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Weight plates - indispensable for good strength training at home

Fitness training in the home gym has been becoming increasingly popular for many years. It sounds tempting to progress from home without spending money on the gym. And that is actually possible for you too! You don't even need a lot of exercise equipment for this. A set of weight plates is sufficient.

Weight plates offer the perfect opportunity for your fitness training to intensify the exercises in order to achieve quick results. There are some very good weight plate sets on the market and in ours Weight plates comparison find out which of them are among the best.

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Best recommendation


Weight plates HS Hop-Sport 30kg dumbbell set

  • particularly inexpensive
  • nice look
  • non-slip surface


Hop-Sport weight plates (2 x 20 kg)

  • with handles
  • made of cast iron
  • very stable


Movit® weight plates set PRO

  • nice look
  • made of cast iron
  • easy to read label


Weight plates ScSPORTS 20 kg weight plate set

  • made of cast iron
  • very stable

Price-performance winner


Weight plates GORILLA SPORTS® weight plate set

  • cheap price
  • floor-protecting plastic layer

Name Weight plates HS Hop-Sport 30kg dumbbell set Hop-Sport weight plates (2 x 20 kg) Movit® weight plates set PRO Weight plates ScSPORTS 20 kg weight plate set Weight plates GORILLA SPORTS® weight plate set
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentWeight Plates

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodWeight Plates

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodWeight Plates

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodWeight Plates

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,9goodWeight Plates

Manufacturer/Model Hop-Sport Hop-Sport Movit ScSPORTS GORILLA
suitable for Standard barbells | Dumbbells Standard barbells | Dumbbells | Functional training Standard barbells | Dumbbells Standard barbells | Dumbbells Standard barbells | Dumbbells
Weight 30 kg 30 kg 20 kg 20 kg 30 kg
Composition 8 x 1,25 kg, 4 x 2,5 kg, 2 x 5 kg 2 x 5 kg, 2 x 10 kg 2 x 1,25 kg, 2 x 2,5 kg, 2 x 5 kg 4 5 x kg 2 x 5 kg, 2 x 10 kg
Dumbbell bar included in the set no no ja no no
Material Plastic discs with sand filling Cast discs Cast discs Cast discs Plastic discs with sand filling
Diameter of the hole 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm
Features particularly handy | more holes to grasp | with sand filling with handles | particularly stable made of cast iron | beautiful look | Barbell included in the set special stability | classic cast iron look kept simple | with sand filling
  • particularly inexpensive
  • nice look
  • non-slip surface
  • with handles
  • made of cast iron
  • very stable
  • nice look
  • made of cast iron
  • easy to read label
  • made of cast iron
  • very stable
  • cheap price
  • floor-protecting plastic layer
Summary Price winner in our comparison Can also be used for functional training thanks to handles nice set in cast iron at a great price very stable and durable set made of cast iron, but a bit more expensive cheaply available set, good for getting started
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Weight Plates

Weight plates at a glance

  • Most weight plate sets have a weight of 20 kg to 30 kg. This is completely sufficient for intensive training. The sets consist of many different discs in the sizes 1,25 kg, 2,5 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg.
  • Various materials are used to manufacture weight plates. The most common weight plates are made of cast iron, rubber or with a plastic cover that is filled with sand.
  • The holes in the weight plates for the barbell are usually 30 mm in size. This size is standardized and therefore dumbbell bars from different manufacturers can also be used together.

