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No pain, no gain …

... it is said to be so beautiful in sports, but when the sweat runs from the effort into the eyes, the fun stops. Good that Fitness headbands There are those who keep the sweat out and absorb it. Having such a headband makes it really fun to work up a sweat.

But that Head sweatband offer is great, different materials, sizes or colors, advertise your favor with the manufacturers. Which sweatband head Models that are the best, we would like to introduce to you in our comparison, combined with our Top 5 Headband Bestsellers.

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Best recommendation


Sweatband ONUPGO sports headband wrist absorbing

  • very elastic
  • comfortable
  • absorbent


Sweatband HANERDUN Men's Sweatbands Cotton

  • pleasantly soft
  • absorbent
  • perfect fit


Sweatband Nike Unisex Adult Swoosh, Gray, One Size

  • breathable
  • elastic
  • soft
  • fast drying
  • highly elastic


Sweatband HANERDUN Cotton Black / Gray / Red (3 pcs), One size

  • very soft
  • extremely absorbent
  • also for sensitive skin

Price-performance winner


Sweatband Sunshine smile, headband, men's ladies (3er Pack) thin

  • Inside mesh
  • wider at the front than at the back
  • perfect fit

Name Sweatband ONUPGO sports headband wrist absorbing Sweatband HANERDUN Men's Sweatbands Cotton Sweatband Nike Unisex Adult Swoosh, Gray, One Size Sweatband HANERDUN Cotton Black / Gray / Red (3 pcs), One size Sweatband Sunshine smile, headband, men's ladies (3er Pack) thin
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,6goodsweatband

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodsweatband

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodsweatband

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodsweatband

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com2,1goodsweatband

Manufacturer/Model Onupgo Hanerdun Nike Hanerdun Sunshine Smile
Material 80% Cotton / 12% Elastane / 8% Nylon 80% Cotton / 12% Elastane / 8% Nylon 70% Cotton / 19% Nylon / 7% Polyester / 4% Rubber 80% Cotton / 12% Elastane / 8% Nylon 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
type of fabric terry terry terry terry Jersey
Farben 25 3 1 11 3
Dimensions 20,5 x 5 cm 18 x 5 cm 18 x 5 cm 18 x 5 cm kA
Size Unisex Unisex Unisex Unisex Unisex
washable Yes, hand wash recommended ja ja ja ja
Scope of delivery 1 headband, 2 bracelets 1 headband or 2 headbands or 2 headbands + 2 bracelets 1 headband 1 headband or 3 headbands 3 headbands
Features great color selection also available with bracelets with Nike logo 3 pack also in mixed colors also wearable as a hair band
  • very elastic
  • comfortable
  • absorbent
  • pleasantly soft
  • absorbent
  • perfect fit
  • breathable
  • elastic
  • soft
  • fast drying
  • highly elastic
  • very soft
  • extremely absorbent
  • also for sensitive skin
  • Inside mesh
  • wider at the front than at the back
  • perfect fit
Summary Headband in combination with 2 bracelets in many colors Headband in three different combinations Headband with high elasticity, adapts perfectly to the head shape Head sweatband also in the 3-pack for quick change Double-layered headband in a stylish design
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Our comparison chart for Sweatband comparison does not replace one Sweatband testin which a special Sweatband test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external sweatband test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Sweatband test winner is.

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At a glance

  • Head sweatbands are suitable for many sports. They are very absorbent and moisture regulating to absorb the sweat on the forehead, but at the same time protect you from cold when exercising outdoors.

  • These headbands or headbands are also fashionable accessories. They come in many colors, from subtle black or gray to neo colors or striped in national colors. You can purchase a single Sweatband Head separately, as a set with multiple headbands or in conjunction with 2 Wristbands.

  • The headbands are suitable for all kinds of sports, such as tennis, basketball, boxing, yoga, jogging or cycling. In the colder months, the headband also serves to protect the sensitive forehead and ears.

The headband - for cold and warm days

For any kind of effort that makes you sweat Head sweatbands cheap, so no sweat can run into your eyes. This is necessary for jobs requiring outdoor work all year round, such as road builders or roofers, as well as most sports that involve effort. In our Headband comparison from test-Vergleiche.com We would like to introduce you to the practical little tapes for the head. It does not matter Bicycle headband when touring, is the warm headband while hiking or the headband playing tennis, they all have one thing in common: they are all-rounder, are very soft, cuddly, cool or warm and are absorbent.

