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Siemens Vacuum Cleaner VSQ8MS4A Hoover, 750 W

  • Quattro Power Technology
  • leisa
  • washable hygiene filter
  • electronic suction power regulation


Siemens vacuum cleaner VSZ7442S vacuum cleaner Z7.0

  • QuattroPower technology
  • powerProtect system balanced handle
  • clean Air
  • Allergies
  • leisa


Siemens vacuum cleaner VSQ8JUBI vacuum cleaner Q8.0 110 years edition with bag

  • Power sensor
  • Quattro Power
  • large radius of action
  • Special Edition model


Siemens vacuum cleaner VSZ3B212 vacuum cleaner Z 3.0

  • PowerSecure system
  • high power engine
  • XL dust bag
  • large radius of action

Price-performance winner


Siemens Vacuum Cleaner VS06A111 Vacuum Cleaner EEK A

  • PowerSecure system
  • high power engine
  • easy handling

Name Siemens Vacuum Cleaner VSQ8MS4A Hoover, 750 W Siemens vacuum cleaner VSZ7442S vacuum cleaner Z7.0 Siemens vacuum cleaner VSQ8JUBI vacuum cleaner Q8.0 110 years edition with bag Siemens vacuum cleaner VSZ3B212 vacuum cleaner Z 3.0 Siemens Vacuum Cleaner VS06A111 Vacuum Cleaner EEK A
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentSiemens vacuum cleaner

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodSiemens vacuum cleaner

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodSiemens vacuum cleaner

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodSiemens vacuum cleaner

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com2,1goodSiemens vacuum cleaner

Manufacturer/Model Siemens vacuum cleaner Siemens vacuum cleaner Siemens vacuum cleaner Siemens vacuum cleaner Siemens vacuum cleaner
Type Q 8.0 Z 7.0 Q 8.0 Z 3.0 . /.
Model No. VSQ8MS4A VSZ7442S VSQ8JUBI VSZ3B212 VS06A111
power consumption 750 Watt 650 Watt 650 Watt 600 Watt 600 Watt
Colour petrol / silver white deep / petrol black Moonlight blue
Number of wheels 4 4 4 3 3
Energy Efficiency A A A B A
Cleaning class carpet hard floor A / A B / A B / A THERE E / D
Kapazität 5 liter 5 liter 5 liter 4 liter 4 liter
Filter level indicator electronically electronically electronically mechanically mechanically
volume 69 dB 67 dB 66 dB 74 dB 79 dB
Radius 12 m 12 m 12 m 10 m 9 m
Weight 5,9 kg 6,1 kg 5,9 kg 4,7 kg 4,7 kg
automatic cable rewind
Equipment Crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, roller nozzle reversible, hard floor nozzle, furniture brush Crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, roller nozzle reversible, hard floor nozzle Crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, roller nozzle reversible, hard floor nozzle, furniture brush Crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, roller nozzle reversible, hard floor nozzle Crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, roller nozzle switchable
Features Energy efficiency in all categories = A Same as Siemens vacuum cleaner Stiftung Warentest test winner VSZ7A400 110 years edition model Great cleaning performance in a small format Price, performance winner
  • Quattro Power Technology
  • leisa
  • washable hygiene filter
  • electronic suction power regulation
  • QuattroPower technology
  • powerProtect system balanced handle
  • clean Air
  • Allergies
  • leisa
  • Power sensor
  • Quattro Power
  • large radius of action
  • Special Edition model
  • PowerSecure system
  • high power engine
  • XL dust bag
  • large radius of action
  • PowerSecure system
  • high power engine
  • easy handling
Summary Uninterrupted cleaning performance for all floor coverings with high comfort and thorough results Especially quiet vacuum cleaner but surprisingly strong Upright vacuum Siemens special edition model with best rating Vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning even when the bag fills up Simple vacuum cleaner with good energy efficiency
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Our comparison chart for Siemens vacuum cleaner comparison does not replace one Siemens vacuum cleaner testin which a special Siemens vacuum cleaner test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external Siemens vacuum cleaner test trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Siemens vacuum cleaner test winner is.

