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In 2014, private German households spent 64,33 billions of euros on clothing and the trend is still rising (source: Fashion bloggers and various online fashion and lifestyle websites make fashion accessible to everyone and serve as an inspiration to users. The Germans are becoming ever more fashion conscious, following the latest trends and developing bolder looks.

As a result, fashion sales on the Internet have also risen sharply. You can choose from a huge selection of different brands, shops and the latest collections, so you can easily find what you are looking for. The goods are not always cheaper than in the store but more convenient to find by search functions. At home, things can then be tried on and easily sent back if they do not fit or fall. Some stores offer the possibility to shop styles and complete outfits with one click.

Shopping for clothes on the internet thus offers numerous possibilities. Another advantage is our website, Here you will find a list of comparable products, with ratings and a rating given by us. So you can see at a glance which providers, which brands have and where you can buy the most consumer-friendly and cheapest.

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