Top product: Sweatband at Amazon

ONUPGO Sweatband Set Sports Headband Wrist Striped Sweatbands Terry Training Basketball Bracelet Headbands Moisture Wicking Sweatband
19 Reviews
ONUPGO Sweatband Set Sports Headband Wrist Striped Sweatbands Terry Training Basketball Bracelet Headbands Moisture Wicking Sweatband
  • The package includes 3 pieces: 1 x Pink Headband, 2 x Pink Bracelets.
  • Material & Size: Made from 80% Cotton, 12% Elastane and 8% Nylon; Headband size: approx. 7,6 "x 2,1", bracelets Size: ...
  • Designed in a beautiful and professional style: The sweatband headbands bracelets are designed with beautiful colors that ...
  • Extremely comfortable to wear: The Wristband - Headband - Bracelets - Set is a weightless and vertical piece of sports equipment that is ...
  • Sweat absorption and protection: Elastic, comfortable sweatbands made of highly sweat-absorbing materials, which enhance your ...

Daily hair accessory - The thin hair band is also great as a Alternatives of classic scrunchy.

For which sports are headbands suitable?

Ball sportsBasketballSoft headband with optimal moisture transport
TennisMoisture-regulating terry
Outdoor sportsMountaineeringsoft, sweat-wicking,
Nordic WalkingSoft, sweat-wicking
HikingKnitted, lined inside
Running sportsRunSoft, sweat-wicking
Trail RunningWith roughened or warming inside
cycling speciesCyclingSoft, sweat-wicking
MountainbikingSoft, heat insulating, windproof front
Winter sportsAll kindsKnitting, warming

What is a sweatband?

There are different names for this practical headboard covering. It is called sweatband when it comes to performing strenuous sweat-related sports or activities. The Retro headband has been a fashion accessory since the days of the hippie and that too Headband to tie was the identifying mark of the Apache warriors a few hundred years ago.

Who drives a lot of outdoor sports, has certainly already Headband experiencesSweat can get in the eyes when sweating in the summer, and in winter the head should not cool excessively. That is why the summer belongs to the good sweatband headgear and to winter the best headbands as cold protection to warm ears and forehead.

Note :

A headband is extremely diverse. For example, it keeps the hair back, so that they do not get lost in the face while jogging. These are available in different versions. Narrow headbands alternate with extra wide ones. The latter can be completely pulled over the whole head. This protects against UV-protection in the summer from a sunstroke and in winter from the cold.

Advantages and disadvantages of the sweatband


Can cool or warm

Sweat can not run into your eyes

Keeps forehead and ears warm

keeps hair in check

many materials and colors

also as a fashion accessory


Not known

What should you look for when buying a headband?

The wide arsenal of headbands made of different fabrics, patterns or widths is enormous, even sports clubs can do theirs Print headbands to let. For all needs there is that best headband to buy. But before you get involved Order or buy head sweatband, you should follow Headband Reviews the various properties to heart.


For the hot days in summer, sweat-absorbing substances, such as cotton, which have a cooling effect, are in great demand. Better for the winter are two-ply fabrics, which also bring a certain thermal insulation with it.


All head sweatbands or headbands are made of elastic materials. A certain amount of elastane makes that possible. They are therefore well without pressing or sliding. In addition, they should have some breathability, because what uses a sweatband, if it rests wet on the head after a certain time.


From thin headbands everything is possible for the summer to coarse-knit, knotted front. Many manufacturers offer their sweatbands with striking details. Nike headbands For example, have an embroidered logo on the front or Ladies headbands are offered to match any outfit in a variety of colors. at Professional headbands For competitive sports, the colored country code, such as black-red-gold or the typical emblems of sports clubs or sponsors are very popular.


There are no special sizes Ladies or men headbands, Almost all models are offered in unisex sizes, which means that the headband is suitable for both sexes. The elastic material adapts to any head size. Only if you are for children Buy headband, you should look for those with smaller dimensions.


Those who are often out in the dark, should pay attention to reflective elements on the front and back. Some manufacturers supply in addition to the sweatbands on the head two bracelets suitable. Thus, your wrists and hands remain dry during sports. Of course, a headband should also be washable.

Note :

Headbands should be washed after wearing. It's best to buy a set of 3 headbands, so you always have a band ready when it needs to be changed.

