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Motorcycle gloves Held RS-1000 glove

  • colorfast
  • Leather stretch inserts on the upper hand, thumb and fingers
  • Ventilation inserts on fingers


Motorcycle Gloves Racer 20653 High Racer Glove

  • soft
  • cuddly


Motorcycle Gloves Pro Racing Motorcycle Leather Gloves by PROANTI

  • sure feeling
  • nice look

Price-performance winner


Motorcycle Gloves PROANTI® Motorcycle Gloves Summer

  • well ventilated


Motorcycle Gloves Racer 20803 Field Glove

  • supple leather
  • pleasant finger aeration

Name Motorcycle gloves Held RS-1000 glove Motorcycle Gloves Racer 20653 High Racer Glove Motorcycle Gloves Pro Racing Motorcycle Leather Gloves by PROANTI Motorcycle Gloves PROANTI® Motorcycle Gloves Summer Motorcycle Gloves Racer 20803 Field Glove
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,3ExcellentMotorcycle gloves

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodMotorcycle gloves

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodMotorcycle gloves

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com2,0goodMotorcycle gloves

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodMotorcycle gloves

Manufacturer/Model Hero Racer Proanti Proanti Racer
Material kangaroo leather kangaroo leather leather Leather / Mesh Leather / Way Cloth
sizes S - 2XL S - 3XL M - 2XL XS - 2XL XS - 3XL
Protection Finger protection, ankle protection Joint protection Palm protection, hand edge protection Finger protection, ankle protection Joint protection Palm protection Finger protection, ankle protection Joint protection Palm protection, hand edge protection Finger protection, ankle protection Palm protection ankle protection
Features visor wiper grinding protection KA 3M reflectors Finger perforated
  • colorfast
  • Leather stretch inserts on the upper hand, thumb and fingers
  • Ventilation inserts on fingers
  • soft
  • cuddly
  • sure feeling
  • nice look
  • well ventilated
  • supple leather
  • pleasant finger aeration
Summary Gloves of top class with excellent fit Top biker glove for moderate money Good glove for little money If you are looking for a very reasonable price, you are well served here. Good summer glove with little protection during falls
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Riding a motorcycle is more than just getting from A to B.

Riding a motorcycle is the perceived freedom, passion and individuality. Riding a motorcycle can be done as a sport or as a leisure time fun with socializing. Motorbikes are fascinated every year and now almost 4 millions of Germans are on two wheels.

Unfortunately, this is not without risk. Motorcycling takes place in the public traffic area. The motorcycle has no airbag and no crumple zone. Unfortunately, many fatal accidents occur year after year. The risk of driving a car is about 20 times higher. Although you can not rule out any risk, you can use the right equipment to mitigate the effects of a fall.

The motto of the ADAC is to ride a motorcycle - but for sure.

For your own safety, you should not overestimate your ability to drive and with a seventh sense in mind, many a collision can be prevented. In addition to a high safety standard when purchasing a new machine, good head to toe protection is essential.

An optimal driving equipment should not only consist of the prescribed helmet. Motorcycle gloves, boots, integrated knee and back protectors and a motorcycle kidney belt have done no harm.

We from Want to give you an overview of the most important clothing items to ride a motorcycle. The market for it is huge. The Stiftung Warentest regularly takes motorcycle leather suits and motorcycle helmets under the magnifying glass but on a representative Motorcycle back protectors test or Motorcycle helmet test comparison There are hardly any meaningful studies and no test winner.

What does the Stiftung Warentest say about a motorcycle glove test?

Also one Motorcycle glove test Unfortunately, there is not. That's why we can not give you one Motorcycle glove test winner present.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you in our motorcycle clothing comparison motorcycle gloves, motorcycle leather suit, motorcycle back protectors and explain why a motorcycle kidney belt is cheap to drive.