With a good weight plate set you can already train professionally at home. In our weight plates comparison we provide you with the best weight plate sets to make your purchase decision easier. In our weight plates comparison you will find out everything you need to consider when buying. You can also visit our site test-vergleiche.com look at numerous other interesting comparisons to fitness products, for example:

Top product: weight plates at Amazon

Hop-Sport 30kg weight plates sets 30 mm weights selection: 2x5kg + 2x10kg / 4x2,5kg + 4x5kg / 8x1,25kg + 4x2,5 + 2x5kg (C: 8x1,25kg + 4x2,5 + 2x5kg)
  • Set C: 8x1,25 kg + 4x2,5 kg + 2x5 kg
  • Hole diameter of the plastic weight plates: 30 / 31mm, 1,25 kg: diameter: 16 cm, thickness: 231 mm; 2,5kg: diameter: 21cm, ...
  • Dumbbell sets with discs of different weight classes can be used in a variety of ways for short and barbell training
  • The weight plates can be mounted on all standard weight bars with 30 mm diameter
  • Now choose the right weight set for you, the configuration of which is better suited to your training condition

What are weight plates?

Weight plates are essential for good fitness training. They offer the perfect solution for training with heavy weights and can be used in combination with various dumbbell bars.

Anyone who wants to train effectively at home should have at least a small selection of weight plates with which they can vary the weight for each exercise. With weight plates, you can bring the gym into your home and train like professionals.

In our weight plates price comparison you will find out which type of weight plates are the best for your home, which criteria must be considered when buying and which set was able to convince us best overall.

Weight Plates

What different materials are there for weight plates?

Weight plates can be made from various materials. The most common are weight plates made of cast iron, or weight plates made of a plastic cover that is filled with sand.

There are also versions made of rubber or with a rubber coating, which are particularly gentle and quiet.

The compared sets in our test are either made of cast iron or plastic with sand filling.

  • Cast iron weight plates

Cast iron weight plates are particularly stable and durable. This variant is particularly common in fitness studios, as it is usually of very high quality.

However, cast iron weight plates are usually a little more expensive than others.


take up less space as iron is heavier than other materials

high weight possible

very stable and durable


a bit expensive

  • Plastic weight plates with sand filling

This variant is absolutely suitable and sufficient for training in the home gym. They are more suitable for beginners and are usually a little cheaper in price


suitable for beginners

inexpensive available

suitable for home


no extremely heavy weights

need more space

Which weight should be chosen for weight plates?

It is difficult to say generally which weight should be chosen. It always depends on the individual person, which training you want to do, your gender and age and how advanced you are in training.

However, a weight plate set with a weight of 20 to 30 kg offers a good solution in most cases. Less weight can then be used for more specific exercises by removing some discs from the bar. For the basic exercises of the squat, deadlift and bench press, however, it still offers enough weight so that you do not immediately reach your limits and have to buy new ones.

If you are just starting out with your workout, be sure to start with less weight at the beginning and focus on doing the exercises correctly first. Only when the shape is right and you have got used to the movement pattern should you reach for more weight.

Hop-Sport weight plates

Hop Sport Weight Plates

What should be considered when buying weight plates?

In different Weight plates tests as in Compare weight plates the quality and functionality of weight plates is repeatedly assessed and compared. In our weight plates comparison, we want to show you which features you can use to determine this quality, so that you can form your own opinion about our weight plates purchase recommendation. The following criteria determine the quality of weight plates:

  • Material

As mentioned above, weight plates can be made from different materials. In addition to cast iron and weight plates with sand filling, there are also variants that are rubberized or made entirely of rubber. Each material has different advantages and is suitable for different situations. Cast iron is particularly stable and durable. Rubber weight plates or rubberized weight plates are very quiet and gentle on the floor. Weight plates with sand filling are definitely inexpensive and well suited for beginners.

  • The weight

Before you decide on a weight plate set, you should decide on a weight. A set weighing 20 to 30 kg is a good choice here. So you can train for a while until you reach the limits of the weight plates and have to equip yourself with additional weight.

The composition of the set must also be well chosen:

There are sets with many large discs (5 kg, 10 kg). The heavier the individual slices, the more weight you can put on the bar later if you want to buy more weights. For beginners, however, the set should also contain smaller discs (1,25 kg, 2,5 kg) so that they can start with less weight. We can recommend a good mix of small and large weight plates. So you can start with a little less weight on the barbell and still have heavier discs available to increase your training after a while.