Sweatband Bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
Nike Unisex Adult Swoosh Headband / Headband, Black (Black / White), One Size
138 Reviews
Nike Unisex Adult Swoosh Headband / Headband, Black (Black / White), One Size
  • Material: 70% cotton, 19% nylon, 7% polyester, 4% rubber
  • Thanks to its high elasticity, the headband adapts optimally to the shape of the head
  • Breathable, elastic, soft, quick-drying, moisture-regulating
  • With embroidered Swoosh logo
  • Care instructions: machine washable
Bestseller no. 2
VENI MASEE Sportline Sweatband, Terry Bracelet, Wristbands, Sweatbands (Price for a single item)
  • Practical Use - VENI MASEE Sports Armband is Light & Vertical in Gym, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Workout, Running, ...
  • Performance bracelets fashionable sports bracelet with different colors. The provision of different colors and combinations ...
  • Elastic comfortable sweatbands-made from high-level sweat-wicking organic cotton that removes moisture from the skin and dries ...
  • Size and Material [Ingredient] 85% Cotton, 12% Elastane, 3% Nylon. [Size for bracelet] 3.15 x 3 inch (8 cm x 7.5 cm). One size ...
  • About the pictures-all pictures and photos are taken and designed by AYOZEN Inc. Staff Group. Copyright reserved and we ...
Bestseller no. 3
Sport Headband 3 Pack, LATTCURE Men's Headband, Sweatband, Headband Anti-Slip, for Jogging, Running, Hiking, Biking and Motorcycling
  • Lightweight and stretchy material: Men's sweatband is made of high quality, breathable and lightweight polyester material. The...
  • Moisture-regulating sweatband: Headband is thin and breathable. Our headband is your best helper in physical ...
  • Versatile use: Men's headband is suitable in many sports areas top and ensures an additional well-being in ...
  • Super Gift: It's the most fashionable decoration for your everyday outfit and your sports suits. It is also perfect gift for ...
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our sports headband comes with an 100% Money Back Guarantee in case the items are not ...

Our headband buying advice

Before we give you a few more Headband buying recommendations you should also look in our other comparisons to the sporting goods equipment:

Where to buy head sweatbands

Cheap headbands you can buy in almost every shop that also offers clothing. However, the more than fashionable accessories are intended and are rather unsuitable for sports activities. The best head sweatbands of course offers the sports retailer. Here are branded goods, of course, for the appropriate price. If you have the Headband price There you should find yours too high Order headband online or buy online, Here you benefit from many other advantages. The selection is particularly versatile on the internet, so you're sure to find the right headband for your purpose. At the same time you benefit from the many customer reviews with the Head sweatband reviews from other buyers.


The soft headband holds during sports activities the sweat and Haar out of the face, Great for yoga, basketball, tennis, soccer, jogging and others.

Who makes good head sweatbands?

The list of manufacturers is enormous, so we can not list them all here. Nevertheless, we would like to give you some of the most important ones in alphabetical order:

Has the Stiftung Warentest published a headband review?

Unfortunately, neither Stiftung Warentest nor Öko Test or any other independent testing institute has dealt with head sweatbands, headbands or headbands. a Head sweatband test winner Therefore, we can not present you and you have to rely on your own objective assessments.

Questions and answers (FAQ) about sweatband head comparison

Cheap head sweat bands are available from 10 Euro upwards. Depending on the material, size and appearance but also 30 Euro and more can be beat.

The best way to compare the headband prices on the Internet. Look for similar models and then opt for the best value for money.

It should transport the moisture well. Here you should choose a very breathable sweatband made of terry cloth.

All head sweatbands need to be washed. Some need a hand wash. Should you be washed in the washing machine, you should use a laundry net.

Headbands for babies not only look cute, they protect on cooler summer days without equal to provoke a heat accumulation under the cap.

Short hair can take all kinds of headbands. But since no hair must be retained here, even very narrow bands are advantageous.

If you like doing sports in the winter, cycling or jogging, you should protect your head from cooling down. This is best done with a lined headband. It keeps your forehead warm and you can also protect your ears from the cold.

Exhausting sports, which are practiced in the summer, are usually sweaty. The sweatband here ensures that no sweat pervades the face and may even get in the eye.


The head sweatband is part of the sports equipment for the professional or recreational athlete. It prevents sweaty sports from getting in the eyes. At the same time, it prevents the forehead from cooling down in winter and at the same time protects the ears. And for those who do not do sports, a headband is still a fashion accessory.

Further recommended sweatband selected for you

4.8/ 5 off 113 Reviews] 4.8 113

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