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More hygiene with a yoga towel

It is not for everyone to lie down on the existing floor mats in the sports club that others also use. If you don't want to do without the comfort of these soft mats, a yoga towel is a good choice.

The Yoga towel offer is precisely tailored to the sizes of the yoga mats and protects the user from the sweat of others and also ensures that the Sports towel does not leave its own vapors on the mat. Good yoga towels do not slip and provide security for the duration of the training.

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Yoga towel adorence non-slip pimples Pilates

  • no wrinkles thanks to PVC
  • good anti-slip effect
  • is bombproof


Yogibato yoga towel non-slip & quick-drying

  • kind to the skin
  • hygienic
  • secure hold
  • soft feel


Yoga towel Lumaland microfiber anti-slip nubs

  • non-slip
  • absorbent
  • slightly
  • small pack size / washable even at higher temperatures


ATIVAFIT yoga towel with silica gels 188 x 64 cm

  • kind to the skin
  • soft
  • slightly
  • thinner than other towels


Yoga towel Glymnis microfiber (blue, 152X76cm)

  • very easy
  • soft
  • not fluffy
  • small pack size

Name Yoga towel adorence non-slip pimples Pilates Yogibato yoga towel non-slip & quick-drying Yoga towel Lumaland microfiber anti-slip nubs ATIVAFIT yoga towel with silica gels 188 x 64 cm Yoga towel Glymnis microfiber (blue, 152X76cm)
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentYoga towel

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodYoga towel

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodYoga towel

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodYoga towel

Tops Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodYoga towel

Manufacturer/Model adorence Yogibato Lumaland Antivafit Glymnis
Material microfiber microfiber microfiber microfiber microfiber
Size loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) 40 x 80 cm | 120 x 60 cm | 152 x 76 cm
Farben 4 4 13 3 8
antibacterial ja ja kA ja ja
washable cold 30 ° 60 ° 30 ° 30 °
Underside non-slip ja ja ja ja no
Pocket Carrying bag with mesh without Carrying bag with mesh Carrying bag with mesh Mesh bag
Features Pockets on the edges prevent it from rolling up embroidered logo many colors to choose from also suitable for beach chairs practical snap fastener loop for hanging
  • no wrinkles thanks to PVC
  • good anti-slip effect
  • is bombproof
  • kind to the skin
  • hygienic
  • secure hold
  • soft feel
  • non-slip
  • absorbent
  • slightly
  • small pack size / washable even at higher temperatures
  • kind to the skin
  • soft
  • slightly
  • thinner than other towels
  • very easy
  • soft
  • not fluffy
  • small pack size
Summary Colorful microfiber yoga towel with a good grip Non-slip yoga towel with silicone coating Yoga towel, can also be used as a mat thanks to the knobs Yoga towel with non-slip nubs Sports towel in a practical carry bag
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Our comparison chart for Yoga towel comparison does not replace one Yoga towel testin which a special Yoga towel test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external yoga towel test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Yoga towel test winner is.

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Yoga towel

Yoga towel at a glance

  • For any type of sport that is on one Yoga mat is performed, a yoga towel ensures more hygiene. In the sizes produced, these towels are usually designed to fit standard yoga mats.
  • Nubs or a silicone coating on the underside ensure a slip-free hold when exercising on the mat. The top is usually made of an absorbent and quick-drying microfiber, which is also pleasantly soft.
  • Thanks to the material, yoga towels are very light and can be folded up to a small pack size. They can be taken anywhere in a suitable transport bag and if there is no yoga mat available, you can only use the towel if necessary.

Yoga mat and yoga towel, a symbiosis that makes sense

Yoga towels are Microfiber towels, which are super soft and offer an additional layer for the fitness mat. They absorb body sweat and the mat remains dry and hygienic. These towels were specially developed for the yoga sport, but are also very useful for all other sports that are performed on a mat, such as Pilates or gymnastic exercises or exercises with the fitness band or the Faszienrolle. Such a towel is even useful for camping or other leisure activities. Anyone interested in buying a Yoga towel the best If you want to search for microfiber towels, you should consult the guide in our Yoga towel comparison of take a closer look. To make your choice even easier, we have presented five of the best-selling yoga towels for you in a table.

Top product: yoga towel at Amazon

adorence yoga towel non-slip nubs (improved PVC handles + side pockets) microfiber sweat-absorbing & quick-drying mat towel - ideal for ...
  • IMPROVED ANTI-SLIP - Double secured with PVC grip + side pockets, you can easily attach the yoga towel to the mat ...
  • ❤NO SLIDE and CLEARANCE MORE: side pockets attach the towel and PVC handles prevent the yoga towel ...
  • ❤ PREMIUM MATERIAL - Made from microfiber (80% polyester 20% polyamide) that absorbs twice as much as standard cotton ...
  • ❤HYGIENE and MACHINE WASHABLE- No more DIRECT touching the old gym mats, bring your own yoga towel and ...
  • ❤ PERFECT SIZE: 72 "x 25" (183 × 63 cm) fits over a standard size yoga mat. If your yoga mat is shorter, fold ...