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At a glance

  • Siemens is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum cleaners in Germany. Siemens vacuum cleaners are divided into compact, upper middle class and premium class. In the field of vacuum cleaners, Siemens has created a whole series of innovative models that stand out due to their good energy efficiency, filter and suction performance.
  • Depending on the equipment variant, the models with different Siemens Vacuum Cleaner Filter equipped, some of which are also allergic friendly. Large dust bags ensure long replacement intervals, which are readable via a level indicator. Special technologies provide a lot of power or a quiet background noise.
  • There are a variety of Siemens vacuum cleaners, from small Cordless hand vacuum cleaner up to the vacuum cleaner. The Siemens vacuum cleaners belong to the largest pallet in the market Siemens vacuum cleaner offer.

There are many ways to clean the floor. Bodenwischer or steam cleaner take over the wet cleaning, Swiffer & Co clean parquet and tiles. But the vacuum cleaner is by far one of the preferred working tools in the household. There are battery hand and Battery Stielstaubsauger, Vacuum cleaner with and Vacuum cleaner without bag, robotic vacuum and vacuum cleaner. But here we only want to deal with the range of Siemens vacuum cleaners and especially with the vacuum cleaners. In our Siemens vacuum cleaner comparison of we have ours Siemens vacuum cleaner recommendations put together in a small table. It is based on numerous Siemens vacuum cleaner experience reports from customer reviews and sales numbers. Our subsequent guide is a small Siemens vacuum cleaner purchase advice and bring you closer to the advantages of Siemenstechnik.

What makes Siemens vacuum cleaner so popular?

Siemens states in a flyer to reinterpret the everyday. The main aim is to make the care required for their soil as easy as possible. Did you know that Siemens already launched its first model in the year 1906 with the so-called "dedusting pump"? But only after the Second World War in the 1950ern and 1960ern portable vacuum cleaners spread gradually everywhere.

Even today, Siemens continues to set standards in terms of cleaning with innovative technologies. The new generation of Siemens vacuum cleaners is powerful and energy efficient. Today, that satisfies Siemens vacuum cleaner offer the highest standards with quattroPower technology; more cleaning power, less energy consumption. Good Siemens vacuum cleaner have a modern design, practical details and outstanding ergonomics.

Note: Siemens is a cult brand and has been on the market for more than a century.

Siemens vacuum cleaners consist of a housing with rollers, a suction hose, a suction tube and various nozzles. With switchable roller nozzles, both hard floors and carpets can be cleaned. Joints with a crevice nozzle or the upholstery nozzle. The housing of the Siemens vacuum cleaner is rotatably mounted and has three or four 360 ° rotatable rollers. Long supply cables ensure a neat range of action and at the end of the work, a cable rewind ensures that the cable disappears.

Siemens Vacuum Cleaners: The most important advantages and disadvantages at a glance


Innovative technology

high-quality materials

good workmanship


Models available for allergy sufferers

Filter level indicator

energy efficient


Bag and filter additional purchase

bulky stowage

Another, recommendable Siemens vacuum cleaner:

Siemens Z 3.0 extreme power bag vacuum cleaner VSZ3XTRM11, ideal for pet hair, low power consumption, hygiene filter, 850 Watt, black
  • XXL upholstery nozzle, ideal for removing animal hair
  • Sound power level (in dB): 77
  • Two-piece integrated accessories: upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle; Compressor Technology

What does innovative Siemens technology do for you?

Since all Siemens vacuum cleaners are ergonomically designed, you do not have to compromise on handling any of the models. Anyone who has to overcome steps with their vacuum cleaner, is well advised to choose a model with two handles. Innovative Siemens technologies ensure the best suction results.

  • 4 soft castors

They ensure optimum maneuverability and gentle sucking on hard floors

  • high power engine

The highPower engine is a new energy-efficient technical innovation from Siemens. Optimized aerodynamic fan blade wheels ensure very good cleaning performance with extremely low power consumption

  • softBumper Protection

The SoftBumper Protection protects your furniture and walls with integrated shock absorption from damage and also against black stripes.

