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Mobile Air Conditioning DeLonghi Mobile Air Conditioning Water-Air System

  • LCD Display
  • 10 l tank
  • natural coolant


Mobile air conditioner Stiebel Eltron Local compact air conditioner ACP 29 plus air conditioner

  • Timer function
  • night mode
  • relatively quiet compared to other devices


Mobile air conditioning DeLonghi Mobile air conditioner PAC WE 112 ECO

  • big water tank
  • automatic switching to air operation when water tank is empty

Price-performance winner


Mobile Air Conditioning Comfee MPD1-09CRN1 Mobile Air Conditioner 9000 BTU

  • incl. two window adapters
  • good cooling performance


Mobile air conditioning DeLonghi PAC N 81 Mobile air conditioner

  • Soft touch control panel
  • good cooling effect

Name Mobile Air Conditioning DeLonghi Mobile Air Conditioning Water-Air System Mobile air conditioner Stiebel Eltron Local compact air conditioner ACP 29 plus air conditioner Mobile air conditioning DeLonghi Mobile air conditioner PAC WE 112 ECO Mobile Air Conditioning Comfee MPD1-09CRN1 Mobile Air Conditioner 9000 BTU Mobile air conditioning DeLonghi PAC N 81 Mobile air conditioner
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,4ExcellentMobile air conditioning

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodMobile air conditioning

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodMobile air conditioning

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,9goodMobile air conditioning

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,0goodMobile air conditioning

Manufacturer/Model De'Longhi Stiebel Eltron De'Longhi Comfee De'Longhi
Weight 39 kg 28 kg 39 kg 30 kg 30 kg
dimension 50,5 x 40 x 91 cm 39,5 x 46 x 76,7 cm 50,5 x 40 x 91 cm 39,7 x 46,7 x 76,5 cm 44,9 x 39,5 x 75 cm
Max. Cooling capacity 3.200 Watt 2.700 Watt 3.000 Watt 2.640 Watt 2.400 Watt
Energy consumption per hour 1,0 kW / h 0,9 kW / h 0,8 kW / h kA 0,9 kW / h
Cooling Water-air Air to Air cool, dehumidify Air to Air Air to Air
operating mode cool, dehumidify, ventilate cool, dehumidify Water-air cool, dehumidify, ventilate cool, dehumidify
air circulation 340 m³ kA 230 - 340 m³ / h kA 250 - 350 m³ / h
Recommended room size 110 m³ 60 m³ 100 m³ 80 m³ 80 m³
Energy efficiency class A+ A+ A+ A A
volume 50 - 54 dB 48 dB 52 dB 65 dB 63 dB
Coefficient of performance in cooling mode (EER) 2.6 3.1 3.1 3.3 2.61 2.6
Features Auto fan, turbo and sleep function Casters, carrying handles Auto fan, turbo and sleep function kA Condensate recycling system
  • LCD Display
  • 10 l tank
  • natural coolant
  • Timer function
  • night mode
  • relatively quiet compared to other devices
  • big water tank
  • automatic switching to air operation when water tank is empty
  • incl. two window adapters
  • good cooling performance
  • Soft touch control panel
  • good cooling effect
Summary The exclusive and state-of-the-art cooling system effectively cools due to the excellent cooling performance of the water. High comfort, pleasantly quiet operation, timer function and night mode with optimal cooling. Suitable for large rooms. The blue LCD display gives the air conditioner a touch of elegance and makes operation as easy as possible. The Comfee model cools the room well. It can be handled well thanks to two recessed grips. Through the air-air technology easy to operate and commission.
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At a glance

  • An air conditioner cools a room to a desired temperature, it filters the room air and regulates the humidity in the room. Depending on the type of appliance, air conditioning can cool, dehumidify and ventilate the air or all together.
  • With a mobile air conditioner, you can not cool a whole house but effectively use individual rooms. However, some rooms can be cooled down by a few degrees. Take care when Buy air conditioner to the recommended room size for their use.
  • An air conditioner works similar to one freezer, The room is cooled and the warm air must be too best mobile air conditioner just like the fridge to the outside. This is only possible via an exhaust hose which releases the warm air into the open air via the open window. Corresponding adapters or devices prevent the warm air from entering the room again.

