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Parquet cleaner HARO clean and green, natural, 500 ml, 1 pieces

  • fresh smell
  • versatile
  • good cleaning effect


Parquet cleaner OSMO Wisch - Fix cleaning and care concentrate

  • solventless
  • skin-friendly
  • biodegradable
  • prevents streaking

Price-performance winner


Parquet cleaner Bona refill pack 4 L

  • ready to use spray cleaner
  • especially for sealed Holböden


Parquet cleaner Leifheit parquet / laminate cleaner 1000 ml

  • Joint protection against moisture
  • Bottle with child safety lock


Parquet cleaner WOCA wooden floor soap 3 L, 1 pieces, natural

  • moisturizing
  • consists of vegetable fats

Name Parquet cleaner HARO clean and green, natural, 500 ml, 1 pieces Parquet cleaner OSMO Wisch - Fix cleaning and care concentrate Parquet cleaner Bona refill pack 4 L Parquet cleaner Leifheit parquet / laminate cleaner 1000 ml Parquet cleaner WOCA wooden floor soap 3 L, 1 pieces, natural
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,4ExcellentParkettreiniger

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodParkettreiniger

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,7goodParkettreiniger

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodParkettreiniger

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodParkettreiniger

Manufacturer/Model HARO OSMO Good Leifheit WOCA
Application: Facial Cleansing Cleaning, care Facial Cleansing Facial Cleansing Cleaning, care
Inhalt 0,5 liter 1 liter 4 liter 1 liter 3 liter
Umgebinde bottle canister canister bottle canister
Price / liter 19,92 ?? 15,35 ?? 5,62 ?? 7,72 ?? 7,30 ??
mixing ratio 1:40 kA 1:0 kA 1:40
suitable for Parquet, cork, wood tiles, linoleum floors, open-pored stone floors oiled and waxed wooden floors, cork, laminate, stone floors, PVC sealed and waxed wooden floors Parquet, laminate all natural oiled woods, soft wood, varnished floors
Fragrances and additives ja no ja kA no
Features Eco Cleaner In closed condition 5 years durable refill suitable for Leifheit cleaning system biologically recommended by IBR
  • fresh smell
  • versatile
  • good cleaning effect
  • solventless
  • skin-friendly
  • biodegradable
  • prevents streaking
  • ready to use spray cleaner
  • especially for sealed Holböden
  • Joint protection against moisture
  • Bottle with child safety lock
  • moisturizing
  • consists of vegetable fats
Summary Parquet cleaner with good cleaning effect and pleasant fragrance Parquet cleaner, especially for oiled and waxed surfaces Parquet cleaner for easy application with good price, performance ratio Parquet cleaner with joint protection Mild and nourishing wood floor soap for cleaning naturally oiled floors.
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Our comparison chart for Parquet cleaner comparison does not replace one Parquet cleaner testin which a special Parquet cleaner test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external parquet cleaner test Trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Parquet cleaner test winner is.

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  • For a regular care of floors, cleaners are essential. For wood floors of all kinds a parquet cleaner is the right choice. They clean and coat your floors with a protective coating that protects against new contamination.
  • For the best care result, you should know which type of soil to maintain. Just as there are different skin types, every type of soil needs to be maintained with care tailored to their needs.
  • There are parquet cleaners that only clean the floor. Others have an 2in1 effect and also cultivate the soil. Especially brand manufacturers advertise Parquet cleaner set's, where separate products are offered for cleaning and grooming.

The new floor radiates in full beauty. You want to enjoy it for a long time, but a wrong treatment can quickly make you sick with your soil. With a special parquet cleaner you not only thoroughly clean your wooden floors, but also seal them from new dirt through a thin layer of film. Such a cleaner not only seals parquet, it can also be applied to laminate, PVC flooring or tiles. How you want to care for and clean your wooden floor, ours wants Parquet cleaner comparison of explain in detail. We have selected five 2017 Parquet Cleaner Bestsellers and compared them in an overview. This is ours Parquet cleaner price comparison an overview of the price per liter care and cleaning fluid.

Why do you need a special parquet cleaner?

You can clean any floor dry or damp. You can be very effective Parquet clean with steam, But you need one for that steam cleanerswhich is not cheap. In addition, the hot steam leaches the parquet or laminate over time and can solve the parquet glue. In addition, it must either be freshly oiled afterwards or sealed again with a special care product. With a Canister Soak dry dust in and out Bodenwischer helps to wipe your wooden floors damp.

