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Ski and snowboard goggles in comparison

The Ski goggles offer is big. The different shapes and colors do not make the selection easy. But this is about more than just taste and appearance, because the glasses must be adapted to the weather conditions, provide a good view in sunny and cloudy weather.

In addition, one must good ski goggles have a good UV protection and with an anti-fog function one Ski goggles favorable aerate. What else goggles have to offer can be found in our guide section.

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Best recommendation


Ski Goggles Unigear X1, UV Protection Anti-Dizziness, Unisex

  • also for strong people and floodlights
  • many colours
  • with cloth bag


Ski Goggles Unigear, Skido X2, Unisex Hyperboloid UV Protection Anti-Dizziness

  • Hyperpoloid
  • also for children
  • many colours
  • good ventilation


Ski goggles FYLINA anti-fog UV protection Two-layer lens frameless

  • completely closed
  • ultra wide angle
  • comfortable and secure fit

Price-performance winner


Ski Goggles Occffy 100% OTG UV protection with frame anti-fog goggles

  • improved scratch resistance
  • durable lens
  • high wearing comfort


Ski Goggles Karvipark, Mirrored, Double Lens OTG UV Protection Anti Fog

  • many glasses colors
  • also for children
  • scratch
  • 180 ° field of view

Name Ski Goggles Unigear X1, UV Protection Anti-Dizziness, Unisex Ski Goggles Unigear, Skido X2, Unisex Hyperboloid UV Protection Anti-Dizziness Ski goggles FYLINA anti-fog UV protection Two-layer lens frameless Ski Goggles Occffy 100% OTG UV protection with frame anti-fog goggles Ski Goggles Karvipark, Mirrored, Double Lens OTG UV Protection Anti Fog
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentSki goggles

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodSki goggles

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodSki goggles

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,8goodSki goggles

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodSki goggles

Manufacturer/Model UniGear UniGear Fylina Occffy Karvipark
Farben 15 13 1 1 19
Sunny bright light
Partly cloud medium light
Cloudy low light
Snowfall very low light
UV_Schutz 400 400 ? 400 400 400
exchangeable glasses
for spectacle wearers ja ja ja ja ja
Anti dizziness ja ja no no no
Anti fog ja ja ja ja ja
breathable ja ja ja ja ja
Features when ordering 2 eyewear, an 82% VLT interchangeable lens in addition CE-certified Eyewear case included 1-year warranty with storage box
  • also for strong people and floodlights
  • many colours
  • with cloth bag
  • Hyperpoloid
  • also for children
  • many colours
  • good ventilation
  • completely closed
  • ultra wide angle
  • comfortable and secure fit
  • improved scratch resistance
  • durable lens
  • high wearing comfort
  • many glasses colors
  • also for children
  • scratch
  • 180 ° field of view
Summary Helmet-compatible goggles for all weather conditions Snowboard goggles or goggles for the whole family Ski goggles with wide field of vision for adults and adolescents Ski goggles with high wearing comfort with extra long strap Beautiful ski goggles in a large selection
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Our comparison chart for Ski goggles comparison does not replace one Ski goggles testin which a special Ski goggles test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external goggle test trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Ski goggles test winner is.

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Ski goggles

At a glance

  • A ski goggle must provide the best possible visibility in all weathers, whether used for skiing, snowboarding or mountaineering. It ensures that the eye is not blinded too much and still has enough visibility even in poor visibility.

  • A good safety goggles must ensure sufficient UV protection and ensure that the glasses are not fogged. The ski goggles can also be worn over or under a helmet and have long enough elastic bands.

  • The best ski goggles cost According to a lot of money, but also in the lower price segment ski goggles can keep up in terms of safety and protection. In addition, many of these models are suitable as both Ladies and men's goggles and often for children.

The best ski goggles in comparison

Skiing or snowboarding is becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by the hotels in the ski areas booked out in the winter sports season. Skiing has something to do with adventure and thrills. Downhill runs are so popular and promise exciting experiences. But not always the weather is nice and especially in the mountains you have to expect sudden weather changes. Good, if you have the right equipment with you. This includes a matching ski goggles. A normal one sunglasses is not a good ski goggles recommendationbecause she does not have a tight fit, nor would she protect herself from the cold winds or swirling snow. In our Ski goggles comparison by We would like to inform you about the usefulness of these goggles and give you some tips for Buy ski goggles give.

