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iPhone repair kit - the cheap display repair

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones alongside the Samsung or Huawei. They can no longer just be used to make calls, they are just perfect for surfing the Internet, working with it or or or.

However, it quickly happened that the cell phone falls down and the display shatters or an unsightly quirk arises in the frame. In our iPhone repair kit comparison, we present you with various options so that you can carry out a small repair yourself if necessary.

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Best recommendation


iPhone repair set iFixit tool set for iPhone

  • individually applicable
  • extensive accessories
  • suitable for tricky repairs
  • practical storage box


iPhone repair kit EMNT 2300mAh battery for iPhone 6s

  • various repair tools
  • suitable for changing batteries
  • usable for iPhone 6s
  • detailed instructions


iPhone repair kit bokman professional tool set

  • Simple installation
  • suitable for display replacement
  • Tool included
  • not compatible with other iPhone models

Price-performance winner


iPhone repair kit E.Durable screwdriver set

  • extensive assortment
  • flexibly usable
  • high quality
  • practical transport box
  • ease of use


iPhone repair set ockered battery for iPhone 5S

  • not compatible with other models
  • comprehensive scope of delivery
  • informative video guide

Name iPhone repair set iFixit tool set for iPhone iPhone repair kit EMNT 2300mAh battery for iPhone 6s iPhone repair kit bokman professional tool set iPhone repair kit E.Durable screwdriver set iPhone repair set ockered battery for iPhone 5S
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentiPhone repair kit

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodiPhone repair kit

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodiPhone repair kit

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,8goodiPhone repair kit

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodiPhone repair kit

Manufacturer/Model iFixit Emnt Bokman E-Durable ochered
Material Polymer, steel not specified Various other Steel, chrome vanadium Various other
Battery included no 2300 mAh battery no no 1800 mAh battery
Glass included no no ja no no
suitable for individual iPhone 6s iPhone X individual iPhone 5S
What's in the box magnetic bit holder | curved tweezers | Spudger | Jimmy | iFixit opening tool | 6x iFixit Opening Picks | iFixit suction lifter | 16 bits | Tool box Replacement battery | professional toolkit | User Guide Glass | Retina OLED | Touchscreen | Repair tools Screwdriver | Suction cup | Extension shaft | Tweezers | Device opener | Triangular pick | flexible extension | Magnetizer | Demagnetizer Instructions | High performance battery | Screwdriver | Guitar pick | Adhesive | Suction cup | Crowbar | Sets of tape
Features The scope of delivery is more than extensive. Here you will find everything that is necessary for small and especially tricky work. This set contains everything you need to replace the battery. The advantage here is that a high-quality replacement battery is included in the scope of delivery. The set contains everything you need to change the display. Suitable tools are included in the scope of delivery. The extensive scope of delivery offers a spectrum of individual repair work. Everything is there to be able to work precisely. Replacing the battery gives the iPhone its battery capacity back. The set includes everything you need to carry out the repair yourself.
  • individually applicable
  • extensive accessories
  • suitable for tricky repairs
  • practical storage box
  • various repair tools
  • suitable for changing batteries
  • usable for iPhone 6s
  • detailed instructions
  • Simple installation
  • suitable for display replacement
  • Tool included
  • not compatible with other iPhone models
  • extensive assortment
  • flexibly usable
  • high quality
  • practical transport box
  • ease of use
  • not compatible with other models
  • comprehensive scope of delivery
  • informative video guide
Summary The set can be used very flexibly. It is suitable for an iPhone repair, but also for door handles, battery changes or many other things. The battery capacity decreases over time. With the set, the battery can be replaced to easily improve the battery life. The removable display is only intended for the iPhone X. With the help of YouTube videos, the exchange can be carried out easily. Not only can an iPhone repair be carried out with this. The set can be used individually for repairs of all kinds. The set contains everything you need to replace the battery on the iPhone. With the help of the repair kid and the instructions, the repair can be carried out easily.
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Our comparison chart for iPhone repair kit comparison does not replace one iPhone repair kit testin which a special iPhone repair kit test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external iPhone repair set test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal iPhone repair kit test winner is.

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iPhone repair kit

iPhone repair kit at a glance

  • The best iPhone repair kit includes a complete screen unit including touch screen, digitizian, front camera, earphone speaker and instructions. However, the price of this set is not particularly cheap, because it is just under € 70, but it is still much cheaper than a repair in the Apple Store.
  • The advantage of this iPhone repair kit is that even beginners or amateurs can easily change a damaged display, for example. The exchange is relatively easy, is described in detail and does no further damage if the instructions are followed.
  • The Buy iPhone repair kit care should be taken to ensure that the size of the display is consistent and that the components are coordinated. Otherwise, the differences are justified in the price.

