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The outdoor lights, deco for the whole year

Outside fairy lights are not only very popular during the Christmas season, they also decorate the garden or are generally used as party lighting on all sorts of occasions. Of course, the light of Advent lighting in the dark season is particularly in demand.

That's why we want to work mainly with the Fairy lights outside offer to deal with the Christmas season. Especially with the use of LED bulbs are modern Outdoor fairy lights cheaper in power consumption than the conventional light bulb technology.

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Best recommendation


LED Fairy Lights AUFUN LED Outside WarmWhite

  • short and long deliverable
  • with manual
  • also as a colorful variant


LED fairy lights BrizLabs 100 LEDs battery cool white

  • also in warm white and colorful with green or transparent cable


LED fairy lights ALEENUN G40 with 30 bulbs

  • incandescent effect
  • expandable
  • connected in parallel


LED Fairy Lights EAVO Waterproof CE Certification

  • CE-certified
  • 3-fold expandable
  • incandescent effect
  • connected in parallel

Price-performance winner


LED fairy lights Koopower with remote control and timer

  • completely water-protected
  • romantic decoration
  • with battery box
  • ultrafine wire

Name LED Fairy Lights AUFUN LED Outside WarmWhite LED fairy lights BrizLabs 100 LEDs battery cool white LED fairy lights ALEENUN G40 with 30 bulbs LED Fairy Lights EAVO Waterproof CE Certification LED fairy lights Koopower with remote control and timer
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentLED fairy lights

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodLED fairy lights

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodLED fairy lights

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodLED fairy lights

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,9goodLED fairy lights

Manufacturer/Model Aufun BrizLabs Aleenun Eavo Koopower
Type Fairy lights with LEDs Fairy lights with LEDs Fairy lights with LED bulbs Fairy lights with LED bulbs Fairy lights with LEDs
suitable for Inside and outside Inside and outside Outside Outside Outside
power Mains connection Battery Mains connection Mains connection Battery
Number of burners 800 100 30 25 100
light color warm white cool white warm white warm white warm white
other versions colorful warm white, colorful none none none
supply 3,00 m 0,50 m 1,50 m 1,50 m 0,50 m
Length 80 m 10 m 9,6 m 7,5 m 11 m
Cables black transparent black black transparent
Modis 8 8 none none 8
Memory function
degree of protection IP44 IP44 IP44 IP44 IP65
Features also as 10, 20, 30, 50, 80 and 100 m chain For 3 x AA batteries Supplied with 3 spare bulbs Supplied with 3 spare bulbs For 2 x AA batteries
  • short and long deliverable
  • with manual
  • also as a colorful variant
  • also in warm white and colorful with green or transparent cable
  • incandescent effect
  • expandable
  • connected in parallel
  • CE-certified
  • 3-fold expandable
  • incandescent effect
  • connected in parallel
  • completely water-protected
  • romantic decoration
  • with battery box
  • ultrafine wire
Summary Also especially long fairy lights for inside or outside with LEDs Beautiful Christmas lights with energy-saving LEDs Outdoor fairy lights also suitable for year-round operation Outdoor fairy lights also usable as Biergaten garnish LED fairy lights outside also for the windowsill & Co.
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Our comparison chart for LED fairy lights comparison does not replace one LED fairy lights testin which a special LED fairy lights test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external LED string light test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal LED fairy lights test winner is.

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Fairy lights outside

LED fairy lights at a glance

  • The outdoor fairy lights introduced in our comparison are available both as a network-dependent variant and as a wireless one Christmas lights with battery.
  • When used as a light string for outdoor, they must explicitly pay attention to the degree of protection, which must be at least water-protected and labeled IP44. In addition to the protection against electric shock, it also protects the fairy lights from corrosion at the same time.
  • Outdoor fairy lights get their special charm when the lights can be set in different light scenes. So comes one Freezing rain outside fairy lights very close to the natural snowflakes or they can flash, sparkle or serve as a permanent light.