Top product: Ski goggles at Amazon

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BSET BUY Ski Goggles Snowboard Goggles Outdoor Sports Glasses for Wearers Men Women Adults Teens OTG UV Protection Compatible Helmet Anti Fog ...
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Ski goggles

Ski goggles provide the necessary Protection and takes care of one quality view in all lighting conditions

What is a goggle and what do you need it for?

Ski goggles are also referred to as snowboard goggles or just go for skiing as goggles. Which ski goggles are the best is not easy to answer. That's why we first want to talk about the need for a pair of goggles. Ski accidents happened quickly. This can be carelessness, too fast driving and the overestimation of the ability. However, most of the accidents happen due to bad visibility, because wind makes your eyes water, snow falls in your eyes and you lose perspective.

Ski goggles experiences also say that it is the best protection for the eyes. It does not only protect against wind and snow, but also against high UV radiation, which is very high especially in the mountains and in the snow. At the same time it protects against glaring sunshine by a corresponding tints. Depending on the prevailing weather, there are five different filter categories, which we will discuss later.

Ski goggles are designed to cover the eye area almost hermetically. A built-in ventilation system prevents the glasses from starting. The glasses have a spherical lens shape, which is modeled on the eye shape and allows a large field of view.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ski goggles


Protection against UV radiation


Protection against whirled snow

Protection against wind and cold

Protection against tarnishing

Attachment to the helmet possible

usually also for spectacle wearers


Bigger than normal glasses

bulky storage

Color changes of the environment

Ski goggles, what does VLT mean?

VLT or "visible light transmission" is a unit for the filtering effect of ski goggles. It is stated in percent and indicates which light transmission has a tint. The value is influenced by a color filter, which changes the high blue component of the light and thus achieves a contrast gain. In practice, this results in 5 categories:

classificationVLT in percentRecommended weather conditions
Category 080% to 100%Artificial light, heavy snow, heavy clouds
Category 143% to 80%Floodlight, snowfall
Category 218% to 43%Partly cloudy partly, partly sunny
Category 38% to 18%Mostly sunny, slightly cloudy
Category 43% to 8%Sunshine, glaciers

Note :

The best ski goggles They are not the ones that have a high filter performance, but those that best suit the prevailing weather conditions.

Which goggles for eyeglass wearers?

Besides Ski goggles with prescription, which must be made especially by the optician, there are the so-called OTG models (Over the glasses). That means it's the glasses over the glasses! This Ski goggles for spectacle wearers which is worn over the glasses in visual strength, has worked a little larger and has various openings in the nose and ear area. At the same time, the recesses are softly padded so that no pressure points can occur.

Our goggles purchase advice

You want one for your next ski trip Buy protective goggles, then you should pay attention to the following criteria and what distinguishes the goggles. The following questions should be dealt with additionally, if you do not buy your safety goggles in the specialized trade, but one Order ski goggles online:

Which ski goggle glass?

All the models that we have presented to you in our comparison table, have a so-called double-disc system. It provides ideal protection in all weather conditions, as it acts as a ventilation system so that the glass does not start. The better the ventilation, the less the glass will mist up from the inside and the better the visibility. Most are also the outside Ski goggles mirrored.

Note :

Also make sure that your helmet does not obscure the ventilation system and block the air flow.

Which glass color?

In the Ski goggles review and the choice of the glass color you will be confronted with a variety of shades. Here you should decide less on the taste, but on the weather conditions. When choosing the color, it is all about the desired light transmission, which is usually specified as VLT value. This is the percentage value that the light can penetrate the disk. It is between 0% and 100%. The higher the factor, the lower the light transmission.

Note :

Our Ski goggles Buy recommendation is a glass that fits as an all-rounder with small reductions to most conditions and has a VLT factor around the 30%.

When which goggles?

Who does not know that? The weather is still early in the morning and there is snow at midday. If you want to have the right glass for every weather, you should opt for replaceable glasses. Since changing with cold fingers in the snow is not necessarily fun, you should opt for a magnetic or clip system. If you are one of the best or one Professional ski goggles Therefore, pay attention to interchangeable lenses.

Why UV protection?

Particularly in the ski areas with glistening bright light in a blue sky, which is still reflected by the snow, UV protection is extremely important. Even in cloudy skies the radiation on the mountains is still higher than in the flat terrain. Fortunately, offer yourself cheap ski goggles a corresponding protection against solar radiation.

Which goggles for eyeglass wearers?

If you need to wear glasses, you should make sure when buying that it fits under the goggles. For this purpose, ski or snowboard goggles with a large frame are particularly well suited. You should also make sure that the glasses are offered as OTG model.