There is nothing more annoying than damage to the iPhone. Since it is a very expensive smartphone, it is usually given to a store for repair. However, the cost of a repair is usually very expensive, so many do not. In order to still be able to use the smartphone, we offer various iPhone repair kit bestseller that even beginners can use to carry out repairs. So that there is no damage at all, you can find it on our website Test-vergleiche.com practical covers or much more for your smartphone, for example:

Top product: iPhone repair kit at Amazon

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit DIY Tool Set bit set for iPhone Elekronik PC laptop Repair
  • Portable tool set for repairing small electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles
  • The tool set contains the iFixit Jimmy, an opening tool and 6 picks made of soft plastic, a plastic spatula, a ...
  • Magnetic screwdriver made of 16 bits, rubberized grip zone and a rotary head
  • Included are Pentalobe, Phillips, Slot, Torx security bits
  • Tool case for safe storage of all components and easy transport

What is an iPhone repair kit?

The iPhone repair kit is a repair kit for the display. The display in particular is very sensitive and breaks quickly if it bumps or falls somewhere. However, not only the display is sensitive on many iPhone models, often the back is also made of glass and is therefore very sensitive. Because all functions are activated via the touch screen, a crack or break can result in the display no longer being used. For this reason, it is important to replace the display directly. The first way was always in a corresponding shop, but with our iPhone repair set bestsellers, the display can now be easily replaced. As a rule, written instructions are included so that it is clear what work steps must be carried out in order not to cause any further damage. In addition, there are numerous videos on the Internet and step-by-step instructions to illustrate a repair.

iPhone repair kit

What are the different models of the iPhone repair kit?

Usually an iPhone repair set consists of a functional and a display as well as instructions for installation. There are only significant differences with regard to the respective smartphone model. Accordingly, there is the iPhone repair set suitable for the respective iPhone, so that the fit of the display is guaranteed. For this reason it is with Buy iPhone repair kit It is particularly important that the respective repair set is matched to the iPhone.

What should be considered when buying an iPhone repair kit?

As we already do in ours iPhone repair kit comparison have mentioned, there are few things that should be considered when buying. We would like to explain to you below what points are involved:

iPhone model

The most important point when buying an iPhone repair kit is certainly the respective iPhone model. The individual models have not only changed in terms of size, but also in their functions. As a rule, the purchase should be made according to the model number, which is usually on the iPhone packaging or can optionally be researched on the Internet. Using this model number, the iPhone repair kit can be perfectly matched to ensure that a repair and replacement of the defective parts is possible in any case.


An iPhone repair kit is usually intended to replace the display if necessary. However, there are also special sets that contain screwdrivers, suction cups and other accessories. The screws on an iPhone, for example, are particularly special and cannot usually be used for an iPhone with a screwdriver that is suitable for a Samsung smartphone. In any case, special attention should be paid to this.

iPhone repair kit from iFixit

iPhone repair kit

The iPhone repair kit comparison from test-vergleiche.com

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones for young and old. It is easy to use, offers numerous functions, takes excellent photos and is simply great fun. Despite its high quality, a fall can unfortunately lead to the display breaking. Instead of having to go to an Apple store immediately, there is a practical iPhone repair kit, which you can use to carry out the repair yourself. We provide you with the five iPhone repair kit bestseller before, so that they can save a multiple of costs.

The iFixit tool set can be used very flexibly. With its help, not only minor repairs can be carried out on the iPhone, but also on the PC, laptop or tablet. The small set contains all components to be able to work precisely and precisely, so that, for example, changing the display on an iPhone is child's play.

Our iPhone repair set price winner is certainly much cheaper, but it includes a wide scope of delivery. With this set, a variety of electronic repairs can be carried out, since everything essential is available here. The E-Durable tool set offers everything you need to repair household appliances, watches, laptops, iPhones or other things.

Is there an iPhone repair kit test from Stiftung Warentest?

