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Best recommendation


Mowing robot Husqvarna Automower 430X

  • PIN code
  • alarm protected
  • Smart function
  • time lock
  • Software Uptade possible
  • GPS


Robotic lawnmower GARDENA robotic lawnmower smart SILENO + 19061-20

  • PIN code
  • alarm protected
  • Smart function
  • automatic adaptation to grass growth


Robotic lawnmower Gardena R 70 Li, 04072-20

  • LCD Display
  • menu navigation
  • timer
  • PIN code
  • time lock


Mährotobter Bosch Indego 350 lawnmower robot

  • Smart function
  • maintenance function
  • PIN code
  • Alarm Upgrade Volumetric & Tilt Sensors

Price-performance winner


Robotic lawnmower WOLF-Garten robotic lawnmower ROBO SCOOTER® 600; 18AO06LF650

  • edge near edge cut
  • PIN code
  • alarm system
  • remotely controllable via Bluetooth connection


Lawnmower Lawn Worx Landroid L2000i -to 2000 sqm with Wi-Fi WG797E.1

  • no programming required / starts at the push of a button
  • electronic theft deterrent
  • Mulching System

Name Mowing robot Husqvarna Automower 430X Robotic lawnmower GARDENA robotic lawnmower smart SILENO + 19061-20 Robotic lawnmower Gardena R 70 Li, 04072-20 Mährotobter Bosch Indego 350 lawnmower robot Robotic lawnmower WOLF-Garten robotic lawnmower ROBO SCOOTER® 600; 18AO06LF650 Lawnmower Lawn Worx Landroid L2000i -to 2000 sqm with Wi-Fi WG797E.1
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,4ExcellentLawn Mower

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodLawn Mower

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodLawn Mower

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodLawn Mower

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,9goodLawn Mower

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,0goodLawn Mower

Manufacturer/Model husquarna Gardena Gardena Bosch Wolf garden Worx Landroid
Weight 13,2 kg 10 kg 7 kg 14 kg 11 kg 22,3 kg
cutting height 20 ?? 60 mm 20 ?? 60 mm 20 ?? 50 mm 20 mm 60 mm 15 ?? 60 mm 20 - 60 mm
cutting width 24 cm kA 17 cm 19 cm 28 cm 22 cm
Gradients up 45% 35% 25% 35% 35% 35%
Kapazität 3.200 sqm 1.300 sqm 700 sqm 350 sqm 600 sqm 2.000 sqm
automatic charging system
mowing time 135 min 60 min 60 min 50 min 50 ?? 65 min KA
charging time 65 min 60 min 70 min 50 min 50 ?? 70 min 120 min
volume 58 dB 60 dB 60 dB 75 dB 70 dB 57 dB
Features suitable for large areas 9 spare blade integrated handle QR code to scan and install app 9 spare blade Patented AIA technology for effortless mowing of narrow and winding paths
  • PIN code
  • alarm protected
  • Smart function
  • time lock
  • Software Uptade possible
  • GPS
  • PIN code
  • alarm protected
  • Smart function
  • automatic adaptation to grass growth
  • LCD Display
  • menu navigation
  • timer
  • PIN code
  • time lock
  • Smart function
  • maintenance function
  • PIN code
  • Alarm Upgrade Volumetric & Tilt Sensors
  • edge near edge cut
  • PIN code
  • alarm system
  • remotely controllable via Bluetooth connection
  • no programming required / starts at the push of a button
  • electronic theft deterrent
  • Mulching System
Summary Not quite cheap model, but equipped with many features that make the mowing result top. Very solid robotic lawnmower with expandable Smart functionality A hardworking garden helper who does his work around the clock. Good robotic lawnmower that is not very quiet, according to customer recessions. Robotic robots with intuitive installation and simplified programming Robotic lawnmower, WLAN capable and with WiFi function
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  • With the development of robotic lawnmowers, an essential part of gardening has again been automated. Silently and precisely, a robotic lawnmower steers your lawn completely autonomously and mows it off continuously. He chops the grass so small that at the same time it fertilizes your lawn as a mulching material.
  • However, a robotic lawnmower is not as fast as you are with the electric lawn mower, But he does not need anything to eat or drink and does not smoke. Only to recharge he has to take small breaks and then done again completely independently his work.
  • For a robotic lawnmower is very easy to maintain. Since no grass clippings accumulate, an occasional cleaning is enough. He also completely controls the charging process on almost all models via his software. Once his battery has reached the limit, it autonomously drives to its charging station and powers itself up with energy.