How good are mobile air conditioners?

We differ in the Mobile air conditioning review the air conditioning air-air operation and the air conditioning water-air operation. The latter are devices that come as mobile air conditioning without exhaust hose out. These do not direct the air to the outside, but recycle them inside the unit. Both are compact mobile air conditioners. They make the use of their construction very simple but we do not want to hide that even the use the best mobile air conditioning is associated with a number of disadvantages, as shown in the table below.

Top Amazon Product: DeLonghi PAC EX100 Silent Mobile Air Conditioner

De'Longhi Silent PAC EX100 mobile air conditioner, 230 V, rooms up to 80sqm, white
390 Reviews
De'Longhi Silent PAC EX100 mobile air conditioner, 230 V, rooms up to 80sqm, white
  • Optimal feel-good climate: warm air is drawn in by a fan and cooled down by a closed refrigerant system ...
  • Quiet, compact and efficient: Reduced ventilation speed reduces the volume of the room cooler to a minimum, mobile ...
  • Return of the condensed water for cooling again in the cooling circuit; automatic fault diagnosis system; by remote control ...
  • Use of the refrigerant R290 (global warming potential (GWP) 3 kgCO2 AQ), which as a natural, non-toxic gas neither the ozone layer ...
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x Pinguino PAC EX100 Silent in white incl. Exhaust hose, remote control, suction head, extendible crossbeam, ...

Anyone who works under the roof or lives in an attic apartment knows the incriminating effect if the apartment or the office does not even cool down overnight. Concentration and performance decrease during working hours and a restful relaxation in the evening often fails because of the high temperatures.

A ride in the air-conditioned car can cool us down a bit, but who can spend the whole summer in the car or works in the air-conditioned supermarket. The way out: buy a mobile air conditioner!

Mobile air conditioners can be used on wheels in any room and are easy to put into operation. If the whole house can not be cooled with a mobile air conditioner, it will cool down some rooms. Even if a mobile application is not as effective as a built-in or split air conditioning system, it can be easily assembled and disassembled. Would not that be worth a test?

The mobile air conditioning guide of should be a decision support, a Air conditioning cheap and fit for your claims.

The settings can be either directly on the device or via a
Remote control be performed

Most mobile air conditioners have a remote control

How does a mobile air conditioner work?

Contrary to a fan that only circulates the air and creates a cooling effect on the skin, the mobile air conditioner absorbs the heated air and cools it with the help of a refrigerant. A compressor compresses the refrigerant and generates heat. The compressed refrigerant suddenly loses its pressure in the evaporator and generates cold, which cools the warm air. To get rid of the previously heated air, the exhaust hose is needed. He transports the heat outside. This process gradually cools down the warm air.

The length of the exhaust hose is usually not large in order to remove as much warm air as possible. Also, the hose must not be too thin, so he does not give off the heat right back to the room.

A mobile air conditioner is ready to plug in, which means that it can be connected to any power outlet. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the connection value of the device. You can connect a maximum of 3.200 Watt to a normal circuit, just like ours Air conditioner comparison winner, If other electrical devices are already connected to the circuit where you operate your air conditioner, you must exercise caution. Certainly you will hardly be yours in the time when you operate your mobile air conditioner Infrared heating or heater need, but a refrigerator or the TV system alone can bring 500 watts of power on the line and if that is the case Professional mobile air conditioner infected, it can come in the worst case to a cable fire. Check your leads before putting one mobile air conditioning test operation . perform

Which purchase criteria are to be considered?

It does not matter if she's one mobile air conditioner cheap want to acquire or that best mobile air conditioner we prefer to show you in our BEricht about mobile air conditioners what to look out for when buying. Which results in us as a climate control unit winner, depends on many factors. Which you should pay special attention, we will list you below.

