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The fact that the intergenerational contract will not work out has been known for several decades. However, the so-called Millenials, the generation of the 90er and 2000er, is threatened by a poverty of old age. Therefore, the state also advises not to waive a private pension insurance!

With our pension insurance comparison, you have the opportunity to find the right policy in the large pension insurance offer.

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To the pension insurance comparison:

Get an overview with the pension insurance comparison

The range of different retirement provisions is unmanageable. From private pension insurance to bank and fund savings plans to government-sponsored old-age provision such as the Riester or Rürup pension, anything is possible.

An occupational pension can also be completed.

In addition to our pension insurance comparison Stiftung Warentest has taken a variety of policies under the microscope. On the website Regular new pension insurance tests are published. So you are on the safe side.

For pension insurance, the sooner the better!

Policyholders who conclude a private pension insurance early have a clear advantage: Thanks to an accumulation phase from 20 to 30 years, they have the opportunity to benefit from low monthly installments and build up long-term assets.

Our tip: To complete a policy early is also at care supplementary and health insurance meaningful. Here, most of the health decides on the rate, so it comes cheap.

Make a pension insurance test with our pension insurance comparison and find your pension insurance test winner among the providers.

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Here is the overview of the best pension insurance calculator that is currently available on the market.

My name is Wolfgang and it annoys me if my insurance does not provide the services that I would like. In our tariff calculator, you will not only find the cheapest pension Insurance but also a comprehensive overview in ours Pension insurance rate calculator about the individual services.

Our Pension insurance comparison should save you from wrong decisions and help you with your personal pension Insurance To find test winner. Our tips and advice from our test & comparison will help you the best pension Insurance to find.

If you have already had experience or a pension insurance test, Dur may be happy to send me a response. My portal is always available for active communication. I am pleased about a response from you.

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