  • quattroPower Technology

Interaction between high power motor, high performance nozzle, the PowerProtect dust bag and optimized seals ensures first-class cleaning and low power consumption

  • powerSecure system

No loss of cleaning performance when filling the bag and thanks to the multi-layer high-tech filter material with high absorption capacity.

Less watts, less power?

Since the 01.09.2017, only vacuum cleaners that have a maximum output of ≤ 900 watts, as in the case of the Siemens vacuum cleaners, may be marketed. If you compare that with one 2400 Watt Siemens Vacuum Cleaner here is a great energy saving potential. Nevertheless, the Watt power says nothing about the suction power of a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, a comparison is often stated, which says that, for example, a 600 Watt model a cleaning performance comparable to a 2400 Watt Vacuum Cleaner has, but with lower power consumption.

Note: Here is not true - the higher the wattage, the higher the performance!

Despite limitation of the wattage to max. 900 Watts does not mean you have to suck twice as long. The cleaning performance depends on several factors.

  • The nature of the nozzles used
  • the air flow and its guidance in the housing
  • the ability to absorb dust
  • the nature of the filter
  • Efficiency of the Siemens vacuum cleaner

A +++ better than A +? What does the energy label mean?

Fortunately, legislators across Europe have agreed to end the unspeakable campaign with the labels of A, A +, A ++ or A +++. The best energy label is now, as it was already thought at the beginning, the energy efficiency class "A". The classes range from A to G.

For the Siemens vacuum cleaners, the energy label is structured as follows:

1. Energy efficiency class

In the upper area - label A to G, indication of the power consumption, which does not take into account the cleaning performance

2. Average annual energy consumption

In the middle range - basis of the value are 87 qm living space with 50 cleaning cycles per year

3. Detailed information

3.1. Dust emission class - Specified in efficiency class ABCDEF or G, it indicates how clean the air is that is blown out.

3.2. sound performance - Specification in decibels

3.3. Carpet Cleaning Class - Specified in efficiency class ABCDEF or G, it indicates the amount of dust that is absorbed by the carpet when the bag is empty. The best Siemens vacuum cleaners currently reach C.

3.4. Hard floor cleaning class - Specified in efficiency class ABCDEF or G, it describes the dust absorption from a wooden crack

With the help of this EU energy label you can quickly read the power consumption and all other features.

Questions and answers about the best Siemens vacuum cleaners

Which vacuum cleaner bags are the right ones?

Siemens vacuum cleaners all work with filters. At least one filter is included with the purchase, so that you can work immediately with the device. The disadvantage of such devices, filters must be purchased. Luckily, the manufacturers of Siemens vacuum cleaner Profi's enough to guarantee a large volume of dust bag, so that a bag can last for ½ year. Of course, original Siemens vacuum cleaner bags, which you can use as well as all, are especially suitable for additional purchases Siemens vacuum cleaner spare parts can order in the Siemens Shop. Especially recommended are the Siemens vacuum cleaner type G Bag. But there are also quality products made in Germany that produce high-quality dust filter bags for all common vacuum cleaners, such as Swirl or Filter Clean. The packs also contain one in addition to several dust bags Siemens vacuum cleaner filter for an exchange.

Which are the best Siemens vacuum cleaners?

Which Siemens vacuum cleaner you choose depends on your ideas and your budget. We only want one the best Siemens vacuum cleaner in our Siemens vacuum cleaner comparison imagine. The Siemens premium class vacuum cleaners include the Siemens vacuum cleaner Q5, The Q5 series shines through the highest air quality with class A and together with a special high-performance hygiene filter it is ideally suited for allergy sufferers. The suction power regulation adapts to the floor covering and the softBumper Protection protects against impact damages and prevents black stripes by an integrated shock absorption. Here are a few of the vacuum cleaners that we have presented to you in our table and a few others, but also highly recommended:

  • Siemens Vacuum Cleaner VS06A111 - our price, performance winner
  • Siemens Vacuum Cleaner VS06B1110
  • Siemens Vacuum Cleaner VSZ1V1128
  • Siemens Vacuum Cleaner VSZ7A400 - Siemens vacuum cleaner test winner at Stiftung Warentest issue 07 / 2017

Well-known series are also the Siemens vacuum cleaner Z 1.0, Siemens vacuum cleaner Z 3.0 and Siemens vacuum cleaner Z 4.0.