The motorcycle gloves comparison

Motorcycle gloves should protect the fingers from the cold driving wind. At the same time, you should prevent your fingers and wrists from being spilled in the event of a fall. Upper hand protectors and ankle protection should be present at least. Hard plastic protects better than foam. However, the palm should always remain supple, so that the handlebar can be operated well.

In our motorcycle glove comparison, we have focused specifically on leather gloves. They offer the best protection and adapt after a short wearing time optimally to your hands. Only mango, leather is not always waterproof and needs a lot of care. Mesh inserts or perforated fingers ensure good ventilation, especially in summer. But motorcycle gloves made of polyamide and synthetic leather are on offer. Special fabrics protect better from water by being tight to the outside, but allow a good exchange of air from the inside.

The best motorcycle glove in our comparison has a finger protection, ankle protection, joint protection, palm protection, and hand edge protection. A visor wiper on the index finger is very useful when raindrops restrict the field of view.

The most important characteristics of our subjects:

Comparison motorcycle glovesFinger protectionAnkle guardJoint protectionPalm protectionHand edge protection
Motorcycle gloves comparison winner Held RS-1000 glovejajajajaja
High Racer Glove 20653 jajajajano
Pro Racing glove by PROANTIjajajajaja
Motorcycle glove PROANTIjajanojano
Racer Fielt glove 20803nojanonono

In our motorcycle glove price comparison, we have only received on summer suitable motorcycle gloves. Most riders only use their bikes from March to October anyway. Nevertheless, such a glove helps to avoid cold hands. Cold hands can be dangerous, but they have to be operated with turn signals, clutch and throttle.

A motorcycle glove not only helps to avoid cold hands, it also offers a lot of protection in falls. Instinctively, the human is leaning on his hands as he falls. This can be very painful on coarse asphalt, no motorcycle glove would protect the palms. For this reason, the palms of the gloves are often reinforced. An ankle protection also protects the sensitive hand bones from injury and often small fingers and ring fingers are sewn together to better stabilize the little finger when falling.

Motorcycle leather suit - cool and practical

If you like to watch motorcycle racing, you know that you wear racing suits there. Tight-fitting coveralls made of leather in different colors are also the racer for driving on the road.

What racers know, also benefits the Freizeit Racer - leather protects best with a slide over the asphalt.

Whether one-piece or two-piece is a matter of opinion, both have advantages and disadvantages. While the one-piece has significant advantages in racing, a two-piece in normal recreational use is often the better choice, because more is stopped. The small cigarette in between, the coffee at the gas station or the ice cream at the kiosk goes with both, but who takes a rest and does not have to peel from his one piece, but only take off the jacket needs more of his break.

But you can also have both. In the motorcycle leather combination comparison, we also presented models that consist of pants and jacket, can still connect via zipper & Co to a combo. On the way, the jacket is quickly separated from the pants and offers all the amenities of a two-piece. Two-parters have the further advantage that they have a number of inside pockets in which you can accommodate useful utensils, such as mobile phone or wallet.

Overview of the compared station wagons:

Comparison motorcycle leather suitone piecetwo Piececonnectable
Motorcycle leather suit comparison winner Alpinestars WARG MONSTERnojano
Dainese 1513316 T. Avro Div.noJaja
Wheel Masters motorcycle leather suitjanono
Dainese 1513394 leather suitjanono

The coupling of the two-parter, however, is also his weak point. Should the jacket fall off the trousers during a fall, the exposed area of ​​the body will no longer be protected. The best motorcycle leather suit should have sturdy seams and overlapping connection zips.

All of our compared models are equipped with a variety of upholstery and protectors. They absorb the energy in an accident and help keep the bones as blemished as possible. In addition to the number of seat and size of the protectors are crucial. Especially useful when the protectors and knee sanders are interchangeable.

