
  • pure natural product
  • High quality
  • gentle production
  • rich in vitamins and proteins
  • individually usable
  • Complete feed
  • whole food
  • strengthens the hedgehog
  • versatile composition
  • practical complete feed
  • balanced ingredients
  • species-appropriate nutrition
  • Complete feed
  • good digestible
  • no artificial flavor enhancers
  • without colorings and flavorings
Summary This is a complete feed. It provides the hedgehog with all the important nutrients it needs. No additives are used during production. The worms are prepared in a gentle drying process. The mealworms are suitable as a complete feed for hedgehogs. But birds, rodents and fish can also eat the worms. The hedgehog food is balanced and provides the hedgehog with important nutrients. It is specially tailored to his needs. Artificial colors and flavorings as well as salt, sugar and flavor enhancers are avoided. The feed contains natural ingredients.
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Hedgehog food

Hedgehog food at a glance

  • In winter, the hedgehogs lie down to sleep and usually don't wake up again until spring. However, it does happen that the hedgehog wakes up from its hibernation much earlier due to the mild temperatures. In this case, hedgehog food can be used to help the hedgehog survive.
  • In order for a young animal to really survive hibernation, it should have acquired a weight of at least 500 to 600 grams. So if a young hedgehog walks around from the middle of October to the end of November and appears to be malnourished, it definitely needs additional food.
  • Especially in summer it is important that the hedgehogs get enough water. These suffer from the heat just like many other animals. Therefore, you will be happy if a small bowl of water is simply put out so that you can use the water if necessary.

Hedgehogs are cute little animals that definitely fall under the category of wildlife. For this reason, hedgehogs shouldn't really be fed because it does more harm than good to you. Nevertheless, there are hedgehogs in need who are either sick or, for example, malnourished. Additional feeding with the corresponding hedgehog feed is permitted for these animals. In our hedgehog food comparison, we introduce you to various options that are ideally suited as hedgehog food. Our comparisons of test-vergleiche.com, in which you will also find helpful information to help other insects and the like:

Top product: hedgehog food at Amazon

Claus special hedgehog feed 7500 g
  • Special hedgehog food is a mixture for hedgehogs with an extra portion of meat
  • especially high in proteins from meat, insects, nuts, eggs and grain
  • without baked goods and honey
  • pure natural product

What should be considered when feeding the hedgehogs with hedgehog food?

First and foremost, it is important that the right hedgehog food is chosen, because the cute animals cannot tolerate everything. In principle, a hedgehog should not be fed at all, but there are a few exceptions where this is entirely allowed. This includes, for example, an undernourished young animal that is on the move from mid-October to the end of November. Often it can also be a hedgehog that has woken up from its hibernation due to the mild temperatures and is now looking for food. However, since the ground is usually frozen, it is very difficult for him in this case and is happy to receive suitable help.

If you find a sick hedgehog or a hedgehog in need of care while going for a walk, it can easily be fed with the right hedgehog food. In addition to canned cat food, special hedgehog food is particularly suitable to provide the little hedgehog with all the important nutrients he needs to recover.

Hedgehog food note:

When feeding a hedgehog, it is important that milk is completely avoided as it can lead to severe diarrhea. If this is not recognized in time, this diarrhea can also be fatal for the little fellow. Also, under no circumstances should raw eggs or raw meat be fed. This also applies to fresh fruit, rice, pasta or bread.

Hedgehog food

Which hedgehog food is particularly suitable for the hedgehog?

If we look at the different ones Hedgehog feed tests looking at it shows that the hedgehog is absolutely not a vegetarian. On the contrary, it needs a varied diet that is rich in protein and fat and also contains rich fiber. First, let's look at the natural diet of a hedgehog.

