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The best liability insurance in comparison

Liability insurance comparison

Put your hand on the heart. On careless moment and already it happened. It drops the expensive vase with acquaintances and splinters into a thousand particles. The red wine tilts and disfigures the carpet of your neighbor. Such problems will trigger the best liability insurance if you have one accordingly Take out liability and prevent. Worse is always known why this type of protection is also at terrible personal injury to the side. In liability insurance comparison of we clarify for protection and inform around the important insurance.

Liability insurance TEST COMPARISONS. COM

The best Liability insurance compared

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To the liability insurance comparison:

At a glance

  • In the price comparison liability insurance is not only the smallest contribution, but also the best protection in case of damage.
  • So that you do not have to be liable with the entire assets in case of damage, the liability insurance was created. For example, if someone falls on their non-snow sidewalk section, they are personally responsible for possible bodily harm and may be required to pay for the compensation.
  • If you take out liability insurance online, you build optimally for everyday life. After all, you never know what the day will bring you, right?

Table of Contents

  1. What is the liability insurance in the test?
  2. Take out liability insurance for the profession
  3. Liability insurance benefits compared
  4. Liability insurance to keep an eye on annual costs
  5. What do I do with double liability insurance after marriage?
  6. Does the liability insurance apply abroad as well as locally?

What is the liability insurance in the test?

An extensive one Liability insurance test was only carried out in issue 09 / 2017 by Stiftung Warentest. Here, for example, was reminded that one should necessarily check old contracts, since the current Liability insurance offers extremely cheap and very good. Basically, there is the liability for a variety of needs, for example:

Liability insurance for the family

- Liability insurance for midwives and other professions

Dog liability insurance

- Liability insurance for drones

- Liability insurance for clubs

As you can see here, there is the important liability for every need and for all sorts of situations. Whether your child shoots the disc of the neighbor with the football or you make a splash with your new drone. Eventualities are millions of times, as the experience of life shows. Important in the choice of the new contract, however, the exact content, ie the benefits. Not everyone Liability insurance contract automatically includes all important service details. Special features such as the protection of drones are not included in every offer, which is why you have to look carefully.


Drones are for many an interesting and coveted toy, especially since the small high-flyers are already cheap to have. For drone owners, the aviation law is relevant, so there is a lot to consider. For example, if the drone weighs more than 2 kg, users will need some type of pilot license. Equally important is the insurance cover, if you cause damage with the drone. The liability insurance for drones is mandatory and not a desired program. If you already have a policy, you should definitely extend the contract immediately. Only then are you fully protected when an accident happens. Depending on this, you can also insure several flying objects in a contract and select a corresponding coverage amount. The drones liability insurance offer for private individuals are priced very fair and far below 100 euros a year. Tradespeople pay a little more but are also optimally protected.

Take out liability insurance for the profession

The normal liability is liable for private damage, but not if, for example, a midwife "harm" a patient. Such professions, especially from the healthcare sector, have one separate protection prove. Errors can be expensive, as experience shows. To minimize occupational liability damages, therefore serves a Professional and professional liability insurance, That makes sense not only for freelancers and medical staff with high human responsibility. Also policemen, teachers, machine operators and others can by the special all-round protection retirement planning. If you take the new liability insurance online, please pay attention to the choice of the appropriate tariff.

Liability insurance benefits compared

The best liability insurance is there for the entire family, when it is urgently necessary. Life partners, spouses and children are usually insured, which makes this policy twice and three times valuable. The most important liability insurance benefits include:

  • Assumption of liability for self-inflicted property and personal injury

Here, the insurance takes over the replacement of a new thing, for example, the new carpet for the neighbors, because the red wine does not go out. But also follow-up costs due to loss of use and Co.

Does the liability insurance cover gross negligence?

Actually, many mishaps of every kind are the result of frivolous behavior. Those who do not observe the required care and are therefore responsible for any damage are grossly negligent in the sense of the law. The Liability insurance pays if no intent is demonstrable and you have not intentionally caused any damage. As soon as you deliberately cause damage, your liability pays not.

Liability insurance to keep an eye on annual costs

A favorable liability insurance is like sand on the sea, which is why everyone can afford one. Nevertheless, it makes sense, even these Police compare, You would like to conclude a liability insurance cheap? Then the annual payment method is recommended, this of course also applies to all other policies such as household items, Car insurance and Co.

What do I do with double liability insurance after marriage?

After the wonderful wedding and the honeymoon, there are a few unromantic things to clarify. For example, at the latest, spouses now compare their insurances to no unnecessary policies carrying around. Particularly practical and very important contracts such as the liability policy now appear twice, but this is not a problem. Here are the possible scenarios:

  • One partner does not have any liability at all, only the other holds one in his name
  • Both bring a liability insurance after marriage and are virtually double-secured

In the first case, the institute will simply be informed about the situation, since you now have one Liability insurance Family rate can get. Thus, both and any children are fully protected.

If both already bring a valid contract, one should cancel his liability insurance. By the marriage you have one extraordinary termination right of the liability insurancewhich you should use. The insurance companies are predominantly very accommodating and usually allow themselves to be talked about with already overpaid contributions. By the way, you do not necessarily have to be married to get a family plan. A marriage-like cohabitation, even without offspring, also benefits from the low-cost total tariff.

Does the liability insurance apply abroad as well as locally?

It is not uncommon for people to take a longer break to look at the world and come to rest. Traveling across the US for a year? An 6 month trip through Scandinavia? An 2 year internship in the company of your dreams? So many places are worth a visit, but what about securing? Nobody wishes you any damage to property or personal injury, especially if you are a stranger, but what about a case? Does the liability insurance apply worldwide? In general, a limited foreign protection is included in the contract, you should check the details if necessary. The limit is usually one year, because this is still seen as a kind of vacation. If you are planning a longer stay, just report this to the liability insurance, so there are no surprises in case of damage.

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