Only a Christmas lights makes the party perfect

Whether you prefer wireless Christmas tree candles with battery or mains-powered LED Christmas lights, without a lit tree or the effect lighting around the house, Christmas is not complete. The creative possibilities of LED lighting are enormously diverse. Even fairy lights in the conventional incandescent shape are now available with energy-saving LEDs on the market. In our Outdoor fairy lights comparison by Test-Vergleiche.com we would like to show you some of the decorative ones Outdoor fairy lights bestseller . imagine

Top product: LED light chain at Amazon

AUFUN LED Fairy Lights Outdoor WarmWhite - Outdoor Lights Christmas Lights Waterproof IP44 with 8 Light Modes - for Wedding, Party, Garden ...
125 Reviews
AUFUN LED Fairy Lights Outdoor WarmWhite - Outdoor Lights Christmas Lights Waterproof IP44 with 8 Light Modes - for Wedding, Party, Garden ...
  • Fairy lights: protection class IP44, distance LEDs: 0.1m, power supply: EU plug, distance from transformer to first LED: ...
  • Size and Color Temperature: 80M Fairy Lights With 800LEDs, Color Temperature: WarmWhite, Create a warm and peaceful atmosphere
  • 8 LIGHT MODES: LED cherry tree with 8 modes of the controller, (1. Combination, 2. Lightwave, 3. Sequential, 4. Glow, 5. Flash, 6 ....
  • Waterproof: Waterproof IP44, The whole string of lights is waterproof, suitable for outdoor use, do not worry about raindrops
  • Widely used: it is quite bright, best suited for outdoor use, to grow the garden, the trees or the wreaths.

Which circuit types are there?

A fairy lights for the outside should always be one LED outdoor fairy lights be, because the times of power-consuming light bulbs is over. The advantage of LEDs is that they consume up to 90% less power and their lifetime is far above that of incandescent bulbs. We distinguish two basic types of circuit in the outdoor fairy lights:

Small LED optics

The fairy lights for the outside with small LEDs are all connected in series, that is, they are, no matter how many, strung on a single string. The beginning and the end of the chain end at a power transformer. Since they are offered in long strings, from 10 m, 20 m or 25 m-Outdoor fairy lightsThey are best used for wrapping trees, along fences, or for contours around window or house borders. They are very common as warm white or cold white outdoor fairy lights offered, but there are also colorful models.

LED in incandescent optics

In this type of chain, they are also called beer garden lighting, LEDs are arranged in a normal incandescent format in the glass body. These chains are not wired in series but in parallel. If a lamp fails here, the rest of the chain burns and the lamp only has to be replaced. Through this principle, most of these outdoor fairy lights can be easily extended. However, they are less suitable than Christmas lights for a tree, but they are very popular on terraces under balconies or garden lighting. Besides, they are mostly warm white outside fairy lightsthat mimic the natural light of a light bulb.

LED fairy lights

Fairy lights with LED advantages / disadvantages


power saving

Warm white, cool white or colorful light possible

mains-dependent or with battery

from IP44 protection level suitable for outdoor use

many lengths available

different modes


Cable can catch quickly

moderate stability

LED fairy lights Note:

However, the series connection also has a disadvantage, a lamp turns off, the whole chain is interrupted. However, the manufacturers have solved this problem by creating long chains in groups. If a lamp fails now, only the group in question does not burn anymore. In this group then the defective lamp must be searched and replaced.

Fairy lights with LED advantages / disadvantages


power saving

mostly warm white light

also Outdoor light chains colorful Incandescent possible

very stable

from IP44 protection level suitable for outdoor use

often expandable


only network dependent

less suitable as tree lighting

Which power supply is there?

There are three options for powering the fairy lights outside:

  • network dependence

According to many Outdoor fairy lights ratings from forums or customer reviews, network-dependent Christmas chains are preferred for outdoor use. They provide permanent energy without having to change a battery. However, this is a socket necessary. Who already with Fairy lights outside experiences has, will know that the connecting cords of a network-dependent chain usually not enough to the nearest outlet. So you have to go with one extension cable or a cable drum be helped. But beware: Both must also be at least IP44. To protect the connectors in addition, the trade offers so-called connector safes.