How about a little brownie keeping your garden in order at night? According to the legend, it was Cologne's house spirits who did the work at night while the citizens slept. Although this is an invention of the Cologne writer Ernst Weyden (1805 - 1869), but at least for the maintenance of your lawn is no longer a utopia. Although the brownie is a RoboCop, he does a good job without our intervention, even at night when we sleep. Many of the many models are so quiet that you hardly hear them. And the nice thing about it: you have more free time for other things, like that Smoker Grill or relaxing in the garden lounge, In our Mowing robots Price comparison from we want you the big one Mower robot offer and demonstrate the advantages of a robotic lawnmower in all its details.

Do you still mow or mow?

The electric or Gasoline lawn mower Everyone knows. In addition to the formerly common scythe and sickle, this invention was already the non-plus ultra for horticulture. Garden tools became more and more practical and with the advancing digitization increasingly intelligent. Now the next generation is in the starting blocks, the fully automatic garden tools, which get along almost without supervision from us. Automatic irrigation systems, greenhouse controls or mowing robots are included. If they are still quite expensive, they take away a lot of the annoying work. In our robotic lawnmower comparison we want to convince you of their advantages.

How does a robotic lawnmower work?

The robotic lawnmower works completely independently. He just has to get the command to start and then decide for himself which way he takes through the garden. Since he has no eyes, he has to navigate by other means. For this, the control software takes into account influences that are determined from sensors. These provide important information for the robotic lawnmower. Hints of the shock or distance sensors, tilt or weather sensors are evaluated and decide on the behavior of the robotic lawnmower.
As a result, the models drive in completely random directions. If butts are in the way, the sensors recognize this and guide the robot mower around the obstacle. Despite the rather accidental running off of the lawn, the entire area is mown over time. Therefore, it is not enough to use the robotic lawnmower sporadically, it should be in daily use during the growing season to ensure a uniformly turf surface.

Mower Robots Advantages / Disadvantages


time savings

fully automatic operation

good lawn care

Easy to transport


economical power consumption

automatic mulching

hardly any care and maintenance necessary


Purchase price

not suitable for every garden (slope or uneven ground)

Malfunction possible if the perimeter wire is not recognized

Keep pets and small children away

Notice: Before using your robotic lawnmower for the first time, mow your lawn again conventionally to give the unit a good starting position.

Worth knowing about robotic lawnmower

You have bought a robotic lawnmower so that it keeps your lawn short without your own initiative. With its quiet way of working can also be yours Robotic lawnmower low in the midday and evening hours or at the weekend use without disturbing anyone. Since he always keeps your lawn short, there are no large amounts of grass clippings. The small-chopped grass remains on the lawn and at the same time ensures that the nutrient supply to the soil is improved. These small robotic mowers require little attention, care and maintenance. Not only do you mow your lawn completely autonomously, you also drive on your own Robotic lawnmower garage to recharge your battery. In order for you to always enjoy your robotic lawnmower, ours wants you Mower Robot Guide answer the most important questions.

How does the robotic lawnmower know where to go and where not?

However, our robotic lawnmower does not run without our intervention. Also the best robotic robots need a guide for that. This is a so-called guide wire, which must be laid a little underground or turf. This cable is not run over by the robotic lawnmower. This is a live cable, which is detected by induction from the robot. If the robotic lawnmower does not recognize the wire, it can go beyond the boundary and eventually shave Grandma's tulip bed. Expensive and newer models have an additional sensor that detects whether it is a lawn or not. To rule out such mishaps from the outset, it is noted in the operating instructions that the guide wire should end about 5 cm before the end of the turf. This results in small margins, but with a grass trimmer can be easily reworked.

How does the robotic lawnmower find its way to the charging station?

Auch der best robot mower must times to the charging station, colloquially referred to as robotic lawnmower garage. There are also very high-quality robotic lawnmowers that have a solar cell for charging. Our Robotic robots comparison winner Although no solar cell, but the same model is also offered as a solar hybrid. Conventional robotic lawnmower but need to recharge the charging station to the tired battery. So that the robotic lawnmower finds the charging station, a so-called search cable is laid in the ground. If the robotic lawnmower requires a charge, it will follow this cable to the charging station. The docking is completely self-contained and when the battery power is right again, your robotic lawnmower gets back to work.

What should you look for when buying a robotic lawnmower?

As you have already learned is one Mowing robot cheap not to have. That's why it's twice as important to weigh what's important. Before you buy a robot mower or such Order robotic lawnmower online If you want to, you need to think about where your model should be used. The ideal work surface is an even lawn that has no holes or too much slope.

buying criteria

  • The size of the area


The area that can be processed by your robotic lawnmower is usually too large. Similar to the consumption of a car, which is measured in the most favorable driving mode, the reality usually looks different. Each lawn is different and grass height and texture of the lawn are different. If your garden is in the border area, it is advisable to put on the next larger and stronger model. This is especially true if your garden has steep slopes. In our robot mower comparison, only the Husqvarna robotic lawnmower Gradients of 45%, all other models tent between 25 and 35%.