  • The size of the hole for the barbell

When buying weight plates, you must pay attention to the diameter of the hole for the barbell. Especially if there is no rod in the set, it is imperative that the correct size is chosen so that the discs fit on the rod. As a rule, these sizes are standardized to 30 mm, but there are also some manufacturers on the Internet who use their own sizes (e.g. 28 mm) in order to ensure exclusivity to other manufacturers.

It is best to simply opt for the standardized size of 30 mm, then you can use the weight plates for all common bars.

  • The handles

Some weight plates have extra handles. This allows the weight plates to be gripped better, which is a great advantage, especially with heavy weights. Weight plates with handles are particularly suitable for functional training, where the plates can also be used without bars.

This feature is a nice bonus. However, it is not absolutely necessary for actual use.

  • The barbell

Some sets of weight plates also include a barbell. This can be of great benefit, as of course you save costs if you don't have to buy an additional barbell. This also guarantees that the weight plates fit perfectly on the respective bar. However, this factor is not a must. Due to the standardized size of the holes of 30/31 mm, the weight plates usually fit on all weight bars.

In addition, the use of several different barbell bars (dumbbell bar, barbell bar, SZ bar) is also ideal for flexible training, which means that you have to buy more barbell bars anyway.

  • The manufacturers

There are numerous manufacturers on the Internet who sell weight plate sets. Especially when you order weight plates online, you should be particularly careful, as not all manufacturers offer the same quality. While you can test the weight plates carefully and check their properties when you buy them from specialist shops on site, there are only pictures and a description of the features on the Internet.

It is advisable not to buy weight plates online from just any sellers, but from those who have long been characterized by good quality. Some good suppliers of weight plates are for example Hop-Sport, ScSports, Movit and Gorilla Sports.

Weight plates bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
ScSPORTS 20 kg weight set, 4 x 5 kg, cast iron weights, 30 / 31 mm bore, tested and passed by Intertek (1)
  • ScSPORTS weight plates 4 x 5 kg: Ideal to build or expand your workout equipment
  • Robust and resilient: Weight made of high-quality, solid cast iron, particularly durable and dimensionally stable, even with intensive ...
  • 1: Tested by Intertek for 194 pollutants, including PAHs + nickel + cadmium and passed, test report as PDF download at ...
  • Bore 30 / 31mm: weight plate fits perfectly on all current short, long and curl bars with a diameter of 30mm
  • Technical data: Diameter 22 cm, thickness 2,8 cm, hole diameter 30 / 31 mm, material cast iron, black
Bestseller no. 2
Bad Company K-Grip weight plates with handles I plastic coated weights 30/31 mm I 6 x 1,25 Kg
  • High quality ✓ The Bad Company weight plates are made of compacted cement in a plastic coating and are ...
  • Flexible training ✓ Thanks to their plastic coating, the weight plates are gentle on the floor and are ideal for ...
  • Standard size ✓ The discs with 30/31 mm bore do not roll away and, thanks to the practical handles, can be safely ...
  • Effective workout ✓ With small but steady weight increases, both beginners and professionals can ...
  • Many variations ✓ The dumbbell weights are available in various weight classes, in pairs or in a multi-part set, so that you ...
Bestseller no. 3
Hop-Sport Weightles 5kg 10kg 20kg 30kg 40kg Cast Weights Dumbbell Set Weight Discs 30mm (2 x 20 kg)
  • 2 20 x kg
  • Hole diameter of the cast weight plates: 30 / 31mm, 10kg: Diameter: 26 cm, Thickness: 3,2 cm; 5kg: Diameter: 22 cm, Thickness: 2,7 cm
  • Material: Cast iron - weights made of cast iron have a significantly longer life, are extremely robust and dimensionally stable
  • The weight plates can be mounted on all common weight bars with a diameter of 30 mm. The weights are perfect with ...
  • Now choose the right weight set for you, the configuration of which is better suited to your training condition