The iPhone issue has also been raised several times by the consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest. However, it is not yet iPhone repair kit test Have been carried out.

iPhone repair kit advantages / disadvantages



easy to handle

available for all iPhone models

complete set

also suitable for beginners


Patience and a steady hand are required!

iPhone repair kit bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
Meister precision mechanic set 108 pieces - repair set for smartphones, tablets, PCs, consoles, cameras, watches, glasses, model making & Co. / repair tool kit / ...
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: For precision mechanical work on small electrical appliances | For simple display and battery replacement on a cell phone ...
  • HIGH QUALITY PROCESSING: Bits made of durable chrome vanadium steel | Device opener made of soft plastic to avoid ...
  • EASY TO USE: Magnetic bit tips for effortlessly holding micro screws | Screwdriver with rotary head for a ...
  • SPECIAL TOOL: Precision screwdriver for loosening special screws in small electrical appliances | Various tools, especially ...
  • PRACTICAL SET: 108 parts for various uses Plastic box equipped on both sides | Compact size is easy to ...
ProgrammsBestseller no. 2
Screwdriver set 87 in 1 Magnetic precision screwdriver set Tool repair set for smartphones Tablets, PCs, consoles, cameras, watches, ...
  • DURABLE AND EXTRA MAGNETIC - FUJIWAY 87-in-1 General screwdriver set for precision mechanical is a multifunctional tool ...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST DEVICES - Precision Screwdriver Repair Tool Kit Electronic Watch Repair ...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made of chrome vanadium steel, a hardness of 55-60 hc, optimal corrosion protection, long-lasting ...
  • COMPREHENSIVE SET pliers for every application Everything about screwing from bits, screwdrivers to sockets | Further...
  • REACH deep and narrow places - The driver is made of aluminum and is coated with gel, which makes it non-slip and soft ...
ProgrammsBestseller no. 3
Gocheer Screwdriver Set Precision Mechanics, 115 Partial Screwdriver Set Precision Screwdriver Set for Electronics, ...
  • 👊 [115 piece screwdriver set for precision mechanical applications] If you regularly screw around on your computer, individual ...
  • 👊 [With a professional storage box] For storage, all parts are housed in a clear box and thus ...
  • 👊 [A large selection of accessories for your DIY work] This is a comprehensive set of various attachments ...
  • 👊 [Professional material is guaranteed] The tool series presented here has a good price-performance ratio ...
  • 👊 [Helpful DIY tools for DIY enthusiasts] Gocheer screwdriver set, available in soft and hard extensions for tight ...

iPhone repair kit purchase: specialist vs. Internet

Buying an iPhone repair kit from a specialist retailer is relatively difficult. Certainly some stores offer these sets, but mostly you want to do the repair yourself, of course. In addition to the repair, of course, a certain service is offered, so that significantly higher repair costs are incurred. For this reason it is iPhone repair kit offer in a store relatively low, assuming it is offered at all.

If you still want to repair your iPhone yourself, you should definitely use the online shops on the Internet. Here you will find various repair kits especially for the respective iPhone. They can also be practical iPhone repair set price comparison perform so that you can also easily get a cheap one iPhone repair kit can acquire. With the help of this set and the enclosed instructions, you can easily replace your damaged display. An iPhone repair kit is available online from these retailers:

iPhone repair kit

Questions and answers (FAQ) about the iPhone repair kit

Yes, it can now also be bought there. However, it is usually only available for current models and not for older models. Here, a set would have to be ordered first.

That is very different and depends on the hobbyist himself. Experienced hobbyists have certainly completed the exchange in a few minutes, while beginners may take a little longer.

In most cases, an iPhone repair kit contains all of the important components. However, a mini screwdriver is generally required, which is usually not included in the scope of delivery.

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. In terms of price, it is of course significantly cheaper, but repairs also pose a great risk if there is little experience with them so far.

It is definitely recommended to choose an original iPhone repair kit. This ensures that all parts are actually a perfect fit and that a repair can be carried out properly.

Yes, if the repair is carried out by hand, the guarantee expires immediately. However, the situation is different when it is repaired by a certified store, since a professional repair is carried out here.

No, definitely not, because that would inevitably lead to further damage. The screws are usually only very lightly tightened, but this is also completely sufficient.

This is basically double annoying, because now you should definitely go to an Apple Store. This must now go to troubleshooting and carry out the repair again if necessary.

Conclusion on the iPhone repair set

The iPhone repair kit is a practical way to inexpensively repair the iPhone's display. Apple offers its customers a repair service, but it usually has to be paid for separately and can be very expensive. This applies in particular to the rather expensive smartphone models from Apple, since the display often has a considerable size. In the meantime, the iPhone repair set is also available in the Apple Store. All you need is a steady hand and a little patience to be able to repair the display yourself.

Other recommended iPhone repair kits selected for you

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To give you your purchase decision and the iPhone repair kit selection To facilitate this, I have also written this informative guide text and listed the most important purchase criteria for you. Of course, you will also learn a lot about the pros and cons and some tips and tricks on the subject.

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