In the wild, the hedgehog feeds mainly on:

  • Beetles
  • Earwigs
  • caterpillars
  • bees
  • Earthworms
  • centipede
  • be crazy
  • Woodlice and
  • Nacktschnecken

However, if you take a small hedgehog as a foster animal, you should never feed snails or earthworms. That sounds a bit strange, but has a specific background. By ingesting these insects, they also simultaneously absorb internal parasites, which in nature cause only minor infestation. This is not least due to the fact that they also feed on ground beetles that have a chitin shell. During the digestion of these tanks, hydrocyanic acid is formed, which in turn represents a natural worming cure, so that the parasites are excreted again.

However, this is not the case if the hedgehog is being fed by hand. The parasites multiply inside the small hedgehog and damage it. Because of this you should Earthworms and snails are never fed.

If the hedgehog is raised by hand, it is easy to feed with cat food, which should have a high proportion of meat (more than 60 percent). Sauce, vegetables and the like are to be avoided, as these are ingredients that the hedgehog cannot tolerate. An alternative to this is undoubtedly cooked poultry meat, which no longer contains any skin, and lightly seared minced meat.

In the finished feed area, there are special dry hedgehog feed as well as wheat bran or crusty oat flakes. But also a little cress or chives and desiccated coconut are not wrong, because they have an appetizing effect. However, it is important that feeding always takes place in the evening, and that enough water should always be provided.

What should be considered when buying hedgehog food?

If you want to help a sick or needy hedgehog, you should buy special hedgehog food, which can be purchased in most pet shops. However, since a hedgehog should not eat everything, it is important to ensure that only that best hedgehog food is chosen so that the little guy doesn't have digestive problems. The following points should always be included in the Buy hedgehog food get noticed:

  • package size

There are now numerous pack sizes so that there is enough food available. However, not all hedgehog food has an unlimited shelf life, so the best before date should be observed in every case. In addition, the ingredients also play an important role, because preservatives are added to some types of feed in order to achieve a longer shelf life. Hedgehog food experiences of customers show, however, that artificial additives should be avoided.

  • Nutritional Values

In our Hedgehog food comparison We have already discussed the fact that the hedgehog needs a protein-rich diet that is rich in fat and protein. For this reason, the ingredients should be observed so that the hedgehog receives all the vitamins it needs to get through the winter.

  • Type of feed

The feed can be very different. On the one hand there are dried mealworms, which are very rich in protein and high in protein, and on the other hand there are special hedgehog feed mixes that contain many different things. In principle, both can be used to supply the hedgehog with valuable vitamins. Alternatively, cat food without sauce and additives such as vegetables, fruit or rice can also be used to get the hedgehog through the winter.

The hedgehog food comparison of test-vergleiche.com

The hedgehog usually takes good care of himself and his family. However, there are special circumstances that mean that he is unable to do this, for example due to an illness or insufficient nutrition. In that case he can go along with you Hedgehog food bestseller fed to put on weight and not starve to death. We have the five for this best hedgehog food compared for you and the results recorded in a clear table.

As Hedgehog food comparison winner our team decided on the Claus special hedgehog feed. It's a mix of peanuts, meat, insects, and other ingredients to help the hedgehog consume both digestible protein and high-energy fat. He is also supplied with many proteins.

The Hedgehog food award winner however, it was dried mealworms, which are rich in proteins and vitamins. They are gently dried and are suitable as single feed, but also as supplementary feed and treats for rodents, birds and fish.

Is there a hedgehog food test from Stiftung Warentest?

The consumer magazine doesn't have one yet Hedgehog food test done so we do not give you one Hedgehog food test winner able to imagine.

Hedgehog food bestseller on Amazon:

OfferBestseller no. 1
Dry food menu 2 5kg IGEL
396 Reviews
Dry food menu 2 5kg IGEL
  • For winter bacon in autumn or as a concentrate for spring: dry food with mealworms, crustaceans, nuts and ...
  • Species-appropriate help for hedgehogs: With vitamins and minerals, 70% proportion of animal proteins in the total protein, without added sugar, ...
  • Composition: cereals, meat and animal by-products, molluscs and crustaceans, oils and fats, ...
  • Main food, feeding recommendation: 2-4 tablespoons per day (depending on size), provision of sufficient drinking water, please note: milk ...
  • Scope of delivery: Vitakraft complete food for hedgehogs, premium menu, mealworms / crustaceans / nuts / fruits
Bestseller no. 2
Dehner Natura hedgehog food, 1.5 kg
  • Complete feed for hedgehogs living in the wild
  • High quality mix of meat, insects and egg
  • For a species-appropriate and balanced diet
  • Scope of delivery: Dehner Natura hedgehog food 1,5 kg
OfferBestseller no. 3
Quiko hedgehog food 3kg - high quality complete food - specially tailored to the needs of the hedgehog
173 Reviews
Quiko hedgehog food 3kg - high quality complete food - specially tailored to the needs of the hedgehog
  • Nutritious dry food for hedgehogs living in the wild
  • For year-round feeding and helps with wintering
  • Species-appropriate, high-energy food for young and old animals
  • With egg biscuit for protein needs
  • Extra fruits & berries provide natural variety

Hedgehog food advantages / disadvantages


rich in vitamins and proteins


specially tailored to the hedgehog

different types of hedgehog food

contains plenty of fiber

rich in protein and fat


Avoid milk, fruit, rice and pasta

Buying hedgehog feed: specialist trade vs. Internet

Since it happens more and more often that a hedgehog is also on the move in winter, there are now numerous Hedgehog food offers. The special feed is tailored to the hedgehog's needs and provides it with all the important nutrients and vitamins. The best hedgehog food can be found in almost every pet store, where there is also food for rodents, birds, dogs and cats. Often there is also competent specialist advice available here to provide advice. The selection of hedgehog food is usually manageable in specialist shops, as only a few manufacturers are represented here.

In any case, an alternative is the Internet, where numerous online shops present their range of hedgehog feed. Here is not only the possibility of one Hedgehog food price comparison perform, but also cheap hedgehog food to acquire. However, the Internet is only an option if the feed is not needed immediately, since the delivery time is usually between three and five working days. You can find these manufacturers online:

Hedgehog food

Questions and answers (FAQ) about hedgehog food

Hedgehogs are allowed to eat a mixture of oatmeal, dry food for hedgehogs, wheat gluten and some cat food. It is only important that no milk is added.

Basically, it doesn't matter which cat food is chosen. It is much higher in protein than dog food and can therefore be fed easily.

No, please only feed in emergencies. That means only if the animal is obviously in need of help, sick or malnourished.

A can of 304 grams of food is no problem at all for a hedgehog weighing 380 grams. It is also very important that they eat a lot so that they can survive the winter well.

Usually it goes into hibernation from November to March. Sometimes it happens that the period is interrupted for a few days, but only to make a difference.

They usually sleep in the tall grass or under bushes during the day. Only at night do they go out to explore and look for food for themselves.

Hedgehogs need a lot of animal protein so that they can hibernate well. Therefore, lettuce or carrots fail. They prefer to eat small hazelnuts, peanuts or walnuts. Unsulphurized raisins or peeled sunflower seeds are also very popular.

Hedgehogs usually drink water. Milk is not digestible for these animals, so feeding it should be avoided.

Conclusion on hedgehog food

The hedgehog is a wild animal that usually finds enough food in nature. It is definitely not a herbivore, so there is usually enough food available. Due to the mild winters that are now there, the hedgehog often wakes up from its hibernation much earlier and has trouble finding food. Here you can help with a special hedgehog food and bring the little ones through the winter. The most important thing is that there is always enough fresh water available and care is taken that he only gets what he is really allowed to eat. Numerous can be found here Hedgehog food comparisons and Hedgehog feed tests be a perfect help.

Other recommended hedgehog food selected for you

4.9/ 5 off 48 Reviews]

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As author of this Hedgehog food comparison I have put together five of the most popular products for you. I have not selected these by accident, but paid particular attention to positive reviews in the customer reviews.

To you that Buy hedgehog food To facilitate, I summarized you all relevant purchase criteria. You will also find a lot of information in my guide text. He should inspire you to think about that Hedgehog food offer to make and choose the right product for you.

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