Why do you need a yoga towel?

Towel is towel you may say, why should I use one specifically for this sport Buy yoga towel? Let's do this from the ground up. Yoga or other types of gymnastics are mainly performed on the floor. So that you don't sit on the hard floor of a gym, there are yoga or exercise mats. Often these are available in the gyms and everyone can use them. But who wants to get into the sweat of others, because these mats are not cleaned after every use. A Fitness towel helps here, but the exercise mats are mostly smooth and most commercial towels are not non-slip. But especially when it comes to yoga, a firm base and stability are particularly in demand. That's why there is non-slip yoga towel with nubs, which cannot slip during the exercises. Especially with the active forms of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Bikram, Hot Yoga or Power, you can work up a sweat. The mostly antibacterial Microfiber towel keeps you there and that Yoga mat hygienically clean.

Yoga towel

What Makes Yoga So Successful?

Yoga has been practiced for centuries and involves body and mind. Yoga ensures physical fitness and relaxation of the soul. There are now around 130 different yoga variants. All you need is one Yoga mat, Knobs yoga towel and an meditation cushions. With some styles also one Yoga block or a yoga swing.

Yoga styleflowSuitable for:>Description<
Hatha YogaSlowly
tradition-conscious yogis
• Most popular worldwide
• slow powerful changes
• breathing exercises
• meditation
Yin YogaCalm
Mobility conscious
• Passive stretching
• Poses are held for up to 10 minutes
Ashtanga YogaDynamic
advanced• Hardest yoga style
• very demanding physically
• in synchronization with the breath
Kundalini YogaDynamic
Spiritual yogis
• Dynamic, body-oriented and spiritually oriented yoga style
• breathing exercises
• meditation
Vinyasa YogaDynamic
• Synchronization with breathing
• Demanding body and calming mind
• diversified
Jivimukati yogaModern
Spiritual and fitness affine yogis• With music and chanting of mantras
• dynamic
• meditation
Aerial YogaPlayful
Beginner• Floating freely in an aerial yoga towel
• stimulates the metabolism
Bikram yogaDynamic
• Training at high temperature and humidity
• detoxifying
Hormone yogaCalm
Women with hormonal imbalance• Different combinations of Hatha and Kundalini
• breathing exercises
• muscle relaxation
Iyengar YogaSlowly
Beginner• Exercises with a yoga block and yoga straps

Yoga Towel Note:

You need even more accessories for your yoga exercises, then you should also test a yoga bike, one yogabag or Yoga pants and Yoga socks as well as with the Faszienball . work

Yoga towel purchase advice

they do not know yet what yoga towel You should or should buy one cheap yoga towel is just as good as a Professional yoga towel? So that you can buy the best yoga towel we have put together the most important purchase criteria here.

  • Material

Cotton is preferred for the towels in the bathroom or the shower towel. It quickly soaks up the moisture. However, as a yoga or sports towel, this material has one crucial disadvantage: it stays moist for a long time. This is not a problem when showering, it is simply hung up afterwards. If you sweat while doing yoga, the moisture would remain in the towel and either lead to colds or become slippery, which would be counterproductive with some exercises. The best material for a yoga towel is therefore a microfiber. It absorbs moisture quickly, but releases it just as quickly. The best composition for microfiber towels for sports purposes is 80% polyester combined with 20% polyamide.

  • Size

Yoga towel experiences According to, the towel should be tailored to the yoga mat. Most yoga towels are about the size of a yoga mat of 180 x 60 cm. Even so, it pays off before you sign up Order a yoga towelto check the dimensions. Better a towel that is a bit too big than one with smaller dimensions.

  • slip resistance

In order to be able to perform yoga exercises properly, one must have a firm grip. That is why most yoga towels have a non-slip underside. Depending on the version, the knobs can be or a silicone coating that prevents slipping on the yoga mat.

Yoga Towel Note:

Our Yoga towel purchase recommendation: Simple yoga towels lose the necessary grip after a few washes. So rather spend a little more than, for example, one cheap yoga towel increase.

