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The best care supplement insurance in comparison

Nursing supplement insurance: What is covered?

German employees automatically pay into the statutory long-term care insurance. It ensures that, in old age, the most important measures are taken in the case of long-term care. But professional care is expensive, whether it is outpatient, inpatient or through the family. The financial gap must be paid by the patient from his own pocket - unless he has a supplementary care insurance. This makes this one of the most important Provision insurance.


For additional care insurance comparison:

When you take out supplementary care insurance, you can choose from three models:

  • Care costs insurance
  • Care Pension Plan
  • Care daily allowance insurance

Find the best supplementary care insurance: That's how it works

Depending on what your individual living circumstances look like, you should choose from one of the above models.

Care costs insurance

The care cost insurance covers the benefits, which also bears the statutory long-term care insurance. It increases the benefits on a percentage basis. This makes it ideal for people who want to take advantage of a professional care service in case of care.

Care Pension Plan

The care-pension insurance is comparable to one pension Insurance, which is paid only in case of long-term care. When concluding, make sure that the assessment is recognized as a nursing care case by the medical service of the health insurance fund. Policies that require a patient's own examination are not recommended.

Care-day money insurance

The daily allowance insurance is the best solution among the supplementary care insurances, if home care is desired. It pays an agreed amount per day, which may depend on the level of care and the use of inpatient facilities. However, proof of the actual costs incurred is not necessary.

Conveniently conclude supplementary care insurance

Like a Health insurance The younger the policyholder is at graduation, the cheaper the monthly installments. Already from 10 € per month a state-subsidized supplementary care insurance can be taken out.

State funding is called "Pflege-Bahr" in this case and includes 5 € per month. This can pay off especially in a long Anspar phase. Make an insurance test with our care insurance comparison and find your long-term care insurance test winner among the providers. The Stiftung Warentest has also taken private care insurance tests. Numerous topic pages, analyzes, specials and tests can be found on the website of Stiftung Warentest.

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Supplementary Nursing Insurance / Finance & Insurance Guide

Here is the overview of the best care supplement insurance calculator that is currently available on the market.

My name is Wolfgang and it annoys me if my insurance does not provide the services that I would like. In our tariff calculator, you will not only find the cheapest care insurance but also a comprehensive overview in ours Nursing supplement insurance rate calculator about the individual services.

Our Nursing supplement insurance comparison should save you from wrong decisions and help you with your personal care insurance To find test winner. Our tips and advice from our test & comparison will help you the best care insurance to find.

If you already have experience or a supplementary care insurance test, Dur may be happy to send me a response. My portal is always available for active communication. I am pleased about a response from you.

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