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Thanks to the statutory health insurance, registered employees, retirees and co are completely insured in Germany and receive all-round carefree protection. As a result, insured persons can visit the doctor of their choice, if necessary the specialist, and the hospital as needed. In the legal health insurance comparison of You will receive information about the important topic of health care. Here you can compare the legal health insurance of many providers and select your personal health insurance test winner offer.

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The best legal health insurance in comparison

To the legal health insurance tariff comparison

At a glance

  • 500 Euro and more can easily be saved by a statutory health insurance comparison, without having to suffer any loss of care. The basic benefits are required by law and found in the Social Code (SGB V).
  • If you change the statutory health insurance, you will receive new and better benefits by options such as naturopaths and the like. For the most part, all health insurance companies have a similar range of benefits, whereby individual bonus programs can ensure proper profit.
  • With the help of a supplementary health insurance, you can comfortably extend the statutory health insurance benefits to receive further benefits. examples for this are dental insurance, Daily benefits insurance or the care insurance, You may voluntarily choose such and other additional safeguards and therefore pay yourself.

Table of Contents

  1. Take out the best health insurance and get a bonus
  2. How is the health insurance contribution calculated?
  3. The right decision by health insurance comparison
  4. Health insurance change easy and rewarding
  5. How can I cancel the statutory health insurance?

Take out the best health insurance and get a bonus

The statutory health insurance is considered compulsory insurance. That is, workers whose salary is below statutory annual income limit has to be insured at the statutory health insurance of choice. Meet the statutory health insurance requirements, you can free via the provider decide. Whether you take the statutory health insurance AOK or use the program of the statutory health insurance DAK, it is up to you.

In fact, there are some differences that make a health insurance comparison useful and necessary. For example, some pay one statutory health insurance bonusif you actively participate in your health. The following options are available to possibly obtain a statutory health insurance bonus:

  • Participation in prevention courses (smoking cessation)
  • Participation in reimbursable sports courses (yoga, back training)
  • Professional teeth cleaning at your dentist (grant)

Depending on the specific health insurance offer there is More optionsto take advantage of the membership. A statutory health insurance comparison winner has a balanced offer and supports the health prevention of the members as best as possible.

How is the health insurance contribution calculated?

The height and Assessment of the contribution to the statutory health insurance, GKV for short, is complex and not explained in one sentence. You should know that the statutory general Contribution rate 14,6 percent measures (stand 2017). Those who are not entitled to sickness benefits afford the reduced benefits Contribution of 14 percent.

There are various special rules for the voluntarily insured, pensioners, jobseekers and recipients of social assistance or unemployment benefits II. The normal employed person, whether automobile salesman or bakery saleswoman, contributes half of his statutory health insurance contribution. The other half is paid by the employer. The statutory health insurance calculate the experts on the basis of your personal contributory revenue, Here is an example calculation published by the Federal Ministry of Health:

personsSick pay claimContribution amount per month
Employees earning above the compulsory insurance limitJa635,10 € * **
General (minimum assessment basis: 991,67 €)No138.83
Self-employed (minimum assessment basis: 2.231,25 €)No312.38
Business founders gem. § 57 SGB III or § 421 I SGB III (minimum assessment basis: 1.487,50 €)No208.25
Maximum contribution for self-employed and start-up entrepreneursNo609
Maximum amount for other voluntarily insured personsNo635.1
Voluntarily insured studentsNoat least 138,83 € * or at least 101,35 € for exam candidates

* without additional contribution; Employer grant: 309,34 €

** Employer's contribution subsidy: 317,55 €


The right decision by health insurance comparison

Everyone in the statutory health insurance member is a basic protection can be sure. The main task of the funds is to maintain, improve or restore the member's state of health. With the Health card equipped Therefore, patients can visit the doctor of choice to request an examination or treatment. The selection of insurers is great. Among the best known are:

  • Legal health insurance AOK
  • Statutory health insurance IKK
  • Legal health insurance DAK
  • Statutory health insurance BKK

Basically one can not decide wrong, since all coffers the statutory protection have to meet. In recent years, however, health insurance companies have also learned to retain customers. For this they resort to typical measures and guarantee, for example, bonuses, premium refunds and more. Who especially up heed his healtht can also earn bonus points, which he can later exchange. Great thing for bargainers who look right on every euro! Of course, you can never "wrong" decide, after all, you have guaranteed claims. Therefore, if you want to save, you can also stay relaxed change health insurance.

Health insurance change easy and rewarding

At least you were 18 months insured with a health insurance, you can officially switch to another. Patients usually change to get benefits from the new institution. The health insurance comparison is therefore the overview and hopefully also as a decision support. The standard services are always the same, but the additional services vary, which is why the statutory health insurance change can be very interesting. Thanks to our health insurance comparison, you can identify important differences at a glance and compare additional benefits faster.

Important note for statutory health insurance:

Make sure when changing health insurance, whether the provider, for example, the statutory health insurance Barmer, already represented in your environment. In this way, someone could benefit further by receiving a referral bonus. Who do you treat a little extra money?

You never know what's coming and would like to Well protected in every case be. Statutory insured and privately insured persons therefore also conclude a supplementary health insurance for basic protection in order to receive special benefits if required. If at some point care becomes necessary, supplementary care insurance is relevant and helpful. There is also the possibility of accidents, for which it is suitable accident Insurance gives. Nobody wants to be harmed, but it feels good to be able to go through life fully secured.

The Saving health insurance Ideally, you can compare exactly and always get the best protection. Take advantage of the opportunity to filter out advantages in health insurance comparison calculator and change the insurance company quickly and easily. It costs nothing, is easy and pays off with cash or nice bonuses! Maybe you will also get upscale treatments that meet your needs. Test our legal Health insurance comparison and you will also find the individual statutory health insurance test winner among the providers.

How can I cancel the statutory health insurance?

If you wish to switch to the new statutory health insurance, you are free to terminate the existing institution. Thanks a Regulation of the legislator There is complete protection, though perhaps there is still some document in the waiting loop. So you are insured every day, no matter what.

In many cases even the new health partner will take over if you cancel your statutory health insurance. If not, a simple letter, by hand or by PC, is enough to satisfy the desire of Denounce termination, At the same time, you fill out the statutory health insurance claim of the new provider and send it to him with the confirmation of the membership of the old provider. Thus, the statutory health insurance change almost automatically and you never take a risk.

Important note:

Even if the statutory health insurance change for whatever reason does not come to pass, you always remain in the protective hands of the original insurer!

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