Weight plates pros and cons


ideal for strength training and home workouts

effective training and rapid progress

suitable for all barbells and dumbbells

Possibility to choose between many different weights

Weights can be changed quickly

Standardized hole sizes à weight plates from different manufacturers can be combined


not all fitness exercises can be done with weight plates

The weight plates comparison of test-vergleiche.com

In online retail in particular, there are countless different weight plate sets that differ greatly in quality. There are offers from many manufacturers. At first glance, it is therefore often difficult to make the best choice and decide on the right set. For this reason, you will find out in our weight plate test which sets are actually suitable. We took a closer look at the five sets mentioned above and compared them based on the essential characteristics for weight plates.

A weight plate set has particularly distinguished itself in terms of both price and quality. We want to briefly give you a few details about our Weight plates comparison winner call.

The weight plate set of the Hop-Sport brand in our comparison consists of 30 kg and can be purchased in different versions: Set A contains 2 x 5 kg + 2 x 10 kg, set B 4 x 2,5 kg + 4 x 5 kg and in set C 8 x 1,25 kg + 4 x 2,5 kg + 2 x 5 kg.

The weight plates consist of a plastic cover which is filled with a sand mixture. The diameter of the hole for the rod is 30 mm and thus corresponds to the standard. Thus, these weight plates fit on any common barbell, for which a diameter of 30 mm is required.

These weight plates from Hop-Sport have a roughened surface that is very easy to grip, and further inside they have further holes for easy handling. You can also convince with a beautiful look.

This weight plate set is very inexpensive and the cheapest of the sets listed above. Overall, it convinced us very well and is therefore also the overall winner of our weight plates comparison. We can give a clear purchase recommendation for this weight plate set.

Is there a weight plate test from Stiftung Warentest?

Stiftung Warentest carries out various tests on everyday objects. Stiftung Warentest also has some good advice on the subject of fitness. Unfortunately, there is currently no comparison for weight plates

Weight Plates

Weight plates purchase: specialist trade vs. Internet

Often times, weight plates can only be purchased in sports stores that have a special department for fitness and weight training accessories. By purchasing Weight Plates You will receive information on site from technically competent employees, which is a great advantage over the Internet. In addition, the weight plates can be taken with you when you buy them and used immediately. But weight plates are only available from very few dealers and there is usually only a small selection with a few manufacturers. It is difficult to compare several offers and make a good choice.

On the other hand, on the Internet you can choose from a much larger number of manufacturers and products and compare them with one another. In addition, a Weight plates price comparison so you can see immediately which set is best for you. The only disadvantage of buying on the Internet is that you occasionally have to be patient for the goods to be delivered to your home. This can often take between three and 5 working days.

You can usually find the following manufacturers of quality weight plates on the Internet:

Questions and answers (FAQ) about weight plates

If you want to build your own home gym, you should definitely not do without weight plates. You can then use the weight plates for both dumbbells and barbell bars and start training immediately.

Anyone who wants to train their physical fitness at home should not do without weight plates. They offer the perfect solution for heavy weight training at home.

When buying weight plates, you should definitely pay attention to the quality. Here you have the choice between discs filled with sand and cast discs made of metal. The weight must also be right and meet your requirements. The diameter of the holes in the barbell must be large enough to fit on the barbell. Usually this value is 30 or 31 mm.

Mainly, the price of the weight plates depends on the weight. The prices are usually between 20 and 80 euros and increase with the weight. The majority of the products are between 20 and 30 euros. In sets, weight plates are usually much cheaper overall than if you buy them individually.

Conclusion to the weight plates comparison

If you've been training for a while and want to invest a little more money in really high-quality weight plates, sets made of cast iron are the best choice. These are very stable and durable.

For beginners, however, our test winner is definitely the best choice. With this set of plastic and sand filling, you get everything you need to get started.

We wish you a lot of fun and good training results!

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