LED fairy lights Note:

If you do not have one Fairy lights outside with timerHave a water-resistant function Wireless socketthat you can serve from the apartment.

  • Cheap do not need a power outlet

Those who can not use a power connection for their outdoor fairy lights like to access the fairy lights with battery connection. The batteries provide the energy needed for the chain. But the chain has a waterproof housing, in which the batteries are used. If you like one Buy outside fairy lights, you should pay attention to a timer or a remote control. This protects the batteries, which otherwise would have to be replaced quickly.

  • solar energy

There are also Outside fairy lights solar operated. You own a small solar cell that charges a battery. You can find them mainly in the summer in the gardens, around small lanterns or the Flag Light in the evening to operate. They also work in winter when there is enough sunlight to recharge. However, the hours of sunshine, even in clear winter weather, is quite short. Therefore, such a solar cell is charged only a little and lights only a very short time and in cloudy weather not at all.

LED fairy lights Note:

No matter which power supply you choose, the fairy lights must always be waterproof, which corresponds to a degree of protection of IP44. You are quite sure if you choose a chain with IP65.

LED light chain from EAVO

Fairy lights outside

Our fairy lights outside buying advice

Before you ask yourself the question what Christmas lights You want to buy, you should check out our subsequent Outside fairy lights purchase recommendations read about the purchase criteria.

  • The application area

Which outdoor fairy lights comes into question, decides at which place it should be attached. A string of lights with large incandescent bulbs is hardly suitable for attaching to a Christmas tree. It is mainly used for lighting between trees or for lighting a terrace or garden shed. Fairy lights with small LEDs, however, are suitable for both. They can be used for tree lighting or to decorate fences, walls or balcony balustrades.

  • The light color

You can choose between one warm white outdoor fairy lights or choose a pure white. Which is the better color, remains a matter of taste. Some people find a pure white color to be very attractive in a snow-covered tree because it highlights the glittering of the snow. Others appreciate a more comfortable warm white light. Who can not decide, should buy a fairy lights with a color changer. You can mix the colors as you like, or you can opt for a fairy lights with colorful lights.

  • The power source

Here, the local conditions decide on the purchase. If you have a socket in the outdoor area, you should go for a network operation, if you do not have one, choose battery mode. Solar outdoor fairy lights are only suitable for summer operation.

  • Operation

With a remote control, all Christmas lights are the most comfortable to use. Remote controls also often include a dimming feature that allows you to adjust your lighting to the lighting conditions. Another handy feature is a timer that turns your lights on and off at specific times. At the same time, remote controls have a few more features to put the lights into different functions, such as a flickering or flashing light or a glittering light and the like.

LED fairy lights Bestseller on Amazon:

ProgrammsBestseller no. 1
BKLicht LED Strip 5m, LED Stripes, light chain, ribbon, stripes, LED bar, LED light bar, LED bands, LED light chain, white, colored, incl. Remote control, ...
1.327 Reviews
BKLicht LED Strip 5m, LED Stripes, light chain, ribbon, stripes, LED bar, LED light bar, LED bands, LED light chain, white, colored, incl. Remote control, ...
  • The LED light bar contains 150 RGB LED lights and is equipped with protection class IP20. The RGB LED stripe is dimmable and ...
  • The LED band is 5m long and 1 cm wide. The light band can be used as mood lighting and indirect lighting because it ...
  • The LED light chain also lights up in colorful. The remote can also be used to select the color in which the band lights up ...
  • The RGB LED strips are supplied including a 1,5m cable and driver
  • The satisfaction of our customers is important to us - if you have any problems or comments, we look forward to your message. Our...
Bestseller no. 2
LED strip, L8star LED strip color change LED light chain 5M RGB flexible LED strips strips with Bluetooth controller sync to music, application for bedrooms, ...
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  • Szenen 【Multiple scenes available】 L8star LED light bars can be used to decorate your dining room, bedroom, upper floor, ...
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  • 🌈 【Carefree guarantee】 L8star LED strips include a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee and one-year guarantee ....
Bestseller no. 3
LED Strip 5m, Govee RGB LED light chain strip light band with remote control, bright 5050 LED Stripes light chain band self-adhesive strip for home, ...
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LED Strip 5m, Govee RGB LED light chain strip light band with remote control, bright 5050 LED Stripes light chain band self-adhesive strip for home, ...
  • Adjustable color and brightness: LED strip tape contains red, green, blue, white and 16 other colors. With the 44 keys ...
  • Cuttable design: You can cut the length of a 5m long LED strip along the cutting arrow without the rest of the ...
  • Easy to install: Thanks to the strong 3M adhesive, you can easily place the LED Strip rgb on a dry and flat surface ...
  • Safe to use: The working voltage of the LED strip tape is 12 V, is low in carbon and has a lifespan of more than ...
  • Widely used and 12 months warranty: Govee SMD 5050 light strips can be used in living rooms, kitchens, cupboards, ceilings, stairs, bars ...