Notice: Moisture wipe because wood or laminate absorbs moisture. If there is too much moisture in the soil, it can swell and must be repaired consuming.

Top product parquet cleaner:

Leifheit parquet / laminate cleaner 1000 ml Concentrate, parquet care without streaks and water residues, gentle parquet cleaner with joint protection
  • Gentle treatment - This concentrated cleaning agent offers the ideal gentle care and cleaning for sensitive ...
  • Ideal cleaning - thanks to its special composition, the parquet cleaner leaves neither streaks nor ...
  • Ideal protection - The efficient wood floor cleaner provides additional joint protection so that no moisture in the parquet or ...
  • Secure closure - The floor cleaner has a child-proof closure so that the 1 liter concentrate can be ...
  • Practical scope of delivery - Leifheit parquet / laminate cleaner 1000 ml, concentrated cleaning agent for parquet and laminate floors, ...

For a thorough cleaning is a Parquet cleaner cheaper as a simple aspiration or sweeping. He not only cleans, but most of the time he also has certain care components that seal the floor and protect it from being re-soiled for a while. The cleaning process is carried out by a parquet cleaner liquid, which is either applied neat or added in a certain ratio to the wiping water. The soil is sealed with a thin layer of care and gives the wood back its natural freshness. The best parquet cleaners at the same time provide a protective layer against the ingress of water into the joints.

Parquet clean without chemicals, you should give priority. The parquet cleaner clean green from our comparison is particularly suitable for this. Additives harm us and our environment. However, fragrances often consist of a chemical cocktail. Look for natural fragrances or a natural parquet cleaner.

Parquet cleaner benefits / disadvantages


Easy to apply

pure or diluted to use

thorough cleaning

freed of old care products

Sealing the surface

moisturizing effect


Note the mixing ratio

waxy parquet cleaner not suitable for laminate

Is a parquet cleaner also suitable for laminate?

When a parquet cleaner comes from time to time a shot in the mop water. Parquet cleaners contain water-soluble polymers that moisturize and often also waxes, which then seal the floor and leave a thin film. This is not necessarily conducive to your laminate. Therefore, look at the fine print on the back of your parquet cleaner, whether this is also suitable for laminate. For example, there are Clean Green Parquet Cleaner and also Clean Green laminate cleaner with different composition. On Natural laminate cleaner or a neutral cleaner is the better alternative for laminate floors.

Avoid dirt instead of removing it

Prevention better than cure, this old adage has its justification. Who has a sensitive wooden floor in the apartment, should also treat him accordingly. Rough road dirt under the shoes brings small stones or grains of sand on the parquet. Under the soles it looks like sandpaper. Stiletto heels or shoes with studs or heavy work shoes do the rest. Chair, table and cabinet feet should be precast with felt glides and the rollers for your office chair should laminate or parquet be suitable.

Parquet Cleaner Stains Elimination - how to proceed?

Become a professional parquet cleaner and treat stains before they penetrate the wood and can only be removed with difficulty. While a real parquet floor can be sanded off and re-sealed in extreme cases, it looks a bit different with a laminate floor. If it is damaged only the replacement remains.

Our small table should give you some hints on how to quickly remove stains from parquet or a laminate floor:


Bright water spots

They are usually only superficial and can be removed with a neutral parquet cleaner and a cloth

Dark water spots

Apply mixture of toothpaste and baking powder and leave to work for ½ hour and then wash off. If necessary, rework with fine sandpaper and oil again.

grease stains

Sprinkle baking powder or cornstarch on the stain, then work with an iron and blotting paper. If necessary, rework with a little alcohol.


Rubber abrasion of shoe soles

Rub gently with a dirt eraser. After wiping with a detergent soaked cloth

Drinks of every kind

Immediately absorb with kitchen paper. Brush off dried residues and wipe with neutral laminate cleaner and rub dry

Blood, urine

Wipe off immediately with a damp cloth. Brush off dried residues and wipe with neutral laminate cleaner and rub dry

Ink, felt-tip pens

Carefully dab with a little nail polish remover or vinegar essence and a cotton swab. Be sure to test at an inconspicuous place, dilute with water if necessary!


wipe with neutral laminate cleaner and rub dry

Notice: Do not use aggressive or solvent-based cleaners for cleaning. They damage sensitive surfaces!