Recommended room size

Before you do that order mobile air conditioner or for one Air conditioner offer you should always consider the room size for which the air conditioner is intended. The deciding factor is the volume of the room. Simply calculate length x width x height and you have the required information for the volume. In most cases, the manufacturer indicates the performance of his devices for a specific volume of space. Sometimes only the area is given in square meters. You should know that an approximate calculation always assumes a room height of 2,50 m.

Space is not the same room

Furthermore, the location of the room should be noted. If the room is south facing and has a large window area or is the room in the attic, you should always include a certain reserve, otherwise that is also best air conditioner soon overwhelmed.

Our table below shows you the factor you need to multiply your room volume to find the right cooling capacity for your air conditioner.

space criteria

North side

Little windows

little sun

no internal heat sources such as stove or dryer basements

multiplication factor


East side

Rooms with several normal sized windows

Rooms with heat sources


South side or south west side

Rooms with a lot of sun


Rooms with large windows


  • 1 example: Room in the attic with 60 m³ volume multiplied by factor 35 gives a cooling capacity of 2.100 Watt.

Sometimes the heat output is also given in the British unit BTU / h. Since the British pound is calculated here for water and the temperature in Fahrenheit, a value of 293 watts per hour must be calculated for a BTU.

  • 2 example: Room in the attic with 60 m³ cubic capacity has a BTU / h of 7,16 results in 293 multiplied by a cooling capacity of 2.100 watts.

Mobile air conditioners with hose advantages / disadvantages

Advantages Mobile air conditioner - with hose

Compact design

ready to plug in

also suitable for larger rooms

Disadvantages Mobile air conditioner - with hose

Exhaust air duct via window or door

warm air can flow back



Mobile air conditioning without hose Advantages / Disadvantages

Advantages Mobile air conditioner - without hose

Compact design

ready to plug in

water cooling

no exhaust hose

individually placeable

Disadvantages Mobile air conditioner - without hose

noise intensive

Water is needed

worse cooling performance

only for small rooms

Consumes more energy than with exhaust hose

Switches to the exhaust air principle if there is a lack of water


Who is one? buy mobile air conditioning will usually use it only temporarily on hot summer days. Our mobile air conditioner recommendation is therefore: Use only on a few days and a few hours in midsummer temperatures, otherwise is for a permanent operation one Split air conditioning much more effective.

The energy efficiency

Before you order a mobile air conditioner, be aware that these devices consume a lot of power. Therefore, legislators have introduced energy efficiency classes for appliances that require electricity. In mobile air conditioning these are divided into seven stages, from D to A +++.

For better understanding, air conditioners are differentiated according to the EER value and the coefficient of performance in cooling mode, which is really nothing more than an energy efficiency class, as you can see in the following table:

A + + +EER ≥ 4.1
A ++EER 3.6 up <4.1
A+EER 3,1 up <3.6
AEER 2,6 up <3.1
BEER 2.4 up <2.6
CEER 2.1 up <2.4
DEER 1.8 up <2.1

Are mobile air conditioning systems tested by Stiftung Warentest?

The Stiftung Warentest has also dealt in its issue 07 / 2014 with mobile air conditioners, the so-called monoblock and one mobile air conditioning test winner determined. The big advantage of these devices:

Buy a mobile air conditioner - install - plug in - switch on

The problem: The noise during operation are quite high. Especially if the performance is set very high, makes the mobile air conditioner test winner of Stiftung Warentest still annoying noises, especially when sleeping in the room. The air turbulence generated thereby can be perceived as unpleasant. For the reasons, the tested devices did not perform better than satisfactory.

Here are some tips for the hot season:

  • Similar to the air conditioner in your car, you should not aim for a large difference between outside and inside temperature even with a mobile air conditioner.
  • Whether you order your mobile air conditioner online or avail yourself of a mobile air conditioner offer, it should at least have energy efficiency class A.
  • Use your air conditioner only when needed or to pre-cool a room and not in continuous operation (high power consumption).
  • Keep the windows closed on hot days, close shutters or shutters, and use the cool night air to ventilate.

Important questions about mobile air conditioning systems in a nutshell

What are the advantages of a mobile air conditioning system?

In terms of flexibility is one mobile air conditioning cheaper as a so-called split plant. It is quick to use and only needs to be connected to a power outlet.

