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The best private care insurance in comparison

Private care insurance comparison

Whether the private care insurance makes sense, is basically out of the question. Times are changing and one complete provision in every respect becomes indispensable. Experts say that three of the women are in need of care and two of the men are secondarily dependent. This rough assessment makes it clear how important a corresponding hedge is. in the private care insurance comparison of We clarify the topic and give helpful tips before you take out the private nursing care insurance.

Private Nursing Insurance TEST COMPARISONS. COM

The best private care insurance in comparison

Private insurance

For private care insurance comparison:

At a glance

  • Already since 1996 there is the compulsory long-term care insurance in Germany, whereby a certain basic protection exists. It is thus the youngest branch of the social security tree, but does not cover the entire risk.
  • For this you can complete a private nursing care insurance, no matter at which institution. A need for long-term care can surprise us all at any time or become established in old age. Further protection protects you and your loved ones from financial expenses.
  • With the small private nursing care insurance contribution per month, you can cover a significant gap and make a very good decision. With the private care insurance comparison calculator you will get the best offers soon.

Table of Contents

  1. What exactly does the statutory long-term care insurance provide?
  2. Private long-term care insurance Services at a glance
  3. Private care insurance Costs per month - how much will it cost?
  4. Is there a reliable private nursing care insurance test?

What exactly does the statutory long-term care insurance provide?

As soon as one is legally or privately insured, one pays also the compulsory contribution for the legal care insurance. As soon as you need help in everyday life, the pay statutory care insurance and act in accordance with legal requirements. However, she does not care for everything, which is why there is the possibility of voluntary supplementary insurance.

All the longer than six months are dependent on support in life, receive benefits from the care pot. For this there are 2017 since the beginning of the different levels of care, formerly called nursing levels.

  • Care level 1
  • Care level 2
  • Care level 3
  • Care level 4
  • Care level 5

Reasons for care and support There is a great deal to ask for if you do not like to think about it at a younger age. Alzheimer and Co are not just around the corner with 80, starting with the 50. Year can begin treacherous "forgetfulness". In addition to mental limitations, of course, too physical impairments pave the way to long-term care. Upon request, the medical service of health insurance companies (MDK) the classification, either on-site or as needed by file. Each degree is subsidized differently, with Grade 5 the maximum represents. For example, as a person affected, you would receive 901 Euro care allowance with which you or your caregiver can and must manage. Maybe you pay more for the extensive care and support?

Whether outpatient or inpatient. Care is rightly costly, which is why you can build by using the complete private nursing care insurance, Do not do that, only an externally determined level of care determines how much money you have available monthly. From this you would have to do the best, if necessary, on the children and other relatives, friends reliant.

Private long-term care insurance Services at a glance

There is no entry age for private long-term care insurance, but it is advisable to take this into account as early as possible. It is always bad, if you can not show if necessary, because you never came to the end. The private care insurance is recommendedto ensure a continuous safety in life. Of course, the different policies of the providers differ, so a careful comparison is always advised.

If neither income nor wealth suffice to mend security gaps, it is the private one Care insurance ideal and helpful, Regardless of whether you are currently or in the future legally or privately insured, the additional private long-term care insurance is suitable for you and your family. Benefits vary from policy to policy and not only differ in the amount of the contribution. There is not a private nursing insurance, but many fare options.

  • Nursing care allowance (similar to the Daily benefits)
  • Pflegekostentarif (here one wants to double achievements of the legal side)
  • State-funded models such as Pflege-Bahr
  • Combinations of everything

Private care insurance Costs per month - how much will it cost?

The higher your entry age, the more expensive the contribution. This applies to all health policies, whether dental insurance or Disability Insurance, So too if you have one complete private nursing care insurance, So get started today and do not wait another couple of years. It will never be cheaper than today!

Of course, we recommend using the private care insurance comparison calculator to recalculate the Best offer to obtain. According to expert opinion, contribution growth generally increases, which is why you are better at responding today than tomorrow. Reasons are for example:

  • The targeted returns can not be obtained (as expected) by insurance companies
  • Affected individuals will receive early assistance thanks to 2017's care reorientation

Do you already have an older tariff? Depending on the contribution amount, you can switch to a private long-term care insurance plan if you enter despite the increased age cheaper offer have found. The insurance companies are vying for new customers, which is why a private nursing insurance can be worth the price comparison.

You want to save despite private care insurance and still look good? Look for the best offer right from the beginning and do not save on the services. Depending on the institute you can Save moneyif you have a monthly subscription instead of monthly. Basically, the range of benefits you select determines how high your private nursing care insurance costs will cost per month. With the minimum equipment around 30 years must have entry age about 6 to 10 Euro be scheduled. The more benefits and comfort in the case of insurance, the more expensive the contribution!

Is there a reliable private nursing care insurance test?

Anyone who deals extensively with the topic, for good reasons, many questions. Is private nursing care insurance for the elderly still important? Do I get an employer grant for private nursing care insurance? Is there a special private care insurance for civil servants? Is there a reliable and trustworthy one private care insurance test?

If in doubt, the Stiftung Warentest or Finanztest helps if there are open questions on such topics. In fact, last October, 2017 looked at offers, prices and content. All 31 Nursing Care Fees from 27 different providers were put through their paces and evaluated. As part of the test criteria, the contract contents such as dynamics, waiting time, possible one-time payment and more were considered in more detail. For example, when moving abroad, a payout is not necessarily guaranteed if it is not in the contract. This makes it clear again that you should also read the fine print to be on the safe side.

Basically there were many very good and good resultsTherefore, the hedge is recommended per se. The private care insurance test also shows how different the contracts are. The details have to be compared, that's why we can not get around!

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