What advantages does the Siemens vacuum cleaner Synchropower offer?

The Siemens vacuum cleaner Synchropower is available in two colors, white and black. It can be recognized by the fact that it is followed by the addition of a CH in the model name. Its advantages are that it can suck easily and quickly with a handle. He has a strong performance and is easy to use. Its cleaning performance is comparable to one Siemens Vacuum Cleaner 2400 Watt, Nevertheless, he has a low power consumption. With the powerSecure system, the cleaning performance does not deteriorate even when the bag is filled. It has energy efficiency class A and dust emission class B. The hygienic filter for a clean exhaust air can be cleaned with water.

The vacuum cleaner has an innovative high power engine with aerodynamic engine blades. It perfectly calibrates the airflow to absorb high amounts of dust and with low power consumption up to 60% more suction power. The use of "PowerProtect Dustbag" is the Siemens Vacuum Cleaner Type G dust bag ALL recommended.

Other current Siemens vacuum cleaner models are:

OfferBestseller no. 1
Siemens vacuum cleaner with bag VS06A111, very low power consumption, HighPower motor, XL bag volume, long cable, hygienic filter, 600 Watt, blue
  • Thorough cleaning performance comparable to a 2200 Watt vacuum cleaner with particularly low power consumption. Dust pickup on ...
  • PowerSecure System: For long-lasting cleaning performance, even when the bag fills up
  • Large XL dust bag volume minimizes dust bag change and saves follow-up costs
  • Long cable for 9 m range of action reduces annoying socket changes
  • Hygiene filter for clean exhaust air
OfferBestseller no. 2
Siemens Q5.0 extreme Silence Power VSQ5X1230 vacuum cleaner, plastic, 4.5 liters, black
  • Average annual energy consumption (kWh / year): 34
  • Sound power level (in dB): 70; Extra strong performance thanks to the highPower engine
  • Scope of supply: Siemens VSQ5X1230 Q5.0 extreme Silence Power vacuum cleaner, black
OfferBestseller no. 3
Siemens iQ300 VSC3320, cylinder vacuum cleaner with bag, blue
  • High dust absorption with low energy consumption thanks to the innovative highPower motor.
  • XL dust bag volume: for less frequent bag changes and low follow-up costs.
  • Long-lasting cleaning performance, even when the bag fills up - thanks to the powerSecure system.

What should you pay attention to when buying Siemens vacuum cleaner?

If you want to buy a Siemens vacuum cleaner, there is a lot to consider, because Siemens vacuum cleaners differ in detail. The best way to look at ratings is to Siemens Vacuum Cleaner Blog or a Siemens vacuum cleaner forum, You will surely find what you are looking for on the internet, and if you are lucky, you will also find one of a personal one Siemens vacuum cleaner test, Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Quality

Here's no big question if you decide for a Siemens vacuum cleaner. Siemens guarantees quality and good workmanship. Only with the equipment it is worth to look more closely. Which brushes are available? Can I buy brushes? A reversible roller nozzle is included everywhere, as well as a joining and upholstery nozzle. Hard floor nozzles are found only in the best Siemens vacuum cleaners.

  • Performance

As we mentioned above, the wattage is not the same as the performance of the Siemens vacuum cleaner. Even a model with less power produces excellent results when the overall package is optimally matched. All Siemens vacuum cleaners range in performance from 600 to 850 Watt.

  • Energy Efficiency

If you frequently use your Siemens vacuum cleaner, you are well advised to purchase efficiency class A models.