Yoga towel bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
Lotuscrafts yoga towel Wet Grip - non-slip & quick-drying - anti-slip yoga towel with high grip - yoga towel ideal for hot yoga [183 x 61 cm]
  • THE ULTIMATE YOGA TOWEL - Whether as a support for the yoga mat or as an extremely light travel mat: our non-slip yoga towel ...
  • WET GRIP SURFACE - Thanks to the special surface structure, the anti-slip towel gives you a better grip during your ...
  • INNOVATIVE NON-SLIP BOTTOM - Unlike a yoga towel with nubs, our yoga towel has an all-over anti-slip ...
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY AND ABSORBABLE - The non-slip sports towel is made of very absorbent material with an antibacterial ...
  • HIGH QUALITY MICROFIBER YOGA TOWEL - Very good workmanship in proven Lotuscrafts quality. Color matching our ...
Bestseller no. 2
Yogibato Yoga Towel non-slip & quick-drying - Yoga Towel Anti-Slip - Microfiber Yoga Towel - Non Slip Yoga Towel [183 x 61 cm] Violet
  • INNOVATIVE NON-SLIP BOTTOM: In contrast to a yoga cloth with knobs, the Yogibato yoga towel has on the underside ...
  • THE OPTIMAL YOGA TOWEL: Whether as a mat for the yoga mat or as a travel mat, the Yogibato yoga towel is universal ...
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY & HYGIENIC: Whether as a mat for outdoor training, as a blanket for meditation or as a mat in the yoga studio, the ...
  • HIGH-QUALITY MICROFIBER TOWEL: The fitness towel made of microfiber in proven Yogibato quality is particularly robust and ...
  • PERFECT SIZE & EASY TO CARE: Of course, the Yogibato yoga towel is machine washable and up to 30 degrees in the washing machine ...
OfferBestseller no. 3
Heathyoga Yoga Towel with High Adhesion-Silicone Coating, Non-Slip-Wet Grip, 72 "x26" (Blue, 72 "x26")
  • Yoga mat towel is skin-friendly, quick-drying and hard-wearing. This also with good slip resistance, which you can practice yoga ...
  • Our yoga towel has an anti-slip silicone coating on the underside. This is how our non-slip yoga towel sticks properly ...
  • It combines extremely light weight, super absorbent microfiber and large non-slip surface. With 2 large pockets on ...
  • The light and compact yoga towels are packed in a practical carrying bag and are therefore the ideal companion ...
  • Specialized Yoga Brand: As a professional manufacturer of yoga products, we insist on providing high quality ...

Yoga towel advantages / disadvantages


Suitable for any surface


fast drying



mostly suitable for washing machines


Knobs sometimes annoying

Coating can peel off after extensive washing

Where can you buy the bestseller yoga towel?

Falls Tchibo yoga towels offers, you can of course access, but this depends on the respective offer and is not always available, the same applies to Lidl or Aldi yoga towels. If you don't want to wait until such a thing appears again in advertising, you should take a look around the sports shop. Who prefers one with a good one Yoga towel rating wants to grow, has to access the Internet. There is the largest selection and one here anyway Yoga towel price comparison is most likely possible here and who will be Buy yoga towel online usually gets it delivered the next day and doesn't have to wait until it's available again.

Which yoga towel manufacturers are recommended?

There are a few that we cannot list here. So here are just a few of the best known in alphabetical order:

Yoga towel

Questions and answers (FAQ) about the yoga towel comparison

It is not for everyone in the gym to lie on the existing yoga mats. Who knows who was lying on it before. A yoga towel brings the necessary distance and you feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, so far no test and no yoga towel test winner has been determined by the Stiftung Warentest. If you still want to find out more about this portal, you should go to issue 03/2014 and learn a lot about the topic of yoga.

The yoga towel price is quite moderate, but more expensive than a normal towel in size. With 20 to 30 euros you can buy a decent yoga towel, it doesn't have to be more expensive, but it can still be.

Yoga can be very sweaty. Microfibre has the property of being very absorbent, but quickly releasing moisture. So you always have a dry surface.

So that the yoga towel remains firmly on the yoga mat, it has a coating on the underside. This can be a rubber coating, silicone strips or knobs.

Most yoga towels can be washed in the washing machine at 30 °. If you want to protect your rubber coating in the long term, we recommend hand washing.

Most of the sizes of the yoga towels are adapted to the sizes of the mats and are usually 180 x 60 cm.

Reviews of yoga towels can always be found in the numerous customer reviews on the Internet. Here you can also benefit from real yoga towel tests from other buyers.

Conclusion on the yoga towel

Yoga is a sport that is often properly celebrated. What could be more natural to equip yourself with the best equipment. In addition to the mandatory Yoga mat include Yoga Socks or gauntlets, yoga pants as well as a meditation cushions and of course a yoga towel. Equipped in this way, yoga is a lot of fun.

Other recommended yoga towels selected for you

4.9/ 5 off 47 Reviews]


Yoga towel test & comparison guide

So you can choose from our suggestions in our Test or comparison Their own Yoga towel Choose a bestseller

Hello, I'm David and I love Do-it-yourself. Before a craftsman comes to my house with me, I try it myself and for the most part I succeed. Does not work, does not exist. It's scratching my image if I did not at least try it. Although sometimes there are setbacks, I learn from every mistake.

You can too. Show what is in you. That's why I have this for you Yoga towel comparison compiled. From the big one Yoga towel offer I have five the best yoga towel and best-selling models selected and compared in a table.

My research from customer reviews, surveys or opinions as well Yoga towel Test's independent guidebook portals were reflected in my extensive guide. This always includes the advantages and disadvantages of a product group as well as the selection criteria that are important for the purchase.

Maybe you already have your personal one Yoga towel test winner found, then let me know. Here you can communicate with me and give your personal opinion. I'm happy about your posting!

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