Did you also think about the Christmas presents?

You are missing the ideas? Then you will certainly find many of our other comparisons. How about:

LED fairy lights

Fairy lights outside, test at the Stiftung Warentest

In issue 12 / 2015 the Stiftung Warentest has a Christmas lights test report released. Not only outside string lights with LEDs were examined, but also with light bulbs and batteries. In the LED string lights was the 80-er Outdoor fairy lights test winner from Idena, at the outdoor lights chains with light bulbs one from Hellum. The Ikea outdoor fairy lights Önskan 002.772.15 with batteries just cut off sufficiently. But she was already available for 1,99 €.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) to the fairy lights outside comparison

The best outdoor string of lights is always the one that gives off a perfect decoration. That's why you can not speak of which is the best here. Find a suitable string of lights on the Internet and then make an outdoor string of lights Price comparison to compare the price with the properties. How to get the best Christmas chain for you.

The price depends of course on the execution, the length of the fairy lights and the functions. Short and cheap fairy lights for outside with battery are already available for about 5 to 10 Euro, very long with dimming function and timer can ever cost around the 50 Euro.

The internet is Christmas all year round. Here you can order your outdoor light chain online anytime, even in summer.

Experiences are most likely to be found in the customer reviews. Here you will find both positive and negative reports.

For battery operated fairy lights for outdoor you should definitely choose a chain with LEDs. They have a very low power consumption and the batteries last much longer than incandescent bulbs. Often the manufacturers of such chains indicate the burning time.

In the trade there is the Christmas lights for outside only in the corresponding season. A year-round selection offers almost only the Internet, unless you visit the sales exhibitions, for example, in the toy village Seiffen.

There is no valid regulation. In the strictly Christian communities, the lighting is lit after the Sunday of the Dead and is turned off only after Maria Lichtmess, department stores but do not stick to it and if you start your Christmas lights in November, who cares?

A fairy lights for the outside must in any case have a water protection. This may be a sign of water droplets bearing the words Water Protection or the abbreviation IP44.

Conclusion to the LED light chain

If you have a garden, you will surely have an outside light chain and if not you should invest this relatively small amount for a nice sight. During Advent, it decorates trees, shrubs or balconies and in summer it is an attractive party lighting.

Further recommended LED fairy lights selected for you

4.9/ 5 off 49 Reviews]

LED fairy lights test & comparison Kaufberatung

Good suggestions for you to help you find the right one LED fairy lights Select product from our test or comparison offer

My name is Lisa and my children are already out of the woods. I am a balanced person and I attach great importance to a beautiful apartment, a well-kept garden and of course I like to travel. I like to cook, live well, go jogging and do a lot of cycling.

That's why it was very important to me as an author to give you this LED fairy lights comparison imagine. I have five of them LED fairy lights bestseller chosen and I hope you like it as much as I do.

I have not made it easy for me and made a lot of research for you, collected surveys and opinions from customer reviews and at the Stiftung Warentest after a possible LED fairy lights test Watched.

To give you your purchase decision and the LED fairy lights selection To facilitate this, I have also written this informative guide text and listed the most important purchase criteria for you. Of course, you will also learn a lot about the pros and cons and some tips and tricks on the subject.

I would be very pleased about your response to my article. Write me your own experiences. A line is always open for you.

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