  • Dust emission class

The further this class approaches dust emission class A, the cleaner your Siemens vacuum cleaner works. The best currently possible dust emission class is B. Hygiene filters allow this classification. Especially handy if they are washable.

  • Accessories

One swears by a lot of comfort, the other does not care. What Siemens vacuum cleaner bestseller have to offer, the following list shows:

  • Reversible roller nozzle
  • Hard floor
  • integrated accessories: joint and upholstery nozzle
  • telescopic tube
  • Ergonomic handle
  • XL or. XXL dust bag volume
  • automatic cable entry
  • comfortable transport with carrying handles
  • suction power
  • Filter change indicator
  • Parking and parking aid for the intake manifold
  • volume

Vacuuming is noisy, not so with Siemens vacuum cleaners. Fortunately, all offered models are below 80 decibels, which corresponds roughly to normal road noise. Our Siemens vacuum cleaner comparison winner VSZ7442S, even only brings it to 67 decibels. No wonder that the same execution only in black color after one Stiftung Warentest Siemens vacuum cleaner test report with the grade 1,7 cut off.

5 tips for the proper care of your Siemens vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner removes the dirt in your home, but even your Siemens vacuum cleaner itself gets dirty. The more frequently you use your Siemens vacuum cleaner, the more often you should clean it.

1. Change the bag

Have a look at the operating manual of your Siemens vacuum cleaner behind which cover your dust bag is located. Remove it and discard it. House dust allergy sufferers should seek help and not do this task themselves.

2. Clean the vacuum cleaner from the inside

The interior of your Siemens vacuum cleaner should then be wiped with a damp cloth, so that any dirt particles are not blown out with the next suction. Once it has dried, the new dust bag can be used.

3. Change hygiene filter

Depending on the information in your operating manual, you should also change the air filter at the specified distance. When buying the dust filter bag is always a filter with it. Washable filters can be easily washed out with the help of a few drops of detergent. Nevertheless, they do not last forever, and here too a replacement is to be provided at intervals. Be sure to use only completely dry filters.

4. Clean vacuum cleaner brush and vacuum cleaner pipe

The brushes should be checked frequently. Especially who absorbs hair from pets, knows the problem of the added brush head. Also, the pipe connection should always be free, otherwise there is a risk of loss of suction power. If a foreign object has accidentally become wedged in the pipe, a stinging blow with a broom handle or a sharp jet of water in the bathtub helps. For this you should of course remove the hose from the vacuum cleaner.

5. Clean the vacuum cleaner from the outside

The outer shell of your Siemens vacuum cleaner needs some care. A damp cloth with a few splashes of detergent is enough to remove dirt and simultaneously eliminates charged dirt or hair.

Tips to buy the Siemens vacuum cleaner

Where Can You Buy Cheap Siemens Vacuum Cleaners?

You can in Media Markt Siemens Vacuum Cleaner buy or too Order Siemens vacuum cleaner online, With the former you can take it with you, with the second one you have a lot more choice and a detailed one Siemens vacuum cleaner price comparison, Another possibility is one Siemens Vacuum Cleaner Outlet Shop, but the few will have at the door.

What does the Stiftung Warentest Siemens Vacuum Cleaner test report say?

In issue 07 / 2017 Stiftung Warentest has tested 127 vacuum cleaners, including 10 Siemens vacuum cleaner tests carried out. Stiftung Warentest Siemens vacuum cleaner test winner was the VSZ7A400, identical to our comparison winner VSZ7442S. These vacuum cleaner tests at Stiftung Warentest have proven that even low-power devices have adequate suction power.

What watts and performance mean with vacuum cleaners, can be read in this portal, by the way, with a Siemens vacuum cleaner test:


If you like ours Recommendation Siemens Vacuum Cleaner You can not go wrong to buy. Branded goods always have many advantages for the consumer, be it the replacement of spare parts, the service of the manufacturer or the favorable suction or consumption values. Siemens can be recommended with a clear conscience.

Further recommended Siemens Vacuum Cleaners selected for you

4.9/ 5 off 830 Reviews]



Siemens vacuum cleaner Buy recommendation

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