Comparison motorcycle leather suitChestClavicle shoulder protectionElbow Shin Knee Protector
Back hip protection
Motorcycle leather suit comparison winner Alpinestars WARG MONSTERjajaja
Dainese 1513316 T. Avro Div.jajaJa
Wheel Masters motorcycle leather suitnonoja
Dainese 1513394 leather suitjajaja

Leather or textile, what's better? When you buy a motorcycle leather suit, you can not go wrong. Although in recent years, the competition of textile station wagons has increased more and more, in terms of protection, the motorcycle leather suit is simply unbeatable. Textile suits do not come close to the abrasion scores that the best motorcycle leather suit offers. Of course, when buying the motorcycle leather suit you have to expect the 3 to 4-fold price of a textile suit. Even the protectors sit in a leather suit much better than in his textile brother.

In our motorcycle leather combination comparison, all models were of considerable quality and had sufficient leather strength. Double leather at critical grinding points, modern cuts and a good range of movement through accordion and stretch inserts awarded the best motorcycle leather suits, as well as climate membranes or ventilation systems.

Of course, one thing must not be forgotten: leather needs care. Untreated leather is not waterproof and can easily rub off when wet.

In short, what you should consider when buying motorcycle leather suit:

  • Protectors (size, position, non-slip)
  • damping properties
  • Double leather
  • safety seams
  • Connecting zipper on two-pieces
  • Fit
  • Comfort
  • inside pockets

Motorcycle back protectors

Back protectors are indispensable for high speed sports. With them the back and the neck of the motorcyclist is supported in a fall. The impact resistance and impact resistance of the back protectors is certified according to the European standard CE EN 1621-2.

In our back protector motorcycle comparison, we've looked at and two different back protectors that feature insertable back protectors for designated pockets and the back protector back vests. The latter are similar to backpacks worn on or under a motorcycle jacket.

Motorcycle back protector comparison of test-vergleiche.comExecution
Winner of the Motorcycle Back Protector Alpinestars Back Protector Bionic AirProtective vest protector
SAS-Tec back protector SC-1 / 12Plug-in protector
Spokey "Guardian" back protectorProtective vest protector
Spokey "Guardian" back protectorProtective vest protector
Dainese 1875765 Wave G1 Safety Back ProtectorPlug-in protector

Best back protectors protect well to prevent serious injury in an accident. Many bikers consider back protectors at least on city trips for exaggerated. But that is a big mistake, the protective effect of a back protector is undisputed. Safety should go before comfort. If you decide on knee, elbow or shoulder protectors for safety reasons, you should also buy a motorcycle back protector.

High quality back protectors are already standard in many motorcycle combinations. In the inexpensive variants are usually used those made of flexible foams. These protect little and offer more of an optical effect. The nice thing is that you can exchange them and replace them with higher quality ones.

For jackets without back protectors, the protective vest protectors are ideal. They can be attached to the body with straps and even worn over the jacket. Are they still provided with reflectors, which also provides an optical protection.

A motorcycle back protector ideally protects as much of the back as possible. The areas between the neck and lumbar vertebrae are optimal. Some have a kidney belt function or can be tightened with a kidney belt. By the way, back protectors also serve other sports for safety in falls, such as riders, inline skaters, snowboarders, skiers or downhill riders.

In short, what you should consider when buying motorcycle back protector:

  • Material
  • Seat
  • breathability
  • large coverage area
  • shock absorption
  • washability

Guides motorcycle kidney belt

Motorcyclists want to feel the wind. They like to wear thin, wind-permeable clothing, especially in summer. This can cause the body to get drafts at critical points and cause unpleasant muscle tension, not to mention hypothermia.

One of the most important pieces of clothing for a biker is definitely a kidney belt. He has an important function. Especially in the summer many refrain from wearing such a belt because it seems too warm. But wearing a leather suit is certainly not always pleasant in summer. Therefore, wearing a kidney belt is a good alternative.

A kidney belt not only warms, it also protects. A motorcycle kidney belt is cheap to wear under motorcycle clothing, protects against cold and increases the safety in case of accidents. A kidney belt is quick to put on and comfortable to wear. He is easily adjustable in the width and thus wearable for every stature. Velcro fasteners make donning even easier.