  • obstacles

Every obstacle in your garden forces your robotic lawnmower to change direction. Since this anyway "haphazardly" edited the lawn is not so bad, but for example, are small roots or stones lying on the lawn, the long-term remains an uncut area. Pets or children playing may also cause a distraction of the robotic lawnmower.

  • timing

Most robotic lawnmowers can be programmed to operate only at specific times. This is especially useful for quite loud devices, if the

  • rain sensor

An important feature is a built-in rain sensor. If your robotic lawnmower works during your absence, it should automatically switch off in the rain. Not because it may not be watertight, but because wet grass could cause clogs or contamination that can damage your robotic lawnmower.

  • Burglar

The Mowing robot price is not insignificant, which is why most robotic robots are equipped with a theft protection. The works similar to the smartphone with a PIN code. Unauthorized persons can not start their robotic lawnmower. Even when lifting, sensors detect the change in position and switch off the robotic lawnmower. This also serves as a backup function so as not to come into contact with the knives. Can be started then only with the PIN input. Some devices also automatically send an alarm when lifting, which throws the thieves to flight. On some models, such as the Gardena robotic lawnmower Like the robotic lawnmower R40li, the manufacturer offers online registration if the PIN code has been forgotten. This only works if you can pretend to be the legal owner. You will then receive an unlocking code by post and can put your robotic lawnmower back into operation.

  • Control via app

For most models, the mowing times can be easily programmed on the device. Some models, like the Wolf robotic mower can be controlled by smart phone, ours Comparative winner robotic lawnmower, the Husqvarna robotic lawnmower, even by GPS.

Who installs robotic lawnmowers?

Before the first Mower robot test he has to be installed by you. To do this, you must lay the perimeter wire according to your operating instructions. Use it to limit the area your robotic lawnmower should travel. This can be done above ground or underground. Connect this perimeter wire to the cradle, too Robot mower garage called, which is powered by a power outlet. Now only program the mowing times and activate the robotic lawnmower - done!

If you have a Buy Worx robotic lawnmower If you want, you can look at their website, the user manual including videos to install or look at Youtube the instructions for the Bosch robotic lawnmower visualize. Likewise, videos are available Wolf robotic robots on the net as to most other brand makes too.

Can I have the robotic lawnmower installed?

Most can be Robotic lawnmower favorable program yourself and put into operation. For those who hold the programming guide for specialized Chinese, there is also the opportunity to get advice from the expert. For example, if you have one Gardena robotic lawnmower or Husquarna robotic lawnmower In the hardware store, commissioning is often offered as a service. However, not quite altruistic, installing costs money.

How does the robotic lawnmower find the charging station?

The best robotic robots work fully automatically. The perimeter wire that limits your robotic lawnmower must be connected to the charging station. The wire serves as a so-called "return assistance" for your robotic lawnmower when the battery power decreases. Is a Mowing robot cheap in the price, it is usually an automatic model, which stops when the battery is empty. Here you have to take care of the necessary battery charge yourself.

Mowing robot how often to mow?

It may sound paradoxical, but before you activate your robotic lawnmower, you have to do it yourself again with your robotic lawnmower Lawn mower Mow your grass. Only now is your lawn perfectly prepared for the use of the robotic lawnmower. Now the robotic lawnmower can start its work. The area performance and the time required for this can be found in your operating instructions. So programmed your lawn is always kept at the set optimal height.

Mowing Robot What happens to the grass?

Selbst the best robotic lawnmower cuts very little in height. Depending on how you have programmed it are only a few inches. The cut grass remains on the meadow and mulches with it your soil.

Who insures robotic lawnmowers?

You can have your robotic lawnmower insured with any insurance against theft. Depending on which model you have bought, the contributions will be canceled. On Robotic lawnmower professional Model, with programmed theft protection, is rated here the cheapest.

Mowing robots how often change knives?

At the latest when the knife becomes dull, you should replace it with a new one. You recognize this by the fact that the interfaces on the blades of grass are fraying. So cut grass will wither up quickly, which does not look good on the optics and the sod. New knives you get in Robotic lawnmower accessories Shops or in the hardware store.

How much does a robotic lawnmower cost?

The Mowing robot price lies a long way above a hand-held Battery lawn mower and often goes in the higher four-digit range. Depending on the equipment, the price range starts at around 600 to 800 Euro and can amount to as much as 2.500 Euro. With a Mowing robot Price comparison You can weigh which feature is important to you and which is not.