How does a mobile air conditioning system work?

Mobile air conditioners work on the principle of a refrigerator. in the mobile air conditioning offer There are two different models. Those that work on the air-air principle, that is, suck in air and release it via a hose. But there are also those who work with the water-air principle and the cooling is water-based.

What does a mobile air conditioner consume?

Like heating, cooling is one of the most energy-intensive consumers of all. With an average performance of 1 kW / h, the full-time operation will involve 7 and 8 Euro. Even mobile professional air conditioners have this consumption.

How much does a mobile air conditioner cost?

The price for a mobile air conditioning is not cheap. Who one mobile air conditioning cheap still wants to expect an average of two to three hundred euros. On Price comparison of mobile air conditioners That's why it definitely pays off.

Why does not my mobile air conditioner cool the room?

Which mobile air conditioning is suitable for a room, the manufacturer indicates as room volume. It is easy to misjudge. If the system is undersized, it does not manage to cool the room down. Make sure you pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions and calculate a reserve.

Is it possible to buy a mobile air conditioner online?

All Mobile air conditioners Bestsellers on a pile you only find on the internet. This is the best way to compare price and performance. Another benefit is the customer reviews of buyers who already have one mobile air conditioning test in reality.

Mobile air conditioning reduced to 50% on Amazon!

The currently mobile air conditioners are bestsellers on Amazon.

Bestseller no. 1
KESSER® - air conditioning mobile air conditioner 4in1 cooling, dehumidifier, ventilation, fan - 7000 BTU / h (2.000 Watt) - air conditioning with mounting material, remote control ...
191 Reviews
KESSER® - air conditioning mobile air conditioner 4in1 cooling, dehumidifier, ventilation, fan - 7000 BTU / h (2.000 Watt) - air conditioning with mounting material, remote control ...
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY + REMOTE CONTROL: With a user-friendly digital LED display and remote control you can control the room temperature ...
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: This mobile air conditioner is in energy efficiency class A - so you can enjoy a summer ...
  • 4in1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This mobile air conditioner has four main functions, including air cooling, ventilation, dehumidification and ...
  • PERFORMANCE: The mobile air conditioning system is particularly powerful and works at 7.000 BTU / h at 2.000 watts, 2,3KW which is not only high ...
  • ADJUSTABLE: 4 modes guarantee room ventilation adapted to the situation, which is expanded by 3 different wind speeds ...
OfferBestseller no. 2
De'Longhi Pinguino PAC EL112 CST mobile air conditioner with dehumidification function, with new ECO refrigerant
  • Max. Cooling capacity: 11.000 Btu / h * 2,7 kW - suitable for rooms up to max. 110 m³
  • Blower function with three levels
  • 24 hour timer and room thermostat
  • Has a window ledge as well as a handle and castors
  • 35C / 80% RH
OfferBestseller no. 3
JUNG AIR TV05 mobile air conditioner with remote control + exhaust hose - 3,2 KW / 11000 BTU - POWER-SAVING, LOW-NOISE -100m³ room cooling, mobile air conditioning, ...
  • ENERGY SAVING: Compared to other indoor air conditioners on Amazon, the JUNG room cooling unit is energy efficient. Of the...
  • PERFORMANCE: Cooling capacity 11000 BTU / 3,2 KW, EER 2,6, 1230W output, max. Volume 65 dBA (for comparison bedroom at night 35 ...
  • MULTITALENT: In addition to indoor cooling, the device also scores as a fan and room dehumidifier. 3 in 1 functions are ...
  • DESIGN: This complete set of air coolers impresses with its simple, modern, white glossy look with a large control panel. By...
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Additional information about this offer can be found summarized in the product description (dimensions, ...


A mobile air conditioner has advantages and disadvantages. It helps to cool heated rooms down a few degrees. It is quickly set up and easy to connect. Disturbing operating noise makes even the professional mobile air conditioning and it has a high energy demand. For occasional use on unbearably hot days it brings noticeable mitigation of the temperatures, for continuous operation you should think about a split system.


4.9/ 5 off 890 Reviews]



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