A kidney belt simultaneously supports the body and maintains the body tension. The best kidney belt compresses the abdominal area and protects against injury to the internal organs in accidents. In motorcycle accidents without a kidney belt, splits of the spleen and liver often occur, which helps to prevent a kidney belt. At the same time, a kidney belt fixes a back protector or supplements it to the lumbar vertebrae.

The kidney straps in our motorcycle kidney straps comparison are available in sizes S to 4XL. So everything from slim teen to heavyweight Easy Rider.

Advantages and disadvantages of a kidney gong at a glance:

Prevents cooling downgetting used to
Protects against muscle tensionWarm in the summer
Supports and improves posture
Can be worn with a back protector
Easy to apply

The material used should be based on the season. In summer, belts with climate function are particularly favorable, in winter rather windproof materials. Who has a cheap physique, can fall back on the cheap unisex models that are available in the trade.

It is best to wear the motorcycle kidney belt over your T-shirt. Since the material can not rub on the bare skin, but still has a good contact. Most kidney straps are to be cleaned in the gentle cycle. If a protector is used, you must of course remove it before washing. If leather parts are included, they should be greased again after washing, so that they remain supple.

Our conclusion:

Motorcycle gloves

belong as well as a helmet to the basic equipment of every motorcyclist and belong to the complete motorcycle clothing. They not only provide protection against cold, but also provide the necessary grip when steering. Especially made of leather, they are very cuddly but also mixtures of leather and textile have their merits. You will find cheap motorcycle gloves in a large selection. In our motorcycle glove price comparison you can read again on what you should pay attention to buy the motorcycle glove.

leather Clothing

belongs to the optimal motorcycle clothing. The motorcycle leather suit has always belonged to the tradition in motorcycle sport. This natural material is very functional, durable and extremely resistant to abrasion. Together with the inserted protectors, they offer the greatest possible protection against accidents during falls. To buy a motorcycle leather suit cheap may be with a motorcycle leather suit discount. Cheap motorcycle leather suits can be found in a large selection. In our motorcycle leather suit price comparison you can read again on what you should pay attention to the motorcycle leather suit.

Motorcycle back protectors

Providing Security While in the past there were only protectors for the knee and elbow, today there is a wide selection of protectors for all sensitive parts of the body. Knee grinder for those who like to take turns, retractable shoulder protectors or the motorcycle back protector for optimal protection. Cheap motorcycle back guards are available in a large selection. In our motorcycle back protector price comparison you can read again on what you should pay attention to the motorcycle back protector.

The motorcycle kidney belt

is also part of the basic equipment of every biker. It is worn under clothing and protects against wind and cold, prevents muscle tension and hypothermia. It also protects against mechanical stress. Kidney straps are elastic and breathable and additional reinforcement supports the back. Even more protection is provided by protectors. A motorcycle kidney belt is cheap and they are available in a wide range. In our motorcycle kidney belt price comparison you can read again on what you should pay attention to the motorcycle kidney belt.


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Motorcycle gloves test & comparison guide

So you can choose from our suggestions in our Test or comparison Their own Motorcycle gloves Choose a bestseller

Hello, I'm David and I love Do-it-yourself. Before a craftsman comes to my house with me, I try it myself and for the most part I succeed. Does not work, does not exist. It's scratching my image if I did not at least try it. Although sometimes there are setbacks, I learn from every mistake.

You can too. Show what is in you. That's why I have this for you Motorcycle gloves comparison compiled. From the big one Motorcycle gloves offer I have five the best motorcycle gloves and best-selling models selected and compared in a table.

My research from customer reviews, surveys or opinions as well Motorcycle gloves Test's independent guidebook portals were reflected in my extensive guide. This always includes the advantages and disadvantages of a product group as well as the selection criteria that are important for the purchase.

Maybe you already have your personal one Motorcycle gloves test winner found, then let me know. Here you can communicate with me and give your personal opinion. I'm happy about your posting!

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