Note :

Note: Do you have one sunglasses in eyesight, this should under no circumstances be worn under a ski goggles, but only normal glasses in sight.

How to clean and care for goggles?

How to handle your ski goggles can be found in our tips and tricks. Best ski goggles cost lot of money. That's why you should treat her with care. These measures guarantee your ski goggles a long life:

  • Always use a glasses case or at least a bag for storage. They protect against scratches or damage to the mirroring.

  • Use only a cleaning cloth for cleaning

  • Take care when cleaning the inside. She is very sensitive. Never clean with water, pat dry with pat dry carefully or shake dry.

  • Never dry your goggles by air near the oven. A careful dry-off with low temperature also helps.
Ski goggles

Ski goggles Bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
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Bestseller no. 3
GANZTON Ski Goggles Snowboard Goggles Double Lens UV Protection Anti-Fog Goggles For Ladies And Men Boys And Girls Black
312 Reviews
GANZTON Ski Goggles Snowboard Goggles Double Lens UV Protection Anti-Fog Goggles For Ladies And Men Boys And Girls Black
  • 【Improved version ski goggles】 New improved non-slip silicone headbands are added to prevent detachment ...
  • 【High performance coated dual lens】 Genuine REVO coating lens, 100% UV protection. The outer lens consists of a ...
  • 【Warm & Ventilation System】 The openings on the top and bottom of the ski goggles can effectively improve the airflow and ...
  • 【OTG Design & Helmet Compatible】 Humanized OTG Design [ABOUT THE GLASSES] is specially designed for those who wear glasses ...
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Where can I buy ski goggles?

The selection in the specialty stores is usually limited to a few manufacturers. So are usually offered only brand name, primarily Adidas and Alpina ski goggles or Uvex and Decathlon ski goggleswhich of course have their price. If you are also for Giro ski goggles interest or the Smith I / O ski goggles, you should look around the internet. Here you can also in one Ski goggles forum with other users about theirs Ski goggles experiences exchange.

An important tip for those who want to buy their goggles online: Make one before buying Ski goggles price comparison, Often, almost identical models are available at different prices. At the same time they are Ski goggles experience reports From the customer reviews a further purchase argument for the "for or against" to a product.

You should also know about some important other manufacturers that are:

ScottUniGearOccfyPolar LensElectric gogglesUvex

Note :

If you need other things for your ski trip, then take a look at our other comparisons:

Ski goggles

What does Stiftung Warentest say about a ski goggle test?

Already in issue 01 / 2013 the Stiftung Warentest has a Ski goggles review released. However, only ski goggles with interchangeable lenses came under scrutiny. To the Ski goggles test winner was named the Uvex Comache Take Off, followed by an Alpina and Uvex ski goggles, All other subjects only performed satisfactorily. However, this judgment related only to the handling, in the visual and wearing properties, there were only good grades.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) about ski goggles comparison

You can attach your ski goggles to the helmet or under the helmet. If it is worn over it has to be fastened well. Either silicone strips help for a secure fit or the strap is attached to a clip. If you wear the glasses under the helmet, there should be enough space for it.

The glasses must not be too small, otherwise you have a gap between helmet and glasses. It must not be too big, otherwise the frame pushes too much on the nose. It's best to ask the helmet manufacturer which eyewear model is best.

Of course there are also ski goggles for children. They have the same characteristics as adults, but are slightly smaller in size.

Under no circumstances should you use sunglasses for skiing. As an alternative, only a helmet with visor offers.

The VLT value says something about the translucency of the goggles. Depending on the value of the goggles can be worn in bright sunshine or in heavy clouds or snowfall.

If you want to ski not only in the glory weather, but also in poor visibility, you should choose glasses with a VLT between 43% and 80% or higher.

Ski goggles especially for beginners do not exist. However, they are well-equipped for most normal weather conditions with a model with a VLN factor of 30%.

Ski goggles are equipped with a ventilation system. When changing from the cold to the Baude it can happen that the glasses start. But it may also be that the ventilation slots sit under the helmet and their function is therefore zero.


Without a good goggle with start-up and UV protection you should not go on the slopes. Who limits his skiing to a nice to cloudy weather, can manage well with an all-round ski goggles. For all others who like to travel under artificial light or snowfall, there is a model with interchangeable lenses.

Further recommended goggles selected for you

4.7/ 5 off 38 Reviews]


Ski goggles test & comparison guide

So choose the best Ski goggles Product from our Test- or settlement proposal

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