Parquet cleaner 2017 versus parquet cleaner 2018

The Parquet cleaner offer is big and confusing. However, there is the uniform Parquet cleaner opinion experienced user, which means: A parquet cleaner cleans thoroughly damaged parquet or laminate, it refreshes and often brings a fresh touch in the room. Whether the parquet cleaner 2017 differs in composition from parquet cleaner 2018 know only the manufacturers. New innovations are always on the market. We can only say one thing, parquet cleaning will not be cheaper, but in any case makes up for it. If you like to make a bargain, look for one Parquet cleaner reduced, Some manufacturers advertise with a 5-year durability!

Our small parquet cleaner purchase advice

  • First, you need to know if your wooden floor is oiled, waxed or painted and choose a suitable parquet cleaner. The same applies to laminate. Here you should only on Laminate cleaner offer
  • Choose the size of the container. On offer you can choose between bottle or canister.
  • Choose a parquet cleaner for the mop or one that you can apply directly
  • Natural laminate cleaner or parquet cleaners are materials or environmentally friendly cleaning agents. Better pay attention to an eco-label
  • When parquet or Laminate cleaner price comparison You should always orientate yourself to the price per liter, keeping in mind the mixing ratio.

Notice: 1 liter parquet cleaner Concentrate for 10 Euro for mixing in proportion 1: 40 is cheaper than 1 liter parquet cleaner for mixing in the ratio 1: 20 or for direct application at the price of eg 8 Euro.

Where can I buy Parquet Cleaner?

Laminate or parquet cleaners are often offered in supermarkets, discounters or in drugstores. These are usually handy bottles, canisters are not available here. Make parquet cleaner itself would also be an alternative, but who wants to maintain his wood floors optimally, should inform yourself in advance. The best cleaners are likely to be found in the wood-laying industry. There you have parquet cleaner experiences in dealing with the same. But who has such a craft business nearby? The solution: You can order the best parquet cleaner on the Internet, including the Parquet cleaner experiences previous purchases in the customer recessions.

Beliebte Parkettreiniger Manufacturer/Model

Haro parquet cleaner or Woca parquet cleaner are very popular next to the Clean Green cleaners. Here are some other manufacturers for your floor care:

The best-selling parquet cleaner right now are:

Bestseller no. 1
SOFIX parquet cleaner, floor cleaner, 1 l, with precious wood care wax, cleanses and nourishes with natural shine
  • With SOFIX parquet care, wooden floors such as parquet or planks and wall panels get the special care they need
  • The parquet care with bee care wax removes dirt gently and ensures natural shine
  • Protects both treated and untreated wood surfaces from abrasion, wear and moisture
  • For optimal results, thoroughly clean the floor before using SOFIX parquet for the first time
  • Application: Apply the SOFIX parquet undiluted to the surfaces, spread evenly with a damp cloth or sponge and ...
OfferBestseller no. 2
clean & green Parquet Cleaner natural for oiled / sealed parquet and cork floors
  • Perfectly matched for the gentle and effective cleaning of parquet, wooden and cork floors.
  • Suitable for parquet (sealed, oiled), wooden floor, cork floor, linoleum floor, design floor DISANO, open-pored stone floors, ...
  • As a concentrate, very economical: one bottle of floor cleaner is sufficient for approx. 40 applications.
  • Awarded with EU Ecolabel: Ecological floor cleaning, environmentally friendly and harmless! Ideal for use in ...
  • clean & green is a brand of Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG, Rosenheim (HARO) - the German market leader in the field of ...
OfferBestseller no. 3
Bona parquet cleaner refill canister 4 L
  • for easy cleaning without traces or residues
  • Environmentally friendly, pH-neutral cleaner for your floors
  • was specially developed for sealed wooden floors
  • GREENGUARD Certified Cleaner
  • it is matched to Bona parquet refresher and Bona parquet-polish

Is there a parquet cleaner test report of the Stiftung Warentest?

Apart from a few diverse reports about the laminate and parquet care, the foundation can not yet with anyone Parquet cleaner test come up. So you have to get one yourself Parquet cleaner test winner nominate!

Youtube Video Tip: How to use Woca Parkettreiniger to clean the parquet | Test Woca

At the end...

Beautiful wooden floors are very sturdy and attractive, but they only stay beautiful in the long term if they are maintained accordingly. A laminate or parquet cleaner nourishes and lets it shine again in its old freshness.

Further recommended parquet cleaners selected for you

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Parquet Cleaner Test & Comparison Guide

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