How good are robotic mowers?

At a well-manicured lawn, always with us lawn fertilizer is supplied and in which hardly any weeds occur, the robot mower can work optimally and will do so. When the grass is wet, the mower can clog and give unsatisfactory results, as well as avoiding many obstacles or overcoming inclines. Smooth clean surfaces are his favorite.

Remember: A robotic lawnmower is only as good as we prepare its field of work.

Maintenance - What to do?

Basically, you do not have to spend a lot of money on maintaining your robotic lawnmower. He has only two wearing parts, the battery and the knife. That's why you should keep these few things in mind:

  • Once a week you should thoroughly clean your robotic lawnmower. For a smooth operation all grass remains should be removed.
  • Avoid dipping the robotic lawnmower in the water for cleaning. Also running water is not appropriate. A damp cloth and possibly a dishwashing brush are enough.
  • Also clean the charging contacts
  • Every few months the knives have to be exchanged, they become dull and do not cut the grass properly. The knives can also be sharpened professionally.
  • Unfortunately, the current state of the art is not yet able to maintain the durability of a battery for the entire lifetime of the device. After a few years, the battery will not reach its full capacity and needs to be replaced. You will notice that your robotic lawnmower spends more time in the charging station than on the lawn.
  • Store your robotic lawnmower in a frost-free and dry place in winter. It makes sense to charge the battery at least to 50%.

10 tips for installation

  • Prepare the lawn

before laying the boundary wire, the grass should be cut once more

  • Prepare the surface

Everything that could disturb the robotic lawnmower has to be cleared out of the way. This does not only apply to toys or garden tools, but also stones and branches should be removed.

  • Balance ground

In order to achieve a uniform cross-section, small hollows or holes should be filled. Gradients over 20% can be problematic for the robotic lawnmower. The slope is different from device to device. The Gardena Mowing robot R40Li creates 25%, for example.

  • Create space for charging station

Provide free access so that the robotic lawnmower can drive unhindered to its charging station. If necessary, a roof can not hurt. There are also finished ones Mower robots garages zu kaufen.

  • power supply

The charging station requires an 220 Volt power connection and is connected via a socket

  • Lay boundary wire

Within the boundary wire your robotic lawnmower will move. Attach the cable so that it can not escape to work on your vegetable patch. If trees or other large objects are in the mowing area, they do not need to be demarcated, and the robotic lawnmower will recognize them automatically and avoid them.

  • Connect the boundary wire to the charging station

This cable is important as a signal cable for the robotic lawnmower, so he finds the charging station.

  • Configure robotic lawnmower

Program the mowing times and the theft protection

  • Install rain sensor

In the event that you wish to have your robotic lawnmower work completely on its own, we recommend that you connect a rain sensor that interrupts the mowing process in wet weather.

  • Mower robot test

Before you let your robotic lawnmower alone to the field, you should watch him for a while to make any corrections.

Where can I buy a robotic lawnmower and from which manufacturer?

The Mower robot offer is big. You can easily lose track and can no longer separate the wheat from the chaff. You can have a particularly detailed look at Amazon robotic lawnmowers and also order your robotic lawnmower online. Whether you are interested in a Bosch robotic lawnmower, a Worx robotic lawnmower or a Gardena robotic lawnmower, on the Internet you will find plenty of important information available, as well as the robotic lawnmower price comparison. With the direct comparison of performance, equipment and price, you can calmly make your decision. Also pay attention to the robot mower accessories, you have to buy additional knives and eventually replace a rechargeable battery. Becomes a Mowing robot cheap If you are looking for a good deal, be sure to ask if it is a no-name product from the Far East or a bargain. Other important manufacturers are:

The best-known manufacturers of robotic lawnmowers include:

Viking | Brill | Al-Ko | Honda

Has Stiftung Warentest already tested robotic lawnmowers?

In its issue 05 / 2014 Stiftung Warentest has investigated robotic lawnmowers more closely. Not all have done well, especially the safety of all subjects to be desired. Little kids should not be near one Mähroboters can play. All models with a good rating are in the high-priced segment, among them the Honda Miimo 300, the Bosch robotic lawn mower Indego and our robotic mower, the comparative winner, the Husqvarna robotic lawnmower Car Mover.

Notice: If you let your robotic lawnmower work without supervision, you should be sure that there are no small children in the area

Video: Top product Gardena Sileno


If you have a Buy robotic lawnmower wants, has to reach deep into the bag. But you can have fun with the little electric sheep. If you also seem to be working your lawn uncontrollably, after a few days you will have a perfectly groomed lawn.

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